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Yemen has been seized by Iranian controlled Shiite Muslim terrorists, which places Yemen under the control of Iran. This is critical for a number of reasons. First, controlling Yemen gives Iran control of the Straights of Aden, through which ships must pass going to and from the Suez Canal to and from the south. This gives Iran control of the largest flow of commercial shipping and naval tactical movement bottle neck in the world. Second, it puts Iranian or Shiite forces on both Saudi Arabia's Southern and Northern (Iraq) borders, which would make it easier for Iran to conquer Saudi Arabia. Third, it provides Iran with the ability to limit or attack shipping to and from Israel from and to the East, you know, her new allies, India, Japan, China, and such. Fourth, it puts Iran very close to Mecca and Medina.

Remember that I told you that the Shiite Muslims want to destroy both Mecca and Medina to force Sunni Muslims to accept rebuilt Babylon as Islam's most holy site?

It will be much easier for Iran to get vehicles with nukes in them to both Mecca and Medina from Yemen than from Iran or Iraq.

Since Yemen is now under the control of Israel's most significant enemy, Iran, Israel will be required to capture Yemen following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 just like God told me they will. If you draw a line from the eastern border of Yemen north to the eastern border of Jordon and then to the Euphrates River, that is approximately how far east Israel will take in the Middle East following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to cause the separation between Islam West and Islam East as prophesied by the Bible.

I have already shown that Israel will have to capture everything to the west to the Nile River and south to the Indian Ocean and north to the Euphrates River plus Israel's enemy, Turkey, including Mount Ararat. Now we know the extent of the land Israel will take following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Every day the picture gets a little clearer as God shows us more.

Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia recently died but I don't see any change in direction this will cause yet. Keep an eye on this.


It seems they just found out about a new Iranian staged missile which can reach the US. Suddenly, the new Iranian missile factory in Syria, which is much closer to Europe and the US, is more threatening and serious to the West. When you put this together with Iran's nuclear weapons program, it gets very serious.

BTW, we just found out how much Obama is paying Iran for the 10k nukes Obama is buying from Iran. Obama is paying Iran $11.9 billion of your tax dollars for nukes to use against you. Those nukes will be some of the "free stuff" Obama will soon give you.

Free Stuff

Some of the free stuff Obama is giving liberal commies to buy their allegiance is free college for kids. The kids will pay for all that free stuff later with taxes but Obama will get the loyalty of his stupid commie brats now, when he needs it, you know, when Obama declares martial law.

Gun Control

The British are now wanting their guns back so they can protect themselves. I guess the good old gun control thingy didn't workout the way the liberals said it would. There is a movement developing in Britain to permit people to arm themselves again for self defense. This movement is also quickly spreading in other countries. Eyes are opening.

This is all working against the plans of the upper class trash, who started this gun control thing so they could control and enslave us.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I have been telling you that Obama doesn't want to give up his luxury and power as president and won't without a fight?

Hillary's backers want Obama's list of campaign donors and Obama is refusing to give them the list because he doesn't want to lose the power that comes with the list. Obama doesn't care about Hillary, he is playing to remain in power, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Remember that I told you that Obama and his gang would continue to increase the tension between Israel and Obama so Obama can blame Israel for nuking Chicago in order to justify to the American people invading Israel?

Tension between Obama and Israel has just been ramped up significantly by Obama and his cabinet because of Netanyahu being invited to speak before Congress. The White House is saying they will get revenge on Israel, you know, just like the spoiled two year old brat I have been telling you Obama is. Every time Obama gets the slightest excuse, he will escalate the tension.

Reader's Contribution

One of my three readers sent me an e-mail stating, "I equate abortion on demand with Moloch worship. It is human sacrifice to the god of self and sex." I think that is a good analogy and it shows that the liberals have already legalized human sacrifices in the US. There have already been more than 50,000,000 unborn babies sacrificed to the liberal goddess, Free Sex.

Legalizing Pot

Another great sounding liberal commie traitor idea bites the dust, you know, like all of the rest have. Democratic Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, says his state's decision to legalize pot "was a bad idea" that other state's should avoid for several years until more is known. This is only going to get better with time, especially since Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington have all legalized pot.

Yeah, just like the idiot liberals have been telling you, you win the war against crime by legalizing crime. Well, it makes sense to them, especially since they are committing those crimes.


More and more liberal movies are turning out to be losers, costing their investors financial losses while increasing numbers of conservative movies are making profits. People are fed up with the liberalism, which is not working, and are turning back to conservatism. Eyes are opening.

Also, as liberalism fails, increasing numbers of liberals are turning on each other. The liberals are like cannibalistic Piranha. This is one of the fun things you get to watch caused by liberalism.

John Bolton

John Bolton might be running for president. This is important because he just might be a true conservative and not a RINO. Everything I have heard from him has been conservative and no nonsense. Keep an eye on this.


I hope you realize that this "deflated footballs" controvercy is just a distraction from everything important going on.

The commies and Muslims are destroying the planet and our commie media are wasting their time on deflated footballs? Gee, what are they covering up?


You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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