The Grand Commie Coup

The Commierats are trying to get Biden to declare a national emergency for any reason so he can declare martial law and suspend the US Constitution so you won't have any constitutional rights and they can openly do as they please to consolidate their power.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, this oil drilling ban is really hurting American Indian tribes and telling the Indians that the left really does not care about them. That should open a few eyes and send those people running to the right.

But, hey, the commies don't care because they have their dictatorship and rigged elections in place so they don't need real voters any more. They can bring in truck loads of fake ballots to win elections, if they have any more elections at all.

All of the different groups that supported the Commierats are now going under ye ole commie bus, one after another. All they need and want now are slaves and not voters.

This morning I realized that we are not going to stand up as a nation against the commies yet. Too many have been bullied and intimidated into submission and most of the rest don't seem to be able to organize well enough to stand up and are waiting to see what Trump is going to do.

That is why God is going to use permitting Obama to nuke Chicago to get rid of the top commies staging the final stages of their coup to finish destroying the Republic of the US. The silver lining in the cloud of Obama nuking Chicago is that he will be getting rid of these traitors who have destroyed our nation and Constitution and then will take most of the rest to Syria and Lebanon to invade Israel, where God will kill most of them in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

All things work to the good for God.

Then the people will stand up against what is left, which should be almost none of their top leaders and relatively few of their puppet activists in a revolutionary war.

Between the commies outright destroying our Constitution and Republic and Obama imposing Sharia Law on us, our nation will have been completely and legally destroyed and we will have to build a new and, hopefully, better nation. If you are smart, you will include Christianity as at least an important part of that government as either a Christian Republic or a Christian Theocracy to prevent Marxism or Islam from taking over and destroying your government again.

From what I am seeing and God showed me this morning, we are getting very close to those things happening.

BTW, I am convinced that, if anything, another fake impeachment of Trump will just secure Trump's base and support and bring us closer to a revolutionary war. That alone could start some fighting by the conservatives.

Note that we are not fighting a civil war but the conservatives are fighting a revolutionary war to topple an oppressive communist dictatorship that has just staged a successful coup of our republic and the commies are fighting an insurrection to stage or finish their coup. You need to understand the differences here because you can't let the commies push the wrong idea that the conservatives are fighting the insurrection and committing treason. It is the left who is fighting the insurrection and committing treason where as the conservatives are fighting a revolution to topple a dictatorship that has staged the coup of our republic.

You think I am wrong about the commies consolidating power and overturning the US Constitution? You think I am wrong about the Constitution and Republic being dead?

Watch this very telling video and note that one of the first things he points out about HR1 is "in spite of the Constitution", you know, overturning the Constitution, and also note that he says they are passing laws to retain power well until your grandchildren, you know, by rigging all of the elections for the next forever, just like I have been telling you. Elections are not going to matter because, even if everyone in the nation votes against the left, the left will still win because the elections are that rigged against the people.

This is one of the most important videos you will see.

You still think the commies are not consolidating their commie dictatorship? Believe me yet? How many times have I seen this in studying history and relatively recent current events?

Tucker even gives you the details about how their newly legislated corruption is going to work. It will be a waste of your time to vote and, by the end of the 2022 election, there won't be any conservatives left in office, none, zero, nada.

People, don't be mad at me because I am not the one who has destroyed the Constitution and Republic, I am just the bearer of bad tidings or the messenger bringing you the bad news caused by the commies.

This is exactly how all dictatorships consolidate power immediately after seizing power. This is absolutely not a government of the people, for the people, by the people. This is now officially a government of the dictators, for the dictators, by the dictators and you is are be der slaves and they have already told you that they are about to take EVERYTHING away from you so that you will own nothing and you WILL be happy or they will send you off to their "reeducation" death camps to donate your organs to them.

It won't be long now and NONE of you will have anything that will be worth you not wanting to risk losing to fight a revolution. Heck, you won't have anything to lose and will have everything to gain by fighting or you can fight now and try to save at least some of what you still have. If you wait too long, you will lose everything, including your life and the lives of your families and friends.

They are right now telling you that it is fight or die. Those are the only choices the commies are leaving you.

Let me make an easy prediction. If they manage to recall Gavin Newsom for a reelection, he won't lose the election and will still remain governor because the election will be too rigged for him and against you.

Get the picture yet?

Commie dictators don't lose their elections because their elections are rigged and just show to appease the people by making the people wrongly think that their leaders answer to the people. You watch, Gavin won't lose the recall election because the election will be rigged and a sham.


It is just too obvious, people. When you have seen this stuff in history, you recognize it when you see it today. Time is on my side and will only prove me to be right again.

Oh yeah, and then Tucker goes on to show how they are going to purge the government of non traitors, even the military, because, if you have the wrong "opinion" you can't get or keep a security clearance. You law enforcement (even FBI) and military officers and soldiers won't have long to stage your revolution to get back control of the government for the people before you simply won't be law enforcement and military officers and soldiers but will be unarmed citizens being sent off to commie reeducation camps to donate your organs to the commies.

You still think they are not purging your butts before you can stage a revolution to get your nation back?

The commies are RIGHT NOW passing the laws to purge your butts so they can send you off to donate your organs in their reeducation camps. You don't have long. You just might want to open your eyes and pay attention.

Note the deceptiveness of the commies in that they keep calling our government a democracy when they have already turned it into a dictatorship and saying that the patriots, who want our government to return to being a republic, are the ones who are a "threat to democracy".

What democracy?

They destroyed that and are finishing their consolidation of power for their dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet? Even Tucker is now telling you what I have been telling you.

What the commies are doing is the greatest act of treason in history and they know they are lying to you about everything to cover for their treason so that, by the time the stupid people wake up to the fact that this is no longer a republic and is now their commie dictatorship, it will be too late. Their current lies are meant to buy time to finish consolidating their dictatorship.

To help consolidate their coup, the commies are "waging a war on domestic terrorism", where you, the people, who don't want to live under their commie dictatorship, are the terrorists and they are proving this with a variety of comments. This video shows you that, if you voted for Trump, you are a dangerous domestic terrorist.

By branding you, the people, as terrorists, they are using that to justify waging war against you, sending you to their reeducation death camps, and murdering you off. It is a typical commie false labeling trick where they make their enemies, you know, the freedom loving Americans look like the bad guys so the stupid people will accept them sending their opponents to death camps to get rid of them and everyone hates terrorists.

It is the same thing Hitler did to justify rounding up and murdering Hebrews. He branded the Hebrews as the bad guys and then protected the people of Germany by rounding up and killing those bad guys, you know, like domestic terrorists being bad guys that should be rounded up and murdered to protect the stupid people and commies.

Note that, with the commies openly calling Trump a terrorist, they are using this branding to eventually justify murdering Trump to protect the stupid people and commies, you know, just like I have been telling you they will try to murder Trump and the good guys will be forced to hide Trump in a safe place, if he survives the left's attempts to murder him.

You better bet that they are going to try to murder Trump to deny the patriots a leader in hopes that the conservatives not having a leader will cause the conservatives to lose focus and kill off the conservative efforts and movements to regain control of the nation.

This is why I believe that, when the conservatives and good guys in the military and law enforcement finally get the war ramped up, they will be forced to relocate Trump to WSMR to keep him alive.

Note that the video shows that the left is calling for such things as secret police and an internal spy agency to fight their "domestic terrorism", you know, just like Linen, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and many other Marxists used to oppress the people.

Gee, I wonder who the commies will use these internal spies and secret police against?

No I don't wonder about it. I know that they will use them against you, the people, just like all dictatorships have done.

Gee, I wonder if AOC and other far lefties saying they don't want domestic terrorism laws passed (yet) is because they know, that with the civil war they are waging within the Commierat Party, those laws and organizations will be used by the socialists against AOC and company to win that war?

Yeah, you know those laws and organizations won't just be used against the right and the others involved in this Commierat civil war also know it. They will be used against anyone and everyone who in any way opposes anything the socialists are doing. Even the rebelling lefties don't want that kind of totalitarianism, yet, or until they are the ones in control of everything. They recognize this "war on domestic terrorism" as the socialists consolidating their power so NO ONE will take that power from them. Keep an eye on this.

I really love that, at the end of that last video, a Democrat tells you what I have been telling you for a few decades now, and that is that there is a rich upper class I call the upper class trash who owns and funds almost everyone in Congress. He even tells you that neither of the parties is on your side. They don't care about you, they only care about themselves and their bank accounts just like I have been telling you for a few decades. Oops.

Yep, what I have been warning you about for decades turns out to be true and it was just confirmed by a Democrat. These other people are seeing the same things I have been telling you about.

Believe me yet?

If not, you're hopeless.

Remember that I have been telling you that all of this COVID 19 crap has not been about science and medicine but has been about control and power and that I have been calling the lefties Nazis?

This video by Ron Paul, MD, tells you the same thing. He makes it very clear that the left's actions violate the US Constitution and are fascist. He doesn't pull any punches about it. He knows what is going on.

What is that, did he tell you that the lefties are "expanding government power" or consolidating their dictatorship just like I have been telling you? Who would have guessed?

People, these Nazis have staged their coup, they are consolidating their power, are passing laws to override or finish off the US Constitution, and will be coming to your homes soon to arrest all of you "terrorists" who want freedom and democracy instead of Marxist dictatorships.

You better repent of your sins, turn back to God very quickly, call on God's name, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

This is going to get worse at least until Obama stages his coup of the Commierat Party by nuking Chicago, probably to quickly win their civil war, at which time Obama will impose Sharia Law to completely do away with any remnant of constitutional law and begin building his army to invade Israel to get his Muslim army of hundreds of millions backing him to finish off the US and the rest of the world to set up their Muslim global dictatorship or Caliphate.

Right now, these commie traitors are showing all of their true colors and intentions so that all of you will know just how evil they are.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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