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I just saw that the House has filed articles of impeachment to get rid of Trump with only 13 days left in his presidency.

Why? Is he still fighting behind closed doors to stop their coup? Is the Military ready to stop this coup now that we have all been betrayed by Congress? Will the Military now step up, keep their oaths, and do their job since all other options have failed?

Remember that I told you that the US Military would not support martial law until all other potential avenues for stopping this coup had failed and they have now all failed.

When the military said they would not support martial law, did they mean "at that time because all other avenues had not failed?"

Keep an eye on this because there has to be a reason why they are trying to impeach Trump with only 13 days left AFTER Trump stated there would be a peaceful transition (maybe he meant to his second term?). The traitors are in an incredible panic about removing Trump as fast as they can and there has to be a reason for that panic.

Are the traitors still getting inside information from the Military about what is going on and the Military has to hunt down the rats leaking that information before they can act?

Remember that the lefties hid a bill in the COVID 19 relief bill requiring the Military to provide information on UFOs?

That bill told me that the Military officers who are clearly traitors and are aiding in this coup knew about some of those weapons but obviously don't know everything about those weapons and leaked that information to their owners and puppet masters. There are still moles and traitors inside the US Military that the Military will have to hunt down and get rid off before they can take control under martial law or risk losing that control to an internal coup of the US Military by those traitors and the upper class trash.

You need to understand how the US Military classified information system works. Before anyone can teach you anything that is classified information, you have to first have the proper classification of classified, secret, top secret, or super secret AND you have to have "a need to know", meaning you need to know it to do your job, or you don't learn anything that is classified. I got to play in "Uncle Sam's Black Closet" and I can tell you that VERY FEW people in the military, even generals and admirals in the Pentagon know even close to everything about every classified weapon system in the US Military. I know more than most military personnel, even many officers, but there is still much I don't know.

This isn't just the Commierats but is also the Republican rats who are in a panic to remove Trump as quickly as possible. This is stupid because, if the US Military is now getting ready to support Trump's martial law to stop this coup, they can do it after he is kicked out and just put him back in power or, more likely, accelerate their martial law to take place before the traitors can finish their impeachmening Trump to kick him out. Under the right circumstances, the Pentagon can override the president and declare martial law.

Any way it goes, the traitors have already shown their true colors, should be prosecuted, and hung for treason and insurrection.

I just have trouble believing that, with what I know and I have seen, the US Military would allow Biden to become Commander in Chief, you know, in control of the US Military.

They KNOW this is a coup and the election was rigged so it is unconstitutional and illegal, therefore, Biden cannot legally be our president.

They know that our entire civilian government is complicit in this coup.

They have known for half a century that the commies are staging a coup to destroy the US Constitution and the Republic, been monitoring the traitors, and have been planning to stop this coup at the last minute, after everything else has failed.

They know that the traitors hate the military and plan to destroy it and replace it with their thugs, Antifa.

When they first started briefing Biden, the first thing they did was feed him false classified information to test Biden and, within 12 hours, that false classified information was posted on China's official web site proving that Biden is a traitor, spy, and threat to US national security so they stopped briefing Biden to deny him any classified information and you think the military will allow him to become Commander in Chief with control of the US Military? Really?

What is going on here?

Me thinks me smells something fishy that everyone is hiding. I see some shadows moving in the background.

Note that God was using this Congressional treason, the absolute worst act of treason in US history, to prove to you what I have been telling you for years. Let's connect the dots.

The first important dot was when all of those mega CEOs openly threatened extortion against everyone in government who helped Trump use the US Constitution to stop their coup and treason.

All of those judges, who refused to hear Trump court cases based on technicalities, when this coup is so blatantly obvious, proved that they sold their souls, the Constitution, the Republic, and you citizens to the upper class trash royals.

All of those corrupt politicians from the mayors and governors to almost all of the members in Congress who refused to obey their oaths to enforce the US Constitution to stop this coup proved that they sold their souls, the Constitution, the Republic, and you citizens to the upper class trash royals.

All of the bureaucrats who fought against Trump and the people in violation of their oaths to aid this coup proved that they sold their souls, the Constitution, the Republic, and you citizens to the upper class trash royals.

Almost all of your government is owned by the upper class trash royals and they just made it blatantly obvious by all of them openly obeying the obvious orders of the upper class trash royals and refusing to do their jobs to stop this coup by the upper class trash royals. They are all owned puppets and political whores and the upper class trash royals made it obvious they can all be replaced by other corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats because there are so many corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats to replace them all with.

The upper class trash made it blatantly obvious they can stuff all of their evil butts under ye ole royal bus and the puppets did what they were told to do.

God showed you that is how massive and complex our corrupt government really is, you know, just like I have been telling you for years because God showed me how bad it is by showing me how corrupt the Stock Market is, how corrupt nonprofit corporations are, and causing me to get an MBA to see how corrupt the business and government worlds are. God just showed you what He had been teaching me for decades.

The upper class trash royals clearly OWN almost all of our governments and God taught me this a quarter of a century ago.

That is why I knew Trump couldn't fix this mess when he first started and I was surprised and happy that he did what he did without being killed by the upper class trash.

Listen, I was happy to see Trump undoing what he managed to undo against the horrific resistance he fought against but there is something I have been quietly watching for the last 4 years.

Did you notice how Trump did almost all of what he did by writing executive orders?

All the upper class trash had to do to undo all of the damage Trump was doing to finish their coup was to have their first political whore and puppet who got into office as president, write a handful of executive orders reversing everything Trump did and, if Biden makes it into office, you are about to see Biden do just that.

I was hoping and praying that God would cause the things to happen He showed me would happen before the upper class trash got one of their political whores into office to prevent that from happening.

I was cautiously watching Pence because I knew he is a professional politician and that he might not be what he was acting like, he might be the traitor and political whore he turned out to be. He was pretty unbelievable and now we know the truth about him because he just showed us his true colors.

God showed you that, just like all of those other politicians in Congress, Pence is a owned political whore and traitor who sold out Trump, the Constitution, the Republic, and YOU. He was probably infiltrated into Trump's cabinet to keep an eye on Trump and report back everything Trump planned and did and Pence should be tried and hung for spying.

Keep an eye on all of the traitors leaving Trump's cabinet because they are also owned by the upper class trash.

Also keep an eye on all of the military leaders who refuse to use martial law to stop this upper class trash royal coup because you can bet they are also owned by the upper class trash and are traitors. I have seen that and have been wondering just how deep that river runs. We are right now about to find that out.

Can Trump still save this nation?

Only if he successfully declares martial law and executes everyone involved in this coup, while undoing everything they have done for more than half a century.

Do you finally see just how massive the government corruption is and how it is impossible for a man to beat it without the hand of God? Do you finally see that everything I have been teaching you was right?

But, hey, it gets better. God showed me that the upper class trash own all of the major corporations with six of those corporations owning the rest, which is why the upper class trash are using these shutdowns to destroy all other businesses or their competition so that you will only be able to buy from the upper class trash businesses and, if you don't do what you are told, you won't get to buy food, water, electricity, or gas.

God also showed me that the upper class trash control all of the major nonprofit corporations and the Stock Market. They own and/or control almost everything and are finishing that part of their coup too so they can have complete control over everything in your life and you in every way. That is part of what the lockdowns are all about.

Right now, the politicians are increasing the minimum wage so the upper class trash can justify replacing their employees with computers and robots to impoverish everyone so you will all be forced to live on government poverty level income so they can control you so that, if you don't do what they say, you don't get any money or food. It isn't just your government they are taking over.

Do you believe yet that this is all about control and power?

Just remember that, when you don't have anything left to lose, it is Bastille time. It is time to become a Bastille barber and give out some Bastille haircuts.

Look, in the dreams that God gave me and showed me that He would cause me to take a prominent position in our new government, He didn't cause me to take that position until after Obama left the US to invade Israel. That meant that God has to cause things to get to where Obama seizes enough control to be able to take an army to invade Israel by some other means or another person like Trump.

I KNOW that God is taking us there because God has already caused the safe zones God showed me in a dream and you are calling red zones. Those prophecies God gave me and I told you years ago are already happening. They are in progress right now.

I don't know how God is going to get us from here to Obama nuking Chicago to seize control but I see God moving us in that direction. We get closer every day.

I also KNOW that God permitted the traitors to win up to this far to open your eyes to just how corrupt our government is and the terrible task you are facing. It is this mess created by the upper class trash, who create almost all of our problems for thousands of years, that you are now facing so you better turn from your sins and call on God's name to save your butts because you are not going to win that one without God doing most of the work.

My big question right now is, "How much further will God let them go to keep opening people's eyes because those stupid people won't pull their heads out of their butts and just keep drinking the Kool-Aid?" When is God going to say, "Enough!"?

One thing God has shown me that you all need to know is that, based on history, my studies in human behavior, and my observations of the current events, you can bet that the upper class trash, who have spent trillions of dollars to buy our government from the stupid, corrupt, traitor politicians, judges, and bureaucrats, also think that money purchased you as their slaves to do with as they please. You can bet that, to them, they own you and you are just another form of live stock they can butcher any time they want.

I have been waiting to hear one of them arrogantly mention that and you can bet it will probably come soon.

"Hey, they spent trillions of dollars buying you from your corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats so dey gots to own you."

Remember that these are the greedy, power mad people whose ancestors owned your ancestors about 200 years ago and still believe they have a right to own you. The royals are evil because, to them, you are no better than sheep, chickens, and pigs. Don't ever forget that.

You can bet that these human demons will burn in the Lake of Fire forever.

"If I am a man of God, God will soon rain down his wrath on them to destroy most of them so you can fight the rest of them to protect His good people from these spawn of Satan."

Remember that you cannot fight their hired thugs in the streets because they can hire more thugs than you can beat so you must storm their castles, where they live, work, and play, to put a quick end to them before they put an end to you.

Turn from your sins and call on the name of God to save your butts.


These COVID 19 lockdowns are having a backfiring effect for the lefties concerning education.

The lefties had used the public education system to dumb down and brainwash young people into being commies but the lockdowns are causing people to rethink the education of their children. 60% of parents are now considering home schooling their kids this fall in 2021, which could lead to as much as a 500% increase in home schooling this fall. A lot of this is going to be using Christian home schooling.

That is going to take a lot of kids out of the public school system and give them a conservative education and not just brainwashing, which will decrease support for the Commierats and put a lot of lefty public school teachers out of work, which will politically weaken the NEA (National Education Association) union for teachers, which is very leftist and powerful.

This will also increase Christianity and strengthen the Christian churches, which you know the lefties will hate. The increasing oppression by the upper class trash will only cause more and more people, especially children, to turn to Christianity and away from Marxism.

This video tells more about this.

Man plans, God laughs.

Just-Do-It Preachers

I am seeing a sudden increase in "Christian" preachers teaching Christians that we are supposed to passively submit ourselves to the rule of our government.

"Why, how dare you rise up and wage a civil war to stop the satanic coup of our government? You might get yourselves killed so you won't be able to pay tithes to me and I will lose money. Even worse than that, you might cause the government to come here, burn my church, and kill me and we wouldn't want that."

They are teaching that Jesus said to submit yourselves to any government because no governments have power except by God and that to resist any government is to sin against God.

Are they just taking that scripture out of context or maybe the royals placed that scripture in the Bible when THEY translated it a few hundred years ago? Isn't you submitting yourselves to the rule of the government the same lie the royals have been telling you for more than 3,000 years? How did that workout?

I do not believe that Jesus lied but that these preachers are either wrong or lying.

Let's do the math to see if opposing a satanic pagan government is sinning against God.

First, when you are submitting yourself to the rule of a Government, you are agreeing to obey all of their laws, even if they contradict God's Laws. You are putting their laws before God's Laws, you know, if their laws say you have to murder your kids to their false pagan gods, you have to murder her kids to their false pagan gods regardless of what God says.

The first time a person of God did not submit themselves to Satan's rule, was when Satan tried to overthrow God and God defeated Satan.

What, do you mean that God sinned against God by not submitting to satanic rule or did He set an example for us to follow?

Then Abraham left Ur to get out from under their pagan rule and, when he arrived in Canaan, he did not submit himself to the pagan governments of the Canaanites but continued to live by God's Laws.

Was that Abraham sinning against God?

Then, when Moses rebelled against Pharaoh and led his people out of Egypt, he was rebelling against the pagan rule of Pharaoh.

Did Moses sin against God when he led the Hebrews out of Egypt?

Then, when Joshua invaded Canaan and obeyed God by fighting to overthrow the pagan rule of the Canaanites, Joshua didn't submit himself to the pagan rule of the Canaanites.

Did Joshua sin against God?

When Gideon fought to prevent the pagan rule of an invading army instead of submitting to that pagan rule, was Gideon sinning against God?

When David fought against the pagan rule of the Philistines, did he sin against God?

When Samson resisted the pagan rule of the Philistines, did he sin against God?

When Jesus returns and destroys the pagan rule of the Muslims, who will rule the entire planet, in the Battle of Armageddon, instead of submitting to their pagan rule, will He be sinning against God?

When the Apostles asked Jesus if they should buy a sword and Jesus said, "No, buy two swords," did Jesus sin against God?

When God destroys the invading armies against Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and when he destroys the pagan armies rising up to overthrow the rule of Jesus at the end of the Millennial Rule of Jesus, will God be sinning against God by not submitting to those Satanic governments?

Isn't this interesting that it starts and ends with God fighting against Satan's rule?

Here is a little extra food for thought. When the two witnesses and the 144,000 virgin Hebrew males are preaching during the Tribulation, do you think they will be walking around teaching Islam and that the two witnesses will be murdered by the Antichrist or Mahdi for teaching Islam instead of teaching Christianity? Will they all be sinning against God for not submitting to the pagan rule of Islam?

When the Founding Fathers of the US Republic rose up in rebellion against the King of England to throw off his oppressive rule, did they sin against God?

Hey, the royals think so.

When our soldiers fought and died in WWII to stop the Nazis from taking control of the world instead of submitting to their pagan rule, did all of those people sin against God?

You know, God sure has used a lot of violence to resist and overthrow evil pagan governments to protect His people, hasn't He?

It doesn't sound like what those pacifist, just-do-it preachers are teaching, does it?

Do these just-do-it-preachers really believe that you rising up to stop this pagan coup of our government is the people sinning against God or are those preachers Tories infiltrated into our churches to keep the Christians from again resisting the rule of the evil royals?

Remember that it wasn't that long ago that ALL Christian preachers were members of the European Royal Family, you can bet there are still a few of them preaching, and that they taught our non royal preachers what to preach.

I mean, after all, who else would teach you Christians to not resist the rule of the evil, satanic royals? Buddhists? Muslims? Atheists?

Let me give you a little clue about Jesus.

Do you think that the Sanhedrin and Romans hung Jesus on the cross so he could pay for their sins?

No, I don't think so and the Bible makes it clear that they hung Him on the cross, where He did pay for our sins, because they saw Jesus as a threat to their rule and power.


Read his teachings and you will see that His teachings were a threat to their rule because, if most people converted to His teachings, they would have risen up and overthrown those GOVERNMENTS.

Why do you think the pagans staging a coup of our government today, who hate God, the Bible, and Christianity want to destroy Christianity?

I have already told you that the reason for that is because, if everyone becames a Christian, they would insist on living by God's Laws, which would destroy the pagan laws and government.

Listen, when the pagans unconstitutionally decided there must be a separation between church and state, meaning the state should control the church and not the church control the state, the just-do-it preachers said, "Just do it".

When the pagans said we needed to get God out of our schools, the just-do-it preachers said, "Just do it".

When the pagans said we should get God completely out of our government, the just-do-it preachers said, "Just do it".

When the pagans said Christians should be tolerant of the pagan sins, the just-do-it preachers said, "Just do it".

Resist or fight against the pagans taking over our government?

Oh no, that would be sinning against God.

People, it should be obvious that the primary reason we are where we are today in this mess with the pagans finishing their coup of our government and threatening to murder all Christians is because of the just-do-it preachers and they are still aiding the pagans in their coup by teaching you to not resist their coup.

Gee, you don't think they are complicit in the pagan coup, do you?

Well, whether they know it or not, yes, they are and the question becomes, how many of them know they are aiding this pagan coup of our government?

What these idiot just-do-it preachers are too stupid to realize is that, after the pagans are finished with their satanic coup, they will burn all of your Christian churches, murder all of you Christians, and kill all of those just-do-it preachers and their families.

Gee, you think that will stop those greedy just-do-it preachers from getting any more of your tithes?

Probably. So, go ahead, sit on your butts in those comfy pews listening to those just-do-it preachers and paying your tithes and special offerings until the pagans come around and murder you all.

The pagans have already done it a few times to some of the Christian churches and Christians and the rest of you Christians didn't get the message?

I guarantee that ALL of you Christians and ALL of your preachers are among the 95% the globalists plan to butcher. They hate you and do not plan to permit any of you to live. Think about that because you will be among the first they murder and, with today's technology, they know who all of you are.

People, let me give you a clue. Those pro Christian posts you keep clicking like for on FB are tracking programs that tell Zuckerberg that you are Christians. They know where ALL of you Christians live, work, play, and worship and when to go there to murder you. They know how many are in your family and how much money you make. You are already all marked for "termination". Think about that.

Yeah, keep listening to those just-do-it preachers sitting on your butts in those pews paying your tithes instead of trying to stop the pagan coup with them telling you that they plan to butcher better than 95% of the people on the planet and that they hate you.

Do you get the picture yet? And you want to just keep sitting in those comfy pews, paying those tithes, and letting the commies win their coup over your government because you have a just-do-it preacher?

Just in case you Christians have not figured it out yet, Satan and his spawn don't love you. They want all of you dead and are openly saying so. That is the one thing the pagans are saying that you Christians can believe.

I thought, "Maybe the best thing that could happen to Christianity is for the first Christians the royals murder to be just-do-it preachers" but then I realized that, "Why would the royals want to first kill the people who are keeping Christians from resisting the royal dictatorship?"

Those just-do-it preachers sound like such a good deal for the royals that you might think the royals infiltrated the just-do-it preachers into your seminaries and churches. Hey, some of them probably are still royals, you know, like the Pope and Vatican, who have always been royals.

BTW, I am not preaching insurrection, I am preaching stopping blatant and obvious insurrection.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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