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Trump isn't just calling for the investigation of Obama but also the prosecution of John Kerry for meeting with Iran and telling Iran how to beat Trump, you know, treason.

I have also read he is calling for Hillary, Biden's son, and Comey to be investigated and prosecuted. Biden is just a wee bit upset about his son being investigated by Ukraine, not relaxed about it at all like Trump was when he was being investigated.

Hmmm, does this mean Biden knows that he and his son broke US law?

Me thinks Trump has gone on the offensive and is trying to put the swamp rats in prison.

Eco-bull crap

There is a "scary" news report out about more than 3 billion birds dying in the US and Canada over THE LAST 50 YEARS! Oh wow, the sky is falling, the sky is falling...and I bet it has to do with global warming!

Let me give you a clue, there is a simple fact in biology that says that, for a population to remain stable so the ecosystem will remain stable, the average mortality rate MUST equal the average reproductive rate for all species in that ecosystem. That is a biological law, people.

There are more than 3 billion birds (they don't really know how many birds there are, they are just guessing and the guesses range from about 10 billion to more than 30 billion) in just the US and they all produce more offspring every year than there are adult birds. The lowest reproductive rate for birds is 2 offspring per adult pair per year and goes as high as 100 offspring per adult pair (sparrows can have up to 10 offspring up to 10 times a year pending food supply). That means that more than 3 billion birds MUST DIE EVERY YEAR in just the US or it will create an ecological crisis very quickly.

The scary news story is just more bogus science being put out to scare you into submitting to their global warming bull crap. Watch, the lefties will start claiming that global warming is killing off all of the birds and it isn't.

"Hey, everyone vote for us lefties and we will keep the sky from falling!"

Then 500 climate scientists signed a petition that was sent to the UN saying there is no climate emergency, you know, the climate emergency crap is just more bogus science. Go figure.

Have you noticed that the lefties always use bogus science to scare stupid people into panicking into electing the lefties so the lefties can continue to set up their Marxist dictatorship while stealing more and more from the people?

They have easily used bogus science to create more than a dozen major crises in just the last 50 years that should have killed us all off decades ago and the lefties ain't going to stop any time soon...unless they die.

Do you know who the greatest and most successful terrorists in the world are?

The lefty upper class trash and their puppet political whores.


Hillary is "getting back into politics with the demand that Washington DC (District of Columbia) be made the 51st state in the US".


Because Washington DC would be the most liberal state in the US, even more liberal than Commiefornia and New York plus that is where most of the government swamp rats live so you know the lefties will always carry that state in every election.

Gee, you don't think the lefties are trying to find another way to increase their vote rigging, do you?

Of course they are.


I got this from Breitbart by Amy Furr:

"A Facebook employee reportedly died by suicide after leaping off the company's headquarters building in Menlo Park, California, on Thursday."

I wonder what he knew and was about to expose? Or maybe FB is just such a really terrible place to work?

Saudi Arabia

Trump is sending defensive troops (anti missile and drone) to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to help prevent another attack by Iran against the Arab countries.

At this time and based on his current actions, Trump's retaliation against Iran will be air strikes and smoldering rubble thingy.

What did Iran think, they could attack our ally and get away with it? Really?

Then I am seeing the lefties putting out a lot of propaganda to stop Trump from attacking Iran.

Gee, you don't think the left is in bed with Iran, do you?

Keep an eye on this.


I just love the deceitfulness of the political whores calling semi-automatic rifles "weapons grade" rifles. You know the stupid people are falling for this nonsense in spite of the fact that no military on this planet would buy rifles that don't fire in full automatic mode and can be switched between semi-auto and full auto.

No semi-automatic rifle even comes close to being "weapons grade" firearms. It is just one more lie or deception by the lefties to get what they want, which is to disarm the American people so the lefties can set up their commie dictatorship without having to worry about getting their brains blown out for treason.

The lefties can't seem to lie enough.


This is interesting; I got it from American Think by Marion DS Dreyfus:

"The left-leaning Open Society, lavishly funded by moneybags darling of the left, octogenarian George Soros, has just published a 194-page 'report' on a process I'll wager not more than 1% of readers are aware of: denaturalizing questionable citizens.

Maybe that should read 'citizens,' since the government is not, contrary to the notably omission-laden materials by the ACLU and the Society, pursuing legitimately naturalized persons who became so with no shadowy elements attached to their by-now geriatric citizenship sacrament.

During the past three decades, according to a document put out by the 'always-scrupulous' ACLU, denaturalizations were pursued an average of 11 times per year. But under the Trump Administration, this jumped in 2017 to 95 cases referred by the Department of Homeland Security. That was bumped up to some 1600 cases by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as of 2018. Then comes 2019, and in its budget request, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) indicated its intention to review the files of an additional -- hold onto your MAGA hats -- 700,000, for which they requested funding of an additional $200 million."

Did you know that evil George Soros, who is causing many of our problems, is a naturalized US citizen and him being denaturalized would really hurt his efforts to destroy the US and set up their lefty commie global dictatorship?

Then I got this from American Thinker By Thomas Lifson:

"Oh, boy, hold onto your hats. The latest propaganda campaign to discredit President Trump has Soros roots, according to someone in the know that I trust.

Victoria Toensing is not given to empty charges (or empty threats)."

And she said:

"To all Tweeters who claim Ukraine not investigating #Burisma and @HunterBiden when @JoeBiden had prosecutor fired, you are mouthing Dem talking points. I talked with relevant Ukrainians. Soros supporter US Amb helped bury case. I know much more. Stay tuned. #maga2020"

Yeah, you can bet Georgie boy is running scared right about now. Go get him, Trump!!!

Keep an eye on this.

Christian Testimony

This morning I realized that, in my poverty and illness, God has given me more than I have spent my life asking for. I spent all of my life telling God that all I really need and want is a small cabin in the woods near a stream (running water) and small lake or big pond but God gave me something much better.

I have a large (80ft x 14ft), modern house trailer with a covered porch, two sheds, a workshop building used for storage and a few tools, a second smaller trailer I use for storage because it isn't habitable, a corner lot and the lot next to it, gas, electricity, running water, sewage, phone, Internet, more than a dozen trees growing on my property (I call it Carl's Forest - most are small I started from seed this year or last year), paved roads on two sides with a gravel ally behind, and right on the edge of town, right across the street from the desert. The business parts of town are only about 3 to 7 miles away, pending what I need. On a cool, clear morning I can see White Sands National Monument on the other (west) side of the basin floor less than 12 miles away, there are only a few distant buildings between me and it and I have beautiful mountain ranges both east and west of me for great sunrises and sunsets while living in the Tularosa Basin floor. (A basin is a very large valley and the Tularosa Basin is about 30 to 40 miles wide and more than 150 miles long with the very steep Organ Mountains on the west and the very steep Sacramento Mountains on the east. It is like living in a huge ditch with steep sides rising thousands of feet in just a mile or less on both sides.) Most of the time, the air is clean with blue skies, we sometimes get pollution blowing in from El Paso, Texas or dust storms and it is pretty quiet here except for occasional F-16s flying out of Holloman AFB and some noisy neighbors but even they are quiet early and late in the day and most of the time. When it is quiet here, I can hear traffic (their tires on the asphalt) five miles away on the highway.

Could it be better?

Yes, but I didn't ask for better, I asked for less and got better. Truly God has blessed me! Praise God!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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