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Remember that Turkey turned a bunch of illegal aliens loose against Greece to infiltrate the EU because the EU wouldn't support Turkey's aggressive actions against Russia and is risking a war so Erdogan can seize control of the Syrian Idlib area?

I just got this from Breitbart by Kurt Zindulka:

"Turkish police used drones to organise attacks against Greek security forces tasked with protecting the nation's borders from thousands of migrants attempting to illegally cross into the country, according to reports.

On Friday, Greek security forces were bombarded with smoke bombs and tear gas fired from the Turkish side of the border at the Kastanies checkpoint on the Evros river. It is now alleged that Turkish police used drones to co-ordinate the onslaught upon Greek security forces."

People, this entire thing is an act of war by Turkey against a NATO ally and Europe as a whole. You know this is going to backlash against Erdogan bad.


I have been waiting for this. I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"A number of high-profile Democrat activists and left-wing pundits are concerned with the obvious mental decline of Joe Biden and the party's refusal to acknowledge the issue.

Many of these activists, if not all, are supporters of Bernie Sanders, who is still in the race to defeat Biden for the Democrat nomination. Potential biases aside, to anyone who's been paying attention, these fears are not unfounded."

You know it is just a matter of time and enough people on the left will demand that Biden be tested to see if he is mentally healthy enough to be president. Now, of course, the upper class trash will probably hire a doctor to lie about Biden's health but this is getting interesting.

Any way you look at it, this is a good counter move by Bernie's commies to the lefty upper class trash stacking the deck against Bernie. Hey, just get rid of Biden and Bernie wins.

Things just keep getting worse and worse for the lefty upper class trash with everything they try against everyone failing.

And you think they are smarter than you because they have more money than you? Really? Why? Because the upper class trash said so?

Hey, they lie.


This is great. People are finally holding the lefty media accountable for their lies and it isn't just Trump. See this video.

Remember that the lefty media ratings have been imploding, they are bleeding money like stuck pigs, and have been laying off staff by the thousands. These litigations taking them to the cleaners will make them even more broke, driving down their stocks to garbage levels, which will make some potentially great investments for some rich conservatives who want to buy low and sell high.

What? Did the upper class trash think they could get away with all of this lying and character assassination forever?

No, they figured they would have their dictatorship by now and be free and clear because they would be the only media by now.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I have also been telling you that Hollywood is brainwashing you?

This video tells that and it is about a famous director and actor trying to get rich conservatives to help him build an alternative Hollywood that isn't a lefty commie traitor propaganda machine.

Again, the lefties have taken over the media and he is trying to start an alternative media or Hollywood to tell the truth the lefties don't want you to know.

The right is fighting back.

Cleaning House

I used to wonder how God was going to clean up the messes the corrupt lefty pagans have made of things. A good example is competitive sports.

I used to love competitive sports because school sports were the only thing we could afford for us to do that was fun. I studied sports, got good at a number of sports, especially marathon sports, and used them to help turn kids around to become good citizens. I literally saved young people's lives with sports programs by keeping them out of gangs, drugs, and crime.

Then the lefties got in charge and screwed sports up with corruption and performance enhancing drugs. I don't even watch or follow sports anymore because I will not help promote corrupt sports to lead kids astray. There is no way that I would direct kids towards a dream in professional sports today because of the rampant corruption and performance enhancing drugs required to compete.

I have been wondering how we could clean these corrupt sports up so sports can be used to help young people learn to dream and work hard to achieve their dreams.

God started doing that by letting the lefties shove their lefty hatred down your throws by top pro athletes taking a knee during our national anthem. Millions of people quit following those sports costing the upper class trash billions in revenues but they won't stop because dey just gots to have their evil agenda. Hey, dey get their dictatoship, dey will steal more than dey are now losing.

Now God is pretty much finishing those pro sports off with COVID 19 because they are literally shutting down entire seasons, which will kill off those sports, making it possible for people like me to start fresh to rebuild those sports as clean and honest Christian sports.

If you don't clean up Satan's pagan messes, God will do it His way. Know it.

BTW, all of this stuff happening right now is telling me that what God told me and I told you will soon happen and God is just "prepping the battlefield."

BTW, I recently found out that my free roaming feral cats and their normal behavior in relation to population density stress causing them to chase each other off, has caused them to spread about the poor side of our town and be taken in as free roaming feral cats all over this area. This is God using me to protect the poor side of our town from some soon coming pandemic. God works in really incredible ways.

Getting Away

To get away from the insanity and evil of the news and our satanic lefties, lately I have been watching videos for sailing and modeling just for fun and I noticed a few interesting things that tell us about people.

First, with the modeling, I have noticed that modelers are obsessed with "aging" and "weathering" models. They teach it for everything to make everything look old and worn, you know, "to make everything look more realistic".

My thought is, "Where do these people live that no one ever cleans, maintains, or paints things like cars, planes, boats, businesses, and houses to make them look nice and new?" People, to be in modeling and spend the kind of money they spend, you have to have money and cannot be living on the poor side of town.

They age and weather EVERYTHING! Most houses and buildings I have seen on the poor side of town look better and newer than most of the models these expert modelers make. In 70 years, I have seen many homes, cars, airplanes, boats, and other stuff where the owners maintain, clean, and paint them to keep them working well and looking pretty new. When I was in the military, we maintained our planes better than they do and had what we called "corrosion control" to keep stuff working right. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons the US and Israel have significantly superior militaries is because of our maintenance programs because most militaries spend much less on maintenance and are always having fewer weapons working and more weapons constantly breaking down.

If people really let their homes go as bad as these modelers think they do, every neighborhood, car, and business would look worse than most slums and the boats and planes would all look like they have been abandoned for decades.

Don't these modelers have paint, repair, and parts businesses where they live? I guess that no one buys anything new, where they live? Don't they know about soap and water?

They try too hard to make everything "look realistic" so that nothing looks realistic. Basically, they are just having a contest to see who can weather or age stuff the best and showing off their ability to do so, you know, basic human nature. Knowing how to weather or age things is one thing but weathering and aging everything is unrealistic.

Then about the sailboat or yachting videos. Remember that I told you that buying used boats is a buyer's market because the price of yachts plunges very quickly because there just are not as many people buying used boats as new boats?

I just watched several videos about people getting or giving away free sailboats and have seen others on a regular basis. The people buy the boats because they think it will be more fun than they really end up enjoying the boats, you know, like the magazines tell them, and then find out maintaining those boats costs more money and time than they want to spend maintaining them. There is almost no seller's market so they are stuck paying to keep their boats stored some place or floating so they realize it is much cheaper to either give them away or abandon them.

I just saw one video where a young couple got a free boat a few years ago that was taking them a lot of time and costing them much, much more than the value of the boat to fix it up to go cruising. They realized that it would be less expensive and faster to just work full time, save their money and buy a new boat so they are giving their free boat away with probably at least one or two more years of work left to finish the free boat.

Hey, if you love fixing stuff up, it will be a great deal.

They realized that they can save and buy a brand new boat that is ready to go sailing in the same time.

I am seeing a lot of people getting into expensive hobbies that require a lot of money and time, realizing it isn't as much fun as they thought it would be and it is much more expensive than they thought it would be, dumping and running.

The problem is that the people in the West, especially the US and Europe, have become extremely well off, don't do their homework on hobbies, just believe what the magazines are telling them, and jump feet first into things only to learn the hard way that it isn't that much fun, is expensive, and is very time consuming so they are increasingly just dumping stuff and running. Hey, they can't sell it.

Therefore, I am seeing more and more buyer's markets but you better know that most of what you will find used will require quite a bit of time and money to fix up because the current owners didn't maintain their expensive toys.

And Jesus said not to invest in this world where moth and rust corrupt but in Heaven where neither moth nor rust corrupt.

My suggestion would be for you to test the waters before you just jump in to see whether you will really enjoy it, how much it will cost you, how much work will be involved in doing what you think is interesting looking, and whether that is what God wants you to do, which is very important.

For example, get something like a small "daysailer" sailboat or catamaran, learn to sail close to shore, see how much fun it is and how much work it is before getting yourself a cruising boat. One thing you can do is start by just hanging out with the sailing crowd and LISTEN closely to them talking about their activities for such things as how much it costs them in time and money. You should do this with any new activity you are considering doing.

Always remember that I have taught you about cost of ownership and opportunity cost. Just having and maintaining something will cost you money and time and spending your time and money on one thing costs you the opportunity to spend the same time and money on anything else. Really research and think things through before committing to them.

Too many people don't understand or do that anymore, they just see something that looks like it might be fun and go whole hog on it, only to regret it later. They need to learn to make better choices.

A great example is the young couple now giving away their free boat after investing years of their time and thousands of dollars with the boat still being quite a ways from being ready to go cruising. If they had started with their revised plans, they would probably already be cruising instead of working and saving to go cruising later but, hey, a free boat just sounded too good and that free boat wasted a lot of their time and money, setting them back at least a year.

Fortunately, they did learn from it but that is an expensive lesson. There are better ways to learn.

Hopefully, this will help some of you by teaching you to do your homework better.


God says that homosexuality is not only a sin, He calls it an abomination or that it is gross and repulsive to Him.

These homosexual queens, who get so into be the feminine part of their homosexuality culture that they go full on "transgender", do so because they are so unhappy living in their sin that they begin thinking and convince themselves that they will be happy if they just "become a woman". Research showed decades ago that these men who do the transgender thing, you know, lots of expensive surgeries, do not become any happier and, in many cases, it just makes them even less happy.

This causes these transgenders to have a very high suicide rate so condoning or helping them become transgenders so they can pretend to be a woman is not doing them any favors and is actually just shoving them closer towards committing suicide. A really good example of this is "Chelsea Manning", who everyone condoned and encouraged him to become a transy, and he is now recovering from having tried to commit suicide.

Instead of expensive surgery, making them look like women and making unethical doctors rich, what they really need is Jesus. They need to acknowledge that they are sinning, repent of their sins, and accept Jesus as their savior but the rest of the lefty community hates the thought of any homosexual being rehabilitated back to true heterosexuality because it destroys their lie that homosexuality is alright because it "is genetic" even though there is absolutely no evidence that it has anything to do with genetics and is really a matter of choice, which I have proved before because research has shown that better than 90% of homosexual males are bisexual and better than 50% of homosexual females are bisexual with most of the rest regularly thinking about trying heterosexuality, proving it is really a matter of choice.


It is a crime to falsely cry "fire" in a crowded theater because it could cause people to panic and people could be hurt.

Right now, the lefties, especially the media, are breaking that law by scaring people into panicking about COVID 19, which you know will cause some people to die. They should all be arrested, tried for this crime and at least manslaughter, and punished harshly for their crimes against the people.

But, hey, their corrupt deep state keeps them above the law so they can commit any crimes they want with impunity, until God has had enough of their crap and does something about it and, believe me, if we don't take care of this and when God has had enough, He will do something about their corruption and is doing it right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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