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I just found out that 11 EU countries and the US are sending weapons and military advisers to Ukraine by the end of March (I guess they heard about Putin planning his next move for April). This very significantly changes the situation in Ukraine.

This is almost certainly why Putin is not in the public eye right now. He is probably having secret emergency military meetings for the conquest of Ukraine and Transnitria to take place sooner than previously planned in April, you know, like this month, March. Undoubtedly, Russia has now been forced to move up their military operations against Ukraine before Ukraine gets very many of those weapons.

These changes will also require Putin to blockade or take all of Ukraine's ports to prevent Ukraine from getting those weapons and not just taking Odessa, which will undoubtedly involve at least a few naval battles. This could involve some US and EU ships being drug into the fight.

News reports from Russia confirm that Russian forces have suddenly started emergency preparations for war such as massive military training and defensive structures being built by military engineers.

Now, if Russia and China had coordinated their planned attacks to divide the US response, then they both have to re-evaluate the escalated plans with the first question being, "Can we succeed with our attacks having less time to prepare?" If they both decide they can, then they both have to escalate the logistics for their preparations, which will require a huge amount of planning by both parties, you know, with Putin disappearing.

My first question at this point is, "Has Xi of China also gone missing?"

If he has, then you can bet that Russia and China are both planning a coordinated attack, Russia into Ukraine and Transnitria and China against Japan and into the South China Sea. Keep an eye on this.


Ron Kessler said that Secret Service dysfunction is a threat to Obama.

I told you long ago that Obama and company were working to discredit the Secret Service so Obama can justify replacing them with his beloved New Black Panthers, which he said he wanted to do right after he was first elected. Of course, the less professional members of the Secret Service (moles?) are not helping their case any.

I expect Obama replacing the Secret Service with the New Black Panthers to be one of the first things Obama does after he declares martial law.

Rev. Peterson said that Obama and Holder want to keep blacks angry. Of course they do, that way the blacks will be more likely to support Obama's coup of the US. Obama needs to keep most of the blacks on his side.

BTW, I hope you realize that the secret meeting at the White House with the Muslim Brotherhood was planning the final stages for the overthrow of the US government and the West.

ISIS has now vowed to bomb the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower while stating they want to take Paris before they take Rome. This is paramount to a declaration of war by ISIS against Italy, France, Britain, and the US.

Yep, the old religion of peace is hard at work making war against everyone. We may not be at war with the Muslims but they are definitely at war with us.


Have you noticed that, even with the significant decrease in gas prices, the economy is declining again?

At first, the economy recovered a little as the nation approached Christmas and right after Christmas because Obama couldn't stop the fracking, which caused an increase in oil, which caused a decrease in gas prices.

But the economy is now turning back down. The number of people losing jobs is increasing again because this depression is bigger than the gas prices. All the decline in gas prices did was give the economy a slight uptick for a few months.

NASA said that Commiefornia has only one year of water left. I hope you realize this terrible drought in California is God punishing ultra liberal Commiefornia for their sins. This will continue until they repent and turn back to God or God destroys them. Keep an eye on LA.

Things have gotten so bad world wide that investors are buying government bonds with a negative interest, meaning the investors are paying the interest on the loans to those governments. This is because so many people with money are so afraid of all other investments they are willing to pay the governments to hold their money in hopes the investors won't lose everything they have on some investment.

This is financial management via fear and is not good. Paying governments to hold your money via bond sales is extremely risky because, if those governments have to default in this worsening economic crisis, the investors will lose everything they have but things are so bad that the investors don't feel they have a better option.

Scary, huh? If the people with money are running scared, then it is really bad and getting worse, I don't care what the liberal liars are telling you.

The US states are looking for new ways to find funding to fix the failing US infrastructure because the resources from the federal government have been declining and the federal government is no longer dependable. I guess the socialist traitors running our government are running out of other people's money.

This is causing the states to turn to private enterprise in an effort to fix things. It is going to require quite a bit of innovation.


A recent poll found that Hilarious' popularity has dropped from the 50% it was at before people became aware of her e-mail scandal to 44%. That is still a huge number of really stupid people willing to vote for such a blatant criminal and traitor and still within reach of dead people voting to get her elected. But, increasing numbers of liberals are demanding Hilarious turn her e-mails over to Congress.

I hope you realize that top liberals demanding Hilarious turn over her e-mail server is the liberal puppet masters throwing Hilarious under the bus. They know she is severely damaged goods and too much will come out in the next election which will destroy her and send her to prison causing the Commiecrats to lose the next election. They need to get her out of the way for some one else to run.


These liberals fighting the cops are trying to turn the people against the cops. Don't be surprised to see backlash against liberals by the cops when the liberals suddenly need the cops, you know, like at a protest when the liberals are getting their butts kicked by conservatives the liberals attacked. Watch the cops turn their backs and not see a thing.

But that is OK, we have an abundance of liberal traitors and can spare a few.

Guess whose side most of the cops will be on in the coming war.

Penis Transplant

This is not a good thing, South Africa just performed a successful penis transplant.

You know that every rich man with an eenie wienie is going to pay huge bucks to get a larger penis. This will cause unethical greedy quack doctors to go after men who have larger penises for money, especially the poor, you know, kill them and put the penis and the rest of the body parts on the body parts black market. This is going to be a hot item on the black market really fast.

If you have been paying attention long enough to know how evil pagans are with their one Satanic law, "Do as you will", you KNOW this is coming. Keep an eye on it, especially if your penis is more than eight inches long. (The average is about 6 inches long. Most rich guys have little ones just like most middle and lower class guys have little ones but the rich guys have the money to buy yours.)

On the up side, this will probably eventually cause men to stop bragging about their penis size for fear of being kidnapped and getting their throats slit for their penis. As a matter of fact, it will probably cause men who have a penis of eight inches or larger to stop using whores because you know those whores will quickly start helping kidnap men with large penises for a few thousand dollars extra per John. The pimps will have a team of thugs to kidnap the John when signaled by the whore and they will take him to a chop shop to harvest his penis and other body parts.

The men with larger penises will even stop having extra marital sex for fear their girl friend or one night stand might decide to make a few thousand extra dollars by selling the man out, especially if he ticks her off.

Can't you just see greedy pagan women working pickup bars for well endowed men? Hey, she could make a few thousands bucks a night very easily for just one or two hours effort.

Now what about homosexuals?

Considering that the average male homosexual relationship lasts less than two weeks, how many homosexual lovers do you think a man with a large penis will have before one of those lovers decides to make a few thousand dollars extra by selling that homosexual for his penis? Homosexual males working homosexual pickup bars?

How long do you think it will take for men with a large penis to stop doing porn, you know, advertising the size of their penis and ending up with a price on their penis?

Or how about a playboy with a large penis? How many women will he sleep with before one of them sells him out?

Suddenly, celibacy has its strong points, you know, like staying alive. Don't be surprised to see men with larger penises learning to be celibate until they find the right woman and then remaining faithful to her. Their only safe haven will be a heterosexual monogamous married with the right woman and being faithful to that woman.

I guess, if God can't stop your adultery and homosexuality with STDs, He will stop it with the black market, one way or the other. This tells me that God is more than just a little upset by our adulteries and homosexuality. And you don't think there is a God and He doesn't care about your sinning?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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