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Obama and Merkel oppose providing Ukraine with weapons to defend themselves against Russia because they are afraid that taking a strong stand for Ukraine will cause a proxy war with Russia. They seem to think that looking weak to Putin will keep the peace, you know, like it did with Hitler before WWII.

Do you believe me now when I tell you that our leaders are the stupid people? History? What's that?

Are these two nuts trying to give Ukraine to Putin, you know, they way the upper class trash gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler before WWII? Wow, that really worked out well, didn't it? It worked so well, why don't we try it again?

Oh, the misery, suffering, and death the inbred upper class trash cause us.

Liberal Racism

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash liberal commies are racists Euro-American white crackers?

Ultra liberal commie white cracker, Michael Bloomberg, said cities should ban young minority males from owning guns, both as an effort to reduce crime and to keep those minority males alive.

What, doesn't intellectually superior Bloomberg think young men can't be responsible with guns just because they are not white? Does Bloomberg think non white males between 15 and 25 are too stupid to learn how to properly handle and use guns? Where is the liberal outrage? Where are Al Capone Sharpton and the media?

Oh yeah, Bloomberg is a liberal upper class trash commie so they won't go after him. Bloomberg can make all of the racists remarks he wants and no one will say a thing.

I have an idea, why don't they just enforce the existing laws against criminals having guns, regardless of race?

I have been telling you that the Euro-American upper class trash white crackers are racist and they are planning on purging all other "inferior" races out of the gene pool. Get the picture yet?

Brian Williams

It looks like Brian the Liar Williams is being thrown under the bus buuuuuut look again because they say it is only a temporary and a voluntary action by Williams to stop being anchor liar. The liberals need their best liars to keep the propaganda going and they know liberals are so stupid they will quickly forget that Williams has been lying to them. So they have Williams take a vacation, bring him back, and they are back in business.

The people should get rid of all of the liars but Obama will purge them when he sets up his dictatorship. They will eventually get what is coming to them because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

King Abdullah

There are conflicting reports about King Abdullah going on a bombing mission in an F-16 against ISIS as retribution for burning a Jordanian pilot to death. Several people in the government and the pictures say he did not go on a bombing mission while the Jordanian media say he went on a bombing mission in the back seat of an F-16 (but no pictures), meaning he was along for the ride while the pilot flew the mission.

I would tend to believe the government officials and pictures over any medium and no pictures. In either case, in the picture shown, he wasn't dressed to go on an F-16 bombing mission because he would have worn a flight pressure or G suit designed to keep him from passing out in the advent they had to make high G turns to avoid missiles. Besides, if Abdullah did really go on a bombing mission, why did they do the photo op with him in camos and a parachute instead of waiting until he had his G suit on with the parachute and where are the pictures of him in the jet, which you know they would have done. At this point, the evidence says he didn't go on a bombing run.

Note that two seat F-16s are normally used to train new pilots how to fly the F-16 and are normally called trainers, though they can be used for combat missions.

BTW, if I were king of a small nation with F-16s, I would have already made my military teach me how to fly them, would have flown them in training with my other pilots for fun, and would have been able to lead such a mission from the front seat. The fact that rulers, especially kings and dictators, of nations with fun planes like the F-16 have not learned to fly one, says a lot about those leaders.

But I do have to respect King Abdullah for knowing how to fly a military chopper, which Is more than most rulers know.


After Obama demeans Christianity to justify the barbarism of Islam, do you still believe Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim?

I don't, I am not that stupid. But you won't get that from any of the media because they don't want you to realize that Obama is a poser Christian and radical Muslim because then you would also realize that Obama is a traitor.

Rosie O'Donnell

I just found out that this is Rosie O'Donnell's second homosexual divorce. I have not being paying attention to her and didn't know she had already divorced wife number one. This proves even more what I have said about how unstable homosexual relationships are because homosexual marriages have not been legal anywhere for more than just about a year and Rosie has already had two divorces?

I want to know who let Rosie and wife number two adopt a baby right after Rosie's first marriage ended and she remarried so quickly. That was criminal. Now that child has to grow up in an extremely unstable environment.

You are going to see a lot more of homosexuals getting married, divorcing quickly, and getting married again before another quick divorce. Remember that I told you that the average lesbian relationship is less than two years and the average homosexual male relationship is less than two weeks. That should tell you that we are going to see a lot of homosexual divorces. When you have a lesbian dike (the one who plays the male), like Rosie, who is as aggressive and dominating as Rosie, there is little hope for a successful marriage.

BTW, I am seeing a lot more "lad" backlash to feminism.

Always remember this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, Muhammad didn't.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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