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Remember that, in my last essay, I said that Trump and the US Military are staging the most brilliant coup or counter coup in history?

Baby, this thing is even more brilliant than I had realized because of the psychological warfare they are using. I woke up this morning knowing the following.

OK, you are Trump and the left is staging a successful coup of the US with this rigged election because our entire civilian government is so corrupt that almost all of them are globalists and involved in this coup so, how do you stage a counter coup to stop their coup when all else has failed? How do you keep the lefty commie traitors from using their very powerful lefty media to stop you? How do you save this nation from their commie coup?

You make it look like the truly very angry conservatives are staging a rebellion to stop the commie coup and you and the military stage martial law to make it look like you are stopping and investigating the conservative coup, which will give you and the military complete control of every state and federal government to prevent the lefties from stopping you.

"Why, Trump and the military are trying to stop an armed insurrection by the right to protect our commie coup."

Step 1 You get the conservatives to stage a peaceful protest at Congress on January 6 in protest of Congress committing treason by not stopping the lefty globalist coup. You have military infiltrators in the left get the lefties to stage a fake insurrection by having cops open barricades, escort conservatives into Congress past prepositioned cameras, while Antifa infiltrators actually do storm Congress, and then the commie media screaming that Trump and the conservatives are staging insurrection and committing treason.

Step 2 Trump comes out and denounces using violent protests while he and the military use their civilian militias to stage armed protests at all 50 state capitols and Congress so the lefties will move their state National Guards in positions around those capitols for you "to protect them and their capitols from the rebellion".

Step 3 Trump condemns these armed protests and uses them to declare a national emergency because this is a national insurrection taking place in all 50 states, right? Therefore, it would be a national emergency. Then you enact the Insurrection Act, declare martial law, seize control of all of those National Guard units the governors put in place for you, suspend the US Constitution, suspend Congress we know is corrupt, and suspend the US Supreme Court we know is also corrupt so the military can investigate this "insurrection" by millions of conservatives, which could take 4 years. Hey, that is a lot of people to investigate, even for the military.

One thing this rigged election did was to prove that the US Government is massively corrupt in all areas, who many of the corrupt people are, and that almost all of them are involved in this coup and treason.

The thing is that the military will have to investigate everyone in the nation for any and all crimes, including all politicians and judges, to make sure they get everyone, they will have free access to ALL government documents for all 50 states and the federal government, and with the military and Trump already having massive amounts of evidence for trying and hanging at least the top level lefties and probably most of them. They will also know who and what they are looking for and where to find it.

Therefore, to stop this "armed insurrection" in all 50 states and the federal government, as soon as the conservatives stage their armed protests, Trump and the military will be justified in enacting the Insurrection Act, declaring martial law, suspending the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court, and then staging their investigation of everyone to find everyone who has committed crimes and reviewing the election materials to overturn the election, and appointing Trump as the president for the next 4 years.

What is the lefty media going to do, condemn Trump and the military for stopping a conservative armed rebellion to stop the lefty globalist coup?

The military will have complete control of every state and federal government, be able to seize and examine all voting records and machines for every state, reverse the election, arrest all lefties and RINOs for all of their crimes, seize control of all big tech, the media, corporations, and nonprofit corporations to check their records for any evidence of criminal activity (with no Constitution, there will be no constitutional rights, right to privacy, or protecting from the law, we will be under very strict military law and tried in very strict military courts, where, if you did the crime, you will do the time and plenty of it), and try all of those criminals in military courts, with many of them being convicted for capital crimes, who the military will use for target practice, which would definitely take 4 years, you know, "to stop this conservative armed insurrection" and, if you think about it, Trump and the military will be stopping a conservative armed insurrection by stopping the commie coup. Hey, that is Trump's job for which he swore an oath.

That would be the most spectacular sucker punch in history. Checkmate, Trump, and the US wins against the globalist tyranny.

Think about it, with control of every state, the military will be able to stop all of these commie mandates like the mask, social distancing, and lockdown thingies so Trump can free the people in all 50 states and start rebuilding the economy, you know, while the military continues their very long investigation, arrests, and prosecutions.

The lefties will stage a tactical retreat to Chicago for protection by the Nation of Islam to regroup, reorganize, and continue with their coup to grab control of the entire US, while still fighting their own internal civil war against each other for control and power. If they stage their own inauguration in Chicago, they will hold the inauguration ball in Chicago and guess which building that would be in.

Is that brilliant or what?

It took me a while to figure that one out by watching shadows moving in the background and the stupid lefties are still clueless. I thank God for my military training in espionage and my long days and nights of prayer.

Here is a little food for thought about one more reason why God has had me living here alone in illness and poverty. If I had not had all of this time alone with no distractions, you know, like having the health and wealth to do other things, and without so many other things and problems to occupy my mind, there is no way I could have spent the time with God in prayer and thought to learn all of the things I have learned to teach you. Everything works to the good with God.

I wouldn't want to go through this again but I am glad and thank God I did because it taught me a lot and made me a better person. I have learned to love walking with God.

Minimum Wage Con

While getting my MBA, we studied the affects of increasing the minimum wage and it is always a bad deal for the middle and lower classes. This is because many businesses will have to close and people will lose their jobs, mostly those who are supposed to benefit from the wage increase. This will affect mom and pop businesses the most and will finish off many of them. It also means that prices must increase to cover the increase in wages so the businesses can stay in business, providing jobs.

It will also increase taxes on products because those taxes are always based on a percentage of the price of the product so, as the price increases, so do the taxes, increasing prices even more.

It will also increase taxes on income because those taxes are also based on a percentage of the income.

When you combine all increases in costs to the middle and lower classes, they always lose at least 1.5 to more than 3 times as much as a few of them gain in increased income, with everyone making more than the minimum wage not benefiting from the increase but having to pay most of the increased costs. This means that most of you will actually have less disposable income.

The 2 biggest reasons why politicians increase minimum wage are to 1) con the stupid people into voting for the corrupt politicians because they will think they are getting something for free and 2) to increase the revenues for government via taxes so the corrupt politicians will be able to steal more from more people faster to stuff in their greedy pockets.

The only ones who really benefit from the increase in minimum wage are the corrupt politicians and some bureaucrats along with major corporations because it will put some of the corporations' smaller competitors out of business.

Science and the Bible

Remember that I told you that, if you study science and then read the Bible you see a very different book than what most people see because they don't know the science hidden in the Bible?

This video shows some of the science in the Bible. The person being interviewed is both an expert in Hebrew and a physicist.

Note, that just like I told you, he tells you that God started the creation with a massive ball of water and I explained why and where God created it from. He also told you about God later creating light and adding that energy to the water, just like I told you God did and I told you why.

He didn't study biology so he didn't understand why men's lives started getting shorter like I explained to you why because, not knowing biology and only knowing physics, he can't see the things I see because I did study biology and I see the things he sees because I also studied physics. Having studied all of the hard sciences, really opens your eyes to a lot in the Bible that very few see and makes reading the Bible even more fun and informative. God gave us science so we could better understand Him.

Much of the old Testament is historical record and I have never seen a preacher who understood that it includes the HISTORY of the creation. That is right, the creation of everything by God is a very important part of our history and it is a scientific part of our history. The creation of everything by God was the first and most important historical event because it was the beginning of everything we know.

This is a good video in that he teaches you much of what I taught you but he shows that he doesn't understand some of what I taught you, which is why God had me study all of the hard sciences so I could see and understand more.

God started with a massive ball of water as His clay from which He sculpted the entire cosmos and added light or energy to that ball of clay to create the energies that cause things to work in our cosmos. God was the first and greatest artist and scientist.

It was fun seeing this video because it partly confirms my creation science hypothesis and it teaches you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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