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Failed Gun Control

Following the deaths of a number of police officers, the French police are demanding more guns and more powerful guns. It seems that unarmed police were either easily gunned down or forced to flee for their lives during the Paris terrorist killings. Because of gun control, just like conservatives in the US have been saying, the only people who had guns during those killings were the bad guys. Everyone saw on the videos how the bad guys were in no hurry to get away and just walked around killing anyone they wanted. Them being the only ones with guns made Paris their town.

That was really great protection by the police, wasn't it?

It seems that the police union is demanding the increase in fire power as well as body armor, better training, and more "legal tools" to fight terrorism. At least the Paris cops got the message even though no one else seems to have.

I recently read about an African village which armed itself with assault rifles and repelled an attack by Boko Haram instead of just being slaughtered. Imagine what an armed and trained citizenry would have done to the shopping mall terrorist attack in Kenya.

In 2009, twelve years after England's enacted its strongest gun control laws, the Daily Mail reported "the UK (had) a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and South Africa." Remember that the next time the libtards start telling you just how wonderful gun control will be.

Food for thought: If French citizens in the area of the Paris attack had had guns, they could have saved cops' lives and quickly stopped the terrorist from owning Paris streets. Could you imagine those terrorists trying to just freely walk around killing people in Dallas, Texas? Yeah, right, about two nano seconds and that would be over.

I have read that the people in Australia seem to have awakened to the folly of gun control following their recent terrorist attack. A movement has already started to permit the people to arm themselves again.

I am waiting for the rest of the world to wake up to the obvious fact that gun control has failed. If you want to prevent such terrorist attacks, arm and train your people. The people are the true first responders because they are there when the mess starts.

Muslim Coup

Remember that I have been warning you about the developing Muslim coup of the US?

I found an interesting video by a former FBI agent proving much of what I have been telling you, giving interesting details into the structure of the Muslim organizations, and showing the actual scope of the problem we are facing. The video is at this location. Watch all of the way to the end and you might want to watch it before it is taken down, which you know will happen. It shows that, just like I have been telling you, so many Muslim organizations have infiltrated and taken control that this coming war will be very bloody and only God can save our butts. You just might want to keep your powder dry.

In this video, the retired FBI agent says that it is a crime to overthrow the Republic of the United States of America but what he doesn't realize is that the Republic of the United States of America has already been overthrown and replaced by a communist oligarchy or dictatorship and that will soon be overthrown by the Muslims to set up a Muslim dictatorship. The soon coming Muslim dictatorship is what the good people of this nation will soon be fighting to overthrow.

Stock Market

Food for thought: One reason why the stock market is going up is because the value of the dollar is going down. With the value of the dollar declining, it simply takes more dollars to buy the same stocks and creates the illusion that the stocks are increasing in value. Therefore, the increasing price of a stock doesn't always mean the stock is more valuable but can mean that the dollar is less valuable. As more countries dump more dollars to purchase more Asian currencies to do less business with the US and more business with Asia, you know, like Russia, Israel, and Switzerland, the price of stocks in US dollars will increase.

The Real Haters

The movie "Sniper" is causing liberals to show their true colors in that they secretly hate the military and have all along. These "black lives matter" protests are causing liberals to show their true colors in that they also hate law enforcement. The hatred for the military and law enforcement has always been there since the 1960s with the liberals, they have just been hiding it and lying. The liberals are the true haters. They hate everything good and love everything evil. You can only hide behind lies so long before the truth comes out. Eyes are opening and people are not liking what they are seeing about the liberals.

Global Unemployment

Global unemployment is on the rise. Think about it, if you are unemployed, then the economy doesn't need you and the upper class trash can feel safe in killing you off without adversely affecting the economy any more than they want. So, if you want to kill off most of the people in the world without completely devastating the economy to the point that it will also adversely affect you, you first cause most of the people in the world to become unemployed. When you get the number of slaves still working down to the size you want the global economy for your commie utopia, most of those people still working will be the people you will want to not kill. Please note that some of the ones which won't be working as part of the economy will be the liberal traitor commie activists. At that point, you can purge almost all of the liberal commie traitor activists and it won't adversely affect the economy because, except for destroying nations, they are pretty worthless.

It should be obvious by now that Marxism/communism/socialism is a trap. The government uses it to get you dependent on the government and out of the economy so they can down size the economy to where they want to keep you dependent on the government. Then they decrease the bribes they are paying you to plunge you into poverty and under their complete control. This economic control makes it much easier for them to establish a dictatorship because too many of the people dare not rise up against the government for fear of losing their only lively hood and it also makes it easy for the upper class trash to slaughter you any time they want. You are theirs to do with as they please.

Note that Libertarianism is also a trap that uses different bait and I have explained Libertarianism to you in detail before. Anything dreamed up by the upper class trash and their academe is a trap.


Gohmert said people are waking to the loss of their freedoms.

You mean eyes are opening? Gee, who would have figured?

Muslim Cannibalism

To understand why a Muslim like Obama kills other Muslim leaders or eat their own, you have to understand that almost all Muslims, especially the leaders, want to be the Mahdi so they can rule the world with all other Muslims answering to them. There is a huge global contest between Muslim leaders to be the Mahdi. Therefore, when Obama is killing terrorist leaders, he is eliminating competition for the Muslim ruler of the world or Muslims he considers to be a threat to his chances of becoming Mahdi. This is Muslim cannibalism and has been going on for 1,400 years.

Remember that I have told you that better than 90% of the Muslims who are killed in hostile actions every year are killed by other Muslims?

End Time Prophesy

I have showed you again and again how Islam conforms to Bible prophesy concerning the one world government and one world religion of the Tribulation. I just realized another confirmation in that the Bible says many Christians will have their heads cut off during the Tribulation and be Christian martyrs.

Guess who is always cutting Christian and other heads off today?

Islam. Islam fits end time Bible prophesy for the one world government and one world religion like skin.

Gas Prices

Wednesday, the International Monetary Fund said that falling crude oil prices will cause a loss of up to $300 billion from economies in the Middle East and Central Asia this year. Economies that are particularly dependent on oil exports include Iran, Qatar, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia. They will be hit particularly hardest by the more than 50% decline in petroleum prices. Gee, you know, just like I told you and it is also hurting the operation of their beloved terrorist proxy armies these countries are using to butcher people globally.

It is also bankrupting fracking businesses and cutting back on the oil production. You know, like I told you OPEC was letting the price fall low enough to achieve putting the US fracking businesses out of business and permitting the Arabs to regain control of the oil industry.

State of the Union

That is when the president gets in front of the entire nation and lies about how everything is actually doing really fantastic in spite of your observations (don't believe your lying eyes) and he really didn't screw everything up, someone else did. It is the president's personal opportunity to insult your intelligence followed by the media trying to out do the president by trying to insult your intelligence even more with their asinine comments. Basically, it is a great big liar's fest.

How is that false pagan god, democracy doing?

Political Corruption

Everyone is talking about Feinstein's Husband benefiting from a really huge $1 billion government deal, you know, like the rest of the politicians aren't also criminals and don't belong in jail. The thing is that they have such control of our nation that they don't even try to hide their corruption any more and they don't have any shame for the crimes they are committing. Even worse than that, they even have an upper class pride in how much they can steal.

But, hey, they are showing their true colors, eyes are opening, and people are getting furious. I see people greasing up the guillotines, sharpening the axes, cleaning the rifles, warming up the designer tar and feathers (regular tar and feathers wouldn't be appropriate for the upper class trash), and lighting the torches. Increasing numbers of you will enjoy watching Obama and his black Muslims purge these criminals the way God is going to use the Muslilms to purge these vile monsters.

I still can't think of anyone who is even close to running for president that I want to vote for and would trust with a cup of pig crap. It is my opinion that we should arrest all of the criminals involved in the corruption which has destroyed America, take back all of the wealth they stole from the US, and use that wealth to create a new Christian nation and rebuild our military so it can defend us. Do you see anyone talking about doing that?

Foreign Saboteurs

Personally, when anyone, especially people like Michael Moore, come to our nation and then show that they hate our nation by spending time working to change it or overthrow it, they should be stripped of any citizenship and deported back to their former nation without any of the wealth they gained while in our nation. They definitely shouldn't be permitted to get rich working to destroy our nation.

All Michael Moore is doing when he complains about how bad the US is, is showing us he is too stupid to choose a country within which he would be happy and not smart enough to leave when he found out he chose a country he isn't happy with. He is broadcasting to the world he is an idiot.

Pharaoh Obama

I keep reading that Obama is trying to set up Hillary's presidential campaign.

No, I think he is trying to increase his popularity so fewer people will question or challenge him declaring martial law to set up a Muslim dictatorship, which is why he is trying to buy stupid people with promises of taking from others and giving to those stupid people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people who will sell their souls to the devil for very little. Obama cannot afford the hundreds of millions of dollars he spends on his own luxury every year and won't willingly give it up. All Obama cares about is Obama.

One of the reasons why one of my dreams showed there will be a temporary Mexican standoff after Obama declares martial law is because there are so many idiots who have sold their souls to the devil or just keep drinking the Kool-aid. It will take some of these idiots a little while to realize they have been screwed.


Remember that I have been telling you that the "moderate" Republicans are just wolves in sheep's clothing?

Romney says that global warming is real, Jeb Bush supports the liberal Common Core brainwashing, illegal alien amnesty, and about every other liberal program, and most of the rest of the "moderate" Republicans support the liberal agenda. Gee, what a coincidence. Basically, the liberal commie traitors have taken control of both parties putting an end to our Republic and replacing it with their liberal commie oligarchy or dictatorship. It doesn't matter who you vote for, you are voting for a liberal commie traitor.

Shiria Law

The Muslims are now killing all educated women. That means that, since almost all liberal women have at least a high school education, they will be put to death under Shiria Law.

Why do I not see liberal women speaking out about this?

Unfortunately, so will the educated conservative women.

Liberal Media

CNN is going bust putting out the liberal propaganda because so few will watch their lies any more.

So how are the liberal commie traitors going to stay alive while continuing their efforts to get you to do what they want you to do?

They are changing their strategy from brainwashing to distraction by showing game shows. If you are not digging for real news because you are watching game shows, then you at least remain uninformed and easier to manipulate.

I hope you know that is what drugs are all about. If you are stoned all of the time, you can't possibly be searching for the truth and finding out you are being manipulated. Stoned people are much easier to brainwash, control, and manipulate.

No Go Zones

They have started talking about the Muslim no go zones where Muslims take over entire neighborhoods and attack any non Muslims who dare enter. The good thing about this is that they are not mingled in with everyone else. This means that, when the fighting starts, there will be definite battle lines drawn within our cities for fighting. This means the coming war will be similar to city state warfare and make it easier to differentiate friend from foe.

It is the liberal traitors you will have to purge out of your neighborhoods to decrease the killing within your neighborhoods by the bad guys but, the liberals are so aggressive with such big mouths, you know who they are and where they live already.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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