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Colonizing Planets

I have come across some wilderness survival channels on YouTube run mostly by Asians who build very interesting things with as few as just a couple of primitive tools, their hands and feet, and, most importantly, their brains. They even make many of their own tools.

Hey, who needs Craftsman, DeWalt, and Snap On or electricity, right?

They use whatever resources are at hand in very interesting ways that you know they use in their areas all of the time because these people are very practiced at what they do. The people work very hard, do very good things with interesting ideas, and get the job done quickly, probably within a few days or weeks. A few dozen of them could build a colonial village on a distant planet in just a few weeks.

Talk about survival, these guys really know how.

You have to understand several things about their building styles and methodologies. First, you have to understand that, based on their genetic physical appearance and building techniques, these people are certainly living in Asia, probably India or close to India. Their weather is much milder than what we Westerners are used to with their low temperatures being in the mid to upper 60 degrees F so their insulation only has to have an R factor of about 1 and they live with many more people in smaller dwellings.

When I was in Thailand in 73 and 74, I visited some of those people in their homes (they were Christians a local missionary introduced me to). Many of their buildings are what Westerners would call shacks with no plumbing, electricity, gas, or sewage and only two or three small rooms with 10 to more than 15 people living in them. Many of their houses were built on stilts because of the monsoons to prevent flooding their homes. For a toilet, they had a round hole in the bedroom the GIs called a bomb site with a huge clay pot outside under the hole and they would squat over the hole to do their business (only for fecal matter and not urine, they all just urinated on the ground outside). When the pot got full, they would contact a man with an ox drawn cart, who would empty the pot into the cart and carry the contents out to sell it to farmers to fertilize their fields.

When we colonized the US, most people lived in shacks that were no better than those dwellings and some times worse.

When I was a kid, New Mexico was still in what they called the "latent pioneering stage" and I got to live in a few of those shacks that were not as well built as what you will see in these videos. My mother told me that, when I was a baby, we briefly lived in what was called a "clap board shack", which was a simple wooden structure with 1 x 10s nailed to vertical studs and not even tar paper to keep the wind from blowing through it. They had no gas, plumbing, or sewage and used a small wood burning stove for heating and cooking.

Second, you have to consider what the planets we are going to colonize will be like, which won't be much like Earth today. When God first created Earth, He created it with its axis vertical and not tilted and most people do not know that our obit around the sun is not circular, it is slightly elliptical with one end and both sides of that oval shaped orbit being a little closer to the sun than the other end. We know that there used to be just one unified continent the God hating pagans call Pangaea so the crust was solid and not fractured. Archaeologists have found fossils of tropical plants on Antarctica and in northern areas of places like North America and Siberia, telling you that the weather there was once very much warmer.

You have to understand that physics tells you that, based on accident and coincidence, it is not normal for orbits to form as an oval but as a circle, you know, just like with Saturn's rings. It is also not normal for planets to develop with a tilted axis but with a vertical axis. Also, they found that Earth's crust is the only fractured crust in our solar system. The rest of the planets have solid crusts.

What should all of this tell you?

When put together with the other scientific evidence, such as the meteor belt outside of Mars, which we know used to be a planet, and the grouping of meteor craters in Northern America and Europe and on one side of the moon, a massive meteor shower caused by that planet exploding hit us within just a few hours causing all of that cratering on one side, which fractured the Earth's crust down what became the Atlantic Ocean, which broke up the one continent Earth had and caused the global flood which caused all of the stratification we see in our soil. It also tilted Earth on its axis and knocked the planet slightly out of orbit into a more elliptical orbit, causing our four seasons of weather. The fossils support the theory and Biblical story that there was no winter on Earth before that cataclysm.

Now, if God is going to create new planets, He is going to do it right with solid crusts so there will be no seismic or volcanic activity and with vertical axes and circular orbits so there will be no winters. The climate will be a constant 65 to 75 degrees year round so you won't need a lot of insulation in your buildings, meaning that insulation and coat companies will go broke on those planets. It will be spring time with plants producing fruit all year round.

Each of those planets will be physical paradises and, if you take away the evil Marxist upper class trash and their evil minions, with only true Biblical Christians and a Christian theocracy, where everyone has to live by the same laws, it will be a paradise just like Earth was before Adam and Eve screwed things up.

This means that the building technologies and methods shown in the following videos will be adequate, as will framed housing, adobe housing, brick housing, and stone housing with no insulation and will definitely do for a survival situation. At the very least, some of these dwellings would be better than living in a tent while you build more permanent housing or could be used for animal structures.

Remember that I taught you that colonizing planets will be a survival situation with you being stranded light years away from the nearest civilization. You better be able to survive on your own with whatever resources you have.

Here are a few of their channels to see how they work and to learn from them.

Brave Wilderness Life

Building Skill

Primitive Life

Primitive Survival

Primitive Technology This last guy even has a book for sale.

There are sites for learning just about everything like ponds, houses, black smithing, boats, canoes, kayaks, and everything else imaginable with many of them having millions of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of viewers per video. You can learn to build things the primitive way or with modern tools and technology and it wouldn't hurt in a survival situation to know how to do both.

I cannot help but believe that God is preparing tens to hundreds of millions of people to colonize nine planets in two galaxies in the near future.

What? You think God will wait until the last minute to prepare us all?

I am really looking forward to this because this is going to be interesting and fun. Don't be surprised to have some of these people and their viewers end up as your neighbors doing really incredible things. Some of these people will be able to take what they need in a backpack and just use whatever they find wherever they find it.

"Hey, this is a good place, let's build a village."

Just imagine what these people could do, if the upper class trash would just leave them alone. That is why we need a Christian theocracy to protect good people. But, hey, you have been taught to hat a Christian theocracy, which means you have been taught to hate God's Law, which means you have been taught to hate God.

Truly, God is moving in this world to soon do some really incredible things through His Christians. Hey, the pagans will have failed so it will be our turn.

Hey, I don't just want Christians from the US to help colonize those planets, I want Christians from all over this planet to help colonize those planets, you know, Christian diversity. THAT will be fun and interesting to be a part of.

This blows my mind to see how God is doing this. Truly, He is a wonderful God. I LOVE watching God work and seeing what He has done. God amazes me every day all day.

God told me in a dream that He is preparing others to work with me to do these things and I now see it happening. The Intergalactic Christian Federation is going to be very interesting. Wow!

Remember, nothing is impossible with God!!!!

Do you want to play in God's sandbox?

First stop, that star over yonder.

Climate Crisis

Do you know why so many x-spurts are scaring people with this bogus climate change crisis?

Because it is a typical academic crusade where they make money in a number of different ways from such things as writing books, going on paid lecture circuits, in government grants to do bogus "research" that will do nothing that will change the climate, getting jobs at better universities, getting government contracts as "consultants" to keep scaring people so the lefty politicians can use that fear to get elected and increase taxes so they can steal more from more people faster, and many other things. Hey, it is just another crusade cash cow.

It is an academic con I have seen hundreds of times in the last 50+ years, they will drag it out as long as they can to make as much money as they can, and then quietly go on another crusade while letting that crusade fade away without most people even realizing it because they will be distracted by the next terrifying crusade. It is fraud and they should all be prosecuted for fraud, because, if they are not, this crap will just continue until they start being prosecuted.

I have told you before that I have set and watched lefty college professors teach their students how to commit these frauds to increase their wealth.

It is just fast, easy money, lying and scaring people to get rich. They have no integrity, don't care about the truth, and like all other lefties, only care about themselves and their inflated bank accounts. They are playing you for suckers and fools to get rich. As long as the cash flows in, it gots to be good, baby. When this "crisis" fails, they should prosecute everyone of them for fraud and make them pay back everything they stole plus interest.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Upper Class Trash

Recently someone has started hacking people like Jeff Bezos and Apple telling me that they are no longer immune by being part of the upper class trash. Someone has started after them the way I told you would happen after the upper class trash had set up their global dictatorship.

I am wondering and watching whether this is the lefties who are upset because the upper class trash and their puppets failed to set up their global dictatorship, is them being brought down to size by the upper class trash even though they have not finished setting up their global dictatorship or what?

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."


Remember that I have been telling you that corrupt DAs who send innocent people to prison, not because they committed a crime, but to promote their political careers should be held accountable for their crimes?

I got this from the Philadelphia Inquirer via AP via CenturyLink by Jessica Griffin:

"PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A man who served nearly three decades in prison for a triple killing in Philadelphia in what prosecutors called a 'perfect storm' of injustice was freed after a judge threw out his conviction.

'Theophalis Wilson, you are free to go,' Judge Tracy Brandeis-Roman said Tuesday as extended family and friends who packed the courtroom cried and hugged each other, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

'This is a great day,' said Wilson, 48, who served 28 years in prison. 'Now we've got to go back and get the other guys. There's a lot of innocent people in jail.'

'It's a beautiful day,' said his mother, Kim Wilson. 'I just thank God it finally happened.'

Wilson was exonerated a month after his co-defendant, Christopher Williams, was cleared of the three 1989 killings. Wilson was a teenager when he was accused of participating in the slayings of Otis Reynolds and brothers Kevin and Gavin Anderson in north Philadelphia."

I am so fed up with this crap. I have been watching this for half a century. The people who unjustly put these two men in prison should have to spend at least 28 years in prison for this horrible crime. All too often DAs get away with this crap, usually knowing the people are innocent, because the DAs are above the law.

If a DA knows someone is innocent and they cause that someone to be convicted and punished for a crime that someone did not commit, the DA and his people, who helped convict and punish that person, should get the same punishment or more. That will do a lot to clean up our judicial system by holding our DAs and judges accountable for their actions. DAs and judges should not be above the law and be able to abuse such power for their own gain.

Also, I have been wondering how many DAs put blacks in jail because, in their area, it is easier to get blacks convicted than whites? Think about that because you know some DAs do that to promote their political careers.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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