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Within minutes of posting my prayer in my last essay, I got my answer to that prayer. After I uploaded the prayer in my last essay, I went back to bed, God gave me His peace and said, "I'm taking care of it, Carl." I fell asleep and God gave me a good night's rest.

I hope that prayer helped some of you and I have to believe that God caused me to write and post it to help some of you.


I forgot to tell you about the fact that, after the American people stormed Congress to take it back from the upper class trash traitors, even with the lying lefties, especially their media, and traitor Republicans wrongly calling those people traitorous insurrectionists, Trump's popularity increased. Oops, the lefties are having another one of their sick games backfire on them.

This tells me that most of the people supported those citizens storming Congress to stop the coup and they support Trump enacting the Insurrection Act, declaring martial law, temporarily suspending the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court to have the US Military investigate, arrest, and try the real traitors in this coup by the upper class trash.

It is like I have told you, the left woke up a giant that is now paying attention and not only not being fooled by the left again, but the giant is seeing through their lies and growing increasingly angry.

Note that this is no longer just a coup by the Democrats but is also now officially a coup by both the majority of the Democrats and Republicans, who are all owned and prostituting themselves for the upper class trash royals.

Now, do you understand why I have been a registered independent for more than a quarter of a century?

Some people, are talking about starting a third party but that is a simple minded solution to a complex problem, is just a distraction, and won't solve anything. They have to arrest, try, and hang the traitors committing this insurrection and destroying the US Constitution and Republic for their crimes.

A third party will just quickly be infiltrated by the same traitors, you know, the way they have infiltrated everything else.

If you don't clean the rats out of your house, you will still have rats in your house. Just picking up the rat feces won't get rid of the rats.

People, let me give you a clue. These power mad, greedy traitors staging a coup to seize control of your government to set up their dictatorship over you under the name of Marxism are not going to give you that control back because you say, "Purdy please." It is going to require force and violence to take that control of your government from the traitors and give it back to the people, where it belongs. It is certain that people are going to have die because of the treason being committed by the power mad traitors, which is why traitors should be hung.

People, they are already murdering people with their lockdowns and clearly don't care. They only care about themselves and their bank accounts. They know what they are doing is evil and still chose to do it.

Law Enforcement

A cop shot an unarmed patriotic woman and killed her to protect the criminals committing the insurrection. That cop is now under investigation and God will punish him for his crime whether the "authorities" do or not.

People, the law enforcement and DAs are required by law to arrest criminals when they witness those criminals committing a crime and NONE of our law enforcement have arrested, prosecuted, and judicated the crimes of these upper class criminals committing this insurrection and treason, not one of them has. This is in spite of the fact that the oaths of these law enforcement include to uphold the US Constitution and law.

It is not their job to protect the upper class trash criminals to prevent them from being held accountable for their crimes and being stopped from committing their crimes.

Therefore, the very fact that these cops are protecting the upper class trash from being stopped by the people in committing their crimes and are fighting the people to prevent those people from stopping the upper class trash from continuing to commit the crimes those cops should have already arrested for committing those crimes, means those cops are NOT doing their jobs. The cops are just obeying the unconstitutional and unlawful orders of the upper class trash because they have more money and power.

What they are doing is aiding and abetting the upper class trash criminals in committing their crimes, which makes those cops complicit in those crimes.

That is law, people, and, if you don't believe me, go to college and study law plus precedence was set for this at the Nuremberg Trials in the 1940s and 1950s where it was made official that "just doing your job" or "just following orders" is not justification or a legal defense for aiding the upper class trash criminals in committing their crimes by protecting those upper class trash criminals. It is a crime to protect criminals from being held accountable for their crimes or being stopped from committing their crimes.

If you don't believe me, just provide sanctuary for any criminal, called harboring a criminal, the cops are trying to arrest or stop and those cops will arrest or shoot you for the crime you are committing. The cops were the ones who committed the crimes, not those people and that is especially true when I saw video of those cops opening the barricades and waving the people through and into Congress. If those people committed a crime, then those cops aided them in committing that crime.

The bureaucrats, law officers, military, and other government officials aiding the upper class trash in staging this coup are as guilty of committing this treason as the upper class trash are and treason is a capital crime.

You cops and military better wake up because you protecting these criminals you should have already arrested from being stopped by the people in committing their crimes are NOT doing your jobs, you are committing crimes.

Listen, people, this is a government of the people, for the people, by the people and, when those people stand up to take their government back from traitors committing insurrection, if you protect those traitors and prevent the people from taking their government back from those traitors, you are the one committing the crime and not the people and the crime you are committing is treason. That plus the fact that you are also complicit in the traitors' crimes because you did not do your job of arresting those traitors when you saw them committing their treason.

Taking no action to stop evil is an action to aid or protect evil.

The law states that, if an officer of the law or court sees a crime being committed and they do not take actions against those criminals, especially if those criminals are still committing the crime, the officers are committing a crime. You better bet that, on judgment day, the people are going to hang those officers who aided the traitors in committing their crimes because those officers were complicit in committing those crimes and are, therefore, guilty of those crimes.

You know, the same way and for the same reason they hung all of the Nazi death camp guards who didn't actually murder anyone but they aided in murdering those people by keeping those people confined so they could be murdered. That is aiding and abetting in committing murder and precedence has been set.

The officers' job is not to protect criminals because they are rich and powerful. Their job is to uphold the Constitution and law and the Supreme Court ruled in 1977 that the law is to be enforced equally and fairly regardless of wealth and power.

The only reason why those people stormed Congress was to stop the blatantly obvious coup being staged by those members of Congress and, if law enforcement had done their job of upholding the Constitution and enforcing the law against those traitors in Congress, the people would not have had to storm Congress. The people stormed Congress because everyone in government was complicit in staging the coup of the government.

So guess who the real criminals and traitors are. It ain't the people, baby.


Here is a little food for thought information.

When Obama stages his coup and starts rounding up people to invade Israel the way God showed me he will, where will he get those people?

Remember that he is going to have control of the blue zones, where the commies live, but not the read zones, where conservatives live, and he is going to need a lot of troops to quickly break through Israeli lines and he has to build his army really fast.

That is right, he is going to have to draft those commie voters who have been telling you to submit to the absolute rule of their glorious commie government because their commie government knows what is best for you and will take care of you. You know that, when they start getting drafted and whining because it is supposed to happen to you and not them, they will come crying to you.

Be sure to tell them that they insisted on forcing their commie government on you while telling you to submit to their commie government's absolute rule so they should do what they have been telling you to do and submit to their commie government's absolute rule and stop whining. Be a good little commie, comrade.

Besides, they are going to get lots of free stuff. They will get free uniforms, free meals, free plane trip to Syria, free tents to live in on the front lines, a free rifle with about 50 to 100 free bullets (they probably won't live long enough to need more bullets than that), free drugs so they will charge the Israeli lines and minefields on command without hesitation and, if they balk, a free bullet to the back of their little commie head.

Basically, Obama will put the white, racist commies on the front lines, give them a rifle with a few clips of bullets, give them some dope to help them charge when told to do so, and use them to clear the Israeli minefields for his black Muslims.

Iran, whom Obama is pals with, used this tactic quite often by sending old men and little boys ahead of their troops to clear the minefields and absorb machine gun bullets to get their regular troops close enough to fight the Iraqi Army. They were known to kill as many as 100,000 old men and little boys in one day of charging the Iraqi minefields and lines without gaining one foot of ground. The US Military calls these people "cannon fodder" or "target practice".

Hey, why are they whining? They are going to get what they want and their government will really take care of them.


First, let me repeat that a republic is just a form of democracy so I don't have to keep repeating two terms.

Second, how is that democracy thingy you have been taught to put your faith in and worship doing? Not so well, is it?

Let me share some history with you that will maybe get you to stop worshipping the false pagan god of democracy and start worshipping the one true God, Jesus/Yahweh.

The Republic of the United States of America has lasted longer than any other form of democracy in history. All of the rest of the democracies, including the Roman Republic, failed in about 150 to 200 years because the corrupt members of the upper class trash just can't steal enough from enough people fast enough so they ALWAYS corrupt the democracy, eventually destroy it, and set up some form of dictatorship like a monarchy or Marxism, where the people are taught to submit themselves to the absolute rule of the government, you know, the upper class trash, because the upper class trash are more intelligent, even after thousands of years of inbreeding, you know, because they have stolen more money than the people can earn, the upper class trash know what is best for the people and will take care of the people and the lie always includes free stuff, which never lasts past the beginning of the dictatorship.

They always refer you to think about the Roman Republic as an example of democracy working but did you know that the Roman Republic lasted less than 200 years before their upper class trash corrupted it so bad they staged a coup, you know, just like our upper class trash are doing today, and set up a dictatorship very similar to the governments in Europe, especially Britain, more properly called a parliamentary monarchy, where their upper class trash ruled under the dictatorship of their Caesar with the Senate only being a figure head to appease the people and falsely make it look like they still had a republic. Hey, it fooled the stupid people.

That lasted a few hundred years until the Roman military got tired of living under the oppression of the upper class trash and established martial law making their head general Caesar.

That process went back and forth between civilian and military dictatorships for more than 1,000 years until the upper class trash finally weakened their military to where the barbarians were able to sack Rome and put an end to the Roman Empire. The way the upper class trash finally finished Rome off was that the civilian dictatorship finally weakened the military to prevent the military from taking back control of the government, you know, just like our upper class trash are trying to do today, and started hiring barbarians like Alaric and his Goths, as mercenaries, you know, the way our upper class trash are using the barbarian communist Chinese to help the upper class trash overthrow our government.

After Alaric got tired of being used and oppressed by the Roman upper class trash, he marched on Rome but was stopped by Roman General and good friend Stilicho, who persuaded Alaric to turn around and go home. Alaric had only been turned around and was slowly marching his Gothic troops back home about two weeks when he got word that the Roman upper class trash decided to get rid of General Stilicho because he was keeping them from doing everything they wanted to do by having him arrested by one of his corrupt subordinates and had his head cut off for made up crimes.

When Alaric heard of this, he turned his troops around and became the first, but not the last, to sack Rome and their upper class trash, you know, the way China will do after they help our upper class trash overthrow our government just like they are doing right now. Gee, what a coincidence.

The upper class trash are so greedy and power mad that they never learn.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

After China helps finish off the Republic of the United States of American, intelligent people know that China and everyone else involved in helping our heavily inbred upper class trash royals destroy our republic will sack the US, you know, all of those mega wealthy, greedy, power mad upper class trash royals who control better than 95% of our wealth and have the most to steal, because the government's most important job is to protect the people, especially the wealthy from being sacked by other nations like China, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Do you believe me yet that the greedy, power mad upper class trash NEVER learn and always keep forcing the rest of us to relive the worst parts of history, you know, just like they are doing right now?

People, I have seen this so many times in history that, when I see it today, I recognize it.

Do you believe yet that our Constitution and Republic have been destroyed by our corrupt, greedy, power mad upper class trash and their corrupt, greedy puppets, the politicians, judges, bureaucrats, military leaders, and media and, if the US Military does not soon intervene, she just finished kicking? It is getting kind of obvious with others now telling you the same thing, isn't it?

If the military does intervene at this time and their don't purge or kill everyone involved in this coup very quickly, the human demons will just quickly regroup, reorganize, and finish the job within a maximum of about 50 to 100 years, because they already have their corruption in place. Most likely, without killing every traitor involved, the traitors will finish the job within less than 50 years. Hey, they still have enough brainwashed young commies to use to finish the job.

What was the longest lasting government in history?

It was the Biblical theocracy God set up in the Sinai Dessert, which lasted more than 400 years before us corrupt, stupid, greedy, power mad humans corrupted it enough to finally destroy it.

How did they finally do that?

The same way everyone else destroyed their govenments, by adding to and taking away from the Law the way God told them not to do because, if you don't enforce the law, any law, that law cannot work and God knew that. Jesus even preached on this when He condemned the Hebrews for "adding their customs and traditions to the Law". It was a warning.

I have already shown you the best example of that, which is when the Hebrews added polygyny to being a sin, when it is not a sin and that is only one of a number of things they added to or took away from God's Law.

Right now, the upper class trash have left you with just a few options. 1) If the military or you, the people, take back control of the government, you will get to enjoy a corrupt version of your Republic for less than 50 years, when the upper class trash will put you through this again to finish the job because they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again plus you won't get their mess cleaned up in time to stop them, or 2) you can live as their slaves under another one of their dictatorships they have forced on the people for thousands of years under various names with this one being under the name of Marxism, or 3) you can set up a Biblical theocracy, which, if done right, could last a few hundred years or at least until the return of Jesus, when He will set up His Biblical theocracy.

God is permitting the upper class trash have what they want until you get tired enough of their bull crap to turn to God and ask Him to set up a Biblical theocracy, which could take a while because the upper class trash, who are staging a coup against you, the people, have taught you to hate a Biblical theocracy and want to destroy the Bible and Christianity. Gee, I wonder why.

Do you see why the lefties taught you to hate a Biblical theocracy?

It keeps them from setting up their dictatorships to enslave and steal from you. The Ten Commandments prevent that, people.

So God sent me to help you pull your heads out of your butts and to do the smart thing. You don't have much time left, people.

But, hey, the stupid people never learn. They always help the upper class trash set up their dictatorships for false promises of free stuff that always go away after the upper class trash have their dictatorship and no longer need to bribe the stupid people to get their dictatorship.

BTW, what did Jesus say about the timid people, you know, the people who won't stand up to a bad government?

He said He will spew them out of His mouth. Think about that because Jesus said the sheeple will burn in the Lake of Fire forever.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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