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Remember that I have been telling you that we as a nation must repent before we call on God to save us?

This video tells us why. God is right now punishing this nation because of our sins and our refusal to give up our sins. Pay attention to the 3 levels of punishment God dishes out if we fail to repent with the last level being death, often called "the sin unto death". This nation refusing to repent of its sins and turn back to God is why this nation is dead and just has not finished kicking yet. As a nation, we may have committed the sin unto death.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. You better secure your red zones and repent.

I spent a few hours very early this morning praying, mostly about our nation. One of my prayers was, "If no one else will fight for you, Lord, take this sick, weak, old man because I will fight for you; I have a spine." He will have to heal me for me to be able to do anything but, even if He doesn't heal me, I asked, "Lift me up and point me in the right direction so I can fight for you" and "Lift me up and be my strong right arm so I can wield your mighty sword in battle for you." People, I have nothing to lose because, if I win the fight, I win for the Lord and, if I lose my life, I win by going to be with the Lord. I can't lose.

Amendment II

Did you know the US Military has enough weapons and ammunition to arm every law abiding person in this nation several times over?

That will be important during this coup/war so keep that in mind.

If I were your king, meaning, if I had absolute power and only had to answer to God, I would arm every law abiding person in this nation with military grade weapons, have the military give you professional training in using those weapons, and give you all a bucket load of military munitions for practice and not lose any sleep because I would be a good king and not like these royals today.

I would require that every man, woman, and child have training in law enforcement, first aid or EMT training, fire department training, and basic military training so they could take care of themselves and each other. That does not mean I would do away with such things as law enforcement, EMTs, fire department, or the military but that the people would supplement those programs. Think about it, when there is an emergency, the first people there are almost always your family and neighbors, not the cops, EMTs, fire department, or military. Having well trained family and neighbors means more people will survive such emergencies. Hey, just one year out of your life for such training and everyone benefits because you can all better care for each other and yourselves.

What crime? If everyone is a trained law enforcement officer with military grade weapons, who will want to attack a neighborhood full of cops armed to the teeth? What insurrection or coup? Who would dare even think about staging an insurrection or coup against such people?

I would free my people to take care of themselves, which is what a good government should do. I would also want Trump to be my right-hand-man.

As long as you live within God's Laws, I don't care what you do and I have no problem in letting you keep what God has given you. You have to understand that, when the rich and powerful steal from you what God gave you or has actually loaned to you while you are here on Earth, therefore, it is still God's property and he is just letting you use it during your brief visit to this planet, they are actually stealing from God and you know that won't end well.

I believe that the only tax should be the Biblical flat 10% income tax to run both the government and church, which will save everyone, including the poor, at least 40% of your income because everyone spends AT LEAST 50% of your income on various taxes, most without even realizing it. Think about it, the poor will be less poor if they only spend 10% of their income on taxes but, hey, we can't help the poor if we don't take more from the poor to "give to the poor" than what we give to the poor, with most of that actually going into upper class trash pockets.

People, the conservatives are saying that a 17% flat tax on income would be sufficient to run our government and that is with a still bloated and inefficient government. A 10% flat tax should be able to fund a smaller, more efficient government AND the church, which is supposed to help the poor. Most of the 17% tax will just go into rich people's pockets as does most of your 10% tithe to the church, which means you are being conned in giving 27% of your income to the government and church when God said we should only be giving 10% to the government AND the church. Yeah, they are pocketing more than 17% of your income if that is all they are taking but, they are now pocketing at least 60% of your income. Yeah, that is really helping the poor.

If you manage them both right and have a good budget, you should be able to run both the government and the church on a 10% flat income tax and you should be able to build up a 20% government and church contingency fund for emergencies.


In my last post I wondered if God was using the lefties refusing to vaccinate older white people to protect me from the vaccine.

Here is something you better think about. If you are racist, you know, like the lefty upper class trash, and want to murder off all non whites without causing an uprising, you develop a vaccine that kills people and say something like, "White people shouldn't get vaccinated because of white privilege." That way most of the non whites will think they are getting special treatment when they are actually being murdered. You use reverse psychology to fool everyone you want to kill into lining up for the vaccine.

With fake COVID 19 panic all over the planet, that is a fast and easy way to depopulate their planet with minimal resistance. Get everyone scared of the disease, whether it is deadly or not, give them special privilege to take the killer vaccine, and they will line up to die like sheep going to the slaughter.

We need to pray about this.


I am watching and, around the world, the corrupt leaders just keep using the lies about masks, social distancing, and lockdowns working to grab more and more and more power. As long as the people keep letting the corrupt upper class trash grab more power, the corrupt upper class will just keep grabbing more power until they have absolute power and you are their slaves or dead.

We are getting close, people.

Have you noticed that every time the people start losing their fear of COVID 19 the lefties either find a new "mutant strain" or find new problems it causes?

Gee, what a coincidence. People, they never plan to stop using COVID 19 for their terrorist attacks. As long as it continues giving them more power, they will continue using it to scare you into giving them more power.

Bible History

This video shows evidence of Melchizedek in history that precedes everything but Abraham and before him. This is very important because it shows how accurate the Bible is historically all the way back before Abraham and Israel. This discovery adds credibility to the historic accuracy of everything else in the Bible. With this finding, they have proved almost all of the Bible to be historically accurate.


The deep state is trying to blame Russia for hacking our nation's system. I believe this is just a distraction to keep us from noticing what the left's ally, China, is doing and to justify invading Russia to set up their global dictatorship. The royals have to get the US AND Russia out of the way.

People, I have pointed out that Russia CANNOT fight a sustained offensive war and the only reason they MIGHT hack our system is for defensive purposes to find out what we are planning to do to them now that the royals are almost back in control. If I were them, with it looking like globalist Biden could be our president in less than a month, I would hack us too right now.

Barr telling me that there wasn't any voter fraud when it was so blatantly obvious and then telling me that Russia did the hacking tells me that it probably wasn't Russia, if it happened at all. I was hoping Barr was one of the good guys but he isn't resigning because he is one of the good guys.


Remember that I told you that the British Royal Family has been trying to destroy the US to get their colonies back since the inception of the Republic of the US more than 200 years ago? Remember that I told you that the British Royal Family tried to use the US Civil War to destroy the republic to get their colonies back and that they have been working to get their colonies back all of the way up to today, in spite of the fact that we have saved their butts a number of times? Great allies, huh?

I recently saw a video that tells what this current coup is really all about and provides detailed evidence of this by naming names but, when the video got to FDR, it turned into hero worship telling fairy tales about how wonderful he was when he really wasn't because he is human like the rest of us but he was also a stupid socialist, which is why I decided to not share that very long video with you. The last half of it was bull crap.

The video teaches why the royals have to destroy our capitalist system to return us to being their slaves and set up their Marxist global monarchy. Capitalism makes freedom possible and Marxism destroys freedom.

The more you watch the video, the more you should see why the royals hate the US and want to destroy it. The video shows conspiracy after conspiracy by the British Royal Family for over 150 years to get their planet and slaves back (they stop showing this just before WWII), you know, just like I have been telling you so I wish I could share it with you but I just can't.

The video also proves to you that all of the European Royals were just one family, you know, just like I have been telling you. They show how the British Royal Family has been trying to destroy all other nations to regain global dominance and their slaves.

The video is great up to the part about FDR and proves so many different things I have been teaching you for decades. They teach you things that you otherwise have to dig really deep to learn.

And you have been taught to believe that Britain is our ally?

They show you how the British Royal Family used a group of minorities to cause division to start WWI the same way they are currently using the same kind of divisions within the Commierat Party to start our current civil war. Hey, play everyone against everyone else and light the fuse.

You see so many things the royals have done in the past that they are doing now, you know, like the "dismantling of the American system", just like the Commierats are doing today. If you see it before, you recognize it when you see it again. If you want to know what is really going on today, you study history because God said, "Nothing is new on the Earth." The upper class trash keep doing the same things, they just keep changing the names to fool the stupid people.

Then they showed you how FDR used his illness to study a lot of different things the way God has had me doing for more than 2 decades because of my illness. They also showed you how FDR used his "Fire side chats" to educate people the way God has me using this blog to educate you.

But, the really bad thing about the video is they didn't tell the truth about FDR and the economy. They make it look like the stock market crash of 1929 caused the Great Depression and FDR was our knight in shining armor who saved our stupid butts. Tada!!!

If you study the history of US economics, you should learn that the Stock Market crash of late 1929 did cause an economic crash BUT, by the time FDR took office in 1933, less than 4 years later, the economy had recovered by more than 80% and was growing at a rate of 3% to 4% of GDP, which is a strong economic growth rate.

Then why did the Great Depression last until WWII and it was WWII that caused us to get out of the Great Depression and not FDR?

What really happened was that FDR inherited a booming economy that was almost recovered from the 1929 Stock Market crash but ye ole commies don't want you to know that and then FDR CAUSED the Great Depression by dumping his socialism on us. Gee, I wonder why the lefty commies don't want you to know that FDR and his socialism actually caused the Great Depression.

They told you about some of the socialist projects he used to try to build the economy but didn't tell you about his failed programs like the "Bean Farms" program, which was pure socialist amateur hour and better than 90% of those bean farms failed in less than one year while the lying lefty media were busy covering for his butt just like they are still doing today. It was the lefty commie traitor media who kept getting FDR reelected in spite of his failures.

The Bean Farm program is a really great example and I doubt many lefty college professors know just how disastrous it really was. After FDR caused the economy to implode, there suddenly developed very long lines of well dressed men waiting to get free bread and soup from churches, which is why the left set up Welfare and took caring for the poor away from the churches. The Marxists don't want you church people to see how bad their Marxism destroys the economy.

Well, FDR knew he couldn't get reelected with so many long bread and soup lines everywhere in all of the big cities so he and his genius kiddies in his cabinet, who gots dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursities, dreamed up the disastrous Bean Farm program.

Their great sounding stupid idea was to take those city people, who knew nothing about farming or herding, and give them free land out west along with seed capital, equipment, and supplies to start growing beans on that land. It is obvious that the twits sat down with a map, identified open land, and sent people there, many to die, because I can show you the ruins of bean farms here in New Mexico where you would be lucky to grow weeds on that land and there was no surface water so that you have to have at least 10 to 20 times as much land to raise the same amount of live stock as you can on good land.

You want to see how stupid those Marxist FDR geniuses really were?

At that time they had a number of US Army forts in this area with cavalry units that regularly patrolled this entire area and the geniuses obviously didn't even bother to telegraph those forts to find out what open land on their maps in Washington DC was irrigable or you could use for farming or herding. They clearly just marked off land and sent city people, who knew nothing about farming and herding, there to grow beans.

I can just see those twits sitting around a big map saying, "Look, there is open land here, here, and there," never wondering just why all of that land might be open.

There are a number of farm ruins within just a few miles of me with one less than half a mile from me in this high altitude desert, let me repeat that, in this high altitude desert with no surface water, hard packed clay, and where summer temperatures can exceed 115 degrees F. Yeah, this is a really great agricultural area. Not one of the bean farms within 10 miles of me survived and a few may have survived in Tularosa about 20 miles from me because they have surface water called the Tularosa Creek that has deposited good soil in that small area for thousands of years but not one survive right here.

If you want to see a really horrible joke where some of those city people almost certainly died, drive New Mexico State Highway 380 between Socorro and Carrizozo and be sure to watch for the ruins of the old bean farms on the north side of the road about mid way through those mountains, that's right, mountains, and take a good look at the ground because you can see bedrock showing in much of it because there ain't much dirt on the bedrock for even growing weeds and there ain't no surface water.

For you city people who don't know better, you can't grow nuttin' on bedrock, not even weeds. Those city people trying to grow bean farms with patches of soil on bedrock with no surface water is the stupidest idea I have seen in my life.

This area is so rugged and remote that, after those farms failed and winter hit, without them having enough produce to hold them through the winter, you know that at least some of them died before they could make it to the nearest town using horses, buggies, and wagons on old dirt wagon tracks instead of even gravel roads. You know those FDR geniuses killed people with their great sounding stupid ideas that failed. I have often wonderer just how many people they killed with their great sounding stupid ideas.

I grew up seeing this crap knowing that FDR and his cabinet caused this to happen so you better know that I ain't going to worship FDR or those kiddies who gots dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebersities because I have seen their crap. Those upper class trash are completely out of touch with reality and try to force their great sounding stupid ideas, like Marxism, on the rest of us because they are not as smart as they think they are and we are not as stupid as they think we are.

Any time anyone calls FDR a great leader, it really ticks me off. In almost 72 years, God has had me too many places to show me too much stupid crap for me to just blindly believe any great sounding stupid stuff by the upper class trash and their idiot puppets. God taught me to pay attention, question everything, and think for myself so I wouldn't be a stupid lefty sheeple and I thank and praise God for that.

BTW, based on what I have learned, you can bet that many of those people involved in causing these problems were members of the Euro-American Royal Family.


Remember how I warned you years ago that, if you have a business in China and, when they decide to take over control of your business they will and you will just be out of luck?

This video shows just how China will do this. If you build a branch of your business in China, you are required to hire significant numbers (up to hundreds) of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) members to work at the management level in your business, you know, to learn how to manage your business so they can take it over. Note that some of the major corporations that have businesses in China have CCP members who are senior officers in branches of those businesses in other nations.

Gee, you don't think China is staging an economic coup of the planet, do you?

So, let me get this straight. These intellectually superior upper class trash CEOs are training Chinese agents to take over their businesses without being reimbursed for their loss and you think these fools are more intelligent than you? Really?

But, hey, des is are be making lots of money right now.

So, how long do you think it will take for smarty pants rich guys like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Bezos to become Chinese organ donors?

But, hey, it would never happen to them because dey is are be smarty pants, you know, dey iz such smarty pants they are training up Chinese members of the CCP to take over their businesses in an economic coup. These smarty pants rich stupid people make my brain hurt.

I have also noticed that the royals are using China as a distraction to keep the stupid people from realizing that it is the royals causing all of this trouble. That will make it easier for the royals to convince the stupid people to let the royals seize control of our governments to fight China.


I don't know why but Google doesn't seem to be censoring this blog any more. Maybe there are not enough people visiting my blog for them to feel threatened. Let me know if your search engine is censoring it.

US Powder Keg

This video shows that both sides are about to blow wide open with both turning more and more against the lefty leaders because of the problems the lockdowns are causing. We may soon see a Bastille uprising against the lefty royals and their useful fools, with them all getting Bastille haircuts.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and these traitors are about to be found out by their sins.


To con people into wearing the masks, the upper class trash have turned the masks into virtue signaling fashion statements so that the stupid people just gots to buy the neato looking masks to show der friends how cool dey is are be. My brain hurts.

"Hey, ebbreybody, looks at me, I is are be a cool looking stupid person."

The lefties just don't quit with the lies and they refuse to quit telling the same old lies that have been proved false.

For example, I am still seeing troll posts about polar bears and bees dying off when it has been proved for years that their populations are actually growing. The left really knows how to control the stupid people and the only thing that will stop the left is death.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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