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Easy Prediction

I just saw a post of a governor signing a bill to make it legal to murder the unborn up until birth.

I am waiting for the left to make it legal to murder your babies and toddlers in human sacrifices to gods like Baal and Baphomet. It is not if but when will they do this evil.

You better know that is coming soon because they have already made it legal to sacrifice your unborn babies to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex, which isn't really free because the children pay for it with their lives.

Social Media

I guess it is time for conservatives to move to other social media because I see God moving us there.

How is He doing it?

Because the lefties are now shutting down all conservative accounts forcing the conservatives to go to other media. Take the hint and go or pay for it.

I am open to suggestions and starting to research where I want to go.

Google and Apple are now threatening to ban Parlor and other conservative social media to completely censor conservatives. They don't want you communicating with each other.

I told you they would go nuclear and showing their true colors once they got back control of the government.

BTW, if the lefties take over the Internet, we form I2 or Internet 2 as our own Internet. Go back and read and you will see that I told you about I2 more than a decade ago.


I just found out that one of the reasons the lefties want to impeach Trump right now is to prevent him from running in 2024.

I told you that the first thing they would do is fix it so they will never lose power again and they are already doing it. There will never be another valid election.

The War

This war is escalating very quickly and I see signs that the conservatives know it and are organizing very quickly. This is now getting ready to go nuclear and the more the left clamps down on conservatives, the angrier the conservatives get. It is only going to take one triggering event for this to turn into a full scale shooting war.

You better secure your red zones, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load.

Do you believe me yet?

You cops and military better decide very soon which side of this war you are on. You can't have it both ways, serving Satan and God.

The stupid, arrogant lefties just woke a sleeping giant and it is going to kill them.

BTW, this spontaneous storming of Congress taught the conservatives that, before they storm any more castles, they better organize, plan, and coordinate their assault. It won't be spontaneous next time.

Also remember that I told you more than a decade ago that the US Military was setting up militias because they want the citizens to lead the fight so they can come to the aid of the citizens.

The lefties are arrogant and cocky because they just won their coup, or so they think, and they are now very quickly making the moves to consolidate their dictatorship. They are right now causing all hell to break loose so they can finish setting up their global dictatorship.

The fools don't realize that this isn't over yet because God is about to cause all Heaven to break loose on them. I see the conservatives moving to begin staging a real war to get their nation back. This is just getting started and the fool lefties think they have won and it is finally over.

Just remember that the first and most important rule in fighting is, before the fight starts, make sure you are the meanest one there and it is now time for the American people to get mean. No more being "Mr. Nice Guy" to evil human demons.

Also remember that the first thing you take out in war is command and control and communications. This leaves the troops in the field without leadership or the ability to coordinate actions.

Man plans, God laughs.


I get so tired of listening to x-spirts psychoanalyzing what is going on to show us how bril-lee-yunt dey is are be.

Actually back off, take a look at it, use some common sense and realize THIS IS A COUP, STUPID!?

Guess what, this really is what it looks like.

No, dey is are be too smart for dat. Besides it would require them to believe it is a conspiracy and we all know der leaders is are be too supid to work or talk together or tink to do a conspiracy. I swear, they are too educated to have a lick of common sense.

What do these over educated fools think, that this would be the first ever coup in history?

People, history is replete with coups and this is just another one. Our leaders are no more and no less human than those leaders were and are just as corrupt and capable of staging another coup.

"But our corrupt, lying, stealing leaders is are be too honest for dat. Dey would never stage a coup. This vote rigging all just happened by accident and coincident, der weren't no conspiracy."

They need to quit giving the evil people the benefit of the doubt. They are evil, that is why they do the awful things they do. It weren't no accident or coincidence. They know that what they are doing is evil and they still do it.

And no one believes in violence. "Why, our Founding Fathers were wrong to use violence to break away from Britain. Why they should have played poker or something." Idiots.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

Are you believing me yet that the Republic of the United States of America is dead?

If not, then watch this video that tells you the same thing. The commies succeeded with their coup and, unless the military steps in to stop this coup very soon, it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

A thought is that God may be permitting this so you will see the truth about the left's planned tyranny. This ain't going to be purdy. I am getting tired of being right about unpleasant things.

Hey, if you won't believe me, just wait until God proves me right and you can bet that won't be as easy or pleasant as just believing me.

I want my own planet but I still have work to do on this one.

All I want in Paradise is a small farm with a stream and pond where I can grow all of my food with some fruit and nut trees and enjoy Gods wonderful animals with regular visits from Jesus when he has time. Good friends can drop by and visit and I can visit them but no one will bother or cause trouble for anyone else.

I do not want to steal from anyone, lie to anyone, oppress anyone, or in any way cause trouble for anyone or have anyone do any of those things to me.

It would be nice to be able to explore God's world by bicycle or boat, enjoy all of the wonders He has created, and meet other people who chose God's love and Paradise.

I enjoy doing things and working along with making things. I enjoy spoiling others, including animals. It is fun to help others and make others happy.


It is a little past 2:40 am and I just spent a little more than an hour in prayer about this and these are my prayers I want to share with you.

"Lord, if these royal human demons are in power, I have nothing left to lose because they brag that they will take what little I have left, including my life, all of which you have given me, so I have nothing to lose by fighting for you. If I live, let it be fighting for you and, if I die, I will be going home to be with you.

If all of the people in the US Military are either cowards or traitors and, if all of the people of this nation or planet are either cowards or traitors so that you have no champion, then heal me so I can be your champion and fight for you. I am neither a coward nor a traitor.

If I am a man of God, God will either send us a Gideon or make me His Gideon, especially to fight for the women and children.

Lord, make me Your Moses, Your Joshua, Your Kind David, Your Samson, Your Elijah, Your Gideon, and Your holy warrior. Heal me, stand me on my feet, point me in the right direction, give me Your knowledge, Your wisdom, and Your power so I can fight for You, my Lord.

Lord, I know that, with Your knowledge, Your wisdom, and Your power I do not need an army to defeat these human demons because, by Your power, I can destroy galaxies so what would be a nation or continent or two?

Lord, use me as Your special operations unit to wage war against Satan's spawn for You and Your people.

Lord, send an army of angels to fight for You and with me to Your glory.

Lord, if there is one good Christian on this planet, deliver them from the evil of the royals and make me their deliverer and protector. Let me fight for all of Your people left on this planet to deliver them from Satan's tyranny.

Lord, if no one else has a spine or morals, here I am, take me to fight for You, even unto the death. I fear no man or power because You are my God and salvation.

My heart breaks for the evil these human demons are doing to the people and I implore You to take me to fight for them and You. My heart is filled with anger and wrath at how these evil things treat Your people made in Your image.

Who do these monsters think they are that they have the right to treat other people the way they do?

Lord, please hear my prayer and either take the fight for Your people or give me the fight for Your people to show them Your power and righteousness. Let them know that You are God and they are nothing before Your might. Be my strong right arm in battle to show You get the last say. I am Your servant, Your agent, Your ambassador to the people of this planet, Your special operations unit, Your warrior, and anything else You need me to be for You. Take me and use me, my Lord, that I may serve You. I humble myself before You in prayer.

If nothing else, let me anoint a warrior to fight for you.

If I am a man of God, I know You will hear my words and come to save Your people from these evil human demons."

If I am a man of God, God will hear my words and will soon answer me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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