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Obama vs Israel

Obama is continuing to attack Netanyahu while also pressuring Israel to give up their nukes and be completely at the mercy of the Muslim nations surrounding Israel while also releasing Israeli classified information, you know, the way Obama keeps betraying the US by releasing classified US information. In an interview, Obama 1) stated that the security relationship between the United States and Israel will remain strong, in other words, Obama is not the enemy of Israel, and 2)Obama attacked Netanyahu's stance on a Palestinian state, showing Obama's true colors, he really is the enemy of Israel. Basically, Obama backed a lie with the truth that Obama is trying to indirectly destroy Israel. Obama directs the blame for his statements to Israel to make it look like it is all Israel's fault so Obama will be faultless and it will be easier to blame Israel for nuking Chicago. Psychological warfare.

A senior official in Israeli in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud party on Friday rejected fresh criticism of the prime minster by US President Barack Obama as unjustified and hypocritical (note that Netanyahu is trying to keep himself out of this game by having other Israeli officials make the appropriate defensive comments).

Then Obama later stated that almost all American Jews support him, you know, the self hating Jews who hate Israel. We know this is Obama trying to make himself look like the good guy and Netanyahu look like the bad guy but it also makes it look like all of the intelligent Jews have already gone home to Israel and the US is stuck with the stupid Jews.

Obama arrogantly claims he has been "called" the first Jewish president. Yeah, by Obama. This is just to make it look like he is the friend of Jews and that the conflict he is causing between himself and Israel is all Netanyahu's fault so he can blame Israel for nuking Chicago and make it look uncalled for while at the same time using the hostility Obama is causing between himself and Israel as the justification for Israel nuking Chicago and then using the appearance of Israel having nuked Chicago to justify Obama invading and destroying Israel, you know, Obama's friend. Obama is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

Unfortunately, there are enough stupid people who will fall for this crap.


We need to have a moment of silence for once Great Britain, which has become just Britain and will shortly become Little Britain or even just England. Her demise has been caused by Socialism and she is in her last death throws.

Over the next few years, Britain's army will shrink to from 80,000 to 50,000 which is smaller than any point since the 1770s, you know, when she was soundly defeated by the American colonies. David Torhkopf of Foreign Policy magazine stated that Britain's once mighty army will be about the size of the New York Police Department. Basically, she probably won't even be able to defend against an invasion.

Britain's annual decrease in military spending of 8% to 9% has resulted in about 20% to 30% reduction in conventional capability over the last few decades. Britain's 30-year-old fleet of Tornado planes is a generation behind the American F-22s and the Royal Navy, which once ruled the seas, currently operates without a single aircraft carrier (although two are under construction).

The UK National Defence Association (UKNDA), a group of former military chiefs and politicians, said that Britain's defence force is completely unprepared for any confrontation with Vladimir Putin or IS, it must stop freeloading off the back of the US and that Britain lacked aircraft, ships, manpower and weapons, "while Russia upgrades its arsenal". The report notes America currently provides more than 70 per cent of NATO's defence budget, while Europe freeloads, that Europe's population and GDP now exceed that of America, and this irresponsible imbalance cannot last.

But all European socialist countries have had to cut back on their military spending, making the West vulnerable to invasion by other forces and requiring the US to provide 70% of NATO's spending. With our liberal commie traitors cutting back on US military spending, it is not if but when will some one else begin to think they can conquer the West and start the next major war.

How long do you think it will be before Britain loses the Falkland Islands to Argentina, who is building her military with the help of Russia?

You have to understand that Britain depends on the Falkland Islands for oil and, when she loses the Falkland Islands, her economy will crash sending her back to the dark ages or worse. But, hey, it will definitely end all of that stupid socialism.

Britain is seriously considering leaving the EU because she is bleeding money to support the failed EU and keep it afloat a little longer. If Britain leaves the EU, Germany will have to increase her support of the EU or it will fail soon.

Gee, I wonder why you don't hear much about Britain standing by our side in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and you hear more about France, whose economy is also failing, standing by us, at least until she can't even stand any more either?


Finland is ramping up for war. All fit adult males of fighting age, about 900,000 men, have been sent papers providing details for conscription (think military draft) procedures, as Vladimir Putin continues to threaten Finland.

You do realize that all of these countries like Finland, Poland, Germany, Japan, India, Australia, Taiwan, Philippines, and others ramping up for war is because socialism has caused the demise of the leading Western military powers creating a huge power vacuum?

These countries are also quickly forming alliances to protect themselves because none of the former powers can or will protect them. These countries are just a wee bit scared because of our liberal socialists destroying our nations.


Greece will be unable to find the 1.6 billion Euros it is due to pay the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next month (June), the Greek minister of the interior has admitted. He said that "this money will not be given and is not there to be given".

Basically, Greece is broke because of their socialism and can't pay their debts. This will force Greece to default on her bonds, return to the drachma and leave the EU or Germany and Britain will be forced to continue to carry Greece, which I seriously doubt will happen much longer.

It isn't if but when the EU will fail and how much money will have been poured down that rat hole.


While watching homosexuals using homosexual marriage to attack and destroy Christianity and finally showing the true colors of homosexuality, I am also watching them commit suicide by wanting more things they should not want such as Lesbian Jewish Rabbi Robin Nafshi supporting Shiria Law.

To show you just how stupid liberal pagans are, follow this closely. With Shiria Law REQUIRING the killing of all homosexuals, here we have a homosexual supporting and wanting to establish Shiria Law, which will instantly require her being killed because of her homosexuality.

Does this moron have a death wish or what? Do you realize that, after Obama establishes Shiria Law in the US, Shiria Law will require the killing of ALL homosexuals in the US?

After Shiria Law is established in the US, the Muslims will go on a rampage rounding up and butchering all homosexuals very quickly because Muslims are REQUIRED to kill homosexuals. With all of these homosexuals coming out of the closet and, especially, getting married, all the Muslims will have to do is check with neighbors, the media, and government records (read marriage licenses) to find ALL homosexuals and kill them. But, hey, this is what the homosexuals want, let them have it and watch the Muslims butcher the homosexuals.

God said, "The wisdom of the world is foolishness before God and the wisdom of God is foolishness before the world."

It is like I have told you, God is going to use the Muslims taking control of the US to purge the evil liberal pagans so that, after the war to free ourselves from the Muslim rule, we can build a Christian nation to provide a safe haven for Christians from all over the world.

You don't think I am right?

Look at what the black Muslims are already doing to the white liberals in the US and Europe. It is already happening and is going to get much worse before it gets better.

But Shiria law doesn't just require the killing of all homosexuals, it also requires killing all adulterers, users of any drugs except hashish, killing everyone who drinks any kind of alcoholic beverage, including wine, and just about everything else liberals love to do. In other words, Shiria law REQUIRES the killing of all liberals.

And liberals want Shiria Law?

I just read (after writing the above and then inserting this paragraph) that Muslims have been beating and killing homosexuals in the US for years but it is being covered up by the politicians, police, and media. When Muslims beat, kill, burn down, anyone or thing that has to do with homosexuality, the fact they are a Muslim doing it because of Islam is covered up. It is always reported as random violence. In other words, they are already doing what I have been saying they will do. Just think how much worse it will get after Obama sets up Shiria Law in the US.

So, if liberals want Shiria law, let those stupid liberals have Shiria law which will automatically require killing them. Once again, proof that liberals are idiots. The liberals are so obsessed with hating and destroying Christianity that they don't realize that Obama and his Muslim pals are already purging liberals, you know, stabbing them in the back.

You think liberals are not stupid?

Just sit back and watch and you will see how incredibly stupid they are. Remember that they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. Liberalism is insanity.

Nonprofit Corporations

The FTC is cracking down on bogus charities. They are finding that almost all of the monies given to the charities are being used for high staff salaries, traveling on private jets, staying in expensive hotels, and such. Right now they are focusing on four cancer charities but all of the charities are corrupt. The FTC stated that the overwhelming majority of the money benefited only the charities' organizers, their friends and fund raisers. The Clinton Foundation is just an example of what I told you a long time ago, the liberals have taken over all of the top nonprofit corporations and are using them as fronts to illegally channel money for the liberal agenda and fill their pockets while hiring liberal activists to destroy your cities.

Remember that I told you last year that NONE of the top nonprofit corporations or charities in the US is getting even 3% of their revenues where they are supposed to go and is using that money to hire liberal commie activist traitors?

They are all in violation of federal law which requires them to get at least 35% of their revenues where they are supposed to go. To get around that law, UNESCO stopped giving money, food, or supplies to those in need and started giving advice. Yeah, that will fill your stomach.

I don't give anything to nonprofit corporations because you are just funding the liberal agenda and making the nonprofit corporation staff members rich. Let them starve for a change.

If they ever go after the top nonprofit corporations, thousands will go to jail, especially the upper class trash.


The Pew Research Center said that Hilarious' favorability has plunged to 49% from the 66% she had when she was Secretary of State in 2009.

BTW, in 2009 27% of Republicans approved of Hilarious and now it is 17% showing that the liberal commie traitors have infiltrated the Republican Party just like I have been telling you.

My first thought was, "Oh crap, that many (49%) of the American people are that stupid?" So, how is that democracy thingy working? Pretty scary, isn't it?

It won't take that many dead people voting to get Hilarious elected as president.

In April Hilarious Clintstone said she was running for president but would make an official announcement at a "special event" in May. I have been waiting to hear about that special event and just found out it will be June 13th. Hold it, June 13th is not in may, it is in June. Hilarious can't even read a calendar and wants to be our president?

Social Liberals

Since Gallup started monitoring liberals vs conservatives in 1999, the number of liberals has been steadily increasing (great brainwashing program). Now Gallup says that liberals and conservatives are the same percentage of the population. They say that the increase has been the moderates admitting they really are liberals, you know, like the liberal-tarians really being social liberals. You can bet that almost everyone who calls themselves a moderate and many who call themselves conservatives are also social liberals.

BTW, they are now making it a fad for men to wear women's underwear like man bras and panties. They are trying to turn all men into bisexuals, homosexuals, and transvestites. That will make it much easier for Muslims to find and kill these people, all they will have to do is check their panties and bras and then cut their heads off.

This is why our nation is being punished by God RIGHT NOW. It isn't because of socialism, it is because of social liberalism. God is just using the socialism and Islam to punish us. As went Greece and Rome, so shall go the West.

Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39

Remember that I have been telling you how much land Israel will take following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, you know, from the Euphrates River to the Nile River to the East of Jordan and to the Indian Ocean?

I just heard Avi Lipkin, a former officer in IDF intelligence (his wife is still working for IDF intelligence), say that "when the countries around Israel implode, Israel's borders are going to expand significantly, which will include taking Turkey and parts of Saudi Arabia", you know, just like I have been telling you.

I just heard that Turkish President Erdogan called on Muslims to stop fighting each other and invade Jerusalem (to fulfill Muslim end time prophesy, some in Turkey consider Erdogan to be the Mahdi [especially Erdogan], which has to tick off Obama). This is pretty much a declaration of war on Israel. This leads me to believe that Israel will take at least most of Turkey in order to permanently remove that threat, probably all but places like Armenia and Kurdistan. Soon they will be building synagogues in Constantinople.

Gee, what a coincidence, huh?

I also keep seeing people wrongly saying that this coming war with Israel is Armageddon when I have already proved that it cannot possibly be Armageddon and can only be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

BTW, Avi Lipkin is founding a Judeo-Christian Party in Israel to give Christians a voice in the Israeli government and is working to get more Christians to move to Israel because he says that, following this coming war, Israel plans to take more land than all of the Jews in the world combined can possibly manage. Oops!

BTW, I told you that the Shiites are planning to destroy Mecca and Medina to force all Muslims turn to Babylon as their most holy site and rebuild Babylon, which is why the Shiites are trying to seize control of Yemen.

Did you know that ISIS (Sunni Muslims) also says the black stone in Mecca must be destroyed because the Muslim leaders are using it for corrupt purposes?

I also just heard Avi Lipkin say that the Muslims want to destroy Mecca and that, one way or another, Mecca is going to be destroyed strongly hinting that Israel knows that, when they take that land, to prevent the problems Israel is currently having with the Temple Mount and, if the Muslims have not already destroyed Mecca and Medina, the Israelis have to destroy Mecca and Medina.

Remember that I told you this will force the Muslims to turn to and rebuild their next most holy site, Babylon and fulfill end time prophesy?

Gee, what a coincidence!


During the gas crisis in 1973, the Europeans negotiated a deal with the Muslim oil nations to provide Europe with sufficient oil under the conditions of 1) the European nations must allow large numbers of Muslim immigrants into Europe and 2) the Europeans must always vote against Israel at the UN.

This explains why the Europeans keep allowing huge numbers of Muslim immigrants into Europe in spite of the insurrection being caused by the Muslims and why they keep voting against Israel in the UN. If the Europeans stop submitting to the Muslims, the Europeans will stop getting oil and their economies will crash.

In spite of this, the European people are fighting back with such things as the French banning the burka but doing so cautiously.

New Christian Nation

As I keep wondering how much of North, Central, and South America our new nation will incorporate, I keep seeing things and connecting more dots. One group of dots I just connected tell me that much of this mess was caused with the use of illegal drugs, both to control people and to finance their illegal activities. Therefore, to decrease the potential for this happening again, the military must seize nations which have contributed to our drug problem, which will include at least everything from Mexico south to Peru, especially Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru but most of the rest, if not all.

Other dots I keep seeing include all of the violent rebellion against their commie governments by the people because of the poverty and oppression their Marxist governments are causing in places like Venezuela and Chile, which you are not seeing in the Muslim stream media. Our military will have to take these countries to prevent other countries like Russia and China from using this unrest to take control of those countries and pose an more direct threat to our new nation.

And, will part of Canada become part of our new nation?

We may have to take much or all of it because she has been heavily infiltrated by Muslims plus the lefties (in the US and Canada) are already currently planning on combining Canada, the US, and Mexico into one nation anyway, so at least part of Canada may decide to combine with our new nation to increase national security for both. Besides, after Obama seizes control, he may just go ahead and combine all three into one nation.

The Caribbean to keep Russia and China out?

Stick around and we will both find out.

Other News

This open market or free market or free trade stuff is designed to increase the quantity of labor in relation to the demand for labor to decrease the price of labor. Instead of having a labor force to hire from of less than 300 million, they will have a labor force to hire from of almost 8 billion. If the supply in relation to demand goes up, the price comes down and that is a huge increase of supply in relation to demand for labor which will result in a huge decrease in the cost of labor. It's a racket by the corrupt, greedy rich to increase their wealth at your expense.

Did you know that, originally, US Senators were appointed by the state and not elected?

That was to give the states more control over the federal government. When the federal government changed that, it took some of the control from the states and increased the power of the federal government.

How did that workout?

Obama said it is climate change that is causing all of this terrorism. It can't possibly be Islam causing all of this suffering and death so it is...uh...climate change, yeah, that's the ticket, its climate change.

Have you noticed that the stupid people keep buying Obama's bridges so he just keeps selling more bridges?

There is a growing backlash to the cop hating. It won't be nice. I keep reading about increasing numbers of riots all over the US not being reported by the normal media. The lefties are clearly trying to create enough chaos to take over the nation.


One of my four confirmed site readers told me that the better nickname for Lizzy Warren is Fauxcahontas. He's right, of course, it is funnier.

My play was on Lizzie Andrew Borden (July 19, 1860 - June 1, 1927), she was an American woman who was tried and acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father and her stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts.

For whom there are these two little folk rhymes:

Lizzie Borden took an ax
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

Also, another version.

Lizzie Borden took an axe
Gave her mother forty whacks,
Then she hid behind the door,
And gave her father forty more.

In other words, my basic implication is that Lizzy Warren is Whacko maximus.

I hope you realize I am making a play off of the Flintstones cartoon by calling Hilarious and Billy Boy the Clintstones and Billy Boy is a type of name commonly used for inbred Arkansas hillbillies. It helps relieve some of the stress caused by watching these criminals and might even make a few of you smile.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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