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Something I have been watching with Trump is that he is very good and consistent at calling peoples' bluffs and sucker punching the upper class trash.

Every time some all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, highly educated, natural elite upper class trash who got the right degree from the right university tries to bluff Trump, as soon as Trump figures it out that the person is bluffing, which usually doesn't take very long, Trump calls their bluff.

In spite of this, all of his national and international opponents try to bluff Trump because they are too stupid to figure this out.

Think not? Then why is Trump daring the stupid upper class trash to impeach Trump?

Trump knows they don't have the grounds for impeachment and are bluffing so Trump keeps calling their bluff to the point that he taunts them, making fools of them.

The best thing the lefties can do is shut up about impeaching Trump and hope enough stupid people will forget about their impeaching Trump nonsense before the next election.

Rule #1, don't bluff Trump.

Then I watch Trump regularly set and deliver sucker punches with the stupid lefties always taking the bait.

For example, this thing concerning Iran attacking a US drone was Trump setting a sucker punch that the lefty fools already took and Iran is showing signs of taking right on the chin.

You see, Trump knew that, if he had attacked Iran, the lefties would have started yelling that Trump is a warmonger and should be impeached so Trump set up for the attack and then backed down knowing that would cause the left to imply that Trump backed down because Trump is a coward also implying that Trump should have attacked Iran.

Think not?

I got this from Breitbart by Charles Hurt:

"No longer into publicly wearing hoods and robes, Mr. Schumer's low-watt party is now in a frenzy over President Trump's decision to not bomb Iran after the rogue nation shot down one of our surveillance drones flying in international airspace. Mr. Trump's generals presented the commander in chief with a plan for retaliating against Iran, but he decided against pulling the trigger because too many Iranians would have died.

Democrats accuse the president of being dangerous, imperious, reckless and trigger-twitchy. (Oh, and racist, too, of course, though Mr. Trump has never been into wearing the white sheets that have robed so many Democrats over the generations.)

So, let's get this straight. Donald Trump is a dangerous, reckless madman - all because he decided NOT to bomb Iran and kill 150 people?"

The pompous, arrogant fools took the sucker punch just like Trump knew they would.

Trump also knows that him not attacking Iran will cause Iran to think, "Hey, we got away with that, let's do it again, only bigger."

The next time Iran attacks the US and Trump attacks Iran, the lefties can't call Trump a warmonger because 1) Trump gave Iran more than a fair chance and 2) he is just doing what the lefties said he should have done plus Iran attacking the US a second time means Trump will be justified in using overwhelming force against Iran.

The lefty fools have already taken Trump's sucker punch by condemning Trump for not attacking Iran and are too stupid to figure it out. There are also signs that Iran is about to take that sucker punch by attacking the US again.

Rule #2, learn to read and watch out for Trump's sucker punch...and duck.

Proportionate Force

The concept of proportionate force in retaliating to an attack was dreamed up by LBJ and McNamara during Vietnam. They did this to justify them not just crushing North Vietnam in order to drag the war out longer so they, especially LBJ, could milk the war for more profits in American blood money.

You see, during Vietnam, LBJ increased his personal wealth by better than 10 fold by selling trucks and jeeps to the US military. He knew that the longer the war lasted and the more he escalated the war in a manner to prevent overwhelming the commies, the more trucks and Jeeps LBJ could sell the US military and the more profits he could make in US blood money. It worked very well but LBJ had to escalate the war slow enough to permit the North to adapt to the escalation to prevent the US from winning the war and ending LBJ's profits.

LBJ even publically stated that he was not trying to win the war but was "trying to drive the north to the negotiating table for a truce", you know, like Truman got with North Korea. You can bet that statement encouraged North Vietnam to keep fighting, hey, they didn't have anything to lose but a bunch of peasants' lives. Since LBJ wasn't going to conquer North Vietnam, their lives were safe.

The lefty commie traitors found this proportionate force lie to work so well with the stupid people that they have since used it to tie US military hands in fighting wars since Vietnam to prevent the US from winning any of those wars. It is called treason, aiding the enemy, and murdering US soldiers and they should all be shot, hung, or drawn and quartered for their crimes against the US and our soldiers.

When someone attacks you, you don't stupidly use proportionate force. You just go in, crush them, round up all of the upper class trash who were responsible for the attack against you, hang them all, get out, and let their people rebuild their own nation. If you do this just once or twice, the bad guys will stop attacking you because they don't want to be hung or shot.

If you don't like the way I fight, don't pick a fight with me.

Student Loans

The nonsense about student loans just keeps getting worse and worse so it is time I explain better what all of it is about.

First, under the current student loan plan, you cannot get rid of student loans by declaring bankruptcy BUT, after 25 years of not being able to pay any on the loans, your remaining student loan will be "forgiven" just like with a bankruptcy without the tax payers having to pay a dime for that student loan. The debt just goes away just like with a bankruptcy, just wiped right off of ye ole books. Because of my poverty caused by my illness, my student loans should be "forgiven" in about 2024 without you having to pay one dime.

Gee, the commies don't tell you about that one, do they? Isn't it interesting what you learn living in poverty that most middle to upper class people don't learn? Do you understand why God has me living here in poverty to learn these things so I can teach them to you?

The number of student loans defaulting and being forgiven is increasing each year, probably at least in the tens of billions of dollars per year by now, and the greedy upper class trash just can't stand to lose all of that money they could be stuffing in their greedy little bank accounts. The upper class trash never figured that many student loans would go unpaid and end up being forgiven and they thought they would get at least most of the money they scared you into borrowing to get a worthless college degree to not "end up in poverty", you know, the same poverty the student loans are causing young people to live in.

Yep, another lefty great sounding stupid idea has failed and they want you to pay to fix it for them.

This is why the upper class trash recently decided to have the IRS tax the amount of the loan that is FORGIVEN as being income.

Which should have told you what, that they already have a plan for forgiving student loans that can't be paid?

Hey, getting 25% to 35% of that money is better than nothing and they thought it would scare more people into paying off loans the people can't pay off. Yes, they really think that way because they believe that, no matter how poor they make you, if you want, you can find a way to pay off things you just can't pay off. I know, the first time I heard it, it hurt my brain too.

The problem is that 1) the students are smart enough to realize that paying 25% to 35% of their loans is better than paying 100% plus interest and 2) unlike student loans, taxes can be done away with or at least lessened with bankruptcy so the upper class trash still loses most to all of that loot (gee, that brilliant idea really worked well.)

That is why they are bribing current politicians on the left to "forgive student loans" that are already about to be forgiven (plus the rest of the student loans) by paying for those loans before they are forgiven with your tax dollars instead of just letting them vaporize, you know, so the greedy upper class trash still get all of that $1.4 billion they scared you into borrowing and get it NOW plus they will probably still get another 25% to 35% of that loan money in income taxes from some people so they can end up getting 100+% of the money for the student loans. They are using the idea of them "helping the students out" to justify stealing that money from you when the students will soon be helped out without stealing all of that money from you.

Why do they need a new program to "forgive" student loans that are going to be forgiven anyway? Uh, maybe to con you into paying for those loans before those loans are really forgiven and the debts just disappear from the books without them getting any money?

Just like everything else the left does "for the people" it is a con. The upper class trash want to use one con to fix and improve their last failed con. They are not planning to help anyone but their own bank accounts.

The lefty free education thingy is really about bypassing the failing student loan thingy to save the failing lefty universities by directly paying those failing lefty universities with your tax dollars so the kids "can have a free education"...and so the lefty universities can have guaranteed income and not fail.

This will make it possible for the government to keep the failing lefty universities alive no matter how few students attend, give the government deep state complete control over what you can be taught, make it possible for the government to shut down conservative and/or Christian universities (by the rules the lefties will impose, dey don't get no money, baby), and justify stealing more money from you. It is just another lefty con in the guise of doing something good for you.

Listen, anytime the left is going to "do something good for the people" it is just another con to justify stealing more money. They have no good intentions for anyone or anything other than their bank accounts.

BTW, God showed me in a series of dreams that, after Obama and his Muslim pals stage their violent coup, there will be four attempts on my life and, after the first attempt, I will be healed by God and get enough money that, after I pay my taxes and pay off my school loans, I will still have a considerable amount of money left but I will be kept in poverty until then. With my bad health and current situation, there is absolutely nothing I can do to improve my situation (I have tried everything I can think of, believe me) until God opens a few doors for me.

For example, I used to be a marathon athlete who could do base work by running 5 consecutive sub 5 minute miles in the mornings and I have been so sick for so long that this morning I tried to run for the first time in at least 10 to 15 years and, suffice it to say, I can't run. Just trying to run for about 300 feet beat me up for a few hours and I still feel it at least 8 hours later. I will probably need to take aspirin to get to sleep tonight because of the pain.

I have to admit that it probably looked funny because it felt really weird. It seemed to be some weird combination between jogging and walking but was the best I could do right now.


Now the insane left is saying that pedaphiles can't help themselves, they are the poor helpless widdle victims and not the children they rape, pedaphiles can't change their behavior, and we should change how we treat pedophiles, in other words, stop putting them in prison for their crimes to protect children. It's biological!!!

You know, just like the left began to claim about homosexuals decades ago and still don't have one shred of proof that it is genetic. Which, BTW, is the reason why homosexuals are trying to shut down all therapy for homosexuals that does cause homosexuals to stop being homosexuals because the homosexuals stopping being homosexuals disproves what the lying lefties want you to believe about homosexuals and now the lefties will start trying to shut down all therapy for pedaphiles so no one can change proving the lefties are lying about that too.

We gave the homosexuals what they wanted so now the lefties are trying to get the same things for pedaphiles, bestiality, dope users, and everything else they want that is evil until they finally get it legal for them to "do as they will" or anything they want because "they can't help themselves" and "they are the poor widdle victims we gots to feel sowwy for" instead of throwing their evil butts in prison.

Hey, if these lefties can't help themselves, then we should institutionalize them to protect their potential victims, you know, put their evil butts in prison.

Fountains of the Deep

In the Bible it teaches us that there are "fountains of the deep" or giant reservoirs of fresh water deep in the ground and that God caused some of them to "open up" and eject enough water to cover all of the land on the planet for about a year. Then those waters "receded", probably into the new Atlantic Basin as it formed, exposing most of the land surfaces again but not necessarily all of them.

Note that the Bible says that the fountains of the deep ejected enough water to cover the land but does not say that God emptied those fountains of the deep.

Guess what our scientists were just surprised to find beneath the Atlantic Basin floor?

You got it, fountains of the deep or a gigantic fresh water reservoir, you know, just like the Bible said they would find. Gee, what a coincidence.

Don't you just love it when science proves the Bible right, especially when they are trying to prove the Bible wrong?

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

Maybe they should stop hating God, repent of the sins they love enough to hate God, and read the Bible to find out what else God told us about science?

Just a thought.


Mark sent me an e-mail in which he stated that AOC is dangerous. This was my response to him.

"AOC isn't the only one who is dangerous. Most of the Commierat presidential candidates are crazy Hitler wannabees but no one seems to be noticing. It is like they are right now using the 2020 election to see who gets to play Hitler II. They are well beyond nuts and are all dangerous but even most informed people are naive enough to keep thinking these evil monsters mean well and are just stupid, you know, the same way German conservatives thought Hitler meant well but was just stupid. No, they don't mean well, they mean evil. People need to quit being naive, you know, like the German people were with Hitler."

People, most of the people in Germany thought the same of that socialist Hitler that we think of our socialists today, you know, that they mean well but are just stupid. It turned out that Hitler didn't mean well just like our socialist oppressors don't mean well for us. They are not just stupid and, yes, they are stupid, but they are also evil just like their socialist predecessor, Adolph Hitler.

Stop being naive, these socialists are just as evil as Hitler was and they prove it every day by oppressing conservatives with their censorship, attacking and beating conservatives just like Hitler's Gestapo did, they have no qualms about murdering innocent unborn babies and even infants, they are trying to legalize pedaphilia or raping children, they persecute Christians and Christian businesses denying us our rights and freedoms while embracing Satan worship, witchcraft, Islam, and other pagan religions, you know, just like Hitler and his Nazis did with the Hebrews, they are using illegal aliens to bring back slavery, they constantly lie, they constantly steal, and do just about everything else evil that they can, much of it behind closed doors.

Does any of that sound like they "mean well" about anything other than themselves?

No, it sounds like they are evil, they love evil, and all they want is evil so they are not just well meaning stupid people, they are very evil meaning evil people.

What you are seeing right now with the socialist Commierat Party is the same thing the Germans saw with the socialist German Nazi Party and for the same reasons, both groups are evil meaning evil people.

They are all dangerous and you should be concerned about any of them getting into power but I am concerned that not enough eyes will open to how evil the lefties are before it is too late, you know, like what happened with Hitler and his bunch.

Hey, I know, let's do the math with a comparative analysis between Hitler's socialists and today's socialists. That will be a real eye opener.

I know that most of today's young people have been dumbed down and brainwashed by the public school and secondary education systems concerning Hitler and Nazi German so they wouldn't be able to see the truth about today's socialism. I told you that, about 20 years ago, I asked my high school students who Hitler was and I was astonished to find that at least two thirds of them had never heard of Hitler and the rest really had no idea who he was except that he was a "bad man who murdered 6 million Jews".

First you have to understand that Hitler was a socialist who helped found the National Socialist Party of Germany or the Nazi Party in 1922 and that the term Nazi is a euphemism for the name of that socialist party as it is written in German just like USA is a euphemism for the United States of America as it is written in English. Therefore, the term Nazi is specifically about socialism and the first and most important requirement for being a Nazi is that you MUST be a socialist and anti-capitalist. It is not possible to be a Nazi and be a capitalist any more than it is possible to be a Marxist and be a capitalist. ONLY a socialist can be a Nazi because the Nazi Party was a socialist party.

That is right, children, when a socialist calls a capitalist a Nazi, they either don't know what they are talking about or they are lying. A capitalist CANNOT be a Nazi.

Second, Hitler was elected into office as the prime minister of Germany or Deutchland (the German name for Germany)by only 29% of the vote, you know, just like today's socialists get elected into our government offices. He then abused his power as prime minister of Germany to seize power and set himself up as the dictator for Germany with the stated aspiration of conquering the world to set up a global socialist dictatorship, you know, like our elected socialists want to destroy the US government and set up a global commie/socialist/Marxist dictatorship, which is why the power mad whackos call themselves globalists and preach globalism. Hint, hint!!!

Third, Hitler was a big spending, big government socialist who spent money on expensive buildings, the world's first freeway system (das Autoban), and other big government projects as an "investment in Germany's economy", you know, just like our socialists spend money on big government projects "as an investment in the US economy". Hitler built the first government owned business and car factory building the Volks Wagen car, which translates to "The People's Car", you know, a purely socialist/commie/Marxist term.

Hitler had been warned by his generals that, if he went to war before 1945, Germany would lose but, if he waited until after 1945, the German military could have built up strong enough to win but, like all socialists, Hitler's big government spending quickly drove Germany into debt to where Germany was on the verge of its economy crashing even worse than it had following WWI, which would have probably cost Hitler his job and sent him to prison. Like all socialists, Hitler only knew of one way to solve his money problems and that was to steal more from more people faster so Germany annexed Austria to get tax money from the Austrians.

But, like all big spending big government socialists, when Hitler's socialists got more money, they spent more money than they got so that stealing more money from more people, not only didn't solve his financial problems, but actually made his financial problems worse.

So Hitler made a deal with Poland to divide up Czechoslovakia with each of them taking about half so they could both steal more money from more people faster but that only made Hitler's financial problems worse so, in 1939, Hitler was forced to invade and conquer western Poland (the Soviet Union got eastern Poland - another Hitler deal) so Hitler could steal more from more people faster and that cause Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939, you know, 6 years before Hitler's military was ready for war. You know, the way Obama and his socialist pals overthrew the governments of Ukraine, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt and tried to overthrow the government of Syria to steal oil from those nations to finance their increasing socialist government debt.

And God said, "The love money is the root of evil."

Also, Hitler seized control of the German media (they only had radio and printed media at that time) to control information the way our socialists have seized control of our media, including the Internet, to control the information you get and Hitler's socialists burned all books that told the truth about socialism the way our socialists are destroying web sites for telling the truth about the left and their Muslim pals. Hitler's socialists lied, deceived, and put out propaganda for their socialism and against any opposition, you know, the way our socialists lie, deceive, and defame anyone who opposes them, especially by falsely calling their opposition such things as racists and Nazis.

Our socialists deny they are Nazis "because dey don't gots no death camps" but there are a few things wrong about that analogy. First, the German Nazi Party didn't have any death camps for more than a decade after it was first started and then they never really called their death camps death camps. Hitler's socialists called their camps "work camps" just like Linen and Stalin did and like Mao called his death camps "reeducation camps". Hitler's socialists work camps really did start out as work camps where people were sent to work for the government but they turned into death camps and were never called death camps by Hitler's socialists. On the arch over the front entrance gates were the words "Arbeit Macht Frie" or work makes free. We call those camps death camps, not Hitler's socialists.

Second, today's socialists do have death camps, they have just managed to hide them by calling them death panels, doctors' offices, hospitals, and abortion clinics. Every year, our socialists murder tens of millions of people with their hidden death camps in the greatest genocide in history. Don't be surprised to find out some day that a greater percentage of opposition to our socialists, Christians, and Hebrews are being diagnose with the medical problems which require a person be sent to a death panel than good, faithful, little socialist minions, sheep, and slaves.

BTW, Hitler didn't just murder 6 million Hebrews in his death camps. He also murdered another 5 to 7 million people who were mostly Christians but our socialists don't want you to know that because it would be just a wee bit more obvious at how much they really are like Hitler's socialists with our socialists openly waging war against Christians and, especially, with our socialists now being increasingly open about also hating Hebrews or being anti-sematic. Our socialists only tell you about the 6 million Hebrews Hitler's socialists murdered so the stupid people won't make that connection.

Hitler's socialists were also very violent because they had thugs called Brown Shirts who would attack and beat up anyone who spoke or stood against Hitler's socialists, you know, the way our socialists have Antifa to attack and beat up anyone who speaks out against or stands up to our socialists. Later Hitler's socialists also formed two more groups of thugs to beat up anyone who opposed Hitler's socialists; first the Gestapo and then the German SS, you know, the way our socialists have formed the "New Black Panthers" and "Black Lives Matters" to threaten and beat up any opposition to our socialists and Muslims and to murder cops.

Hitler's socialists also framed people, who opposed Hitler's socialists, for false crimes and put them in prison and then later sent them to the socialist death camps, you know, the way our socialists charge people with false crimes such as the Mueller Investigation into Trump collusion and obstruction of justice and others.

Hitler's socialists also destroyed businesses owned by anyone who opposed Hitler's socialists and also owned by Hebrews and Christians, you know, the way our socialists try to destroy Christian owned businesses by claiming hate crimes against the owners of those businesses, like several Christian owned bakeries.

When Hitler's socialist plans began to fail, they resorted to violence causing the most destructive war in history, just like today's socialists have already shown they will use violence to get what they want.

Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences and similarities between Hitler's socialists and our socialists for our socialists to not be Nazis, aren't there? Get the picture yet? Do you still think that today's socialists are just well meaning stupid people and not evil people just like Hitler's evil socialists? Do you still think today's socialists mean good for anyone other than themselves? Socialists have not changed much in the last 100+ years, have they?

No wonder the lefties dumbed down so many people about Hitler and his socialists. It gets just a wee bit obvious who the real Nazis are, doesn't it and it can't be the capitalists. Our socialists claiming to not be Nazis does not mean they are not Nazis, it just means they are claiming they are not Nazis. Remember that actions speak louder than words and their actions prove they are Nazis so they must be Nazis.

People, if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and swims like a fish, it ain't no duck.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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