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I am getting the feeling that Kimmy Boy is sabotaging the negotiations between North Korea and the US to help the treasonous Commierats defeat Trump in 2020 so he can go back to business as usual with our lefty traitors. After everything I have seen from the left the last few years, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the lefties are helping Kimmy Boy try to sabotage the election for the left.

Israel is putting their faith in a "Historic non-aggression Pack" with the Middle East Muslim nations, when, if they would study Islam, they would know that Muslims are not only permitted to break any treaties or packs with non-Muslims but are REQUIRED to break those treaties and pacts. You know this will come back to haunt Israel with a surprise move by the Muslim nations.

Iran's General Salami says that Iran is invincible, you know, the way Saddam Hussein did just before the US conquered Iraq.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"Left-wing actress Ellen Barkin posed a question to President Donald Trump's 'dumb' supporters, asking them if they want a president 'who is as dumb or dumber than you.'"

You know, while Trump continues to outsmart her and her stupid lefty leaders? Really?

See, I told you that stupid people can't figure out that they are stupid because they are stupid. She really thinks she is intelligent and then says something that stupid and is too stupid to realize just how stupid that statement is.

If Trump is stupid and is outsmarting her, just how much more stupid is she?

Question: All of this meat that keeps being recalled because of "contamination", is that being intentionally contaminated by someone to discourage you from eating meat, you know, with the lefties currently trying to get you to stop eating meat?


Know this, God is judging Commiefornia for her wickedness. This video shows just how bad it is getting there with diseases and everything.

The person talking in this video, Tim, can't figure out what is going on and why it is so bad there and getting worse. Really, I am serious.

I know, let's do the math and figure out what is going on.

1) STDs are epidemic and spreading quickly, you know, in a state where adultery is rampant, homosexuality is rampant, and everyone is screwing everyone.

Gee, don't you think that just might cause the rapid spread of STDs, do you? Go figure?

You think that maybe God meant it when He said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery"? You think it might have been to prevent the spread of STDs?

2) Homelessness is pandemic and growing rapidly with more than 2/3 of the homeless addicted to drugs, which is why they are poor. The homelessness is causing feces in the streets, spreading diseases, drug needles everywhere, and other problems.

Maybe most of the homelessness is because we have a drug problem and won't address it because the lefties, you know, the same people who run Commiefornia, are pro dope?

3) Then you have the very corrupt lefty politicians running Commiefornia and all they care about is how much they can steal and how fast they can steal it. They don't try to solve problems except by throwing money at it, usually into their own bank accounts, they don't know how to solve problems, and probably only know how to steal money and the people of Commiefornia keep voting these criminals back into office for "free stuff".

4) Then you have the Commiefornia lefties hating and waging war against God, the Bible, and Christians while worshiping Satan in his many forms.

5) And how is that power outage thingy working out for you Commiefornians?

6) And how are those fires being caused by the lefty eco-nuts' tree hugging drying up the land and turning the vegetation into kindling thingy doing?

This video tells more about the cost of liberalism in Commiefornia and points the finger at the people who caused these problems.

I just saw a headline that said, "Electric-car Owners Hard Hit by Massive California Power Shutdown".

Bwahahahahahaha!!! Dem kaint go nowhere in der superior electric cars. Gee, I wonder how many internal combustion cars were grounded by those power shutdowns?

Also, I just read that most people who are using solar energy didn't put in battery banks to store energy for when the sun isn't shining and were just using their solar energy to decrease their consumption of commercial energy. Now they are finding out that their solar energy doesn't work, especially at night, when the power is turned off so they are also in the dark because they are not very smart.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Hey, until the people of Commiefornia repent of their sins, turn back to God, and call on the name of God to save their sorry butts, it is just going to keep getting worse and think of this, the lefties are trying to force all of this on all of us.

Please note that the power outages and fires don't discriminate between lefties and conservatives.

Keep an eye on this.

Between the Lines

I hope you can read between the lines well enough to know that all of this talk about impeaching Trump is the left admitting that they can't beat Trump in 2020 so "you must impeach Trump so they can win the election" because Trump is ten times the president any of these political whores could possibly be. They KNOW that impeaching Trump is the ONLY way any of them can win the election, which is why they keep insisting that Trump be impeached. The upper class trash can't even rig the votes well enough to beat Trump in 2020 and they obviously KNOW it or they wouldn't keep insisting on impeaching Trump without a valid reason for impeaching him.

So, when you hear some presidential candidate like Biden saying, "We must impeach Trump", what they are really saying is, "We must impeach Trump so I can win the election because there is no way I can beat Trump in the election because he is a much better president than I could ever be." This confession is an act of desperation.

If they had any brains, none of them would want to follow Trump in office because it will make them look like the worst president in history, even worse than Obama and Carter. They should want to wait until at least two or three presidents after Trump and even then they won't look as good, just not quite as bad.

But, hey, power mad, greedy people don't have any common sense because their lust for wealth and power destroy their common sense.


Conservatives are increasingly fighting back and even taking the fight to the left. That is encouraging to see but, when I read the news and see how much and how fast the lefties are screwing everything up while they can, I am still tempted to want my own planet with only a few select people invited to join me for Christian fellowship.

The right is making progress in some areas but sometimes, it just looks like the left can destroy stuff faster than the right can fix it. I have to keep reminding myself that God is in charge.

Note that the left has passed same day voter registration to try to rig the elections even more in their favor but, with EVERYONE, including lefties, having to go without power most of the time because of lefty policies, me things not too many people will want to vote for them much longer.

Hey, the good thing is that the power outages will decrease the number of lefty trolls on the Internet because a lot of them live in Commiefornia. That will be good and not help the left very well. They also won't be able to spend much time playing their video games, using cell phones, watching TV propaganda, uh, I mean lefty news, or anything else. This could get interesting and be a huge loser for the lefties.

Keep an eye on this. You know it can't end well for the left.


From what I am seeing, Biden and son are now under investigation for at least racketeering in just Ukraine, not including crimes from elsewhere like China. The investigation is being run by both Ukraine and US investigators working together.

It is looking like Biden and son could be facing charges under US, Ukrainian, and international law. They are going to need the millions of dollars they made from their criminal activities for attorneys' fees.

Keep an eye on this.


A question I have is the following: If the Western upper class trash and the puppet masters for our pagan lefty political whores conspired with Erdogan to take Trump and the rest of us by surprise, was all of this impeachment crap in part meant to distract Trump so he wouldn't see Erdogan's sucker punch coming?

If it was, then they are all guilty of treason, you know, aiding the enemy in a surprise attack against the US and one of its allies, and should all be shot, hung, or drawn and quartered.

Another thing you need to keep an eye on is that this aggression by Erdogan could encourage and may already be coordinated with military actions by other hostile nations like Iran, China, and North Korea to spread our forces out and give them all a better chance of defeating the US.

The more I find out about this, the more I become convinced that the lefty commie traitors are working with Erdogan on this surprise attack against the US to make Trump look bad and give them a phony reason to justify impeaching and removing Trump. You know that Erdogan didn't set this all up on his own. It just keeps smelling worse and worse.

But, of course, you know the lefties will blame Trump for what they and Erdogan are doing. Yeah, it is Trump's fault that Erdogan is a power mad, psychopath with a Napoleonic complex gone rogue and is using a Muslim terrorist group, the Free Syrian Army, as his lead forces.

Now that Trump was forced to pull US troops out of Northeastern Syria, abandoning the Kurds, to prevent the US troops from being overrun and slaughtered by a much larger number of enemy troops and increasing numbers of people who are seeing this as the US can't be depended on as a protective ally, with Saudi Arabia now trying to make buds with Iran, Putin is taking advantage of this and is making the rounds with the Sunni Muslim nations in the Arabian Peninsula, Putin is being welcomed with open arms, and he is making deals with our former allies.

You want proof that Trump pulled the US troops out in a hurry because of this attack by Erdogan?

Watch this video and look at everything they left behind, wasting a lot of money and equipment. You only leave in that kind of hurry to save your troops at the expense of all of that equipment.

You can bet that Trump has forces heading to that area right now, while the Pentagon is trying to figure out the best actions to take, especially in rescuing our troops, planes, munitions, and nukes from Incirlik. Trump has already placed sanctions against Turkey in hopes of slowing down the Turkish invasion of Syria.

The US could easily become a lone wolf with no allies if something isn't done about this quickly. We MUST get those troops, planes, munitions, and nukes out of Incirlik as soon as possible, which, in of itself, will be a major military operation.

Keep an eye on this.

Mean while, the Kurds have managed to slow the advance of the Turkish forces while Syria is rushing their troops to the front AND Turkey is deploying even more troops and armor to the area, escalating this towards a full blown war between Turkey and Syria, which will inevitably involve Russia and Iran but remember that Russia and Iran don't have enough troops in Syria to fight a full blown war with Turkey and that Turkey controls the Bosporus Straits, can box Russia into the Back Sea, and deny Russia rights to fly through Turkish air space to bring in additional troops.

Putin may also have to withdraw his troops from at least Northern Syria to buy time for other military operations and options.

This alone could also cause Russia to invade Turkey from the north to gain control of the Bosporus Straits to prevent Russia from being boxed in by Turkey.

Do you believe me yet about how important the Bosporus Straits are to Russia?

You can bet that this is causing Putin to at least think about taking Turkey to gain control of the Bosporus Straits.

Mean while, the greedy upper class trash running the EU has passed a "resolution" to "limit arms sales to Turkey" but won't place a weapons embargo on her. You know, they will just be careful to not make too much money selling too many weapons to their NATO friend, Turkey.

It looks even more like the upper class trash are backing Turkey to cause Trump to lose the next election by making Trump look bad.

Plus the EU just confirmed that all NATO nations have troops and weapons in Turkish bases and are probably also being held hostage by Erdogan...or in bed with him.

Is this just a convenient excuse for the upper class trash to not do anything to stop Turkey?

Note that conservative Italy has placed a ban on all foreign exports to Turkey.

I just found out that Turkish and Syrian forces have already made contact and done battle in Northern Syria with Syria losing a tank in the first fight.

What a mess.

Do you believe me yet that the greedy and power mad upper class trash cause better than 95% of our problems?

Then on the next day, Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Erdogan decided he wants to talk to Trump, you know, to avoid the effects of the US sanctions. Trump is brilliantly negotiating a settlement between Turkey and Syria, the two combatants, because Trump ain't involved in this conflict because he got his troops out of the way, which will end up making Trump look even better.

Did Trump pull the rabbit out of that hat or what?

US Debt

I want to make sure you understand what all of this government debt is really all about. It ain't about what you are being told.

Who did the US government borrow money from to be in debt to those entities?

Our government had to borrow money from someone to be in debt to those entities. We didn't just borrow the money out of thin air the way the lefties make it sound.

The racket is this: the upper class trash bribed our political whores to borrow money from the upper class trash banks so the upper class trash could make more money on interest from the money the upper class trash loaned to the US government. This is true for all governments currently in debt and has been going on for hundreds of years since the first Rothschild banker conned the British government into borrowing money from his bank to pay for their wars. The Rothschild family and other upper class trash families have since opened banks in almost all nations to loan money to those nations and they also run the IMF, International Monetary Fund Bank, which loans money to almost all nations around the world, especially the poor nations.

Did you know that, when our government issues bonds to borrow money, the first place those bonds go for sale is to the banks, those banks sell those bonds to other organizations and very wealthy individuals for a profit, and those organizations and wealthy individuals keep most of those bonds but sell some of those bonds to other rich people for a profit?

You should study the bond market and how it works. It is a racket, people, designed and managed by the upper class trash for the upper class trash.

Everything that has to do with banking and finance was designed and is managed by the upper class trash to make the upper class trash more wealthy as quickly as possible.

For example, the school loan system was designed to steal money from students and the upper class trash caused the schools to increase their tuition and book prices so the students would have to borrow more money from the upper class trash to go to school so the upper class trash could steal even more money from students with the student loans and the interest on those loans.

What we should do is take all of the wealth from the upper class trash or "nationalize" their wealth, not the good upper class, just the corrupt upper class, and use that money to "pay off those loans to our government and people" by just dismissing those loans owed to the upper class trash, causing the upper class trash to lose their butts, and use their money you nationalized from the upper class trash to pay the rest of the people who loaned money for those debts so they don't lose their butts too.


Bernie is so power mad and he realizes that, at his age and with his health, this is his last chance for power, bwahahaha, so, in spite of his health, he is forging on, you know, without taking time to properly recover from heart surgery. Smart move, Bernie.

Don't be surprised to see Bernie stick his face in the dirt with another and, possibly, a fatal heart attack because of his insane lust for power.

Think not?

Going on the road for anything like campaigning is very hard and stressful on the body with long hours, little sleep, no exercise, and bad food. Science says that someone whose heart already gave out, needs to recover, and is subjected to such hardships, their heart will give out again and it shouldn't take long.

But, hey, he just gots to have that power, baby!!! The guy is nuts.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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