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To justify the government taxing you more and more and more, big government Marxists preach that the government knows best how to "invest" or spend your money.

Trump is proving that lie wrong by cutting taxes, giving the people more of their money back, and the economy is booming. It turns out that the government DOES NOT know best how to spend your money to improve the economy. The average person is doing a much better job of spending their money than the government was.

That just shoots the crap out of Marxism.


A valid question is, "Why do I call my writings essays instead of calling them articles?"

The answer is that, technically, what I write are topical essays that are written to provide information about a specific topic.

You see, journalists write articles, I am not a journalist, though I did take some courses in journalism, and I am much, much, much, much, much better educated and more knowledgeable than ANY journalist I have ever seen, EVER.

You have to understand that, to get a degree in journalism, you spend 4 years learning to use big words and complex sentence structures to fool stupid people into believing you are more knowledgeable than you really are, answer 5 questions (who, what, when, where, and why) with a specific set of information, and be purdy while reading a teleprompter. That is right, it takes them 4 years to learn to do that crap and many of them still can't do that little very well.

Decades ago, I took some courses in journalism to help me better deal with marketing and PR and they were by far the easiest courses I have taken in college; much, much, much, much, much easier than molecular biology, chemistry, physics, nuclear physics, calculus and the other hard science courses I took, by far, much easier.

I am convinced that, if a monkey could read, write and speak, you could replace almost all of the TV journalists, especially the lefties, with a well trained monkey. People, that is no exaggeration. I could easily teach a 7th or 8th grader to do their jobs within just a year or two, which is why you should question EVERYTHING they tell you, absolutely EVERYTHING. Most journalists couldn't even pass the prerequisite courses for some of the hard science courses I took in college.

My writings are based on topical knowledge and understanding and not meant for sensationalistic profiteering, therefore, my writings are technically essays and not articles. It would be incorrect for me to consistently call my writings articles. Any well educated person should understand this.

Hint: When you see ANY TV journalist who loves to talk a lot, especially if they keep interrupting their "x-spurt" guests, that journalist is doing that to convince you they are more intelligent than they really are and it is all ego, baby. The more intelligent journalists shut up and let their expert guests do most of the talking. It is the really stupid journalists who keep interrupting their expert guests to show you dey is are be smarty pants, those stupid journalists really tick me off and usually cause me to yell at the screen, "Shut up and let the guest speak!"

People, the guest is supposed to be the one who knows more about a specific topic than the journalist, which is why they are there, so, why do you want to listen to the journalist blabbing away and not hear the guest speak?

I am convinced that journalists are some of the stupidest people with college degrees on the planet, which is why I hate watching TV news, especially lefty news. All I want is the information news is SUPPOSED to provide you with. I can figure out the rest and don't need some ignorant, stupid, overpaid hack telling me what to think.


I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Rob Quinn:

"The Price Is Right has halted production while host Drew Carey grieves for murdered ex-fiancee Amie Harwick. Production company execs confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that tapings of the CBS show scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday this week have been called off and will be rescheduled for the week of Feb. 24 or March 2."

Then I realized an easy prediction. Remember that not one of these lefty shrinks has ever healed one person, they just keep making them more nuts. Then you realize that these shrinks are just making these people more nuts to the point that they can send their clients out to do mass murders and you should next realize this is going to eventually backlash on all of these shrinks with their patients spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their incompetent lefty shrinks and getting nothing back in return except more insanity and it is when and not if they are going to start killing their worthless lefty shrinks in mass.

Keep an eye on this because, if you understand human nature and have been watching how violent these lefty nuts are, it should only be common sense that they will start killing their worthless lefty shrinks. After the first few killings, I expect it to quickly go pandemic.

And them worthless lefty shrinks thought their job was going to be fast, easy money?

Yeah, they are about to pay for their incompetence and intentionally brainwashing their clients to be crazy lefties.

Don't believe me?

Stick around because time is on my side and not their side and I think this may have already stareted.

Boy, are they screwing themselves and too stupid to realize it or what?

I can just see soon coming headlines about crazy lefty shrink clients attacking their worthless, incompetent, brainwashing lefty shrinks in their office or outside of their office with guns and knives.

You have to understand that most of those lefty shrinks have been intentionally not healing their clients because that would cause them to lose clients and they would have to keep finding new people stupid enough to keep paying them hundreds of dollars per hour to lie on a couch telling the shrinks all of their deep dirty secrets. It is called job security, people.

They don't want to heal you because they would lose money and now they will soon start losing their lives for soaking ye ole cash cow one too many times. It is not if but when, especially as nuts as these shrinks and ye ole college professors have made everyone on the left.

Puppet Greta

The lefty puppet, Greta, is showing everyone how righteous she is by now sailing around on a very expensive and big plastic yacht, La Vagabond.

You need to know that the members of this sailboat cruising community are not environmental saints because most of them (not all of them), have been dumping tons of sewage into your ports and harbors, turning them and nearby beaches into their personal sewer systems.

Also, making one of those plastic boats requires creating a huge carbon foot print that the boats can never compensate for by just sailing around under sail all of the time but then most of them also spend quite a bit of time motoring and not sailing because 1) there is no wind that day or 2) the wind is not always blowing in the right direction for where they are going and they are so lazy and impatient they don't want to tack to get there so they just motor plus they all have to run their engines on a regular basis because those solar collectors and windmill energy generators don't produce enough juice for all of the expansive electronics they use on their boats, especially the cameras and computers they use to make those YouTube videos they make money from.

Yeah, one of the last communities you want to try to use to show how ecologically righteous you are is the sailboat cruising community. They ain't no ecological angels, baby. Most of them leave really big ecological damage footprints and wait until you see how much waste they create constantly repairing their boats and replacing corroded objects because of the salty sea water. Then, when those boats sink because their owners neglected them, which happens all of the time, it creates a real ecological mess and a safety hazard for other boaters and swimmers, especially with those boats leaking tons of gas, oil, sewage, and other chemicals into the sea water.

Don't believe me?

Do like I did and research their industry.

That massive plastic catamaran Saint Greta is sailing around on has created one really massive ecological footprint that it can NEVER pay for by just sailing around without using their motor at all. It dwarfs what your itty bitty car has done to the ecosystem.

Trump Pardons

Trump recently commuted sentences for a few dozen people, mostly Commierats, and I was wondering why, especially since one of them was Commierat Rod Blagojevich.

Rod is stating, "I broke no laws, I was sent to prison by those guys, Comey, Fitzgerald, the usual crowd…who are now using their unlimited power…to criminalize routine practices."

Did you know that Rod, a top level Commierat was sentenced to prison by corrupt Commierats in a Commierat controlled area after Obama was elected in 2008, Obama commuted almost 2,000 sentences for criminals before leaving office in 2017, some of them really bad criminals, and Obama left Rod in prison, you know, kind of like betrayed the man.

What? Didn't Rod have enough money to bribe Obama or were the Commierats keeping him in prison to hide something? Whose toes did he step on?

I was wondering why Rod was put away and left to rot in prison by his Commierat buds and now Trump has commuted his sentence. This is very interesting.

Whether or not Rod committed a crime, the left screwed him and did he recently go belly up for Trump and the DOJ to turn state's evidence against those turkeys? Is that why he and a handful of other Commierats just had their sentences commuted by Trump, years after Obama wouldn't commute their sentences? Did you notice that the left is condemning Trump for commuting their sentences?

Me thinks me smells something just a wee bit fishy here.

I am waiting for a shoe to hit the floor and me things this one will make a whole lot more noise because something is obviously going on here and me thinks it is pretty big and will probably involve some really big Commierats, you know, like Obama big. Keep an eye on this.

Me thinks someone is going to start wearing orange pajamas soon.


Speaking of the worm turning on itself, the Commierats are running about a dozen Commierats against AOC in her district to get rid of her and her widdle squad. Me thinks the power struggle AOC and her bunch started in the Commierat Party just took a turn and AOC isn't winning.

But, will they get rid of these ultra leftists? What have I been teaching you history teaches and has been proved right again and again on this site?

She and her comrades will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again.

You also have to understand that these impatient, radical younger Marxists are not willing to wait 70 years to seize control of the planet to set up their beloved Marxists global dictatorship, especially after seeing their older Marxist comrades, who did try to patiently take over the government and, after 70 years, they have failed miserably. They have also shown that they support the use of violence and will use violence.

I see two very possible ways these radicals will regroup to force their Marxism on us inferior capitalists.

The first will be for them to start an extremely radical violence group like the SDS of half a century ago and the second will be for them to join forces with Bernie's violent commies, especially since the left upper class trash already showed that they plan to screw Bernie's commies out of Bernie being the Commierat presidential candidate. Then I think they will all join forces and go full scale violent against everyone else, but especially the other lefties.

Keep an eye on this because AOC and her bunch being run out of the Commierat Party won't be the end of them trying to seize control and power, they will just change tact.

The Pauper's Garden

Every year at this time, I start trying to germinate seeds for different plants with modest to fair success. Usually about half or less of my seeds will germinate, sometimes very few.

This year I was watching a video about using temperature to increase the success for germination when God said, "Hey, stupid, what about this" and stupid listened. I am finally getting pretty good at listening to God.

I had always figured that just germinating them in my house should be warm enough, though I don't keep it more than about 70 degrees F in here and that means that it drops down to less than 70 degrees before the very old heater turns on, permitting everything to get significantly cooler than what science says the seeds should get. The problem is that it would cost way too much to keep the house temperature at 75 degrees or higher and would be uncomfortable, regularly exceeding 80 degrees with a huge heating bill I can't afford.

The new idea is this. Maintain the temperature of a much smaller area for much less money.

So I cleaned out under a bathroom sink, which is a pretty small area, put an old thermostatically controlled electric heater in it facing the outside wall of the area so it won't blow directly on the plants, drying them out or cooking them, put the seeds in those small square plastic boxes you get 4 pieces of fried chicken in at the store on top of wet paper towels to maintain a high humidity (so the heater won't dry the seeds out too quickly), and see how many seeds germinate with a more constant 75 degrees.

Based on prior germination rates, I put extra seeds in for all of the plants I want and need to grow, which includes 12 types of plants, 6 of them for food. For example, I only wanted 2 watermelon plants so I put in 5 seeds. The shortest germination date was 5 days with all of them expected to take at least 7 to 28 days and watermelon have normally taken a week or more to germinate with less than half usually germinating.

I was stunned on the third day, the first day I checked, when I had to quickly plant all 5 of the watermelons and 15 morning glories for 20 plants. Them babies just exploded out of those seeds just begging me to plant them. "Hey, dad, put my widdle butt in some wet dirt!"

Today, day 4, I had to plant 4 marigolds and 12 moss rose. I can't believe this. Not bad for a bathroom farmer.

In just the first FOUR DAYS I had to plant 36 seedling plants with at least some seeds for all types showing at least some roots. I am almost certain I will have to plant even more tomorrow on day 5.

Wow, I am stunned!

This is only February 19 and I wasn't expecting to have to start putting plants in seed pots until the last few days of February or early March. I am glad I have plenty of 2 inch pots because, this early before first planting in my area in mid April, I am going to need them. For Pete's sake, I already have plants under grow lights and it is still winter here!

It will be interesting to see how all of the rest of the seeds do and how much faster they germinate. I may even have to scrounge up some 4 inch pots before April.

BTW, I had all of the seeds I needed left over from last year but pear tomatoes and I thought I had enough of those until I went to put them in the containers to germinate and found I only had one seed but I want 6 plants. Yesterday, when I went to Walmart for food, I also tried to buy pear tomato seeds but Walmart didn't have any and neither did my other grocery store so I had to drive all the way across town to Lowes Hardware and also found a great deal on very large bags of garden soil so I got some of those too for later. I guess God sent me all the way over there to get that good deal on the dirt.

See, it pays to listen to God. He knows what He is talking about.

So, most of you should have plenty of time to use the same technique for germinating seeds. Most plants like between 65 and 75 degrees F and some plants, like watermelon, like between 75 and 85 degrees, which is why I set the heater at 75 degrees.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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