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Commie Coup

I hope you realize that what the lefties are doing is that they are trying to force their communist dictatorship on us with whatever works. They are trying to destroy our republic and force their communism on us because they know we don't want it but they do. They know their communism will steal everything from us and think their communism will give it all to them but they are wrong because their leaders will end up with it all.

This rioting is basically the same way Linen seized power over Russia to form the Soviet Union in 1917. These commies are trying to do the same thing Linen did and they refuse to quit, you know, just like with everything else they have done. The commies keep doing their crap hoping that sooner or later it will work and this video shows you that the commies have not quit their rioting, burning, and looting.

This video shows that this is clearly a war, it is clearly escalating, and they are now attacking cops with weapons with several cops being injured.

Believe me yet that this is a communist/Muslim coup to destroy the Republic of the US and replace it with a dictatorship?

People, I hope you understand that the Commierats are intentionally causing all of these major problems causing harm to you to turn you against Trump proving they don't care about you and you are expendable to them achieving their commie dictatorship goals.

They are intentionally hurting and murdering people to get their power and they say they care about you? Are you really stupid enough to believe they care about anyone other than themselves and their bank accounts?

Wake up, America!!!

Human Trafficking

I have been watching human trafficking since the 1970s, it is real, it is very extensive, and it is promoted and made possible by the upper class trash who make a fortune from it. Human trafficking is just a nice way of saying slavery and to cover the fact that the Commierat upper class trash are still slavers.

This video shows that it is the demand for commercial sex that is mostly driving this industry and that commercial sex comes in many forms. There is commercial prostitution, such as street walkers and whore houses, people buying, receiving and raping people, especially children, at home, then murdering children and disposing of the evidence, and rich people keeping sex slaves in their mansions and penthouses.

This crap needs to stop. These are people, not sex toys.

Magic Masks

I just realized that these lefty tyrants forcing people to wear masks for months at a time will cause significant respiratory problems. This is a very safe prediction.

One thing that you will see will be fungi and mold growing in those warm, moist masks, putting out spores that the mask wearer will breath into their lungs, the fungi and mold will grow in their lungs until they fill the lungs up enough the person suffocates and goes into cardiac arrest.

You will see these and other respiratory problems develop over the next five to ten years with weaker people developing some of these problems in just a few years. Some of the elderly are probably already developing problems from it but it is being covered up.

You know my prediction success rate is very good and this is based on science.

The Poor

Here is a very good video concerning God and poor people. It shows that the Bible teaches that we should treat poor people very differently than most people do today, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons we are now having these tribulations and judgments against our nation. Think about it.

Here is a little food for thought. Elijah was easily one of God's greatest men. The Bible tells us that God had Elijah spend years living by a stream with God using ravens to bring Elijah meat and bread. You can't get more poor than that.

Why would God do that?

To bring Elijah closer to God because, when you depend on God for everything you have and you only have a little, it brings you closer to God by increasing your faith and your appreciation for every little thing God gives you and teaches you to better understand God. Besides, if you are poor, you don't have anything that can come between you and God's will in your life.

People are not always made poor by God because those people did something wrong but also to teach and improve that person. I have learned a huge amount in my poverty I could not possibly have learned as upper or middle class and it has definitely made me a better Christian and person. It can be a real eye opener.

In 1 Samuel 2:7 it says: "The Lord makes poor and makes rich; He brings low and lifts up."

I have learned that what we are taught today, that people are poor because they are lazy or stupid, is not true.


What will paradise be like?

God said that it has never entered into the heart of man what God is preparing for us in paradise. If you really think about that, it is huge.

Let me give you myself as an example. I told you that all I prayed for was to have a small cabin in the woods near a stream and a pond with plenty of room to grow my own food and where Jesus could come to visit me when He has time from caring for everyone else.

About 20 years ago, I was riding my bike on a back road north of Alamogordo and saw a place where you could buy 10 acre lots with a well, septic tank, and utilities for something like $29,000 and it got me to thinking. You know that I love designing and building things so I thought, "What kind of house would I like to have on a little piece of land like that?"

So, just for fun, I sat down and started designing the house I wanted, which was a two story, four bedroom house with one bedroom for me, one bedroom for guests, one bedroom to be a small office, and one bedroom for a bike shop to store and work on my bikes with a door to the covered front porch with a bike ramp down to the driveway. The house would be a solar envelope house for heating and cooling and would have a four car garage for a utility vehicle, motorcycle, and a couple of fun cars and there would be a little workshop out back.

When I started designing the house, God started pushing me saying, "Design the biggest you can and I will build bigger."

I didn't want bigger, this was all I wanted no matter how much money I had. I know the cost of ownership and I know that one cost for bigger is having people running around your home taking care of it while you are trying to live in it, which can limit your daily activity and freedom, which I value. Even with what I was designing, I knew that, for me to have the time for the outdoor activities I wanted to do, I would have to hire a maid to clean my house once or twice a week, which was only a little of an inconvenience.

It didn't take me long to finish designing that house and, looking for something else to design for fun and with God still pushing me, I decided to convert that house to a slightly larger Spanish hacienda style house with a solar courtyard, which didn't take long either.

God was still pushing me to design the biggest I could and reminded me of wanting to live in a castle like on the Robin Hood TV shows when I was a kid, only I didn't want something so drab and depressing as those castles. So I thought that designing a castle would be fun and began researching castles for ideas.

All medium to large size castles were just a living quarters with lots and lots and lots of bedrooms, with a relatively small part of it for live in servants, which I didn't want that many people living in my house with me. By this time, God had already let me know that the woman He told me to marry would have 3 kids, we would have another kid, and her mother living with us so I decided to design the house for them more than just for me. It would be a modern family castle with a lot of fun and educational stuff an active family would need. I wanted my children to have a really nice educational facility that would be secure and safe.

The thing I had missed most since leaving college was the gym so I decided the castle would have a small gym in it for me and my family for all kinds of fun and educational things. I designed the gym to be the size of a college basketball court plus 5 feet around the court to keep people from smashing into walls during play with an equipment room and rest rooms in one end and it had to be at least 3 stories or 30 feet high for things like volleyball. It would be a modest gym.

For simplicity's sake, I made that the size for all four wall areas with drum towers on each of the four corners so it would be a square castle with a three story, solar glazed central inner courtyard or bailey in castle terms to save on energy with two three story waterfalls, two converging streams, and a pond (I got my stream and pond). Then, for fun, I added a moat for boating, swimming, and fishing with draw bridges on the front and back for entrance (partly for security) and the gate house on the front would be large enough for a small parking area for about half a dozen cars. It would be nice looking and functional. It would definitely be better looking and more fun than anything I ever saw Robin Hood running around in.

That would be defined as a medium size castle, not large by any means, but I had to pack it full of all kinds of fun stuff like a large swimming pool with one and two meter diving boards and a large water slide, ballroom/dining room with a stage for music and theater, sleeping for only 16 bedrooms (which is more than I really wanted but I had to fill that space up with something and those are really big bedrooms with individual private full baths), and other fun stuff with trees in the solar glazed bailey just to fill it up with something other than bedrooms. I spent 3 to 5 years researching and learning about all kinds of stuff to be able to fill just a medium size castle with enough stuff and still had some pretty good size rooms. I even designed a fun 2 story "play castle" (with a children's ball "moat" and funny guard dragon) within the castle in one drum tower for the kids (we are talking ballroom for playing things like Cinderella, a secret meeting room for playing King Author and Sir Lance-a-little, a couple of dungeons, hidden passages, a Narnia room, and other things to stimulate young imaginations - Disney ain't got nuttin' on me, baby). This also included educational facilities with a class room, science lab, and computerized 20 inch telescope for home schooling so I could use the fun stuff for things like PE, arts and crafts, school dances, birthday parties, and just play. It all had to be functional for an active family without tons of bedrooms.

Remember that I am trained to design, build, and manage athletic educational and competitive facilities for a university.

With all of that stuff, my medium size castle is dwarfed by the massive mansions built by the mega wealthy around the world but their stupid mansions, palaces, and castles are all mostly bedrooms (no imagination, please.) I found several super mansions in Saudi Arabia that are just small luxury cities for extended families with tons of bedrooms.

Now, you take all of these and other super duper things we humans have designed and built and "it still has never entered into the heart of man what God is preparing for us in paradise" meaning that us stupid humans can't even begin to imagine the things God is preparing for us in Paradise. Think about that. THAT is paradise...beyond your wildest dreams.

And all I want is just a little cabin in the peaceful woods near a stream and pond where I can grow my own food and Jesus can visit in His spare time. That is what I still pray for even after designing that castle.

Do you realize how many maids, servants, cooks, maintenance, and ground keepers you would need running around your medium size castle all day for it to remain functioning and habitable?

I don't want that. I like my privacy but, if God tells me to build it, it gets built.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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