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This is Thursday, almost a week after I read in the news that Obama was going "face-to-face" with Putin this last Monday and I can't find so much as a whisper or punctuation mark about Mr. Jello's face-to-face with the Russian Iron Man. Not only can I not find anything about this big debate but I just read that Putin is going ahead with the sale of S300 SAMs to Syria. Guess who those missiles are meant to keep out of Syrian air space? Not just Israel but also the US and other NATO forces.

Is that in Mr. Jello's face or what? I guess Putin is setting up a no fly zone over Syria for NATO. I guess Mother Jarrette wouldn't let darling little Obambie out to play because she was afraid he would get a severe ego booboo. You have to protect the weak ones. Well, so much for Mr. Jello's face-to-face with Putin.

In other news, things just are not going well for Obambie. Even hard core commies like Bill Ayers are turning on Obambie. Not only is the commie stream media turing on Obambie but even commiewood is talking divorce. You know that, when commiewood turns on a commie, things are not doing well in commietopia. I guess Obambie isn't going to get to make the choice between Islam and communism after all, the commies are making that choice for Obambie. All Muhammad Obambie (MO - little MO?) is going to be left with is Islam.

Obambie isn't just up the proverbial fecal matter creek without an oar, he is riding in a rapidly sinking convertible sub with the top down. But no big deal there because Obambie has always been full of it. So much fecal matter has been coming out of his face that he won't even notice the taste. In case you can't tell, I am actually enjoying this and look forward to reading more every day. :-) The commie rats are leaving the sinking ship because, if they don't, the lower level, dummed down, brainwashed commie activists will see what the truth is and many will jump ship leaving the upper class trash commies alone and out of work. The upper class trash can't let their little commie slaves see the truth about the upper class trash or they are kaput, out of business.

I saw that the victims of the Iranian US embassy take over under the great Jimmuh Carhtuh are finally getting their hopes up about compensation from the Iranian government. Really? Do these people actually think that a country which is supposed to be hurting financially because it is making nukes to conquer the world will actually give them anything other than the avian hand signal? How naive can you get?

My question is, "why haven't they gone after Jimmuh Carhtuh for damages?" After all, the US embassy hostage thing was caused by Jimmuh's actions of deposing a US ally for a US enemy and Jimmuh is a rich commiecrat. The Iranians couldn't have done what they did to the US embassy except that Jimmuh betrayed a strong US ally. Shouldn't Jimmuh be held accountable for his actions? Is he above the law? Apparently so. So much for all men being created equal in this country.

As I have told you a number of times, I have been surfing the net looking to see what info is out there for you. What I am seeing is that for every good site or video providing truth, there are at least (being VERY nice) 4 to 5 sites or videos with nothing but propaganda, lies, and misinformation (PLM). As I told you, the commies and Muslims have all but taken over the net with their PLM. Satan and his boys and girls are hard at work doing their confusion thing so I guess I have my work of getting the truth out cut out for me. There is a lot of work to do. You have to really be careful on the net.

I have found that, in some areas such as creation, religion, and anything to do with God and the Bible, it is probably at least 10 to 1 for lies to truth. Satan makes a mess of every good thing, doesn't he?

Oh yea, I almost forgot. I have been seeing a lot of stuff out there about Little MO being the antichrist or Mahdi. People, it doesn't even fit the prophesies. What do the scriptures say about the antichrist? He is going to be very popular globally among all bad guys. Right now, the only people who like Little MO are Little MO and Mother Jarrette. I wouldn't be surprised that Mrs Little MO is realizing she is tied up to a sinking ship and thinking divorce.

Listen, to get people to go along with anything Little MO wants, Little Mo has to drag Billy Boy Clinton out of his Middle Eastern harem and pay Billy Boy to stand along side of Little MO at speaches. Buuut, even Billy Boy has been saying naughty things about Little MO for over a year (pay back for Hillary "What Does It Matter" Clinton). To get popular with the commies and Muslims, Little MO has to 1) stage a major false flag event making it look like the right and Israel tried to kill him, 2) declare martial law and throw a bunch of conservatives, especially Christians, in his FEMA dreath camps, 3) invade and conquer Israel, and 4) stand on the Temple Mount and command the Muslims to murder off all non Muslims (including his commie pals who are turning against him). He will try but won't succeed because he isn't the antichrist.

Get it straight, the only evil person in the world who even comes close to being globally popular with the bad guys is Billy Boy Clinton and he is still their darling boy. They love the creep. Among ALL bad guys, Billy Boy is still the most popular creep in the world. He IS their god, they worship Billy Boy. Billy Boy and only Billy Boy could be the antichrist. He will be back as the Mahdi of Islam and the new Caliphate. Just watch.

Every day, it becomes more important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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