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Did you notice that, after the Commierats got their power back, they stopped talking about the stimulus? Hey, what happened to our free stuff?

Yeah, just like always in history. They have their power back so they don't have to share the wealth with you because they don't have to bribe you anymore so they can stuff your free stuff in their greedy pockets.

Believe me yet?


I told you this continuing global lock down is going to impoverish everyone except the upper class trash who are now just printing money and stuffing it in their pockets as fast as they can.

I just saw a video of a couple who decided to give their sail boat away so they had a lottery and chose their 5 favorite candidates from those who applied. Everyone of the 5 turned down the boat because, from the time they applied until the lottery, things got bad enough none of them could afford to keep the free boat.

Things are getting so bad that people are selling their toys for money to buy food and soon the businesses selling those toys will go broke. If this doesn't stop soon, you won't be able to give toys away, you know, like that free boat.

This is going to include all hobbies, sports, and other activities. There will eventually be almost no demand with an abundance of supply so that you won't even be able to trade your toys for food.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

The Test

Remember that God said that life is a test?

The first part of our test is to choose between God and Satan and most people are choosing Satan so they don't have to give up their sins. Jesus warned us about this when He told us that most people will chose the wide road to Hell and not the narrow road to Heaven. They are choosing eternal damnation for their sins.

The second part of the test is for those who choose God over Satan. This test determines whether we help others or hurt others to get something we want. The scriptures tell us that those who pass this test will get "crowns" or authority in Paradise to rule over and help others. Know that God considers ruling over other people to be a responsibility. The scriptures tell us that some will get many crowns (rule over many), others will get a few crowns (rule over a few), and others won't get any crowns, probably most.

Remember that poor person you treated like crap?

He/she might be your eternal king/queen in Paradise.

You won't see the greedy, power mad upper class trash and their puppets in Paradise because they failed the first and most important test. If any of them did make it there, they would be the people sweeping floors, taking out the trash, and cleaning toilets because they are also failing the second part of the test. They would have no authority and, therefore, responsibilities over anyone.

You see, God is testing us to see whether we will choose good or evil and then He is testing us as to how responsible we are towards others.

Do we care about others or only about ourselves?

Most will fail the first test and many won't do well in the second test so they won't get any crowns or authority.

Remember that, in Paradise, we will be immortal and, therefore, when Jesus appoints you to a political position with responsibility for others, it will be forever, so He wants to make sure He puts the right person in the right spot. You will earn the spot you get based on how well you do here on Earth.

There are going to be a lot of very disappointed people on Judgment Day.


Remember that I told you about us building Internet 2 or I2?

I don't know if this story is true but, if it is, great!

Finally I might be right again about something that wasn't bad. I love it.

Recent Statement

Recently Trump stated that there will be a seamless transition to the next administration without conceding the election and the Pentagon said they "will not support the coup."

My thought is, "does this mean that Trump will provide a seamless transition to HIS next administration with General Flynn as his new vice president and the Pentagon will not support the current LEFTY coup?"

Remember that this was right after it was made public that Pelosi had contacted the Pentagon about them helping her stage a coup to get rid of Trump. Yeah, you know, that lefty coup.

If that is the case, they must act soon but I also know that Trump likes to wait until the last minute to make his moves so the left doesn't have time to react and we still have a little more than a week until Traitors Inc. take over.

We will find out soon, won't we?

If Trump and the Pentagon do fight to stop this coup, they will have to start making their moves this weekend, while Congress is not in session, in order to take everyone by a last minute surprise and catch them with their pants down so they won't be able to react.

The first thing they will have to do is what I have told you that you have to do in a fight like this. They will have to take out command and control so they must start quickly rounding up the leaders and organizers of the commie coup, while also taking out communications, which will include the lefty media, all phone systems, especially cell phones, and the Internet.

If they do this, you won't hear or be able to hear squat until they feel they have arrested enough of the left to prevent significant counter attacks or riots. This will also help prevent massive coordinated rioting by the lefty thugs. With no one to give orders and no communications to transmit those orders, there will only be chaos within their ranks with the stupid lefty thugs not knowing where to go or what to do.

Will they still riot?

Yes, but not on the scale that the local police can't handle and almost all of that rioting will be confined to within their blue zones, which will decrease the left's ability to counter the Pentagon actions.

That is the reason why you always start a war by taking out command and control and communications. The troops won't know what to do and they will be in a state of unorganized chaos, which will make them much easier to round up and contain. It will save a lot of bloodshed and property damaged.

That is why you always storm the castles and not the streets. You only fight in the streets after you have disposed of their leaders and communications systems.

If this happens, US troops will suddenly show up at the upper class trash homes and places of recreation, away from the command centers and other people, and arrest or kill those criminals while other teams shut down all communications, either by storming those communications or using ECM to jam or otherwise stop those communications. (We used to do this when I was in the military.)

If this operation starts, what you will see will be nothing and chaos at the same time. You won't be able to use any phone system, send texts, send e-mails, use the Internet, and none of the commie networks will be functioning on TV with a strong probability that all TV channels will be replaced (eventually) with military news telling you to stay in place until further notice, you know, like Trump already told you.

If you are not one of bad guys, don't worry about it. Just keep an eye out for fleeing bad guys who decide to use your home to hide (keep your doors locked and guns locked and loaded) and watch as much of the fun as you can.

Does this mean that the military operations will be perfect and all of the bad guys will be quickly rounded up?

No, there will be surprises but they will get most of them and have to hunt down the rest. Know that the military knows this and always has plans A through Z plus they will be watching all of the top criminals right up until their operations start so they will know where most of them will be. You can bet that, unless someone within the military leaks info out, they will have all of the top to mid level leaders by January 19th.

Most of their operations will probably start Friday night and be finished by Sunday night with the rest of the operations on Monday and Tuesday being "cleanup" to finish the job.

Know that quite a few of these criminals will be killed during the operations because they will resist or try to flee. Know that it will be much less chaotic, if they grab these criminals and traitors at home over the weekend instead of at the office with tons of other people around so the criminals will have a much less chance of getting away because someone else got in the way of the arresting troops plus fewer other interfering people will be killed.

If this happens, this will be a good thing and will save most of our butts. If this happens, there will be a lot of really surprised power mad lefty traitors whining and crying.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

We will soon see.

Hey, the lefties should be glad Trump is doing this because I would just have some B-52s level their upper class trash neighborhoods over the weekend at about 2 am Saturday morning. What can I say? I am an efficient person who hates to mess around with traitors like these. You just slam dunk their evil butts into Hell and move on with rebuilding the nation. I don't have mercy for bad people who don't have mercy for good people.


Remember that I told you that Chicago is becoming empty with a lot of vacant stores and it is quickly increasing? Remember that I also told you that the cities and states doing these lockdowns would suffer financial problems because of the lockdowns?

This video shows that Chicago is doing both and maybe the fool politicians should stop their lockdowns?

The problem is that them stopping their lockdowns would cause them to lose the power they have stolen from the people and you know the power mad lefties are not going to do that, especially when they are so close to setting up their commie dictatorship.

Don't be surprised if Obama is the one who suggests the lefty fifth column government move to Chicago to make it look like he cares about Chicago.

People, ye ole fecal matter is hitting the fans right now by the boat load. If you can, you might want to stay home until a week from this coming Friday 15.

I noticed on one video that the people are threatening to storm government buildings from coast to coast, if Trump is impeached before January 20 and the feds are boarding up the buildings. Don't be surprised that, if those buildings are boarded up, the crowds go straight to the politicians' homes and storm ye ole castle.

This also tells me that these conservatives are organized at the national level to be able to stage this rebellion at the national level, you know, like the military would do with its civilian militias I have been telling you about. Yep, this is exactly what that would look like.

Maybe it isn't a coincidence that the civilian woman who was shot and killed in DC is a US veteran? Does this mean that the US Military will soon "come to the aid" of these civilians?

They wanted a war, they are going to get one. You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often.

BTW, Trump just declared a national emergency. Some may think that was only for Washington DC but that would not be a national emergency, that would be a local "state of emergency."

It's happening. The power mad lefties have gotten the American giant raging mad and will pay dearly. I have not seen the American people this angry since Pearl Harbor. This is just the beginning.

Note that there are other interesting coincidences I have just noticed that I do not want to state here for fear of compromising things. Just keep your heads up and your eyes open.

God is taking care of this just like I told you He would.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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