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The FBI notes on the Clinton e-mails have gone missing.

Gee, you don't think there are still corrupt people in the FBI protecting the Clintons, do you?

Don't worry, God will take care of her, if no one else does. When she stands before God on Judgment Day, EVERYTHING will be made known and Hell won't stop burning before she gets there. Know that everyone complicit in her criminal activities, even those covering up for her crimes, will burn with her. There is plenty of room and fire for all of them forever.

These criminals won't get away with a thing; they just think they will. God will hold them accountable for their crimes.

Man plans, God laughs.

Low Tech

Another obvious reason why God has kept me working with this low tech site?

Just look at all of the Christian and conservative high tech sites being shut down by the left to silence them. Mean while, this site is still going strong.


Remember that I told you that I was surprised when I last went to the emergency room and found out that the nurses and others knew about the athlete heart rate phenomenon when I had not seen anyone for decades anywhere in medicine who seemed to know about it and I told you about a few of the problems that has caused me, you know, like almost getting me killed?

After I wrote about that, I got this e-mail from Mark;

"I also remember a year or so ago you wrote about your resting heart rate being low and the medical professionals having a cow. Since then the information about athletes' resting heart rate has gotten out. I have noticed it in several places. It is a good possibility that your essay got the news started and it has gotten around since then. I even noticed it on a TV program where one of the characters went to the hospital with a low heart rate and they asked the person if he was an athlete. I think it was the new Hawaii Five-0. Even Hollyweird has learned it."

He was right and I thought about that for a while when I remembered that a few years before that, I had also been surprised by a nurse suddenly knowing about HPV causing Hypervolmic-Hyponatremia only a few years after I wrote an article about no one in medicine knowing about HPV causing Hypervolmic-Hyponatremia.

This caused me to wonder if, out of the thousands of people reading my site, are there people reading my site who can make significant changes in medicine quickly and they are doing so because of articles I write? Is God using me and this site to help make changes in medicine to help you and in what other ways is He using my site to make changes to help you?

Those sure are some interesting coincidences and that thought is very encouraging. I write articles about a problem that has been existing for a while and the problem gets solved within a year or two.

Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that He has an army of good people who are problem solvers like Trump and God is preparing them to take back and rebuild America?

As I thought about this more, I realized, why would God cause me to write about all of these things and then not cause certain other people to read what I write to provide those people with ideas and information? Of course God would; that is why God causes me to write about these things. This is God letting me know that some of His people are reading my site, learning about problems, and solving those problems.

I guess it would only make sense for God to cause the right people to read what I write so they will fix the problems I write about. That is something that I just never really thought about and means I am a messenger to others. God shows me, I show you, you fix the problem.

After all, why else would God nail both of my feet to the floor for almost 20 years to make me write this site? It ain't to make me look purdy, baby, and I am sure not getting rich writing this site.

Then God showed me that He has given me a means to test this hypothesis. Remember that I coined the term "polydemic" to describe two or more epidemics and/or pandemics taking place at the same time because of the mess the lefties have made in this nation, especially in our cities, with their great sounding stupid ideas?

You see, before now, there was no reason for anyone to coin that term because we always only had one epidemic or pandemic at a time but now we are having multiple epidemics and pandemics breaking out and spreading, you know, a polydemic, especially in the US, because of the mess the lefties have made with their great sounding stupid ideas.

Because of this, if they start talking about the current "polydemic", you will know where they got that term from and it will be almost certain that someone is using my writings to make significant changes in at least a few areas to help you people, especially medicine and biology.

Think about it, this site could be at least partly responsible for potentially saving tens of millions of lives from this polydemic just in the US, IF they do the right things for damage control. They can't stop this polydemic from happening because it is already happening and growing but they can decrease the potential mortality rate or damage among you by doing the right things.

This can get interesting so keep an eye on it and let's pray this is true because it will be me helping people and I like helping people.

People have contacted me to share with me that they accepted Jesus as their savior because of this site or they were helped in some other way, I know that most people would not contact me because my site has helped them and only a few will contact me about my site helping them (that is normal human behavior), and I know that the people who are helped by my site in nations like China, North Korea, and Iran would be afraid to contact me for fear of their e-mail being intercepted by the wrong people and them being punished or killed. I understand this and accept it.

I do know that, on Judgment Day, I will find out about everyone I have been able to help so that Judgment Day will be very interesting for me in that regard. Only God knows how many people I have helped and will help with this site and He will share that information with all of us on Judgment Day. That will be a very nice blessing.

Mark will also benefit from this because he is hosting my site for free because of my illness caused poverty and helping me help those people.

On Judgment Day, you will find out that I have spent most of the last 50 years helping other people with me getting little, if anything, in return.

BTW, among the first I would recruit as consultants for building a new nation or rebuilding our old nation would be the attorneys at Judicial Watch and other government corruption fighting organizations. They know how our system has been abused and certainly already have ideas for preventing those kinds of abuses in a future government.

There are good attorneys; not all attorneys are slime bags.

BTW, I was just out giving my plants a little water to help them get through the afternoon summer heat in this high desert when a man I don't know walked across the street from where he works to tell me that he had noticed my work and flowers, he really enjoys the flowers and they are beautiful, and he respects and appreciates the work I do in caring for them. Then he told me that others have also "commented" about it.

It is nice to know that others appreciate the work you do and enjoy the fruits of your work. It is a nice feeling.

Let others know when you appreciate what they are doing, especially if it benefits you in some way. It will be a good encouragement for them to continue.

Space Travel

You regularly read the x-spurts talking about one of the biggest risks for space travel being solar radiation and how traveling through space will require leaving the protection of Earth's magnetic field.

Question: Why don't they build a magnetic field around their spaceships? What, can't NASA build a magnet?

Yes, I know it would have to be a pretty powerful magnetic field but 1) you only have to protect a spaceship, not a planet and 2) any protection would be better than no protection.

Hey, a little protection here, a little protection there, and a little protection somewhere else will keep them more protected.

Think about it.

Now watch, in a few weeks or months NASA will announce that they are going to start experimenting with using magnetic fields around space craft to protect astronauts from solar radiation. You just know it.

Oil Tankers

Several oil tankers were hit with torpedoes or rockets in the Gulf of Oman. Iran has been accused of the attack based on intelligence, weapons used, and the level of expertise required for the attack.

Don't be surprised if the US goes into Iran or at least stages a punishing attack against Iran, you know, use it as an excuse to take out the nuclear weapons they have been lying to us about Iran not having.

What? Did a light bulb come on?

I hope you have not forgotten that Iran's primary goal is to start a global war between Islam and the rest of the world so that Islam will conquer the rest of the world and set up their global dictatorship they believe will cause their god, Allah, to come and set up the Muslim paradise here on Earth, which the Muslims in Iran believe is worth dying and sacrificing Iran for because they believe they will be raised from the dead into eternal paradise. This makes Iran one of the most dangerous nations on Earth.

It is always a good idea to pray long, pray hard, pray often because we don't know what tomorrow will bring.


The lefties are so stupid they think that censoring conservatives will win them the next election by denying everyone access to the truth. What they are too stupid to realize is that censoring the conservatives is just making conservatives more and more angry and even turning many moderates against the left.

Because of this, the conservatives and moderates will vote in large numbers and vote against the corruption of the left, probably giving Trump and the GOP an even bigger win, even if it just because of the left's censorship, but the lefties are too stupid and simple minded to understand and see this while it is happening. Censorship will just backfire on the left like everything else they have done.

Man plans, God laughs.

Believe me yet that the left has invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending?

BTW, remember that, for years, I have been warning you that, if you want to get your nation back from the left, you have to get rid of the lefty commie traitor college professors?

God is, in part, taking care of this for us as shown by this video.

States are passing laws enforcing free speech on campuses and people are voting the lefty colleges out of business by not attending those universities and, instead, are increasingly attending conservative Christian universities. You know that the way God works is that He will take care of most of this but we will have to finish the job.

The lefty commie traitor globalists are losing in every area and, if this continues, it will take the left more than half a century to get back to where they almost had the power and control to set up their national and global lefty commie traitor dictatorship.

This means the left is going to be getting even more desperate and explains why the left is increasingly turning to violence.


Why are the lefties accusing Trump of treason?

It is an old commie trick, you accuse others of doing what you know you are doing to distract the people from what you are doing. In other words, the Commierats are accusing Trump of treason to keep the people from realizing that the Commierats are committing treason, you know, smoke and mirrors, baby.

BTW, why is Biden leading the Commierat Party presidential election?

Because everyone else running for president is so scary and repulsive that almost no Commierat voters want to vote for them. It isn't because Biden is a good choice but because the others are a worse choice and Biden is the least of their evils. Look, even Warren is in the top 2 or 3 with everyone knowing she is a liar, fraud, and con artist and you are really hurting when one of the best options is a liar, fraud, and con artist.

BTW, I keep watching the postings lefty trolls make on FB and they believe some really bogus crap. They either didn't study science or flunked the first semester.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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