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A couple of decades ago, when I was teaching, I had a student who had moved here from somewhere else. He had been taught that we should murder everyone over 80 years of age and steal everything they have because they controlled better than 90% of the wealth and it would make all of the young people rich without having to work and earn anything, you know, the basis for Marxism. All they had to do was commit murder and they would be rich.

Of course, it was a lie but the kids being taught this didn't know it was a lie so most of them believe it. The truth is that, regardless of age, the upper class trash control better than 90% of the wealth with most of the people over 80 controlling less than 5% of the wealth and many living in poverty.

Gee, I guess those kids wouldn't get very rich, would they?

What is really scary is the lie is still being taught but it is now about all "Baby Boomers" or people between 55 and 75 controlling better than 90% of the wealth. Watch this video and you will see a popular lefty YouTube channel, College Humor, promoting and justifying the idea of killing everyone over 55 years of age and they make it sound very wonderful. I watched this video because the title reminded me of what my student said a few decades ago.

Just remember this, if you set the precedence of justifying the murder of everyone over a certain age to steal all of their stuff, you know, age related genocide, it will only be a matter of time until you are that old with the younger people having learned from you that "it is a good thing to murder older people like you and steal your stuff", hey, it is fast, easy money, baby. They even justify murdering your own family, including your own parents as being a good thing. I warned you about this years ago.

This is the extremely sick, demented, twisted stuff the pagan left believes and teaches. To teach this sick stuff is a crime against humanity and should be a capital crime.

What moral high ground does the lefty have?

The lefties are not only the true Nazis, they are worse than the Nazis. Just look at how evil the left really is. Be sure to read the sick, demented comments with the video. There are a lot of people who have been taught to hate older people and have bought into this sick crap.

Believe me, it didn't take me long to get to 70. It will happen just as fast for you.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties can't steal enough from enough people fast enough and will always dream up new great sounding stupid ideas for stealing more from more people faster? Do you believe me yet that the left is satanic and evil? Do you believe me yet that the lefties don't care about anyone or anything but themselves and their bank accounts regardless of what they say? They don't even care about their own families and parents.

You won't get rich by murdering older people because most of the wealth is controlled by the upper class trash regardless of age and not the older people. It's a great sounding lie to get you to accept the upper class trash murdering off the older people with false promises of wealth redistribution to depopulate their planet. It is genocide!

If you want to get rich quick, you have to kill off the upper class trash, you know, people like Zuckerberg, Soros, Oprah, Schumer, Pelosi, lefty politicians, lefty national journalists, lefty college professors, lefty Hollywood, and other lefties and no one else. They control better than 90% of the wealth, not old people.

Hey, if they are teaching you that it is a good thing to murder off others to get rich, shouldn't it be a good thing to murder off them to get rich, especially since they ARE the rich and they stole their money from you?

Hey, murdering us poor conservatives won't make you rich regardless of age, race, or anything else.

Why waste your time murdering us off when the rich lefty people teaching you to murder others for money have almost all of the money? If they are teaching you that it is good to murder other people for money, shouldn't it also be good to murder them for money, regardless of age, race or anything else, especially when they have most of the money?

Hey, Zuckerberg and Jack aren't exactly poor and they are not Baby Boomers.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." He also said you will not murder or steal but, hey, pagans don't have any morals, values, or ethics and they only live by Satan's one law, "Do as you will."

Global Warming

A European friend posted this on FB:


The Scopex project will spray white lime powder, ten kilometers above the earth. Scopex needs to test to what the powder works as a sun protection against the incoming sunlight.

Oh, it's so nice to be able to believe once in a while that the simple solutions of the geo-engineering can be enough. Place A FREE-Speed Filter in space, between the sun and the earth. And go, suddenly better insulation is no longer needed, the plane tickets should no longer be more expensive. Paint all the roof white. And go, all of a sudden, the regional planning should no longer be focused. Can we continue to consume as much meat. We don't have to limit our car use.

Let a lot of scopexen be started. But let us also remember that the results so far are not enough, the risks are considered big, and that it is now only seen as the last resort. So far, it's all as realistic as a giant that sometimes once in a while with a cold washcloth all over the globe. Also very cooling."

I posted this under comments:

"White lime is Calcium hydroxide, Calcium hydroxide solutions can cause chemical burns, they are spraying that over your head and you think it is a good thing? Really? Maybe they are trying to kill you? Go here:"

Nothing like a little genocide under the guise of "taking care of us peasants", huh? And you don't believe the upper class trash are evil? Why?

Stupid Lefties

You need to know this because it is coming at you soon and you need to prepare for this.

Why do the stupid lefties embrace and why did they convert to Islam in mass to become closet Muslims in 2012 just like I told you years ago and is becoming increasingly obvious in spite of the fact that Muslims are killing homosexuals and feminists all over the world?

First, you have to remember that lefties are stupid enough to believe any lie that sounds good regardless of facts and evidence to the contrary. They completely ignore and make excuses so they can dismiss the evidence disproving what they want to believe, often to their own peril.

Second, you have to realize that the Muslims are telling the stupid lefties lies to help the stupid lefties dismiss what their own lying eyes are seeing, you know, the Muslims killing homosexuals and feminists around the world. The Muslims have learned that the stupid lefties will dismiss the Muslims killing homosexuals and feminists if the Muslims tell the stupid lefties that those are only the "radical Muslims" killing homosexuals and feminists and that they, the good Muslims, won't kill homosexuals and feminists and the stupid lefties are stupid enough to believe this lie in spite of what the stupid lefty lying eyes are telling them.

Third, you have to look at what the stupid lefties are trying to get legalized in the US and compare it to Shiria Law.

The stupid lefties are trying to legalize pedophilia and, under Shiria Law, pedophilia is legal, the stupid lefties are trying to legalize incest and, under Shiria Law, incest is legal, the stupid lefties are trying to legalize polygyny and, under Shiria Law, polygyny is legal, and, most importantly, under Shiria Law, if they are a Muslim and you are not, the stupid lefties can "do as they will" to you, you know, Satan's one law that the stupid lefties love so much.

You see, if the stupid lefties are Muslims and you are not, the stupid lefties can rob you, rape you, enslave you, murder you, and do anything they want to you without permission from anyone and with impunity because it is legal. They can make you bake cakes for their homosexual parties, they can make you wax their scrotum, they can rape your children, both boys and girls, and do ANYTHING they want to you.

THAT is why stupid lefties like Islam, converted to being closet Muslims in 2012, and ignore what their lying eyes are telling them about Islam. Under Shiria Law, the stupid lefties can have absolute control and power over you for anything they want and it is already legal. Under Shiria Law the stupid lefties can do as they will to you non Muslims.

You need to know this because the lefties and Muslims are already using violence to stage their coup against you and their violence is escalating and will continue to escalate until they get their coup and absolute control over you.

You need to organize and form militias RIGHT NOW. You need to organize your militias internally, locally, regionally, nationally, with cops, and with the military so you can protect each other and your families or you won't have any protection against their thugs. You need to establish safe areas to protect your families, weapons, munitions, and other resources.

God has shown me that He is going to permit the lefties and Muslims to succeed at their coup because only then will all of the poser Christians leave the church and convert to Islam so God can clean out Satan's people from His church. Under Shiria Law, all poser Christians will convert to Islam and leave the church, the Pope and most of the Vatican will convert most of the Catholic Church to Islam and most Catholics will follow with only the true Christians refusing to follow, entire poser Christian churches will convert taking all of their congregations except the true Christians, and the closet Muslims will come out of their closets and let you know who they are.

It is only under the persecution of Shiria Law that EVERYONE will be forced to choose God's side of the line or Satan's side of the line and EVERYONE will know who is good and who is evil and just how evil the lefties and Muslims really are. Then and only then will the truth be made known to everyone.

God still has some house cleaning to do so it will get worse before it gets better.

You better prepare for this and you better pray long, pray hard, pray often because you need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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