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Big Tech

Remember that I told you that the arrogant big tech companies have made themselves so powerful that they are now a threat to everyone and everyone except the stupid US lefties is turning on them?

The fool big tech companies went too far, grabbed for too much power, and have put themselves on everyone's chopping block. Don't be surprised if people like Dorsey, Bezos and Zuckerberg end up dying from COVID 19, you know, by stepping out of some tall building.

Keep an eye on this because I see the upper class trash making moves to reign the power mad big tech crazies in. Just like all greedy and power mad people, they reached one too many times and too far, turning all of the other greedy, power mad people against them in mass.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, the GOP is planning on filing articles of impeachment against Biden and they actually have a case but, with the Commierats controlling half of the Senate, I doubt it will work though it will prove he is guilty of crimes for which he should be impeached.

On second thought (God just tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, stupid, what about this" and stupid listened), is the GOP working with the upper class trash to get rid of Biden so Kruella can become president, while making the Commierats look like they are "fair". Think about it, if they impeach Biden, Kruella becomes president and Pelosi becomes vice president. I can see both of them sticking it to Biden to increase their power.

And then, which Commierat will become Speaker of the House, AOC?

That will be a win-win for the Commierats and it makes me wonder whose side are these GOP really one.

If the impeachment is successful in the House, Biden should quickly resign before they can prosecute him in the Senate, you know, strike a deal to quit if he gets a pardon from Kruella, which may have already been arranged.

Is that what the left was planning to do all of this time by running Dopy and Kruella together?

Keep an eye on this.

Legalizing Dope

The primary reasons they are legalizing dope are money and control. The upper class trash are hoping they will be able to increase their profits for dope sales over their illegal dopes sales that the upper class trash get kickbacks on but that has not seemed to work in areas where they did legalize it. Also, they are hoping to increase government revues because the lefties will be able to tax the dope sales but Colorado has so far proved that the costs of the drugs with such things as increase poverty increasing Welfare costs and increased payments for things like medical because of overdoses and accidents have been greater than the increase in revenues from taxes.

Another cost the idiots are not expecting has been increasing costs for arrests and prison even though buying and using the drugs are no longer illegal. This is because significant numbers of dope users become so incapacitated by the dope that they can't work and have to steal for money to buy their drugs.

Now the dopers like to deny that their drugs incapacitate people but I have had to work with pot users who were incapacitated, when I was in the military in Thailand. Believe me, the pot users who had been using long enough were completely incapacitated and could barely do even easy jobs. When people become so completely incapacitated, the only ways they can make any money are Welfare and stealing, usually with the stealing supplementing the Welfare to cover the cost of the dope.

Basically, the real reason the corrupt politicians are legalizing drugs is because they simple mindedly think they will increase government revenues that they can launder into their greedy pockets and that is all they think about. They don't care that they will be destroying lives faster and destroying more lives.

The final primary reason the government is legalizing dope is because they know the drugs make the people easier to control and less likely to stage a rebellion, which makes drugs the perfect "chains and whips" for controlling slaves. You see, with chains and whips, if the slave runs away, they can stay away. With drugs, if the slave runs away, they will come back as soon as withdrawals set in for more drugs so that drugs are much better and more efficient than chains and whips plus you can make more money by selling the dope or "chains and whips" to the slaves instead of the slave owner having to pay for and maintain real chains.

BTW, legalizing dope is one of Biden's plans for modifying or "improving" the legal system. The con is that they will be keeping more people out of jail by legalizing dope, which has already been shown to be false because even more people will have to start stealing when more people can legally obtain more drugs and then the upper class trash think they will make a haul from selling the dope and taxing those sales plus the control the drugs will give the upper class trash over the people.

Once again, the left is using the lie of caring about you as their excuse for legalizing drugs for money and control. It is just another lie the stupid people will believe.

Chess vs Checkers

In watching the shadows moving in the background, which is getting harder and harder to do, I want to share some observations with you.

First, on January 6, at the very beginning of the protest in DC, someone in the FBI told someone else that there was a bus load of Antifa dressed as conservatives infiltrated into the protesters. Then the federal cops were refused backup a number of times to make it look like the peaceful protesters overwhelmed the cops. Then the federal cops opened the barricades and signaled the protestors through and into the building, guiding those protesters past lefty news cameras already tactically positioned with the protesters staying between the velvet ropes and causing no trouble, while Antifa rioted at another point in the barricades and charged into the building. Immediately, the lying lefty media began claiming that the peaceful protesters were "staging a coup" and "committing treason", telling us that the left knows they are staging the coup and committing treason because of their normal self projection, while trying to make it look like the protesters trying to stop the left's coup are the traitors.

"Nah, that wasn't all staged and couldn't be a conspiracy against the good people of this nation. It was just a magical accident and coincidence." Yeah, right.

Now we have that someone has organized armed protests at the state capitals in ALL 50 states on the same weekend scaring the lefty commie traitors so bad they are ALL bringing in their states' National Guards to protect their butts, while Trump's man signed an order for the DC National Guard and others, including part of the New Mexico and Illinois National Guards, to post where they are supposed to swear in the president, with the stupid lefties thinking they magically called those National Guard troops into position.

That order was signed by the man Trump appointed to that office just a few months ago.

Gee, you don't think the US Military is sending their armed militias into ALL 50 state capitols at the same time and the right time, do you?

People, the logistics for doing what the conservatives are right now doing, don't happen by accident and are too complex for stupid lefties to handle, much less some amateur leader. This is the kind of organization that I have only seen the military handle and have not even seen any of the major corporations achieve. Think about that.

Did you know that, if Trump enacts the Insurrection Act, he automatically has control of all of those National Guard units positioned around or encircling all of those capitol buildings and their occupants inside in all 50 states and those guards can arrest everyone in those governments before any of the criminals can make it to the door, with no way out of the buildings or, if done over the weekend, those troops can keep those corrupt politicians from gaining access to their capitol buildings to do anything to stop Trump, especially if those National Guard troops are surrounded by armed civilian militias taking back control of their nation at the state AND national level?

Ain't nobody going nowhere, in or out, during what Trump is about to do. ALL of the governors are literally handing control of their state governments to Trump, while thinking they are keeping control. By Saturday morning, you know, tomorrow morning, Trump will literally have absolute military control of this entire nation, from the state to national level, thanks to the idiot lefties. Trump will be just one executive order from having complete military control of this entire nation thanks to the stupid lefties moving those National Guard units into position for Trump.

Think about that. Talk about herding the pigs into the pig pen just before the slaughter but even better, Trump caused the pigs to herd themselves into those pig pens.

Trump is clearly playing chess and the lefties are not even playing a good game of checkers. This gets more interesting by the day.

And you think the upper class trash are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

I am right now wondering what Trump is going to do about the MSM committing crimes like treason and how he is working to stop that evil crap, which you better bet he is?

Hey, this is much better than anything I have ever seen on TV or out of Hollywood. Trump is playing them all for suckers and fools...again. This has to be the greatest sucker punch in history.

This has to be the most brilliant coup or counter coup I have ever seen in history. It is brilliantly designed to cause the criminal traitors to put themselves in a corner and is being brilliantly executed to close the door on the traitors.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

Man plans, God laughs.

Now, why would the lefties move their fifth column government to Chicago to stage for their final violent coup effort? Remember what I told you about Farrakhan?

For two decades I have been slowly feeding you what you need to know about what is going on and have even connected some of the dots for you but you have had to do the rest.

I told you years ago that I found out in the 1960s that Farrakhan was having his black Muslims get jobs working for the US Government, including the US Military, to get training and experience for all of the important government agencies like the military, FBI, CIA, NSA, and others, from the best government in the world. Then he would have those people come back to South Chicago, about 5 to 10 miles south of downtown Chicago, create replicas of those government agencies, and train up the other black Muslims to build his government for the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan has been building his Nation of Islam government for at least 60 years while planning to stage a violent military coup to seize control of the US Government.

The government for the Nation of Islam is one of the two best trained and experienced governments in the world and is the best protection for their commie traitor allies in the US. It would be more difficult for the US Government to find and arrest/kill traitors in Chicago than anywhere else in the US. Farrakhan has created a sanctuary for those traitors.

That is why the lefties will flee to Chicago and provide Obama and Farrakhan with the easy opportunity to seize control of the Commierat Party and all of its puppets and thugs with one of the two best governments in the world so they can use the Commierat Party to seize control of the US Government. This has been Farrakhan's lifelong dream and he will not turn that opportunity down.

BTW, did you notice that the National Guard units they are moving to DC are from the blue states so those governors won't have enough National Guard to protect them?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Then I saw that the lefties in DC are starting to have second thoughts about there now being 20,000+ and growing National Guard troops under Trump's control in DC. They seem to be finally getting the picture just a wee bit late.

Corrupt Courts

Remember that I have been telling you that our courts are corrupt and the upper class trash are above the law?

This video shows a little about just how corrupt the courts are and how immune the upper class trash are to the law. They get away with doing almost anything they want.

Note that even the family members are that corrupt so you can't just arrest the head of the family when the entire family is that corrupt.

This is why the upper class trash will have to be tried in military courts when this war gets to the point that they will be arresting the upper class trash.

And you think these evil tyrants won't enslave and murder you, if they think they can get away with it?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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