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Stock Market

How are you liking the corruption of the Stock Market?

Remember that I warned you about some of the corruption in the stock market as early as April 2000 and have exposed more since then. Most people are just now finding that, shock of all shocks, the stock market is corrupt.

Gee, who would have figured?

I have been warning you for decades about the corruption of the upper class trash.

Do you now understand why I tell privately owned businesses to not go public because then your business will be at the mercy of the corrupt upper class trash?

Until they have completely cleaned up the stock market, keep your businesses private, even if it means you will lose money in the short term because you will increase the business' value and survivability for the long term.

The stock market is one of many things the upper class trash have corrupted for their benefit. The upper class trash who own the stock market are in bed with their political puppets, which is called "Crony Capitalism" and not free market capitalism. Welcome to reality.

Electric Cars

Biden said that the US Government is going to start changing the entire automobile inventory for the federal government over to electric cars.

I am wonder which auto makers bribed Biden and company to do that at your expense. This is typical crony capitalism.

Competition in a free market? Do you understand now how the upper class trash got so rich and keep getting richer?

Oh no, these major corporations and their political puppet whores don't want that. They want guaranteed profits at your expense called crony capitalism.

This video shows the current fight between middle class and upper class trash caused by corruption used by the upper class trash to steal from the people.

This war is both the left and right turning on the upper class trash in a financial rebellion. This is getting interesting and can politically backfire on the lefty upper class trash, if the lefty politicians intervene to help the upper class trash against both the left and right. Most likely, the political whores will intervene to crush the lowly peasants.

Remember that I told you that desperate people do desperate things and show their true colors?

Tim shows you quite a bit more of the corruption that is going on. This upper class trash corruption has been going on for thousands of years. It didn't just start yesterday.

In this video he tells you what I told you decades ago that the decisions made about who makes money and who loses money is determined by a handful of oligarchs or upper class trash.

These mega wealthy people own almost everything and everyone involved in control, power, and wealth and they are the Euro-American royals I have told you about.

At the end of that video, he tells you that the big tech have gotten so powerful that they are trying to take over control of nations, which I have told you is why the politicians are turning on the big tech criminals because they are not giving up their power to others or going to share power with others. Big tech is reaching too far for power and getting their greedy hands slapped.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are family?

At the very beginning of this video, Tim shows you that is true and this is something you need to keep an eye on. They are all related, intermarried and inbred even though, for most of them, they don't make it public on a regular basis. You have to pay very close attention to this family thing for the upper class trash and their evil crime family is huge and spread out at the top.

Every now and then, you will see things that give you a glimpse of this so pay attention and know that it is much, much worse than they let you know.

More and more people are beginning to realize this and that is causing the increasing revolt.


This video teaches a number of the key things I learned about genetics in college which make it impossible for evolution to happen by accident and coincident. I asked geneticists if they had ever found a genetic mutation that had a positive effect on the organism and they said they had not found one such mutation.

I just saw a video where the person was talking about science and evolution where he was saying that evolution or life happening by accident and coincidence can't be tested in a lab so it can't be true science.

Wrong, we have tested whether life can happen by accident and coincidence and we proved it can't happen because life is far too complex. The irony is that, in trying to prove that God does not exist, they actually proved that God MUST exist because life and the conditions for life are just far too complex to happen except by design and creation.

The reason why they keep telling you that we can't test to see whether life can occur by accidence and coincidence is because they have tested it and proved that it simply can't.

Another irony here is that they have also proved that, who ever created life, MUST be infinitely more intelligent than humans because we humans have been trying to create life in labs for at least 100 years and we can't do it because life is far too complex for us humans to even create life.

Yes, the accidental occurrence of life has been tested in labs many times and it has been proven absolutely conclusively that life cannot happen by accidence and coincidence because it is far too complex and, therefore, must have been designed and created by an infinitely superior being we would call God.

It has been proved in many labs that it is scientifically impossible for life to have happened by accident and coincident.

One proof of that is that better than 90% of scientists who profess a belief in evolution, also profess a belief that a vastly superior being MUST exist who caused evolution to happen, making even evolution a form of creation, which completely defeats the need for the fairy tale, evolution. In other words, science has proved conclusively that evolution is bull crap.

Let me share a little scientific secret with you. A very common ploy by evolutionists is to say that, "if Adam and Eve were the parents of everyone, then humans would have had to inbreed until they eventually caused enough genetic damage to become infertile so humans could no longer reproduce and mankind would have been wiped out tens of thousands of years ago".

Guess what they don't want you to know. Evolution has an even greater problem with this because, if man did evolve, there would have been just a small tribe of them that would have inbred until they had done enough genetic damage that they all became infertile and wiped out mankind hundreds of thousands of years ago. Oops!!!

Then, you add to that, that with Biblical creation, you have a superior being who could have created perfect DNA that would be impervious to genetic damage done by inbreeding and/or self healing, which would help prevent that problem and that could have not happened with evolution because evolution requires genetic damage for things to change or evolve.

Then we have the Bible telling us that God altered our DNA when He kicked our butts out of the Garden of Eden and then again after the Flood and then He gave Moses the Law, which is written to get us to stop inbreeding so much to protect our DNA from too much damage and that it is very clear that, because we have been refusing to live by the protecting Law of God for thousands of years, we have inbred enough that we are rapidly becoming infertile today, about to inbreed ourselves into extinction, all of which is scientifically possible and probable.

You see, whether you use evolution or Biblical creation, the only way it is possible for us to not have already inbred ourselves into extinction, is with a vastly superior being who can manipulate our DNA and/or teach us to protect it, once again, proving that God MUST exist.

You see, science has proven that it is evolution, not Biblical creation, that has the inbreeding problem.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that I use videos about sailboat cruising to monitor a number of different things you won't find out anywhere else?

This video is about a couple in Indonesia whose boat was almost boarded by thieves that could have cost them valuable assets or even their lives.

In watching these videos, I have learned of a number of places in the world where piracy is pretty common and very dangerous. The most dangerous of these areas include:

Within about 100 miles of the northern shore of South America, especially off of Venezuela.

Between the Philippines and west of Indonesia.

Within a few hundred miles of the Straits of Aden along both Yemen and Somalia.

Within a few hundred miles off the northern shores of Africa, especially around Libya and Tunisia.

Within a few hundred miles off the western and central shores of Africa from about Gabon to Guinea.

Those seem to be the worst places but things can quickly change with the crap the globalists are pulling. At this time, I simply would not even want to try to circumnavigate the planet by sailboat because of the increasing danger in those areas, especially with someone you care about.

When I see a couple just starting out to circumnavigate the planet today through at least some of those areas, my first thought is that they must not be paying attention and have not truly done their homework or they are just really stupid. If you are just loosely paying attention to the sailing community, especially cruising, you should know this and at least do your homework about where not to sail but too many people don't because they have not paid attention to global issues.

Because of what I have seen, I would only do sailboat cruising west of the American continents to Japan or Australia, from the Northern Mediterranean Sea to about Norway, the Northern to Central Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean between the US and Europe. Those seem to be the safest areas for sailboat cruising at this time.

Note that I have read about things like dinghies and fuel being stolen in places like the Bahamas but that is not as frequent as in these more dangerous places.

Where ever you go, you need to have what the military calls "situational awareness", which means to be constantly aware of your surroundings and potential threats. That can make the difference between life and death.

Note some of the problems that even these clearly rich people face in other nations are because of the global problems. The upper class trash, their greed, and their lust for power are making things worse for everyone, even other rich people. If you are not a member of the upper class trash royals, things are not looking good right now.

Noah's Ark

I just found out that the ice melts away on Mt Ararat to where part of Noah's Ark is said to be visible.

Remember that I told you that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 it is likely that Putin will retake the Northern part of Turkey for Russia in order to regain Istanbul (Constantinople) and be given sainthood by the Russian Orthodox Church?

Putin would also be gaining control of the Bosporus Strait to give Russia control to the access of the Black Sea, which is very strategic.

If Putin does this and the ice melts away enough on Mt Ararat, don't be surprised to see Russia, possibly in conjunction with Israel, bring Noah's Ark down from Mt Ararat for the people to see. This would also provide Putin with even greater recognition by the Church and even Christians around the world.

My question is, "Is God causing the ice to melt away so we can bring down Noah's Ark as a testimony to God and the Flood?"

Bringing Noah's Ark down from the sides of Mt Ararat, you know, where the Bible says it came to rest, would definitely increase the credibility of the Bible, prove that Noah's Flood really was global, which would be required for the Ark to end up on top of such a high mountain, and destroy the pagan fairy tale of evolution for everyone except the most avid and brain dead God haters. My guess is that it is about to happen.

Keep an eye on this.

The last I heard about this was satellite photos by NASA from the early 1970s showing the Ark had split in two with one part a little further down the mountain from the other and larger part. I believe Russia's military probably has the technology to bring down both parts and any other debris, especially with the help of Israel.

Laser Weapons FYI

We were already doing research on Lasers before the 1970s and, by at least the middle of the 1970s, we could knock stuff out of the sky with lasers.

Then why did we not begin using lasers the way they are telling you they are using them until today, you know, more than half a century later?

Because we already had the counter measures for lasers before we ever completed the testing for using lasers as weapons and lasers are incredibly easy to counter.

Then why are we making it look like we are ramping up for war with lasers?

First, they are only making it look like we are ramping up for war with lasers by just putting lasers on a few ships and planes. That is not ramping up for war with lasers but is making it look like we are ramping up for war with lasers.

The reason is the same strategy we used to finish off the Soviet Union when Reagan was president. What happened was that Reagan and the Pentagon realized that the Soviet Union was in financial straits because their economy sucked and was imploding and they didn't have much R&D money left for developing new weapons systems. So Reagan and the Pentagon figured out what would be the best way to get the Soviet Union to waste a lot of money on R&D so the Soviet Union would go broke.

What they decided on was to make it look like the US was ramping up for space warfare in a number of ways with a number of weapons systems, which is extremely expensive.

Well, naturally, the Soviet Union jumped on the band wagon ramping up for R&D for very high tech space warfare and, as soon as the Pentagon could tell the Soviet Union was broke, Ronnie invited Gorbie over to tea and cakes and showed Gorbie a few pictures of some of our already existing weapons systems that they knew the Soviet Union didn't have the money to do the R&D to develop. Gorbie wet himself, Ronnie gave him the pictures to show to his generals, and, after Gorbie's generals all wet themselves, they surrendered to Ronnie, the Cold war came to an end, and the Soviet Union disbanded.

The Pentagon knows that China's economy sucks really bad and is imploding because China has had to lay off millions of military personnel, about two thirds of them, to continue to spend money on new weapons systems R&D so the Pentagon is making it look like they are ramping up with new, very expensive weapons systems and China is pouring what is left of her money down the rabbit hole of developing useless expensive weapons systems, quickly going broke.

I am waiting for the Pentagon to invite Xi over for tea and cakes so Xi can wet himself and take some pictures back for his generals to wet themselves just before they surrender. Been there, done that.

Marxist Dictatorship

Remember that I have been telling you for decades that this coup to take over our constitutional republic and replace it with a Marxist dictatorship has been going on for about 100 years?

This video tells you that is true. This actually began in 1913 and they have systematically evolved the government from a constitutional republic into a Marxist dictatorship with the final steps taking place right now.

What she did not tell you is that the Marxists did this by appointed Marxists to the top positions of the different government agencies, who promoted other Marxists employees up from within until the Marxists took over control of the government with their deep state swamp rigging elections gradually over the last 50 years.

Basically, this is the final steps of a gradual Marxist coup, insurrection, and treason committed over a little more than a century by tens of thousands of Marxist traitors.

I have studied this and been watching it for more than half a century.

If you think this is not a Marxist dictatorship consolidating power, watch this video and think about what the lefties are saying right now about wiping out conservatives and/or Trump voters. Gee, sure sounds the same to me because the lefties are openly trying to purge the conservative, Christian culture.

And you think our commies won't be coming for you soon the way Stalin's commies did for those people?

Note that all Marxists are prolific liars including but not limited to Linen, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Maduro along with the lies we are constantly bombarded with by our commies in the US. You can't believe a thing Marxists tell you. The lies have been their greatest weapon.

Are you ready yet for a Christian theocracy where it is a crime to lie, which would cripple Marxism?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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