I know that I have told you that I love to learn and to teach so that when God finally pushed me into designing a castle, I decided to design the castle, not just for me, but mostly for my family because God taught me a long time ago that no one in a relationship can be happier than the least happy person in that relationship because the least happy person will pull everyone else down to their level of happiness. Therefore, I was designing the castle for my family to be happy so I could be happy because a family is a responsibility.

As I researched the different things you could put in such a building, I quickly realized that I could design it to not just live in but to be educational as well as recreational and to even teach good health practices. Easily at least 80% of what I designed into that castle was for my family based on what I knew about my fiancee and child behavior because God told me we would have children and they would have cousins.

For example, I designed in a class room and a science lab for their home schooling and to teach all of that science I have learned and love. I want my kids to have the best quality education they can have even though I have not met them yet.

I also designed a small gym the size of a college basketball court plus a little because, with my training in athletic administration and sports management, I could do more with a gym like that than most people could do with anything else. I could teach all sorts of sports and activities, help the children grow up to be healthier with better athletic abilities and potentials, and know more about more things. I could teach them to use sports and activities to help relieve stress and to prevent illness.

I designed a custom swimming pool the way I am trained to do so I could teach the kids to swim, dive, and play sports like water polo along with just having family recreational fun and being healthy.

I designed a 50s diner for things like birthday parties with a kitchen, counter, booths, juke box, and dance floor. I designed an arts and crafts room for the kids to learn a full variety of arts and crafts.

Then I decided to design a model train set and began researching and digging into that industry the way I love to research and realized that I could design a model train set that would be a really fantastic teaching tool and be very fun to encourage them to learn. The more I dug, the more I realized I could teach with such a project so I got a wee bit carried away but in a good sense.

For my place and time, I chose 1960 New Mexico because New Mexico was still in the latent pioneering stage at that time so we had a blend of old technologies like steam engines that had almost disappeared everywhere else in the nation by that time while still having diesel engines so I could teach differences in technologies, the growth of technologies, and the evolution of technologies along with how different technologies effect culture.

We still had people using buckboard wagons and horse drawn plows on some farms and ranches while having the latest in tractors, cars, trains, and planes in or near our larger cities at that time, pending where you lived in the state.

At that time we sill had WWII aircraft and the first jet planes so I could teach those different technologies. We were still using planes like P-51s along side F-105s and B-17s along side of B-52s. I could also teach the differences between sail driven boats and motor driven boats.

If I designed it right, I could have different types of cities, towns, and villages to teach different industries and cultures related to those industries so I planned to have a small farm town, a small ranch town, a medium size mining town, a mountain logging, hunting, and tourist town, a small junction town that came about because someone started a business at a road junction and others started other businesses there that grew based on the junction traffic, a lake side village, and a sea port city with industry and recreation.

Hold it, New Mexico is land locked so it could not have a sea port and I couldn't teach coastal industries so I sank Texas, turned it into the Gulf of New Mexico, and built a seaport community "in Eastern New Mexico" so I could teach the shipping and coastal industries. (You laughed, didn't you? I laugh every time I think about sinking Texas and turning it into the Gulf of New Mexico)

I could teach my kids about farming, ranching, dairy, mining for things like oil, gas, coal, gravel, and precious metals, logging, skiing, hunting, lake industries and businesses, road side food vendors, city industry, and many types of businesses and recreation.

In my big city, I designed an upper class neighborhood, a middle class neighborhood, a lower class house based neighborhood, and a lower class trailer park so I could teach the differences between all of those different cultures, businesses, and jobs, especially with my MBA. I can teach everything from mom and pop businesses to big business and show how they grow and develop.

I designed it to include all kinds of plants and animals on the land, in the water (sea, stream, and lake), and in the air along with a zoo so I could teach biology. I included different geological zones to teach geology and meteorology.

It got pretty massive, about 17 feet by about 25 feet with stand-up holes designed in it and a walkway all of the way around it to be able to access every place on it. I used my training in drafting for mechanical engineering to draft it up in scale and detail on a big piece of drafting paper with notes and reference materials. Yeah, I kind of like to do things right and as professionally as possible.

When it comes time to build it, I will have to bring it up to date and finish the fine tuning of it in detail before I put one nail in one piece of wood.

I can't wait to build it so I can begin using it to teach my kids. That will be fun. I love learning and teaching, you should see what I learned while designing it and what I will teach with it.

That is me, folks, in a nutshell, that is me. That is why I hate evil people who can't leave other people alone.

If those people want to do something "for the common good", then the best thing they could do is die. I wonder how many children these human demons have butchered just since 1990 so they could have more wealth and power and live lives of luxury on other people's backs because they are too lazy to work. These satanic human parasites bring nothing to the table for anyone but themselves and only bring poverty, oppression, and death for good people because they just can't leave other people alone. If they were to die today, in a few months, better than 95% of our problems would just go away. They are the problem and it really burns my butt to see the harm they are causing good people today so they can have more power and control so they can steal more from more people faster.

I pray that God will soon deliver all of us out of the hands of these spawn of Satan.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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