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This Coronavirus just shot down the lefty open borders crap proving that having control of your borders is very important because the virus outbreak is causing even lefty run nations to close their borders in order to prevent the virus coming to their nations. Oops!

Hey, what happened to their open borders thingy? What? You mean a nation should control its borders?


This entire impeachment thingy is just show and theater. The entire thing is unconstitutional and illegal because it is denying Trump his constitutional right to a fair trial and to face his accusers so that Roberts should have thrown it out on the first day but he gets to be a big shot in a big show for impeaching a president so he isn't going to make any ruling that will quickly stop the show.

What? You expect him to actually judicate?

The Commierats are staging the show to distract from all of the good Trump has done so they don't want to stop the show. They are hoping that, if they keep telling this lie long enough, more people will believe the lie and vote against Trump.

Trump's attorneys should have already moved to dismiss this case based on it being unconstitutional and illegal but I have not seen one of them make that move.


Because they get to be big shots in a big show about impeaching a president and they get paid big bucks by the hour so they don't want to stop the show...or the money.

All of these criminals are working to keep this show and distraction going as long as possible for their own personal reasons at the expense of Trump and the American people. They should all be disbarred and prosecuted for their criminal actions.

Everyone in the House working to stage this show should be impeached and prosecuted for their complicity in this crime against Trump and the people.

Roberts should be removed from the bench and disbarred for life.

Trump's attorneys should be disbarred for life because they are required by law to work for the benefit of their client but they are not and are only working for their own benefit and aggrandizement at Trump's expense.

The DOJ or military should step in and stop this mess because it is all unconstitutional and poses a threat to the national security of our government that should have never been permitted to happen. This is easily one of the worst travesties in the history of the American government and is an example of what happens when you have a corrupt government that only governs for its own benefit and not the benefit of the people.

You need to know that, if these criminals can openly commit this crime against the president, they can commit the same crime and worse against you. That is how bad and corrupt the upper class trash has become and I have been warning you about this corruption for years. Now you get to see just how corrupt, selfish, and irresponsible these criminals really are. Every day that this crime against the people continues, the people involved should spend another ten years in prison. But, hey, dey gots to keep duh show going, folks, dey is making history.

Their presence on a gallows would also make history, only that would be good history and not bad history.


Fauxcahontas is pushing to criminalize false information. I am all for it, start with her because it is public knowledge that she has put out almost nothing but false information and then start rounding up the rest of the Commierats and putting them in jail.

Hey, I have been pushing for this for years, telling you that lying is fraud and when these criminals lie, they should be prosecuted for fraud. We don't need new laws, we just need to enforce the laws we have because fraud is a felony.

Yes, start by putting her butt in jail and then round up CNN, MSNBC, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and the rest of them.

Iowa Results

I got this from AP via CenturyLink by staff:

"DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Democratic party officials in Iowa worked furiously Tuesday to deliver the delayed results of their first-in-the-nation caucus, as frustrated presidential candidates claimed momentum and plowed ahead in their quest for the White House.

In a statement early Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party blamed a 'coding issue in the reporting system' that it said has since been fixed. The problem kept party officials from releasing results from Monday's caucus, the much-hyped kickoff to the 2020 primary. It was an embarrassing twist after months of promoting the contest as a chance for Democrats to find some clarity in a jumbled field with no clear front-runner.

Instead, caucus day ended with no winner, no official results and many fresh questions about whether Iowa can retain its coveted 'first' status.

State party officials said 'our plan is to release results as soon as possible' later Tuesday. It said it had verified the accuracy of the collected data and said the problem was not a result of 'a hack or an intrusion.'"

Read: it took them a while to rig the results to keep Bernie from winning without it being obvious that they rigged the results. The Commierats rig everything they can and still are not good at it.

So, how long do you think it will be before Bernie's Commie Warriors start the shooting war?

Then, after I wrote that, Mark sent me a link to this article from Fox News by Tyler Olson:

"The app that was supposed to help the Iowa Democratic Party quickly report Monday's caucus results - but contributed to confusion and a muddled result as campaigns were in an uproar - is linked to Hillary Clinton campaign veterans.

Shadow, a tech firm that describes itself as a group that creates 'a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology,' is the company that created the Iowa Democratic Party's app, according to The New York Times. At least the COO, CEO, CTO and a senior product manager at Shadow all worked for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, according to LinkedIn profiles."

Kind of obvious, huh? "a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology,"?

"Yeah, we rig your votes with our software so the right Marxist will win. You name em and we will make em president." They just made all of the people's votes in Iowa meaningless. People should go to prison for this.

So, now how long until Bernie's commies start shooting?

Thanks for the link, Mark.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Jeff Poor:

"Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News Channel, acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf revealed the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency offered to test app used to tally votes for the Iowa Caucus.

According to reports, the app did not live up to expectations as the Iowa Democratic Party has been unable to provide the results of Iowa Caucus on time.

Wolf told FNC's 'Fox & Friends' the offer was declined and said his agency was unaware of 'malicious cyberactivity' involving the Iowa caucuses' processes."

Gee, you don't think the Commierats didn't want DHS to test their software because they knew DHS would find out that the software was rigged to keep Bernie from winning, do you? Maybe DHS should test the software now to see whether it is intentionally rigged?

I would and, if I was Bernie's brats, I would be insisting on it. From what I am seeing on the Internet, everyone knows it was rigged.

Then I got this from Newsmax by Jeffrey Rodack:

"President Donald Trump, noting the Democrats' caucuses in Iowa are an 'unmitigated disaster,' said he's the only one able to actually claim 'a very big victory' in the state."

This is just too funny, a Republican claiming victory in a Commierat primary and, what is even funnier, he is right. Well, at least the lefty commie traitors are keeping us entertained.

And you think the lefties are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn? Really? Why? Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than them because no intelligence is better than their intelligence? Are these clown lefties running for political office or a circus clown show?


I got this headline from Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari:

"EU foreign minister visits Iran in attempt to save nuclear deal"

The Reason the EU is trying to save the Iranian deal is because the European upper class trash are making too much money selling Iran the stuff Iran needs to make nukes and other weapons.

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

The problem is that, because of their greed, they WANT to take Iran at her word that, if Iran gets rid of Israel there will be peace and the EU can continue making a fortune selling stuff to Iran.

If you study Muslim end time prophesy, you should realize that the real reason why the Muslims want to get rid of Israel is so they can control the Temple Mount and have the person they choose stand on top of the Temple Mount and give the order for all Muslims to murder all non Muslims, proving that person is the Mahdi so all Muslims will be forced to unite behind that person and his pals to conquer the entire world, including the EU and US.

The truth is that Israel is just the first stepping stone for Islam to conquer the world and, after they have gotten rid of Israel, the EU and US will be next but the Euro-American upper class trash are too greedy and power mad to even be willing to accept that. All those arrogant fools can think of is how much money they can make right now selling the Muslims weapons to conquer the world, you know, the same world those fools are part of.

Yes, the upper class trash really are that stupid and, to prove it, just pay attention to the fact that with all of their plans, money, and other resources, their current efforts and plans are failing. Baby, they are not failing because dey is are be gen-knee-uses.

I have told you before that the upper class trash problem is that they think they are smarter than they are, they think we are dumber than we are, they have been inbreeding too long, they have been smoking too much dope, and they have been listening to their upper class trash echo chamber too much.

God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools." Man plans, God laughs.

Bogus Science

Then I got this bogus science from Newsmax by Sandy Fitzgerald:

"The sea level rose at nearly all U.S. coastline measurement stations in 2019, leaving scientists to warn that the likelihood that heavy flooding will strike is becoming more likely.

According to the measurements, 25 of the 32 tide-gauge stations along the coastline, spanning from Maine to Florida on the East Coast, the states along the Gulf of Mexico, and the West Coast including Alaska, showed rising sea levels, reports The Guardian, quoting researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)."

People, this has to be rigged by the lefty upper class trash because gravity and physics should tell you that the sea level is not going to be rising at just "almost all places." If the sea level is really rising, it is going to rise everywhere and not almost everywhere.

What, gravity doesn't work in some places?

This has to be bogus science by the bureaucrats responsible. You just know that most of those numbers were changed.


I got this from Breitbart by Neil Munro:

"The federal government must pass an immigration law that delivers a steady flow of foreign blue-collar and white-collar visa workers to U.S. employers, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg told an audience of Democrat voters."

Gee, I wonder if Butthead is bought and paid for by the upper class trash big businesses to undercut American wages by importing more cheap labor? You don't think Butthead has sold out the American worker, do you?

Listen, if you want to make a decent wage and you vote for this traitor, you are an idiot. He is telling you he sold you out for the big bucks going into his bank account.


I got this from Breitbart by Dylan Gwinn:

"Rap mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, remained seated during the playing of the national anthem on Sunday evening."

You know, for hating our nation and people, they sure like our money, don't they? Maybe they should give our money back to our people and leave our nation for a nation they like better?

Personally, I wouldn't give them another dime to spend hating me and my nation. The term "boycott" comes to mind.


I keep seeing a lot of stuff about people mourning Rush having advanced lung cancer.

Just remember that he enjoyed smoking a lot of expensive cigars. I don't care how much money or fame you have, you are not above the laws of science and will pay for what you do to your body.

What did he think would happen?

Listen, we knew when I was a kid more than 60 years ago that tobacco has carcinogens and causes lung cancer when sucked into your lungs, these rich people, who should know better, show us how "sophisticated" they are by sucking poisons from very expensive cigars into their lungs for years and we are supposed to feel sorry for them when they get lung cancer? Does sophisticated mean stupid?

I sure hope they enjoy sucking on those expensive cigars because the cigars are killing them.

People, it is the only body you have. Take care of it or God will reposes it before you are ready.

You have to understand that, to me, smoking or taking any kind of drug is worse than beating on your hand with a hammer because beating on your hand with a hammer probably won't kill you, the drugs will. Now, you would never think about beating on your hand with a hammer, that would be stupid, so why would you even think of doing something worse like taking drugs? Hey, if you want a sensation, beat on your hand with a hammer, it isn't as bad for you as drugs. And get this straight, you are not going to impress me by sucking poisons from expensive cigars into your lungs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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