Situation 2


The current situation is that someone set up a spectacular mission to seize control of this nation to stop the lefty coup but the leaders in the Pentagon refused to keep their oaths to stop this coup, which is obviously (because of what they are saying) meant to destroy the Constitution and Republic to enslave, oppress and murder the people meaning that those leaders in the Pentagon are traitors who are complicit in this coup and ongoing genocide.

Listen, Trump cannot enforce or sustain martial law without the aid of the Pentagon and the Pentagon just made it very clear that they will not try to stop the lefty commie traitor coup and are, therefore, complicit in this act of treason.

Note that the opportunity to use martial law to seize control of all 50 states and the federal government is still present because those troops are still there. It could still happen anytime between now and January 20 but that isn't so promising right now.

Listen, for the people to stage 51 simultaneous armed protests at the state capitols for all 50 states and also for the federal government requires significant logistics and is not something that could just happen by accident and coincidence. It all had to be planned by someone (a significant professional team) who knew what they were doing and then for them to all be simultaneously called off within hours, also requires the efforts of a professional team.

The plan was and still is brilliant but what this shows us is that the US Pentagon has also been infiltrated by lefty commie traitors who refuse to do their sworn job to stop this commie coup meaning the people have also been betrayed by the leaders in the Pentagon so that ABSOLUTELY EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THE US GOVERNMENT has betrayed you, the people. They have now all sold you out. Your ENTIRE government has been taken over by lefty traitors and you can't trust any of them because NONE of them will do their job to protect you from any of the traitors. It is now officially just you and God.

Will enough of the people stand up and fight for their freedoms and rights?

I have to admit that I was hopeful in this working because God let me know a long time ago that I won't be healed and my finances returned to me until after Obama stages his coup and, after more than 20 years of this, it was starting to look really good and I just really wanted to get all of this illness, poverty, and insanity over with, all of it. If it is going to happen, let's just get it over with, you know, just like taking really bad tasting medicine.

Now, backing off and being more objective, what is going on?

First, God let this fail to show you that even the US Pentagon is corrupt and has sold you out but that there are still some faithful patriots like General Flynn, who insisted on stopping this coup. There are a number of retired military officers who joined Flynn in his efforts to stop this coup. There are still good people.

Second, God is using this to show you that, what I told you about Trump only being a temporary fix for our problem, is true. It is going to take much more than what Trump did to fix this mess caused by the left.

Remember that I told you that all the next traitor-in-chief had to do in order to undo what Trump did was to write one or more executive orders? Remember that Dopey just stated that on his first day in office he is going to sign a "barrage" of such executive orders to undo everything Trump did and more?

On that first day, Dopey is going to consolidate his rule as our emperor-in-chief so he can never lose power by an election. You are stuck with this guy until he dies, which may not be long. Hey, Kruella may find him dead from a heart attack with a couple of bullet holes in the back of his head.

God is going to use this to show you just how evil the lefties really are to open everyone's eyes because they are now in complete, absolute control of the government with elections now being so rigged that they mean nothing and the lefties now feel free to show their true colors by doing everything they want to do in order to quickly finish setting up their commie dictatorship in the US so they can use the resources of the US to quickly set up their commie globalist dictatorship before they can lose power again. Hey, with ye ole rigged elections, you can't vote them out of office, baby.

Do you believe me yet that the US Constitution and Republic are dead and it just finished kicking?

If you think God has been opening eyes before this, just wait until everyone sees just how evil the left is going to now openly be. I realized a long time ago that it is not possible for words to describe how evil these human demon things are but you are about to see it with your lying widdle eyes. This is going to get really ugly really fast.

The first thing they have already shown you is that they are going to immediately come after your guns and march all of you gun owners off to their reeducation death camps. You better quickly secure your safety or red zones and I cannot overstate that.

God has taught me several interesting things with this.

Remember that, when I told you that, after Obama stages his coup, there will be safe zones and a Mexican standoff?

I thought that meant that God would cause those things to be formed or caused AFTER the coup but God has already caused both of them to be in place before the coup. Because of the coup and the lefty rioting, God caused us to establish our safety or red zones and now, with Trump's failed efforts to stop this coup, there is already conflict within the US Military, which is causing the development of a Mexican standoff, just like God told me would happen.

God is doing this before Obama stages his coup to have these and other things in place to protect you before Obama stages his coup.

When God told me that He would cause certain events to happen, He didn't tell me which route He would take to cause those events to happen and there are a number of routes to get there so I have been quietly watching and trying to figure out which route God was going to use to get us to things like Obama staging his coup.

What I had guessed, based on observations, and turned out to be wrong is that Trump would stop this coup enough to buy time and cause the traitors to flee to Chicago to finish staging their coup and that God would use this to sort the deep state traitors out of our government by those traitors leaving our government for the traitor fifth column government in Chicago. I guessed wrong.

But the route God is taking to get us there is that He is going to permit the traitors to succeed with their coup to destroy our Republic to punish us for turning away from God for our sins, stop us from putting our faith in the Constitution and our Republic and put our faith in God, and to show us just how corrupt and evil our government really is while causing the good people in our government to flee our government and the deep state criminals for the revolutionary government. God has shown us that our ENTIRE government is corrupt, including the military leaders, and has failed us so you better put your faith in God and not any part of our failed government. Right now, God is the only one who can save your butt.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, repent of your sins and turn back to God, secure your red zones, and lock and load just like I have been telling you. We are in just a wee bit of a pinch right now, to put it mildly. You are now fighting for your lives and the lives of everyone you care about. This mess just got very real for everyone.

Our leaders have just committed the greatest act of treason in history and, as of right now, their coup has succeeded, giving the Queen of England her colonies back, which you will soon see. Now that she is back in absolute control of her colonies, she won't even try to hide it any more so you will see with your own widdle eyes that what I have been telling you about all of this horrible mess being caused by the Euro-American royals, under the leadership of the British branch of the European Royal Family, is true. God is about to show you EVERYTHING he has spent the last 50+ years teaching me. This is going to be like taking really bad medicine so hold on.

First, remember that I told you that we built special underground facilities all over the US and even in other countries that are nuke proof for our military to use in a sustained nuclear war with the Soviet Union? Also remember that I told you that they built underground nuke proof facilities here in the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) for the president, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Pentagon to use to manage this nation and that war?

It is time to connect a few more dots, baby.

I was trained to know that the WSMR facilities are the most secure facilities on this planet because they are hidden under an area of land that is at least 3 to 6 times larger than Rhode Island, the land is so open they can see everything coming for miles in every direction, underground nuclear testing proved that these facilities can take a direct hit by 30 to 40 megaton nukes and keep right on ticking, you know, the nukes detonate right against the outer walls of those facilities, with no internal damage to those facilities or the people in them, and no one has more than a 20 meg nuke in their arsenal right now, are surrounded by numerous military facilities such as Fort Bliss to the south, which is home of the armored unit for the US's largest Army division, the 3rd ID, and is home for a number of special operations units like Green Berets and Delta Force, plus many more that regularly use this area for training, like SEALs, PJs, and MARSOC, Holloman AFB on its eastern border, a number of other military facilities within 250 miles of WSMR such as Luke, Cannon, and Albuquerque AFBs, secret underground military facilities as part of WSMR and near WSMR, several of which I know about. My grandfather even told me about him helping build one that is within 30 miles of here.

Remember that I told you about the spacecraft I call star ships, you know, our new Space Force, and that there is a fleet of them based at WSMR because I have seen them take off from WSMR, and the WSMR facilities are fully equipped for everyone to do any and all jobs required to win such a war. WSMR is a modern day super fortress that dwarfs ANYTHING you have seen out of Hollywood.

Remember that I told you about the US Military having a top secret military in secret bases with top secret weapons we called "Uncle Sam's black closet" that were the US Military's plan Z to only be used when everything else failed to stop the take over of the US?

Everything else just failed and you are about to see plan Z and its top secret weapons systems in action. You are about to see a real space war using those flying things you have been calling UFOs, which I told you the lefties have heard rumors about and they are afraid of. This war the lefties are forcing on us is going to get really nasty and I would not be surprised to see more than 100 million people die during this war in just the US and billions could easily die globally. This ain't going to be purdy.

BTW, I expect at least 80% to 90% of the lefties, who are forcing this war on us so they can steal more from more people faster, to die in this war and don't be surprised if many of you get so angry you declare open season on lefties and start hunting them down to kill them because of the harm they have and will soon cause everyone. You will have the voting data base from this last election put together by the lefties to eradicate you to find out who they all are. Good guys seeing these people hunting lefties down and killing them like plague infested rats will see those hunters as people killing Commierats carrying the plague of Marxism, which will murder a few billion more people before the plague is stopped by those rat hunters. I told you this is going to get really nasty before it gets better.

Now, you also need to know that we have more than 100 of those secret "black closet" military bases all over the US and Cheyenne Mountain was only one of, of which I was trained as to its structure and function because it was SAC headquarters during the Cold War, I was in SAC, and it is the only one of many most of you know about. We were trained to know that 1) there were standing black closet forces in many of those bases with top secret weapons systems that their existence was classified and 2) that, in the event of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, most of us would have gone into those nuke proof facilities with our families to wage that war, including yours truly.

You also need to know that the bull crap about the US President flying around in a special airplane to fight that nuclear war was a distraction to throw off the enemy because, if you get just one small nuke close enough to that plane with an aerial detonation, it would blow that plane out of the sky killing everyone on it and the military would never put the president in such a deadly situation. They would have put him underground where even a direct hit would not harm him. That plane was only meant to quickly get the president to WSMR while beginning the fight.

Guess what, those facilities are still there, they are still manned by skeleton crews to maintain those facilities, and they can easily be used by the good guys in the military to stage a civil war to regain control of our nation, which is important because, if the bad guys have a little control of our military, they will have control of a little of our nukes that can be used in such a civil war. All our forces will have to do is move in, turn on the lights, and go to work.

Now, knowing all of this, you also have to know that the lives of Trump, his family, all of those officers who tried to get Trump to declare martial law to stop this coup, and the people who voted for Trump are all at stake because the lefty commie traitors don't want to risk losing control of the government to Trump again, especially with General Flynn as his vice president, and the only safe place for them in the near future is those black closet facilities or in protected red zones. If he is dead, he cannot take back control of our government and start hanging those traitors. It is now him or them, baby.

I originally thought Trump would be moved to those facilities after Obama nuked Chicago because the military would be afraid that Obama might still have more nukes he could use on Trump.

I don't know whether Trump will be the leader they will move to those facilities or whether those retired officers and others will move there after the left murders Trump. I just know that God said the leaders fighting for us will be there and it is going to have to happen soon because the left is telling you they are going to start their killing soon.

I do now know that God may have removed Trump from office to save Trump's life when Obama stages his coup by winning the civil war going on within the Commierat party to seize control of the US government in order to continue to use Trump to win this war, you know, how I believed that Obama had to murder Trump to seize control of our government until God just showed me otherwise. Also, Trump not being president means that Obama can't blame Trump for helping Israel nuke Chicago, if Trump no longer has control of nukes, so Obama will have to only blame Israel, especially with the lefties back in control of our government, it will return and increase the tension between Israel and the US, which Obama will use to convince the stupid people that Israel nuked Chicago, which would be an act of war and justify Obama invading Israel.

BTW, also remember that I was wondering how Obama would get the Pentagon to accept him as their dictator-in-chief, after he nuked Chicago and was no longer president?

Now knowing that the leaders in the Pentagon are traitors who worked with Obama, that they and Clinton also helped the CIA create and fund Al Quaeda, and, under Obama, they worked with Al Quaeda in Syria to form ISIS, I see no problem in those traitors accepting Obama as their dictator or they could simply be killed by Obama when he nukes Chicago. They will probably welcome him back home with open arms. They may even provide him with the nuke he needs to destroy Chicago to seize control of the US Government and may even help plan the attack.

Note, that with us knowing Obama will nuke Chicago, it should be obvious that the pilot of that plane will certainly be the most horrific Muslim suicide bomber in history and he will probably kill about one million people.

Hey, they already sold out all of you so why not Chicago...again? Besides, don't these traitors plan on killing almost all of you off anyway?

Did you know that George Washington came to the colonies from England as a lieutenant in the British Army and was an officer in the British Army when he stood up his army against his superior British officers to stage a revolution to birth this nation and for freedom?

That took guts, knowing that, if he were captured, he would have been hung. I currently don't see a George Washington within our military taking a stand against the current leaders in the Pentagon to stop this coup but God could have the person, man or woman, in the offing to take control when God wants them in control. That military officer could be Flynn or one of the other retired officers who insisted Trump declare martial law to stop the coup. That person could be a lower ranked officer, who God will get promoted to a higher rank and with control over enough troops to take that stand later.

All I know is that we need a George Washington in our military to take a stand against the traitors in the Pentagon.

BTW, did I tell you that the facilities in WSMR are designed so that our leaders in WSMR can cut off command and control by the Pentagon just in case the Soviet Union gained control of the Pentagon?

I bet that opened an eye ball or two. We got quite a bit of training concerning those facilities, I am talking classroom training.

I don't know the exact route God is going to use to get us from where we are to where Obama seizes control of the US Government to invade Israel to get hundreds of millions of Muslims to fight for him to establish their Muslim global dictatorship but I do know that the prophecies of those dreams are now in progress and getting closer to happening with God having already established our safe or red zones and created the division with the US Military that is right now creating the Mexican standoff and has shown why our leaders will have to flee to WSMR to be able to fight to get most of our nation back. Those prophecies now must happen soon, which could be in weeks, months, or even within a year. Every day, we get a day closer.

BTW, this has also decreased the number of possible routes God might use to get us to the fulfillment of those prophecies but there are still a number of those routes and I am just going to give up on guessing which one He might use unless He just flat tells me. As we get closer, the number of routes decrease.

Just keep an eye out for an upper class trash formal ball in the Sears Tower on a Monday that is not a holiday but is a work day and the ball will be during normal work hours so you and your family can call in sick for that day and go for a 20+ mile drive up wind and remember to not look at the flash.

Remember, people, the most important narrative for the Bible is, "God wins!" God is always in control and will never lose control. Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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