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It is important that we learn from our own mistakes so we don't repeat them but it is just as important for us to learn from other's trials, tribulations, and mistakes so I decided to share my fight to get out of poverty against overwhelming odds in hopes that it may help some of you.

You need to read this all of the way to the end because there are some real lessons in this essay.

At my age and with my illness, unless God personally intervenes, there is no realistic hope for me but I still try to find some way to at least improve my situation some, you know, like growing fresh fruit and vegetables you just can't get in the stores anymore because of their warehousing systems plus I use that physical work as physical therapy to help me recover from my prolonged and almost terminal illness. I definitely don't want your sympathy or pity, I am just trying to help you learn. God is my hope.

In my last essay about school loans, "School Loans 3", I showed that, even with a really great education, intelligence, and other things working for you, if you don't have God working for you, you can still get screwed and, in this world run by too many amateurs who don't know what they are doing and refuse to learn and improve, you know, lefties, you can get too good, which will also cause problems.

This essay is picking up where the last essay left off in my story about trying to save my butt from a horrid barrage of not so good events turned against me, basically about me being screwed by about everyone on the left. Life can happen to all of us and I want to share some of the things I did to give you ideas about improving your situation.

I told you that my situation got really bad right after I was fired as a teacher because the state was stuffing my college loan deferments in the trash so they could charge me interest on the loans and, when I couldn't make any payments because of no significant income, they defaulted my loans destroying my credit so I couldn't get a bank loan to start a business or even get a good paying job. I was quickly relegated to functioning on pocket money with no significant income and really small pockets but I didn't give up because God is my hope. Nothing is impossible with God.

I counter attacked this trouble with both feet and hit the ground running because you can't get anywhere, if you quit. I bought a computer, books, and Coffeecup software for site building and started teaching myself html coding (at that time it was only called htm coding), I began making weekly chamber of commerce meetings to learn as much as I could about the local and regional economies, I studied every economy within 100 miles of here, tried a little business consultation for others, for which there is no market in this small of a town, built this web site as my first web site to learn how to build and upload a web site (note that I didn't write many essays on this site for the first few years because I was too busy trying to get something going for money, you know, feed ye ole face), built a few local web sites, built a "Coach Carl" web site for online coaching, which was making a little money and growing, wrote my e-books, "A Better Way To Train" and "Yahweh", which were making a little money, I later used the barter system to get a bicycling client to build me a better "Coach Carl" commercial web site that helped (you do what you have to, baby), I floated the idea with the local chamber of commerce about promoting a bicycle road race here to increase revenues to the town and make a little seed capital for me but, with such a small town and economy, it just wouldn't pay for ANY local business to spend more than a few hundred dollars on sponsorship and definitely not the thousands of dollars required to really build a good race to draw in large numbers of racers because this town is small with a big grape vine so that, if you open a business, everyone in town knows it is here within 72 hours. The only advertising they do here is to let the people know there is a sale or promotion to draw more people into their business for a few days.

I was busting my butt working 10 to 15 hours a day 7 days a week to get something, anything going to save my widdle financial butt. I was relentless and it was slowly working but my health was still failing and I still needed to save enough seed capital to start some kind of business. I was using the shotgun method just putting out a number of projects to see what would work, you know, testing the waters everywhere I could. I knew that, with my failing health and me not being able to pay for good medical care, I didn't have a lot of time to waste.

Mean while, I was researching for an industry to start a business in that industry while it was looking like my web site might be that industry because it got to where I was making $1,400 a month and had saved up almost $7,000 in seed capital but, based on the research I was doing, I still needed at least another $5,000 to $10,000+ in seed capital pending the market I finally decided to get into. Just the software for building really professional complex national level web sites at that time cost more than $10,000. I was almost there and things were looking promising in spite of me being held back by the corrupt government.

Remember the $2 million blue water sailboat I designed to research the boating industry?

It wasn't the only boat I designed, I must have designed almost a dozen different boats from blue water and lake sailboats to paddle wheel riverboats, and schooners and I found some pretty good business opportunities but I still needed more seed capital to start those businesses so I kept looking for a business I could start with what little seed capital I had. I was getting all of the prices and quotes I could.

For example, we have two dam created lakes about 70 miles from here, Elephant Butte and Caballo (pronounced Kah-bie-yoe) Lakes so I researched the government sites for those lakes to see what recreational vehicles were being used and not used and the surrounding markets.

I had already learned that for me to make enough money from my business to pay off those school loans and not starve to death, I had to base my business market on either the El Paso/Juarez economies 90 miles south of here and 70 miles south of those two lakes, where there are 2 to 3 million people, or the Internet economies, where there were a few hundred million people at that time.

I found out that the nearest Hobby cat dealer was more than 250 miles away in Arizona so there was this very interesting opportunity for selling and renting Hobby cats in this area, you know, at those lakes, but I still needed more seed capital to get that franchise dealership and the government permit to open a business at one of the lakes. About 4 to 5 years after I found that business opportunity and before I could get the seed capital, someone in El Paso found the same business opportunity and started a Hobby franchise in El Paso.

You learn from it, put it behind you, and move on. Sitting around crying about your problems and losses won't feed your face. I had still found other potential business opportunities and just needed more seed capital.

Note, that in the last 20 years, I have seen about a dozen of the business opportunities I found taken advantage of by others because I couldn't get the seed capital for "new venture startup".

Remember that I have told you that I have about 120 to 130 folders with years of information from researching different industries backed up on CDs and flash drives and I recently went back over some of that information because I am praying God will soon heal my body and finances so I can operate again, you know, dance in some tornados. I was very impressed at the research I had done and forgotten about because of my illness. My current problem also includes that I don't have enough of my health back to start a business or run one.

So, after about 3 to 5 years, I had a small business feeding my face, paying my bills and had managed to save up a little less than $7,000 for seed capital.

Then Chris Carmichael reentered my life in another bad way. Remember that he had black listed me out of the bicycle road racing industry to get me out of his way because he couldn't beat me. He went to Europe and made a few million "coaching" or doping up riders like Lance Armstrong, probably found out about my almost exclusive business of coaching online, hired a New York marketing firm, and they put together a web site for him putting out cookie cutter training programs for less than I was charging for custom training programs that were actually working.

There were a number of problems with this. First, cookie cutter training programs will only work for about 5% to a maximum of 10% of the athletes who just happen to be in the right shape for the right cookie cutter program but the athletes seeking online coaching were ignorant about exercise physiology (or they wouldn't have been looking for online coaching) and didn't know that cookie cutter programs are junk programs. Training programs MUST be customized for the person based on their fitness level and goals.

But, hey, you know marketing people, they don't set up PR programs for long term, they only set up programs to get as much money right now as possible. So what if the customer doesn't get a good product or service and won't come back, they got his money RIGHT NOW! Plus that big city twits didn't know anything about the sports sciences and coaching.

Also, by using cookie cutter programs, he could price his programs much lower than I could so he started stealing my small market share quickly. Within just a few months, my income went from over $1,400 a month to about $600 a month. At least I didn't have to worry about getting fat from eating too much food.

I learned from studying history to always check out your competition so I heard they were looking for more stooges to sell cookie cutter programs. When they started, they posted the credentials for their "online coaches" on the site and I pretended that I was considering being one of their stooges so they gave me a lot of important information straight out of the horse's mouth so I know what was going on.

First, NOT ONE of their stooges selling training programs had studied any exercise physiology or other sports sciences. They all had degrees in things like music. Wow, that will really learn dem how to provide custom designed training programs for athletes. I am amazed that anyone bought anything from any of them but then again, "dey was woiking for Chrisy baby so dey must knoze what dey is doing", you know, working for the guy who got rich doping...uh...I mean coaching pro riders in Europe.

Second, I found out FROM THEM that the requirements for being one of those stooges selling those cookie cutter programs was to take a two week course from them in selling those cookie cutter programs and THAT was absolutely it, baby. Not one of them knew crap about late 20th Century coaching, not one. That big city marketing firm probably had all of those stooges sitting in front of computers responding to e-mails.

But, hey, those low prices sure sounded good so they were stealing most of my business and my business kept declining for a number of reasons in spite of the fact that 100% of my clients improved pending how well they stuck to the program. If they stuck to my program just a little bit, they improved a little bit but, if they stuck to my program a lot, they improved a lot. (There are a lot of athletes for whom training and competing are not very important so them sticking to the program wasn't very important because they had other things to do. Hey, they were just weekend warriors.)

But, it got better. Why, if Chrisy Boy could make money selling cookie cutter programs online, so could others so a bunch of 19th Century coaches started selling cookie cutter programs online eating even more into my business. "Hey, I calls me a coach soze I gots to be one." Actually know something? Nah, that isn't required for being a coach.

Within about half a year, I noticed that better than half of my new clients came from these cookie cutter programs desperately looking for real help, especially the Carmichael show, but most of the people suckered by those cookie cutter programs were not finding me among the increasing clutter of online coaches. Most of them just kept bouncing around between the different 19th Century coaches and their cookie cutter programs with almost none of those programs helping almost none of the athletes.

Now what do you think this did?

It caused increasing numbers of racers to believe that online coaching doesn't and can't work and they began saying so on their chat sessions, which just really destroyed my online coaching. Yep, Carmichael and his 19th Century coaching pals screwed up everything for me AGAIN because stupid and ignorant people will screw up everything they touch.

BTW, even with the millions Chrisy Boy made doping riders in Europe, he lost his butt financially and Lance had to come back out of retirement, put together another team, hire Christy Boy to dope those riders up...uh...I mean coach them, so Christy Boy could make enough money to save his financial butt.

Go back to college and learn something before trying to do business in that something?

No way, baby, they were ignorant lefties and that would take too much time and work. Hey, just fake it, baby, you know, like our current lefty politicians running for president.

Plus there was another little problem I am sure I already told you about. Most of my clients had spent thousands of dollars trying to get off of the back of the pack or just to stay with the pack for mid level bicycle racing when they came to me for help. Many of them told me I was "their last hope and if I couldn't help them, they were going to quit racing." Not one of them quit racing because I couldn't help them.

As a matter of fact, I put almost all of them on the podium on a regular basis and got one of them drafted by a pro team so why didn't they put the word out and send me referrals?

It didn't take me long to figure that one out. Think about it. You were struggling getting your butt handed to you for years with no local or other online coaching helping you and you spending thousands of dollars to make it to the front of the pack.

When you finally get to the front of the pack and start winning, are you going to tell the guys who used to beat up on you and you are now beating up on them, "Hey, if you want to start kicking my butt again, go see Coach Carl?" Really?

No, they didn't. That is just basic human nature. In about a decade I only got two referrals from my riders, one was for his wife and the other was for his best friend. They didn't want anyone else to get good enough to beat them AGAIN. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that at least some of my clients were sending their competition to their former cookie cutter program coaches.

Online coaching is a really terrible industry but it was all that I had to make money and the 19th Century coaches selling cookie cutter programs even destroyed that industry and eventually put me out of business three years before I turned 65, you know, when I was 62 or the minimum age for getting Social Security and I was forced to get the Social Security at that time for HALF of what I would have gotten if I could have just held out until I was 65 to survive, which is why I am now only making $700 a month. You do what you have to do to survive.

Plus, by that time my health was failing so bad that the only thing I could do was the online coaching. Shortly after that, I got so sick just before I could find a doctor who would quit telling me that "I wasn't sick, I was just getting old" that I was literally almost dead.

You know, I had studied premed bioloty and sports medicine and I couldn't tell the difference between being sick and getting old? Really?

I told you before that, when they finally start running tests on me, I was so sick all I could do was sleep 15 to 20 hours a day, fix one of two TV dinners for meals, and sit in a chair staring at 4 walls AND (surprise, surprise) they began telling me, based on the test results, "You should have died AT LEAST 2.5 to 3 years before", probably earlier.

Maybe the hacks should have listened to their patient?

I was like a super zombie. I should have died but was too stubborn, besides, God is keeping me here because He has work for me to do, you know, like teaching you all of these things, and He really doesn't want me in Heaven too soon because He knows that, after I get there, Heaven will never be the same again, baby.

I just kept getting screwed by stupid people and I really hate stupid people, especially lefties and all I wanted was to make a living to take care of myself.

I got so sick I couldn't research anymore and could only focus on just using my knowledge in biology and sports medicine to stay alive, one day at a time. My health forced me to quit doing anything but writing essays to teach you and caused me to forget about most of what I had researched and how much information I had gathered on different industries.

I spent the last decade fighting for my life and trying to regain my health, one day at a time, and it has literally been a living hell...but, I ain't quit fighting yet, baby. Today will be another battle and I am determined to win that battle to stay alive plus I have regained my health enough that I can research and design again. I also know that God promised me that He will heal my body and finances to turn me loose to dance in tornados again and I am seeing Him moving me in that direction. When He opens that door, you can bet there will be a one man stampede through it, even at 70+ years of age.

One thing I have learned is that just knowing the law does not mean you can use the law to protect yourself from others, especially the government. It requires money to use the law, especially when defending yourself from the government.

Now, if the government had not destroyed my credit with their school loan scam, I would have been able to get a bank loan several decades ago to start a business, you know, like for that Hobbie cat franchise and the permit to start that business on one of those lakes, so I could have paid for better medicine and I should have never gotten as sick as I got. But then I would have never had the time to write all of these essays to teach you all of these things I have learned and God has taught me so God had His reasons for what He was doing in my life. Hey, He kept me alive and I thank Him for that.

I am certain that God is having me write about this part of my story now because He is getting ready to heal me and my finances and He wants to you to know in advance just how bad it has been for me so you will realize how great the miracles will be that He is about to do in my life. My God is a big God who can do big miracles because nothing is impossible with God and I believe Him 100% and have been faithfully waiting for Him to keep His promises to me for a quarter of a century.

Abraham ain't got nuttin' on me, baby. I have been faithfully waiting on God and believing Him for more than a quarter of a century and that is a long time to be carried through Hell by God.

In writing these essays, I have started wondering just how many of our homeless people were put on the street by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats destroying their financial ability to function and get good paying jobs by the government "not getting" deferment forms and defaulting those loans. That would be an interesting study and, based on my personal experiences, it could easily be anywhere from 50% to more than 80% of this record level and quickly growing number of homeless people. Think about that.

You see, this school loan thingy is NOT like you are being told. Most of this problem with defaulted student loans isn't because of irresponsible people not wanting to pay their loans but by a corrupt government stealing from people and destroying people's abilities to financially function.

What? You think all of those people don't want finer things in life like nice homes, cars, and such? You think they want to spend the rest of their lives living in debt and that is why they spent 4+ years getting a degree in college? Or maybe it is because a corrupt government is using a program being falsely sold to "help" people when it was really designed and is being used to impoverish and financially enslave people? Maybe we are being lied to by our corrupt government (some more) that we already know is corrupt?

These people BELIEVED the lefty lies and fell into the lefty trap that was designed to keep many (not all) of them paying the government big payments for the rest of their lives because the lefty upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. The school loan thingy is just another form of slavery, it is financial slavery.

Don't believe me? Remember that I told you a few years ago that they were openly discussing reviving "servitude" to "make" people defaulted on their school loans pay those loans? Gee, You don't think they might have been planning all along to sell people with defaulted loans into servitude or slavery to big corporations like Face Book, Amazon, Twitter, and others, do you?

Don't be surprised to see it happen and Trump may know about this, is preventing it from happening, and that may be one more reason they hate Trump. Yeah, leave it to the Democrats to find a way to bring back slavery.

People, you see what I have gone through and how I have used my training, experience, and knowledge in business management to keep fighting. Now imagine that most of those people with those defaulted loans not having any of the management, financial training and experience I have to fight back with because they were conned into getting worthless degrees and they will become homeless and hit the streets much faster.

Another thing here is me having Jesus for my moral and financial support. Many of these people have been brainwashed to not believe in Jesus/God so they have no hope like I do to keep them going.

Now, where do you think most of them will turn to when everything fails for them in life the way it has failed for me and them not having any hope because they don't have Jesus?

Yeah, they are going to turn to dope to escape the stress caused by the poverty, which they will buy from the upper class trash and their pushers and explains all of those needles lying on the streets in LA, San Francisco, and New York City.

Without God and as the victims of a corrupt government run by corrupt lefty politicians and bureaucrats, they have no hope and drugs are their only relief.

Another thing is that, after these people realize that their corrupt lefty socialist government has put them where they are, do you think they just might get a wee bit angry at the corrupt government, political whores, and the idiots who keep voting those political whores into office? Maybe that at least a little explains why they have no qualms about and may even intentionally be vindictively urinating and defecating on the streets where those corrupt lefties live and work, you know, get even the only way they can?

"Hey, don't the corrupt lefties deserve walking in all of that urine and feces after putting all of those people on the streets in the name of helping people?"

You think I am wrong?

Remember that the lefties were recently exposed for stealing from the funds allocated to help the homeless they and their corruption helped create and I know they are also stealing from the funds to "help the poor", you know, Welfare? Remember that I have proved to you that the lefties can't steal enough from enough people fast enough and how much do you have to steal from people before you make them homeless? The lefties obviously don't even care about these people and even steal from them after they are on the street so you think their stealing from these people didn't put them on the street?

Gee, what a coincidence that the school loan thingy is exploding at the same time the homeless population is also exploding?

Writing these school loan essays has been a real learning experience and eye opener about our corrupt lefty politicians and their crimes against humanity in the name of greed. I am just a wee bit ticked off at them and their corruption. I have seen the other side of their greedy coin.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." He didn't lie.

God has been using me to help expose the corruption of the left I have seen to open your eyes. I would have never seen and written about this corruption, if God had not made me live through it. I KNOW their crimes against humanity for greed and power. First God gave me the education to understand and then plunged me into this mess so I could see it and know what is really going on so I could tell you about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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