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Climate Change

You really need to watch sailing videos and pay attention to how often the weather forecasts are wrong for TODAY, not for tomorrow or the day after, but for TODAY. The sailing weather forecasts are wrong at least as much and maybe more than they are right just for the day of the forecasts.

And do you really believe that these people can accurately forecast how the weather will be in 10 to 12 years? Really? The best the best of them can do is guess at what might happen. Just watch at how much the sailors complain about really bad weather forecasts by the x-spurts.

One interesting thing about sailing I am finding is that they don't require any instruction for you to sail a boat, you know, like with passing a test for getting a driver's license to drive a car. If you have the money to buy a crappy boat, you can just take off with it and go anywhere you want. Increasing numbers of young people are doing just that with little or no knowledge about boating and it is amazing that more of them are not dying.

Hey, anybody can hoist a sail, right?

It is like they are watching boating videos, get really excited about it, go buy a used boat, work on it for a while until they get tired of working on it, then head out to sea with them sometimes first going out one or two times with a more experienced sailor or two to learn the basics. Then they start learning the most important stuff the hard and dangerous way.

People, they have two week courses for sailing and it would be best if you try one before heading out to sea, you know, as an investment in your future survival. I have read too much about experienced sailors being killed in bad weather because things went wrong very quickly. It is only common sense that a person without that experience and/or training would be more likely to die. The ocean is a potentially deadly place and takes lives every year. The ocean ain't a kindergarten sandbox.

Remember that I have been telling you that most sailboat sailors buy a used boat, work on it for a year or more, go sailing, and, within a year of sailing, quit and go back to a more normal life leaving their boat stored somewhere?

I will see something interesting looking on YouTube and watch some of the videos to see what the people are doing. I saw one that is called "Bums on a Boat" (language warning), which started as three young men and quickly turned into only one of them and a young woman, so I was curious about what happened to the other two young men. Since I wanted to learn more about them, I watched one titled "Life Before the Boat".

Remember that I have been telling you that a lot of young people are watching YouTube videos and then trying to do things with very little, if any, formal training?

I watched the video about "Bums on a Boat" (Life Before the Boat) when about 3:40 a young man tells you he watched a bunch of YouTube videos and then used what he had learned to start building a music studio in his basement but had not yet finished because it was much more work than he had thought it would be from watching the videos. He did get quite a bit of it done though.

You just might want to know that things are always more difficult and time consuming than they show on those edited YouTube videos and the key word is "edited", which means they cut quite a bit out of what actually went on.

What I learned from watching the Bums on a Boat videos is that the three of them grew up as today's "middle class" but what even our middle class kids would have considered rich kids when I was a kid. they grew up spending their time doing a lot of skate boarding, playing expensive musical instruments, playing golf (a rich man's sport) until two of them became experienced enough to become "coaches" (no formal training required), and hanging out in a gym until one of them had been around long enough to become a "personal trainer" (no formal training required before he was considered a weight training expert though he probably didn't know squat about exercise physiology).

Gee, what is this, the Middle Ages? No training is required to be an expert on something? Really?

They were high school graduates who got to spend enough of their time playing that they learned everything the hard way because they clearly got everything they wanted. After high school, they got jobs teaching what they had spent their time playing without any formal training so they didn't learn the need for formal training and what it can do for you, they apparently watched a bunch of videos about cruising sailboats, thought they were now experts, bought a boat, worked on it, making modifications, until they got tired of working on it (the work clearly wasn't finished), went sailing a few times with 2 more experienced sailors, then thought themselves experts and went sailing to Cuba and back, something I am seeing more young people doing because they have been brainwashed into believing Marxism is great so dey just gots to sail der boats down to wonderful Communist Cuba to see der beloved Communism in action, where they only visit the tourist parts of Cuba and have tons of fun drinking and screwing while most Cubans are being oppressed in other parts of town and living in poverty so that they come home thinking communism sure is great but that is another story.

On the way down to Cuba, they got caught in a really bad storm one night, for which they were clearly not trained or experienced to handle (hey, who needs formal training, right?), had their first ever near death experience, freaked out, two of them left as soon as they got back to Florida and went back to their easy and safe lives playing around.

The third one kicked around for a while to clear his head from their near death experience, it was also obviously the most difficult thing they had experienced in their lives, and returned to sailing with a young woman, whom he is still sailing with today.

I have been seeing other young people doing similar things in boating and other activities without any formal training. Hey, just watch some YouTube videos and you is are be an x-spurt. I often wonder how many young people get hurt or killed every year because of this simple minded mentality.

Hey, who needs to learn from thousands of years of experience handed down from one generation to another, right? Just go right out and reinvent hundreds to thousands of years old wheels in just a few months or even a year, right?

Some do manage to stick around and survive long enough to learn what they are doing at least reasonably well.

Don't think I am being too hard on these three young men because, before they ever pointed their bow towards the deeper blue water and Cuba, they were visited by two young men who had just gone out to sea just a little ways when they and their boat were even less prepared and they almost died in a storm so these three young men had an opportunity to learn from someone else's bad experience and didn't, almost costing them their lives.

Note that I have never sailed a boat but, when I wasn't even 6 years old, I was sitting on the floor playing one day when my mother handed me a beautiful 8 x 10 picture of a square rigged sailing ship in full sail with its beautiful white sails framed against the beautiful blue sky and sea and I clearly remember thinking, "Wow, that is beautiful" and fell in love with sailboats right there. Over the last 60 years, I have been intrigued by sailing ever since and have studied the history of sailing and boating going back thousands of years but just never had the time or money to go sailing because of other life priorities, you know, like making a living to support a family.

There are several things I would recommend to young people wanting to go sailing, especially cruising on "blue water" today. First, take a two week course on sailing for formal instruction but don't stop there. Second, get, read, and keep as a reference manual "The Annapolis Book of Seamanship", which is required reading for all US Naval Academy students on sailing boats. It is big and exhaustive. Then go out for shorter sailing in different weather far enough away from land to be safe from being driven ashore during storms but close enough so that, if you still get your butt in trouble, you can be rescued within a reasonable period of time, you know, like before you drown. After gaining increasing experience in "rough weather", I would go out at least once just before a big storm was supposed to hit to get safely away from the shore and rocks and "crash waves" in at least one gale force storm with 20+ foot waves to 1) get some experience in trying to sail and/or motor in such wind and waves and 2) learn to use a sea anchor or drogue to survive being in trouble in such a storm. (The sea anchor keeps your nose or bow of the boat into the wind and waves so the waves won't be hitting your boat from the side and roll your boat, possibly killing you. As long as the bow of the boat is pushing into the waves so you don't get rolled, you are reasonably safe. It will be a rough ride but, if you have already learned what to do, you should survive.)


Because, if you do any ocean crossings, you are very likely to get caught in such a storm because you are at sea away from safe harbors for weeks and even months, therefore, it is only common sense to gain experience in such weather before you get hundreds to thousands of miles from help. Before you get that far from help, you better be able to take care of yourself without help to increase your chances of surviving a really bad day...or week.

You should approach doing anything and everything worth doing in life the same way. Know that knowledge is a tool you use to build, create, and succeed in life, the more knowledge you have, the more tools you have, and the more tools you have, the more likely you are to succeed or survive. Not learning enough can get you hurt or killed.

YouTube videos can be good tools but don't let them be your only tools. Get some good hands-on instruction by much more experienced people. That trained or coached experience will be very valuable in a tight spot.

Sometimes I ask myself, "What have I not studied in the 70+ years of my life?" There isn't much because I have been a lot of places, seen, read about, been trained for, and done a lot of things in 70+ years. Truly, God has blessed me and now I get to share those blessings with you to help you.

Also, see how much you can learn about people by watching videos by those people about themselves?

They tell you much more about themselves than they realize.


I just saw an article speculating on why Iran attacked Saudi oil fields, shutting down half of their oil production, really, they were wondering why.

Uh, let me guess, the US has sanctioned Iran's oil so most countries can't buy and import it so Iran is making tens of billions less in oil sales so, if Iran significantly decreases Saudi production, the world will be short on oil and will pressure the US to not sanction Iran oil so Iran can resume making tens of billions selling their oil?

Gee, that was hard to figure out.

What do they teach at the right universities to get the right degrees? And you think those people are smarter than you because dey gots more money?

Whatever it is, it ain't working, baby.

Commie Show Trial

Adolph Schiff said they are going to have "more" witnesses in his commie show trail for "impeaching" Trump.

Really? When did they have anyone who witnessed anything?

They have not had one true and legal witness yet. All they have had is people repeating rumors but no one who has witnessed anything.

Once again, they are obviously trying to drag this commie show trial out as long as possible in an attempt to turn as many people as possible against Trump so the commie traitors can get rid of Trump so they can stop him destroying their evil plans and so they can replace Barr to stop the investigations into their crimes.

Witnesses? Really? When did that happen?

Mean while, the people keep getting more and more fed up with the commie games to stage a coup against Trump and the American people.

But, hey, if the commies stop trying to get rid of Trump with their coup, they go to prison so guess what they will do. Remember that desperate people do desperate things and the lefties are definitely doing desperate things.

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy insists that he has "insurance" against Trump to keep Trump from firing or prosecuting Rudy.


Listen, if Rudy has something on Trump and he is using it to keep Trump from taking any action against him, that is blackmail and extortion so that Rudy even just saying he has "insurance" against Trump is Rudy confessing to blackmail and extortion, which is a federal felony, for which Barr should automatically investigate and prosecute Rudy.

Also, Rudy may be saying he has "insurance" against Trump could just be Rudy bluffing Trump to keep Trump from taking action against Rudy, which never works with Trump because you should know by now that Trump ALWAYS calls other people's bluffs.

This also makes me wonder, "What is Rudy hiding that he has to have insurance to cover his butt?" That alone should cause an investigation against Rudy.


They are saying that Bloomberg's money could make him "formidable" against Trump.


Pay attention, people, because, with all of the lefty commie traitor crazies running for president, the lefty commie traitor impeachment coup, The anti rich white male attitude of most of the left, and the increasing divisions of the left by so much "diversification" chasing increasing numbers of Commierats to the right for some sanity, you can bet that increasing numbers of Commierats will be disappointed and simply won't vote no matter who their presidential candidate is and it is quickly reaching a point to where you should expect for at least a few of the Commierat presidential candidates to run as independents, drawing votes away from whoever does run as the Commierat presidential candidate, it is increasingly less likely every day that anyone on the left, regardless of wealth, can beat Trump and I even expect a major loss of seats in both the House and Senate by Commierats, especially in the House after this impeachment commie show trial.

The Commierats are really ticking off the people and causing them to either vote GOP, vote for an independent, or just not vote at all. The idiots are their own worst enemy.

Think I am wrong?

I just got this from Breitbart by Charlie Spiering:

"A pair of recent polls show that 34 percent of black likely voters approve of President Donald Trump's presidency, a stunning development that could have a massive impact on his re-election campaign in 2020.

A Rasmussen poll released Friday showed black likely voter approval of Trump at 34 percent. An Emerson Poll showed 34.5 percent approval by the same demographic.

'Boom,' wrote black author and Trump supporter Deneen Borelli on Twitter, calling the results 'Democrats worst nightmare.'"

Note that says "BLACK LIKELY VOTERS", which is massive. They are getting fed up with the left. Also keep in mind that almost all of these polls are intentionally biased towards the left so it is probably even worse than that.

Bloomberg and his wealth is just going to alienate more lefties, especially the far lefty commies who hate rich white males. His timing for entering any race as a rich white male Commierat is incredibly stupid and he has to have his head really far up his butt to not see that.

And you think these rich idiots are smarter than you because dey gots more money?


I just got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Four African countries have reported new cases of polio linked to the oral vaccine, as global health numbers show there are now more children being paralyzed by viruses originating in vaccines than in the wild."

It just got obvious that what people are saying about vaccines being bad is probably true because they are now saying that the polio vaccine is definitely causing polio. It now looks very much like the people are being infected and poisoned by the upper class trash using vaccines to "depopulate" the planet, you know, to commit global genocide.

If this is true, then the upper class trash is RIGHT NOW committing the worst crime against humanity with a global genocide and, if it is true, they should all hang.

Keep an eye on this because this is really serious.


This is very interesting. I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee has released an ambitious rule book for online governance - a bill of rights and obligations for the internet - designed to counteract the growing prevalence of such anti-democratic poisons as misinformation, mass surveillance and censorship.

The product of a year's work by the World Wide Web Foundation where Berners-Lee is a founding director, the 'Contract for the Web' seeks commitments from governments and industry to make and keep knowledge freely available - a digital policy agenda true to the design vision of the 30-year-old web."

Oooo, someone is very ticked and is fighting back against the upper class trash taking over and abusing the Internet. It will be interesting to see how this works out. You know he will tick off the power mad lefty commie traitors. Keep an eye on this.

Russian Robots?

I recently saw a YouTube video about deadly Russian military robots but the problem is that they were not really robots, which can act completely on their own. They were just land based drones or remotely controlled unmanned vehicles being driven by remote operators.

True robots are autonomous machines that operate on their own based on programming without a remote operator.

Hey, jam those operating frequencies and those babies go nappy time really fast.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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