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Remember that I told you that I was in ECM or electronic counter measures in the Air Force?

Often, when I see technology being used for evil reasons or as weapons systems, I just automatically think, "How can I beat that?"

I will often see something about a new weapon system and start working on a counter to that weapon system. For example, drones would be so very easy to counter in a number of ways.

I just saw the headline on a video about Amazon's robotic warehouses that have put so many people out of work to make Bezos much more wealthy and I instantly started thinking about ways to attack such a system to put it out of business and it took seconds to think of a few different ways to put Bezos out of business for quite some time. It would easily cost him tens of billions of dollars.

I enjoy such things. It is like playing technological chess. Someone uses technology to gain an advantage on others so I use technology to counter that advantage for the others.

It is the way the Air Force trained me to think about countering technology. I can think of a number of ways to beat any technological system by using science.

You want a way to bring down FB, Twitter, or Google?

Piece of cake and I don't have to kill one person. As they said in Thailand, "Can do easy, cup."


They have told the lies about COVID 19 so many times for so long that, to the stupid people, the lies have become facts so they are now telling lies built on the first lies to increase their control and power.

Like fools, most people are not even questioning what the left is saying or demanding about COVID 19. They are the "Just do it" people I warned you about, you know, the ones who will just get on the cattle cars heading for the death camps without resistance knowing they are going to their deaths.

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has been using COVID 19 to grab power and it must be stopped and kept from ever again happening?

This video pretty much tells you the same thing, that "we must never again let overblown fears shut down the economy." Remember that this is said by an MD.

Remember that I warned you that they have run their fake number of infections so high that it is now almost at herd immunity so Fauci is falsely increasing the definition for herd immunity (moving the goal posts) and soon they will begin the idea of starting over on herd immunity for a new strain so they can keep their control and power over the people?

This video shows they just started doing this in Commiefornia to be able to continue to force the lockdown there. Now they will inflate the numbers again to terrify the stupid people into submission until they are approaching another herd immunity and then a new strain will suddenly appear by some miraculous coincidence.

The upper class trash are very clearly not going to stop this con to control everyone until you stop them.

Remember that I have been telling you that you can't believe a thing the left is telling you?

Think I am wrong? Why are they censoring the truth?

Because they know they are lying to you and don't want you to know the truth because then you will stop believing their lies and stop doing what they want you to do, which means they will no longer have control over you.

And you want to keep believing them so they can continue to unconstitutionally and illegally control you? Why?


This video gives you very good details on where this rigged election is right now but I expect this to change though I think the two main options will probably remain and it is increasingly looking like Trump is going to win the election, if the right people do their jobs. The courts and legislatures have refused to do their jobs but, if Pence refuses to do his job by turning the rigged election in Trump's favor, Pence's career is dead and he has to know it.

Keep an eye on this.


I keep seeing people saying that Russia and China are a threat to the West but that is not what I have been seeing. This video shows more of what I have been seeing with Russia taking a number of stands against China, especially in conjunction with other nations like India.

Get it straight, for at least a few years, Putin has seen China as a serious and increasing threat to Russia and has been making moves to counter this threat. One of the most obvious is that Putin completely quit doing weapons research with China and is now doing that weapons research with one of China's worst enemies, India, making India an even worse threat to China. You can bet Putin is intentionally doing this as part of his counter to China's threat.

Hey, increase the number and strength of China's enemies to decrease China's threat to you. That is what Trump has been doing too.

This is one reason why I think that China will almost certainly go against Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to appease the oil rich Muslims and Putin won't, keeping Russia out of the fight and devastation of that battle.

Another reason is that Russia and Israel have become pretty close allies with Putin financing the resettlement of Russian Hebrews in Israel. During WWII, he was helped by Hebrews as a child and has been on their side since. I do not see him turning against Israel any time in the future, therefore, Gog and Magog cannot be Russia as some preachers are teaching and can only be Turkey.

Get it straight, Russia is a Christian state and is one of few nations in the world where Christians are not right now being persecuted. It was the only nation that came to the aid of Christian Armenia with Turkey aiding their Muslim enemies. God is going to bless and protect Russia and destroy any nation which raises a hand against it.

I do not see Russia as being a threat to the West but I do see the West being a threat to Russia because it is a Christian nation and the West now hates Christians, which is why they are teaching you that Russia is one of the bad guys.

Lefty Backlash

I am seeing an increasing backlash against lefty radical politicians and bureaucrats. First, the recall of ultra tyrant, Gavin Newsom, is building quickly with even some big money contributors now turning on Gavin and aiding the recall.

This video shows how attorneys are fighting back against the ultra radical Los Angeles DA to stop him just turning violent criminals loose, which is unconstitutional because, what he is in effect doing, is rewriting law, which is illegal. His job is to enforce law and not write law.

It is nice to see so many of these tyrants getting backlash for their wickedness.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that, when this mess caused by the left gets out of hand, animals are going to start attacking humans and I was expecting pets that have been abandoned or their owners died and they got out on their own?

It turns out that this rioter violence and the shutdowns are even causing wild animals to start attacking humans and each other as Tim reports in this video.

You can thank the lefties for this mess and it is going to get much worse until you stop it.

And you think God isn't punishing us for turning our backs on him for our sins?

Note that the areas where things are getting the worst are in the blue zones run by these evil lefty tyrants and where the lefty voters keep voting those evil tyrants into office and supporting those tyrants.

Interestingly, God is punishing the lefties by letting them get what they want and letting what they are getting punish those evil lefty pagans for turning away from God for what they want. The rest of us are also being punished by those evil tyrants because we are not standing up to them because we are being tolerant of their sins, which the Bible says makes us complicit in their sins or crimes against God's Laws.

Remember that I have been telling you for years that it is the upper class trash causing almost all of our problems?

Tim also points that out very well by pointing out that de Blasio is the problem and Cuomo is the problem. The upper class trash are the problem just like I have been telling you for years. Without the upper class trash, we would have almost none of our current problems. If you get rid of them, you get rid of most of your worst problems.

The Purge

Remember that I have been telling you for years that, when the upper class trash gets their power and control, they will purge 90% to 100% of everyone who helped them get in power?

With the lefty upper class trash now feeling it is only a matter of time until they have absolute power and control, I am seeing increasing numbers of rich and famous lefties suddenly "dying from COVID 19" after very few of them dying for most of this last year. Gee, what a coincidence.

Some of them look young and healthy so it is increasingly possible that it isn't just COVID 19 and may not even be COVID 19 but something else.

First, it has been proved a number of times that the COVID 19 numbers are heavily inflated to scare the stupid people so it may be possible that these upper class trash are just using COVID 19 as a cover for their purge to prevent the rest of the power mad lefties to fight back with a full scale civil war. This is especially true when you see young, healthy lefties dying.

Plus, even when it is COVID 19, I have become convinced that the left is intentionally spreading it to at least certain people they just want to get rid of.

I would not be surprised to see people like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, the CNN TV anchors, and Bezos suddenly all "die from COVID 19".

Have you ever wondered why none of them have died from COVID 19 with them being around talking to so many other people all of the time? And you think it is not being spread intentionally to whomever they want to get it? When you think about it, it is kind of obvious, isn't it?

But, hey, the stupid people will never get it.

Oh yeah, with all of the contaminated mail they handle every day, why have not at least half of our mail delivery people already gotten sick?

Helping the Mom and Pop Businesses

I have an idea for raising money to help the mom and pop businesses the lefty tyrants have destroyed, while also helping improve our world. We can have real life free-for-alls to the death with maces but no armor or shields in a small fighting cage on pay-per-view.

The first fight would be between all of the governors and their cabinets shutting down their states and destroying the mom and pop businesses. You know this will bring in bundle of money to help the people and they will only be causing harm to each other and not everyone else.

Then we have a big fight with all of the big tech jerks like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Gates, Cook, Pichai, and others. That would get a lot of views too.

Next, we have the top Commierats and RINOs in Congress like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Mad Max, Feinstein, Boxer, Swalwell, Romney, Biden, Kruella, and Nadler. Everyone around the world would watch that fight.

Then you can have all of the lefty and RINO judges who refuse to enforce the US Constitution. That would be funny watching those candy butts duke it out in their black robes.

Then you have all of those lefty Hollywood elites who know what is best for you like Baldwin, Moore, Carey, Hanoi Jane, and others. That should get plenty of views.

Then you have a big fight between all of the lefty commie traitor MSM "journalists" so we can see grown people cry.

Then you have a really big fight with all of the upper class trash who are funding and organizing all of our problems like the royals, Soros and the corrupt mega CEOs.

For a great final event, have all to the top tyrants in the world like Xi, Kimmy Boy, Khomeini, Erdogan, Trudeau, and others.

That should help a lot of people and improve things a lot.


Remember that I told you that Dopey and Kruella won't concede when Trump manages to defeat the rigged election and will go somewhere to set up a shadow or fifth column government for staging a violent coup of the US Government?

I already explained a number of reasons why they would probably choose Chicago but I just found out a very good reason why they would probably choose Chicago from this video, which shows that Chicago is imploding with increasing numbers of empty big buildings, with decreasing leases on the business buildings to make their funding go further, which would be perfect for setting up a fifth column government. Chicago is almost $1 billion in the red and such a government moving in for even just a little while would bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the city so they would be very welcome.

Is God moving all of those people and businesses out of Chicago to save lives?

Government Owned Scientists

Remember that I have been warning you to not believe government owned scientists or those who work for the government or in any way depend on government funding?

This video points that out very well. You say what they pay you to say, which is always meant to scare everyone, or you don't get paid.

You cannot blindly believe any government owned scientist, you know, like Fauci, because they have zero integrity.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

US Military

Remember that I told you that it is obvious that the military has quit briefing presidents and Congress on their best top secret weapons?

It appears that Congress has realized this and part of this recent bill requires the US Military to submit a report to Congress within 180 days of the bill passing providing Congress with such information about "UFOs". Congress is trying to force this additional information out of the military.

This video tells us about that part of this new bill though Tim is clueless about what that part of the bill is trying to do.

It looks like the left has found out that the military has toys the left doesn't know about so they are about to get some nasty surprises in this war they are causing like I have been telling you and they are trying to find out what those surprises are.

I know what the military will do and it will be funny but not very disclosing.

Things are getting very interesting.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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