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To all of those stupid people who believed the lefty crap and are living in terror because of their lies, when you stop believing their lies and stop being scared, they will lose control over you and you will be free.

I just can't believe it. Fauci has been caught lying at least 3 times and the fools just keep believing him and doing what he says.

How many times does a person have to lie before the stupid people will stop believing their lies?

Let me give the stupid people a hint. The first time a person lies, you be very careful about believing anything they say again, being very sure to question everything they say. The second time they lie, you never believe another thing they say.

Is that hard to understand?

Listen, if Fauci told me the sun was going to rise tomorrow, I would check it out to make sure he was not lying to me because Fauci has zero credibility. He has proved that he will say whatever he is paid to say to help stage this coup.

But the lefties just keep right on believing the liars no matter how many times they are caught lying. It blows my mind.

Then I realized this morning that the people who are so insistent on wearing the magic widdle maskies are so terrified by the lefty lies that their masks have become security blankets wrapped around their faces. Why, dey just gots to hab der security blankets to protect dem from duh the boogieman virus or it will get dem.

If you try to teach them that their magic widdle maskies cannot work, they refuse to listen and keep mindlessly saying, "They are better than nothing," to everything you say because they are so terrified to face the boogieman virus without der magic widdle maskie.

They don't understand the science and don't want to understand the science. They just want to blindly believe that their magic security blankets will protect them from the big, bad virus. Those masks have become their 4 leaf clover, their rabbits food, and they might was well just cross their fingers and say, "King's X, king's X, I am safe from duh boogieman virus" because it will do just as much good.

They are as bad as the simple minded Libertarians who believe that, if we pull all of our troops from around the world back to the US, everyone will leave us alone, we can destroy all of our guns, and live in peace happily ever after.


Don't these fools know that the upper class trash royals sent slow moving sailing ships with armies around the world to conquer, enslave, control, and rob everyone 500 years ago? And the same fools don't think the same people will send armies to conquer you in much faster moving ships and planes? Really?

"Oh no, duh Atlantic and Pacific moats will keep dem from coming after us. Dey cain't sail no boats dat far ober water."

Fools, the royals sent their sailing ships over those moats hundreds of years ago to conquer and control everyone and they won't send large, faster ships and planes over those moats today? Really?

I told you that one of the reasons God is going to create 9 planets in this and the next spiral galaxy for Christians to colonize is so everyone will see God create those planets, disproving evolution and proving Biblical creation to everyone.

Another reason God is going to have us colonize 9 planets in two galaxies is to prove just how evil Satan's spawn are. They are power MAD (crazy, nuts, bonkers) and greedy so that they cannot stand to see anyone they don't have control over or has anything they have not stolen. To see such people living free and happy drives them nuts.

When God has you colonize 5 planets in this galaxy tens to thousands of light years away from Earth and 4 planets in the next spiral galaxy 2.5 to 3 million light years away (just a wee bit larger than the Atlantic and Pacific moats), you better not disarm yourselves, thinking you are safe from Satan's spawn. As soon as you get there, you better start preparing for the coming fight because Satan's spawn know that, "if you can get there, so can they and they will come for your planets."

"Dey just gots to hab duh power and wealth ub dis planet and dat planet and dat planet and dis galaxy and dat galaxy" because power mad and greedy people can never be satiated with what they have. They will always want more and you will see for yourselves that, after they have finished conquering Earth by mid Tribulation, they will come for your planets and you WILL have a space or star war just like God showed me so you better get ready for the fight.

Why didn't God tell us about colonizing other planets in the Bible? Uh, because 2 to 3 thousands years ago the people would not have understood the concept of there being other planets, much less colonizing other planets?

Satan's spawn WILL NOT leave you alone, I don't care how big your moat is. Light years of empty space, the vast distance of a galaxy, or even the vast distance between two galaxies is not enough of a moat to prevent them from coming for you and what you have. They are that evil and the only thing that will stop them is death, not moats, death.

When you get there, you better secure your red zones or planets because they just cannot stand knowing that there is anyone who is not their slaves and has anything worth stealing. They just can't leave other people alone, I don't care how far away those people are or how difficult it is to get there. History proves this to be true.

People, that is why God is going to have to throw their evil butts in the Lake of Fire forever. That "death" is the only thing that will stop them from trying to get to you to enslave, steal from, and murder you.


My definition: Murdering the baby to pay for the mother's and father's sins.


Remember that I told you that they will use "new strains" of COVID 19 to justify continuing to oppress, impoverish, and enslave you?

This video shows that they are not just talking about one new strain but, suddenly, they are talking about 2 new strains because it will take much longer for them to over inflate the infection numbers to where they have achieved herd immunity so they can drag out the lockdowns.

They very clearly will not stop this coup until you stop them and this is a global coup to set up their global dictatorship as quickly as possible so they can ramp up their genocide to murder more than 7 billion people as quickly as possible.

Being both sick and poor, I am doing all that I can to help with this fight by teaching people to open eyes and praying my butt off for God to save your butts.

Please, people, wakeup, read the writing on the wall, and stand up to these evil human demons before it is too late.

Right now, I am waiting and watching to see exactly how God is going to get us to where we will be fighting back and earn our freedom.

Repent of your sins, turn back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

BTW, a large group of conservatives showed up to peacefully protest the lockdowns, as is their Constitutional right, and the police attacked them with gas and pepper balls. The conservatives stomped on a blue stripe flag in protest of the bad cops attacking them. The cops just lost a bunch of the support by the right.

The cops attacking peaceful conservative protestors will lead to ballistic protests, where people, including cops, get shot. The bad cops just escalated this war in a bad way and may very well have pushed conservatives as a whole over the edge. Keep an eye on this.


Studying human behavior is interesting and, often, frustrating. Many people have learned that the rich having more money does not mean they are more intelligent, they just have more money. You would be surprised at how many of those same people believe that them having more money than the poor, means they are more intelligent than the poor.

Kind of hypocritical, huh?

Remember that I told you that, when I was in Los Angeles research showed that about one third of homeless people, you know, the poorest of the poor, had college degrees with quite a few of them having Ph.D.s and MDs. There are quite a few very intelligent poor people, some are also very well educated.

All how much money you have means is that you have that much money or that, financially, that is how much God blessed you but money is not the only way God blesses people.

I have met and known quite a few poor people who were very intelligent but not well educated either. God just never blessed them either financially or educationally but He blessed them intelligently. They are those people you see who are very good at one or more things and many of them are happier than the rich people.

People believing they are more intelligent than other people because they have more of anything is normal human arrogance. That poor person you look down on as you walk past them on the street may very well be more capable of understanding nuclear physics or molecular biology than you. They are not there because they are stupid, they are probably there because one or more critical things in their lives didn't go right or the way they thought they would. Sometimes God causes stuff to happen to people the way He brought Nebuchadnezzar down from being a great king to grazing with cattle for 7 years and then returned him to the throne.

Be careful how you treat poor people because they might be sitting on the throne next week. Oops!

I could not begin to count the upper middle to upper class people I have met and known who were just babbling idiots with a lot of money and, if you will look around and you are not one of them, I am sure you can think of plenty of them you know.

Think not? How many times have you seen someone with quite a bit of money and you found yourself wondering, "How did they survive this long?" You have what you have because God loaned it to you for your brief stay here on Earth. Having more doesn't mean you are any better than anyone, just that, for some reason only God knows, God blessed you more than someone else.

God has also been showing you that getting the right degree from the right university is more about who you bribe than how intelligent you are with the recent cases of rich people getting caught bribing their kids' way into the right universities. I hope you finally understand that those rich people giving those "donations" to those right universities is really those rich people bribing those universities to admit and pass the rich people's kids and grandkids.

Most of getting the right degree from the right university is "Who is your mommy and daddy and how much have they bribed the university?"

Think not? Did you know that both Billy Boy and Hillary Clinton got the right degrees from a right university?

That is right, they met at Oxford University in London and got their degrees there and they are dumber than rocks. They probably couldn't pass freshman level hard science courses. They got all of their wealth by hook and crook and most people know it.

When I was in LA and later when I started on the Internet, God let me have opportunities to make money illegally but I refused and persisted in trying to earn a living legally and morally, only to end up in poverty because of my illness. I know God well enough that, if I had gone after that illegal money, it would not have ended well for me. I would probably still be in prison.

Note that test is much harder to pass when you are poor. It is much easier for rich people who don't need money to pass that test but many of them fail it. If you are God and you want to really test someone to see how honest they are, you plunge them into poverty and test to see if they will break the law for money when they need it the most.

I would rather be poor and a good Christian than rich and a terrible pagan.

God said, "Be not deceived, you sins will find you out."

God also said, "Life is a test," and one of the tests is, "Will you turn against God and sin or break God's Law for money?" Think about that because too many fail that part of the test for money or power.


I was watching the beginning of this video when I realized that God will soon be using the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to free up people in many nations and not just the US and to prepare the world for the soon coming Tribulation. God will be freeing people where ever the people are currently protesting and rioting against the upper class trash globalists.

If Pence and the legislature do their jobs, as per the US Constitution, Trump will end up winning this election and be president for the next 4 years.

Now, you have to understand the dynamics of what has been going on and is going on. For more than 4 years the upper class trash old school commies have been staging one coup after another to remove Trump and seize control of the US Government to set up their global commie dictatorship and failing, again and again.

This has caused the racist young school commies, who are much less patient and much more aggressive and violent than the old school commies, and the racist black Muslims to lose confidence in the old school commies, want to get the old school commies out of the way and "show them how to do it right".

You have to understand that the old school commies are afraid of getting their brains blown out by the conservatives where as the young school commies have guns, have had a little training in using those guns (enough to give them a false confidence), are much less concerned about getting their brains blown out and think they will do all of the brains blowing out. Ignorance is bliss.

That is what is causing this current civil war within the Commierat Party between the racist old school commies, the racist young school commies, and the racist black Muslims.

Then you have to understand that it took the commies at least 9 months to a year to plan this current coup attempt using the rigged election. The upper class trash didn't just throw this last coup attempt together in 15 minutes.

They had to print millions of fake ballots and store them in warehouses, put as many of the right people in the right places and still didn't get their people separated from the good guys enough so they ended up with thousands of whistle blowers exposing their coup attempt, get enough rigged voting machines as possible in the right counties in the right states, and set up the logistics to move the right things to the right places at the right time during the rigged election.

You don't just get a group of people together and say, "Hey, let's go storm the castle" the way the young school commies want to do. You have to plan and organize to determine who is going to go where and when to do what to whom and then you have to move all of your resources to strategic and tactical starting positions and then you have to coordinate the battle plan. The logistics for such operations are very extensive and complex, which requires time.

Now, with this rigged election coup looking increasingly like it is failing, they are already trying to stuff old school commie butts under ye ole royal bus. They are openly trying to get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, and others, Prince Phillip tried to "retire" the Queen but she has managed to hold on to the crown so far, probably with the stipulation that the rigged election must succeed, even the lefties have turned on big tech because they failed to "just hand the election to the left", Obama has turned on both the old and young school commies with them turning on him in retaliation, and the lefty run media are turning on more and more of the old school commies.

If this rigged election coup fails, don't be surprised to see people like the Queen, George Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, and others suddenly "die from COVID 19" to get them out of the way. If Prince Phillip doesn't get rid of the Queen, watch Prince William get rid of both Prince Phillip and the Queen along with George Soros being replaced by his oldest son. If this coup fails, heads are going to roll and they will roll downhill.

That is why the lefties are in such a panic, they don't want to lose their heads and they are failing again. Evil tyrants do not accept failure well, especially if it sets their evil plans back.

Note that the lefties have already started planning and organizing for their violent coup telling me that they believe they are going to lose this rigged election coup. They started to hire more radical and aggressive members of the deep state out of the US Government to form their fifth column or shadow government for staging their violent coup more than a month ago but it is still going to take them at least another 3 to 6 months, maybe longer, to be ready to stage their violent coup while trying to make it look like Trump staged the coup so more people will support what they will soon start calling their "counter coup to take back the nation from Trump".

During this period of time, the lefties have to secure all of their blue zones they will be organizing in to prevent the feds from rounding up their traitors before they can get their coup started.

If the rigged election coup fails, 1) Biden will not concede the election and will set up shop somewhere, I believe probably in Chicago, to finish forming his fifth column government to stage a coup of the US Government, while he and the media keep lying to you about Trump having staged a coup instead of Trump countering the lefty coup just like they are already doing and 2) the other nations involved in trying to destroy the US will begin to show their hands in this matter militarily by bringing forces to bear in support of the lefty violent coup.

Don't be surprised to see Biden and Kruella have their offices for this treason in the top of the Sears Tower so they can look down on everyone else because it is the tallest building in Chicago.

It will take at least a few months for them to draw all of the deep state traitors out of the US Government to form and organize their fifth column government the way the Democrats did just before the US Civil War. The lefties have to get the right people in control of all of their blue zones throughout the US with their forces being organized to simultaneously make the right moves in the right places at the right time. They are going to have to organize all of the right heads of their government for seizing control of the many different key departments of the US Government, including the US Military, at the right time, which, in of itself, will be a very complex task. They will have to have a centralized "command and control" in their "Washington DC", which will certainly be a major US city like Chicago. They have to separate out their people from the good guys to prevent interference in their operations like just happened with the rigged election coup. That is the nutshell version.

Basically, the Democrats will have to do everything the Democrats did before they started the US Civil War in the 1860s, which will take months to plan and organize, which will buy you some time to secure your red zones, hint, hint.

Keep an eye on Trump being forced to constantly keep having to reorganize the US Government as traitors leave for Biden's socialist government. God will be separating the good from the bad to prevent backstabbing problems during our escalating war. They have to choose which side of God's line they will take their stand on.

Then keep an eye out for Obama to throw a formal ball in the Sears Tower and watch to see who he invites because that will be who he plans to kill to be able to seize control of the Commierat Party and possibly also the British Royal Crown to gain control of a number of other nations including the UK and the Common Wealth nations.

Remember the important details for that ball are that it will be in the Sears Tower, it will be an upper class formal ball, it will be on a Monday that is a normal workday and not a holiday, and it will be during normal work hours so Obama can purge the Commierat deep state to replace them with Farrakhan's Nation of Islam government.

Farrakhan already has his coup government set up. He has been building that coup government for more than 60 years and even tried to talk Billy Boy into letting him stage a violent coup at the end of the 1990s but Billy Boy talked Farrakhan out of it. Farrakhan ain't going to take no for an answer this time because he is in bed with Obama, who is a member of the Royal Family so Farrakhan doesn't have to answer to the Royal Family the way he did with Billy Boy.

If you were paying attention, during his presidency, Obama spent quite a bit of time at Farrakhan's home having secret meetings with Farrakhan while Obama's Secret Service people sat in their vehicles outside while Farrakhan's forces patrolled between them and Obama. You can bet that, during this mess, Obama has been to see Farrakhan more than once. For some reason I don't think those numerous secret meetings were to plan birthday parties.

If you are in the Chicago area on that day, call in sick for that day, go for a drive upwind of Chicago and don't look at the flash.

If Pence and Congress don't do their job, watch for the people themselves to stand up in protest and start fighting to get their government back and the US Military and its civilian militias have been planning for this for decades.

Yeah, I do my homework, I pay attention, and God shows me things that I am supposed to eventually share with you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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