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Here is something to keep an eye on.

These new strains they are panicking everyone about, did they take COVID 19 back into the lab, reengineer it, and turn it loose on the people AGAIN?

Keep an eye on this because I absolutely do not trust the left.


I have seen a number of videos showing the simple minded ignorance and stupidity of over educated conservatives or moderates who don't understand law in relation to human behavior. They think that, as long as we don't engage in violence, the Constitution will just be there always protecting us. The US Constitution is their god and they are putting their faith in the Constitution to save their butts from evil people who will not abide by the Constitution and law with no one enforcing the Constitution.

NO!!! I have told you before that the Constitution is just law and if the Constitution is not enforced, then it cannot work and ceases to mean anything and, if the Constitution ceases to mean anything, then our constitutional republic is dead and the only thing that can stop tyrants is violence or force.

The Constitution AIN'T NO GOD and it can only protect you if it is enforced, which it clearly is not being enforced, therefore, the US Constitutional Republic is dead and it is every man or group for themselves with might makes right. Quit putting your faith in the US Constitution and put your faith in God.

Get it straight, EVERYONE who helped stage this coup committed treason and is an enemy of the people. All of the politicians and judges who refused to enforce the US Constitution aided with this coup by doing nothing, you know, not doing the job they swore to do so they are treasonous oath breakers.

If the US Military doesn't keep their oath and uphold the US Constitution, they are also oath breakers and traitors so they will be the enemy of the people. If Pence and Congress don't keep their oath to enforce the US Constitution to prevent this coup of our government, they are also aiding in this coup by not doing their jobs and are treasonous enemies of the people.

The main reason why we have a constitution is to prevent might makes right but, if there is no constitution being enforced, then we are back to might makes right. The law can only be the law, if the law is enforced.

The insane attitude of these simpletons is that we just keep letting the law breakers break the law, knowing no one will pull them in because no one will enforce the law or Constitution.

Until what, these criminals just magically start obeying the law?

If you don't enforce the law, criminals will not magically obey the law and then we are a lawless society where violence is required to protect yourselves and your families. Since no one is enforcing the law or Constitution, then we are now a lawless society (the left is proving this to be true) and our republic is dead so the only recourse becomes using violence to reestablish our law, Constitution, and order to prevent more abuse by the criminals. Ultimately, bad people only respect force or violence.

But the over educated fools don't get it because they can't see down the road to the hell they are directing you towards.

I just lost respect for the ACLJ and Christians who don't have any common sense, making me wonder if they are true Christians or idiot poser Christians. They obviously don't have the wisdom of God, whatever they are. They keep telling us that they do not support violence regardless of what happens. "Why, it is never acceptable!"

Tell it to the Founding Fathers who used violence to start this nation because these simple minded idiots are telling you they would not have supported the Founding Fathers in their armed revolution.

Maybe they are just "too smart" or educated to see the wisdom of God or maybe they are in bed with the royals and are trying to discourage you from using violence against them to stop their coup?

God tells us in the Bible that there is a time for peace and a time for war, you know, violence. When it is time for war or violence, you better accept it and fight or you die.

Is God going to cause us to lose our nation so we will learn to not listen to these simple minded fools and to listen to God? Are we going to lose our nation and republic because too many put their faith in Trump and the Constitution so God wants us to see them fail so we will turn back to Him?


I repeat, I say to God, "Lord, if no one else will fight for You and Your people, take me because I have a spine and testicles, I will fight for You. I am sick, I am weak, but you will be my strong right arm. Deliver us out of the hands of our enemies and deliver our enemies into our hands!"

I pray that, if none of the civilians will do their job, that the US Military will do its job and keep its oath to protect the Constitution, nation, and its people from external and internal threats. We just may have to live under military martial law to not have to live under the globalist Marxist Monarchy and face global genocide.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

It is so infuriating seeing so many people, even conservatives, who just don't get it.

I just have to trust in God because God will take care of it. With my illness and poverty, there is nothing I can do but accept His will.

And then:

It seems that Pence and Congress didn't do their job of stopping the coup of our government. It looks like all of their tough talk was just show to keep conservatives voting for them. "Hey, we tried."

Everyone who didn't do their job to stop this coup by the left is guilty of being complicit in this coup by the left. They are all traitors and must be held accountable for their actions to destroy our nation and not doing your job is an action.

God is sorting out the traitor RINOs and putting them with the treasonous Commierats as the battle lines are increasingly being drawn for freedom and slavery. It is now Trump and the people against the lefty commie traitors and upper class trash royals, if Trump will continue the fight.

I fumed, prayed, and thought about this for hours and then realized that God is showing you what I have been telling you for years, which is just how corrupt our government really is. He is showing you right now that almost all of our politicians, bureaucrats, judges, DAs, and others are very corrupt and don't care one bit about you or this nation. When you see just how bad it is, it is amazing that Trump did what he managed to do and is still alive.

Pay attention and learn who the bad guys are. Don't let any of them fool you ever again.

Do you now understand just how corrupt our government really is? Do you realize that I have been telling you the truth for years?

I am impressed that Trump did anything other than get killed, especially when you see the corruption he has been working against. Remember that I told you that the government was so corrupt that I did not think he could clean it up and he may not be able to finish the job. It will take a miracle of God to clean up this mess. God is our only hope.

Then I saw this video telling how some in the military are supporting the lefty coup of our government while others are right now preparing to stop the coup.

It is just like I told you that God will separate out the traitors from the patriots even in the military. It looks like this is going to come down to the US Military doing its job to stop the coup when no one else would. This is going to get interesting.

I am waiting for Trump to activate the Insurrection Act, suspend the US Constitution, and declare martial law but then the top officers in the military may also be traitors.

Listen, martial law is going to be enacted one way or the other. If the Commierats get control of our government, they will declare martial law that will enslave, oppress, and murder us but, if Trump and the Military declare martial law, it will be to eventually return to freedom and liberty. I would rather be under martial law by the Military than by the Commierats.

So two sides within the military are right now organizing to stand with the Commierat coup or stop the Commierat coup just like the Democrats caused in 1860. Deja vu, baby. Satan never stops.

You better repent of your sins, turn back to God, call on His name, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones for war, and lock and load. There is a time for peace and a time for war; this is a time for war.

When the Apostles asked Jesus, "Should we buy a sword?" Jesus answered, "No, buy two swords."

All hell is about to break loose from the left but all Heaven is about to break loose from the right. My money is on Heaven.

We, the people, are the 21st Century Union and the Commierats are the 21st Century Commiefedaracy. Surprise, surprise. The corrupt upper class trash never quit and they keep forcing us to repeat history.

For months, in this extremely frustrating mess that is being caused by Satan's evil spawn, I have had to regularly remind myself of 2 things you should keep in mind.

1) The US Military WILL NOT take action to save this nation and the people from this evil commmie coup and genocide until every potential civilian avenue of recourse has been exhausted and they are the only potential avenue of recourse for saving the people.

2) That God will not personally intervene until our government, the US Constitution, and all other potential avenues of recourse the people have put their faith in have failed, God is the only potential salvation for us, and it is late enough in the game that it will literally take a miracle by God to save our undeserving butts to test and build our faith in God.

I must not put my faith in the Military, people, or civilian militias to save us but must only put my faith in God, knowing that it may be His will for us to endure the lefty oppression long enough for it to finish opening everyone's eyes to how evil the lefty commie traitor royals really are and to turn everyone back to God.

I do know that God has told me that certain things are going to happen but I do not know exactly how God is going to get us there for those things to happen but, hey, after 2,000+ years, we still don't know exactly how God will get us to where His prophecies in the Bible will happen. Those things are still in debate and I can't expect any more for the prophecies God gave me. I see us moving in that direction but I still see several possible paths for God to take us down to get there. I just have to believe what God told me in the best faith I have and wait on the Lord, while praying my butt off.

I pray that God will soon intervene to stop this mess knowing that the intervention God has shown me is going to be painful, bloody, and very unpleasant because we turned from God to our sins and it will probably take that pain to keep us from turning back away from God in the near future again.

Know that God does not have to have our government, our military, our militias, our allies, or our people to save our butts. He is much more likely to use a smaller, outnumbered force as He did with Gideon so it will be obvious to everyone that it was God and not us. Listen, you need to know that God can save this nation and planet with just a sick, weak, old man like me because He is God. I know that, somehow, God is going to get us to where He said He will get us because He said He will.

My prayers are to God, my faith is in God, I wait on God, and my peace and strength are from God.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because this ain't going to be purdy. This is going to get worse before God makes it better because I still see too many people refusing to repent of their sins and turn back to God.

Space Aliens

Remember I warned you years ago that the left will be pushing space aliens at us to get us to blindly obey them and destroy the Bible, God, and Christianity and I told you about what I call star ships?

This is even more ominous than I thought because it turns out that the lefties/royals have gotten wind that the US might have super secret weapons the lefties/royals will suddenly find themselves facing and they are trying to uncover those weapons so they can gain control of those weapons and use them against us.

This video shows that the lefties are doing that with a bill they hid in this "COVID relief bill". The evil lefties try to hide every thing they do.

Yes, they are trying to destroy God, the Bible, and Christianity but they also want to get their power mad little hands on those weapons. Keep an eye on this because we have until the end of June.

Somebody better do something soon, very soon.


I have told you about some of the projects God has told me to take care of like the yacht, restaurant, velodrome, a couple of car builds, and castle.

God said, "Life is a test."

Several of the tests that God is going to put me through with these projects are 1) will I spend the money God gives me the way He tells me to even though I would not normally spend that money that way, trusting in God, and, after I made the commitment to obey Him, He showed me why He wants me to build some of those things and 2) at some point I am going to have to turn my back on those things just a few years after I build them so I won't get to enjoy them for long for God and walk away from them in obedience to Him. That money and those things are part of my test and are to also be used by me to create jobs for others.

That will be a little tougher test after being so poor for so long but I know I will pass it. You have to understand that, after you have been so impoverished for a few decades and then get rich, just walking away from the wealth will be much tougher than if you were rich all of your life and don't really appreciate your wealth as much as a poor person would.

God has shown me that I will literally have to walk away from some of that stuff after it has served its purpose in my life. We are talking turn out the lights, walk out the door, and walk away leaving it behind without selling it.

I will literally have to prove that walking with God is more important to me than having really nice stuff, even though I dreamed of having some of those things since I was a kid in the 1950s. Those will be childhood dreams come true and, when God says, I will have to turn my back on them for God but I know that, "It has never entered into the heart of man what God is preparing for us in Paradise" with the most important thing being spending eternity with him. Hey, that stuff ain't nuttin compared to what God has planned for us.

Just remember that everything you have here on Earth is loaned to you by God for the brief time you are here on Earth and is almost certainly a part of your test in this life. It is all going to go away sooner or later, just much sooner with me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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