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Well, our traitors in Congress, including Pence, certified Dopey and Kruella as president and vice president.

It looks like the entire vote counting thing was a dog and pony show. A bunch of GOP professional politicians (read crooks) put on a dog and pony show to appease conservatives while aiding in the coup. They did a few rounds "the right way" (the show) and then had Antifa infiltrate the conservative protest to stage a violent takeover of Congress so Congress could quit the show until most people had to go to bed so they could go to work today and to make the conservatives look violent and bad.

That is what it looks like to me, a registered independent. Keep an eye on it. Note, this is not Trump against the Commierats, it is Trump against the entire establishment, which includes the Commierats and Republican rats.

Now do you understand why God will not permit me to be either a Democrat or Republican?

I am only permitted to be a Christian and can't even belong to a church because 1) there are too many corrupt churches and 2) it would cause too many people to leave their church to join whatever church I belong to. I can only belong to God and walk with God because I am a man of God.

Then Trump has stated that he will submit to a peaceful transition, meaning he is beat and quitting the fight because even the military won't stop this coup.

If the military does not intervene at this time, you are completely on your own.

You just might want to pray that God will send us a Gideon who won't quit the fight.

That finalizes it, the Constitution and Trump have failed because too many people put their faith in the Constitution and Trump. You just might want to repent and put your faith in God.

Are your eyes open yet to what I have been telling you for years?

Our government is so corrupt that even Trump couldn't beat it and the US Constitution is clearly dead because the left won't enforce it so you just lost all of your constitutional rights because the Republic of the United States of America is now dead. There cannot be a constitutional republic without an enforced constitution. We now live in the United Soviet States of America.

What are you, the people, going to do? Most of you?

Most of you will quietly go into the gas chambers to die so the upper class trash royals can depopulate "their planet".

What do you expect?

You turned your back on God for your sins so God left you to your sins. Call on your sins to save your butt.

What, your sins can't save your butt, only God can save your butt?

You can only have your sins or God, you can't have both, your sins will bring you down and make you vulnerable to the upper class trash, who will gladly rob, enslave, and murder you, and God will protect you. Your choice, so choose wisely.

So, how is that sin thingy working? Still want to be tolerant of other people's sins?

Look, I know that most of you didn't want to believe when I said that the Constitution and Republic are dead but now it is too obvious. There will never again be another fair election, the commies will see to that very quickly to prevent them from losing power again. They are NOT going to put themselves in jail for rigging the election.

That leaves you with 2 choices right now, 1) an oppressive martial law and commie dictatorship that will enslave you, rob you, and murder you by the billions or 2) a Christian theocracy that will free you as long as you live within God's Law.

"Lord, if no one else will fight for You, take this sick, weak, impoverished old man. I have a spine. I'll fight for You, just pick me up and point me in the right direction."

My suggestion: Repent of your sins, turn back to God, call on the name of God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because everything I have been telling you just got real.

Do you believe me yet? Are you paying attention yet? Am I getting through to you now?

As of right now, your only hope to avoid this global genocide that is being openly carried out against you right now is God. Everything else has failed, absolutely everything.

It is now time to pray for a Gideon.

Lefty Trolls

The lefty trolls have gone mad on FB posting all sorts of crap about conservatives being violent while ignoring their rioting, burning, looting, and beating people all last year.

Hey, dey gots tuh makes the supid people believe the conservatives are the bad guys so the supid people won't realize the lefties are the real bad guys.

Just more lies, misinformation, and propaganda to control the stupid people.

People, I hope you realize that, as of right now, the lefty coup has succeeded?

Think about that, knowing it will now get much worse much faster because they control the government's guns.

Time for a little Christian tea party, is it?


Right now I am wondering what Obama is going to do next because the royals are back in power and he has to know they are racist with plans to murder all blacks, which will include him?

Also, note that the lefties have gained complete control of the US Government forever so now they can really afford to turn on each other in an all-out civil war. If you think they were going after each other before, when they still did not have control of the US Government, you ain't seen nuttin yet. They are about to go whole hog on who gets to rule this roost. This should get interesting very quickly.

Remember that I told you that the Constitution protects the wealthy more than us poor and middle class because the wealthy control better than 95% of the wealth?

Yeah, they have a lot more to steal than we do and the upper class trash are all so greedy that they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough so who are they going to start stealing from now that they have all of this power and don't need bribes to get elected anymore?

Let me give you a hint. If they steal from me, they might get about $1,000 but, if they steal from Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, and the rest of the mega wealthy, they can get tens of billions of dollars in the same time with the same effort.

If you were the greedy upper class trash, who would you steal from?

It wouldn't be me. But, hold it, they are already starting to go after the mega wealthy and this will be fun.

Remember that the corrupt politicians are already making moves to "break up" big tech "because they have become too powerful", meaning they are already getting ready to steal from those boys? Think not?

Remember that the wealthy, who used to bribe the politicians, are fleeing from Commiefornia because those corrupt politicians gained almost absolute power and are now stealing from those same wealthy people with increasing taxes? How long do you think it will take for the corrupt politicians, who now control the mightiest military in the world, to start stealing from all of the mega wealthy people in the world, you know, the power mad and greedy mega wealthy?

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Keep an eye on this.


I had to really think about sharing this video with you because they make their crap sound great but they do confirm what I taught you about desertification and then ignore it with their great sounding crap. I am hoping that, if I warn you about it, you will also see through it.

The main thing is that they state that the primary cause of desertification is NOT ENOUGH RAIN or precipitation, which means more water leaves the area than is deposited into the area by rain or precipitation, you know, just like I told you. Then they point out other things that ACCELERATE desertification, which don't cause desertification but only accelerate it when there is NOT ENOUGH RAIN or precipitation.

Note that none of their solutions involved increasing the amount of water to the area in spite of the fact that the actual cause is there is not enough water coming into the area.

Smart, huh?

Yeah, the x-spirts focus on treating the symptoms but not the cause. They make it sound really great but it is really stupid. They are so focused on the symptoms that they are missing the actual cause and you will see this with his "theory" at the end of the video, which is really a hypothesis because it has not been tested. By scientific definition, for it to be a theory, it has to be tested.


You want to see how obvious the lies and propaganda are that the lefty media use to control the stupid people?

Watch this video where Mark Dice shows the difference in "reporting" very well. When the commies protest and riot, it is "democracy at work" but, when the right protests, it is "treason and insurrection".

One of the oldest tricks the lefties use to fool the stupid people is to accuse others of what the lefties are doing to distract the stupid people from seeing that the lefties are doing that something. This is a great example of the lefties doing that because it is the lefties staging the coup and committing insurrection and treason while claiming it is the conservatives doing it.

The amazing thing is that there are millions of stupid people who fall for these blatant lies.

Do you believe me yet that the most powerful weapon being used by the left in this treasonous coup is their media and, for you to stop this coup, you have to stop their media first and foremost, probably before you take out their leaders?

Judgment Day

I just realized something that will be very funny on Judgment Day, watching all of these lying MSM "journalists" being testified against by angels for all of the lies they have told. You know that will take a while and the stupid people will be amazed at all of the lies they believed.

Jesus did not lie when He said, "The truth will be made known."

On Judgment Day, we find out EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. That is going to be interesting and you will all know that I told you the truth. I am looking forward to that day for a number of reasons.

The Judgment Day will be the second happiest day of my life and the happiest day with be the day after when, thanks to God, we no longer have to put up with the evil spawn of Satan and will forever be free from crime and oppression. I intend to celebrate forever because, thanks to God, there will be no more greedy or power mad people forever.


Remember that the Commierats said they hate cops?

The very first people the Commierats are going after following them illegally seizing power with their coup are the Capitol Police, you know, the guys who safely got the Commierat butts out and protected them.

You cops are all screwed now. You protected the wrong people. They are coming after you first and then the military. Hey, they got to make sure they get your guns so you can't stop or reverse their coup.

The Commierat purge has already started and soon Antifa will replace all of you. So you bad cops keep enforcing their unconstitutional and illegal orders while they are purging you. Yep, smart move.

Listen, people, the upper class trash just found out that they don't have to take your guns first because they just called the American people's bluff and the American people folded. No, they have to get the guns from law enforcement and the military first, who all folded months ago.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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