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Remember that I told you that Johnston stopped bombing the North 5 times during Vietnam to "show good intentions" while negotiating with them and the North Vietnamese used this to build up for another offensive?

At about 24 minutes into this video he tells you that the politicians, read Johnston and McNamara, stopped the bombing of the North and that the North used it to build up their forces again.

I don't lie. They really did that for the reasons I told you they did. Hey, baby, gotta make that blood money and they don't care who they murder or cause harm to because, in spite of what they say, they just keep proving that they don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves and their bank accounts.

Do you get the picture yet?

The Coup

A surprising number of people thought that, once the left got rid of Trump, the lefty coup would be over. No, that ain't the end of it.


I have been telling you for years that power mad and greedy people can never have enough power or money so they will always want more.

Think not?

The left is now working on getting rid of all of the GOP in Congress and other governments, even the stupid RINOs, so the commies can have absolute power, you know, like I told you they would do. They will never lose another election, especially if they are the only party, you know, just like in all commie countries.

What is really funny is that the idiot RINOs are trying to earn their way back into the good side of the lefties while those same lefties are working to get rid of even the idiot RINOs because the lefties ain't going to share power with any more people than they have to, just like I have been telling you. The proof of that is their efforts to get rid of anyone and everyone who has more power than them, you know, like Pelosi and Schumer. The power mad lefties are in a power feeding frenzy right now.

They are even talking about getting rid of all Trump voters to make sure that no one ever votes for anyone but them so the lefties will have absolute power just like I have been telling you. You can bet that what they are working towards is sending all conservatives and moderates to their "reeducation camps", A.K.A. death camps to be reeducated in mass graves.

Mean while, the left is also censoring more and more conservatives and moderates on the social media to give themselves absolute power. They are rapidly getting rid of any and all opposition to their power grab.

The lefties are CONTINUING to set up their dictatorship and can't do it fast enough. They are grabbing all of the power they can as fast as they can before anyone can stop them again.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Do you see yet just how serious this rigged election really was? Do you realize that was just the beginning of them grabbing more and more power and control over you until they enslave or murder you, you know, to depopulate their planet?

You just might want to wake up really soon because waking up just before you hit the bottom of their mass grave will be just a wee bit too late.

Mean while, to fool the stupid people, the left is saying the right is staging a coup while it is really the left staging the coup and the stupid people are still drinking the Kool-Aid. I think the stupid people are Kool-Aid addicts. They can't seem to get enough of it.

People, history teaches that these power mad crazies will not be satisfied until they have absolute power and absolutely all of the power. They will continue their power grab until they have taken power away from everyone else and then turn on each other to get all of the power and they are already doing this all at the same time because they are so power mad. While they are still grabbing all of the power they can from you, they are already turning on each other to take power from each other to get absolutely ALL of the power by doing things like trying to get rid of Pelosi and Schumer.

History teaches this will continue until they have all of the power and the person in charge as the dictator will have instilled enough fear in the others they will not challenge that dictator for power, just like in all dictatorships. It is very obvious the lefties are doing all of this right now trying to finalize their coup and dictatorship.

I have told you that, if you have seen stuff enough times in history, you recognize it when you see it in the present.

If the military doesn't stop them and you don't stop them, most of you will be quickly slaughtered and the rest will be enslaved.

Do you still think the people storming the Capitol to stop the coup were wrong?

They were wrong in that they fell for a trap set by the deep state when that deep state pretended to be on the side of the peaceful protestors by opening the barricades and leading the peaceful protestors into the Capitol building for the cameras to catch their "insurgency", "coup", and "treason" wrongly portrayed by the lefty media.

Did you notice how the cameras were already in place, you know, like up in the balconies shooting down on the peaceful protesters staying within the velvet ropes, to get really great staged shots of "the right's coup"? Did you notice that they just accidentally and coincidentally had cameras in all of the rooms the protesters were lead through to get really great shots? Did you notice that the cops were refused backup repeatedly to make it look like the protesters overwhelmed the cops?

"Why, no, dat weren't no conspiracy, it weren't planned out before hand. It was all just magic accident and coincidence."

Yes, that was clearly a trap by the deep state and other lefties. Learn from it and don't make that mistake again.

The people are not wrong for trying to stop this coup and even for just wanting to stop this coup.

Do you still believe that the lefties do not talk, work together, and conspire to do their evil?

Of course they do and they keep intimidating people into not daring to say their coup is a conspiracy, which makes me want to barf. Everyone, grow a spine and deal with reality. The left is very clearly working together or conspiring to make these things happen. They do not happen by magic accident and coincidence. This coup and every aspect of it are so obviously planned out that anyone who denies it is a conspiracy is either a complicit liar or an idiot. You choose.

Johnny B points out some of this in this video making it very clear that things are getting worse fast. You just might want to get a clue very soon, you know, before they send you off to the death camps.

If you have not figured it out yet, it should now be very obvious that the lefties are the Nazis. They are telling you that they hate you, they want to "depopulate you", and they intend to use "reeducation camps" just like China did to murder at least 40 million, possibly more than 100 million people. If you can't do the math on that, you are really stupid.

They keep saying the right staged an attempted coup but the definition of a coup is: "a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government", you know, like burning down people's businesses.

Now, these unarmed people tried to seize power from the armed government by being peacefully escorted by the government through the building? Really?

No, it is the left who is staging the coup, they are definitely seizing control of our government and have used violence to aid them in doing so.

See the difference?

It is the left staging the coup, not the right.


Did you notice that, with the people doing what they are unconstitutionally and illegally being forced to do, the "pandemic" is raging out of control?

Yet, no one dares to question whether what they are doing is working. To question the lefty gods would be blasphemy.

With it having been proven again and again that the lefties have been inflating the numbers of infections and deaths by at least 10 fold, the x-spirts just keep claiming the numbers are sky rocketing out of sight.

How do you even know that they are even bothering to count people anymore and that they are not just making up numbers to keep terrorizing the people with their perpetual terrorist attack on the people?

I am waiting for more people to end up infected or dead than actually ever existed in those nations, you know, like 400 million dead in just the US. But, hey, the terrified stupid people still won't get it.

Big Tech

Remember that I have been telling you the power mad people will not share their power with any more people than they absolutely have to and cannot tolerate anyone else who becomes powerful enough to pose a threat to them?

This video shows you just that happening because the big tech oligarchs have made themselves powerful enough to be a threat to the other upper class trash so the other upper class trash are turning on the big tech oligarchs to bring them down to size. This is quickly becoming an upper class trash civil war.

Infinite Stupidity

I want you to know that, as a registered independent, this is hilarious.

The lefties are raging about how tens of thousands of peaceful protestors are "rioters" and were "staging a coup" so they are "guilty of treason" along with "trespassing" so they are going to prosecute "hundreds of people", you know, to terrorize conservatives to not exercise their constitutional right to peacefully assemble.

"We'll learn you to protest us."

People, there is so much video evidence out there that is classified as "public knowledge" or "common knowledge" proving these accusations and charges to NOT be true that any good defense attorney will have a heyday in court with these cases. Most of these cases should be slam dunk cases for the defense that, like everything else the left has done for 4 years, should backfire on the left and provide some very good entertainment.

First, all of those peaceful protesters are being slandered by the left, especially the MSM, and they can litigate for damages, especially those who suffered harm because of that slander, you know, like losing their jobs. Keep an eye out for major litigations, especially against the lefty media and politicians.

Listen, as a tax payer, for you to visit your government property, especially when escorted on by the cops protecting that government property, is NOT trespassing because you, the tax payer, have a right to be there, and there are videos all over the place proving those cops encouraged and escorted the people onto and through that property AND that most of those people passed through that property in a peaceful manner causing no harm. That AIN'T TRESPASSING!!!

Now, if those cops were ordered to escort those people onto that property so charges could be brought against those people, that is what is called "entrapment" and is a crime.

Now, when those charges are dismissed against the peaceful protesters because entrapment was proven in a court of law, they must arrest, interrogate, and prosecute those cops for those crimes the cops committed. You know that at least some of those cops will give up whoever gave them the orders to commit those crimes in order to save their own butts from going to prison. Self preservation is basic human nature.

PR wise, that will massively backfire on the left but it gets better.

Gee, I wonder who might have given the cops orders to commit entrapment to make conservative protesters look back? Pelosi and Schumer?

Probably, because few others could have given those orders to those cops who would have wanted the conservative protesters to look bad, especially when doing it to make Trump look bad.

So these idiots prosecuting these entrapped protestors could end up getting Pelosi and Schumer impeached, prosecuted, and litigated for damages?


Which should tell you what?

Either those DAs are really, really stupid lefty DAs about to screw over their party and media or they are Republican DAs trying to expose the deception by the left and get rid of some of the top Commierats.

This is going to be very interesting, especially if those defense attorneys are any good at all. I am so going to enjoy this circus act by the left. It is going to look like a bunch of bumbling clowns doing a high trapeze act without a safety net. Kersplat!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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