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The lefties permitting men called transgenders to complete in women's sports is discriminating against women and should never be permitted. It is permitting men to take an unfair advantage of women.

"Hey, if you can't win in men's sports, pretend to be a woman and lefties will let you take an unfair advantage of women for easier wins."

I have seen that universities, to have winning teams, are giving their women's scholarships to men pretending to be women, leaving the women with no way to use their sports to get a college education. This is giving men all of the educational and financial opportunities and denying women those educational and financial opportunities, which means it is unconstitutional but, hey, the lefties hate the US Constitution anyway.

Women are being denied the same opportunity to earn places on teams that can earn them money in a variety of ways by giving men those opportunities. The left is making sure that men can get all of the sports financial and educational opportunities that women had been getting.

Women are starting to turn on the left and rebel to get back their rights to equally participate in sports against other women and not men.

Hey, more women are finding out the ugly truth about the lefties and that the lefties really don't care at all about women so the lefties have just been lying all of this time to get women's votes. Now women are paying for voting for the left just like almost everyone will soon pay for it.

The women are just the first to be betrayed.


I am wondering if God is using this impeachment of Trump to show you even more how corrupt our government is by permitting Congress to unconstitutionally impeach Trump?

Don't be surprised if the upper class trash manage to impeach Trump, showing even more how corrupt the government is and then you better bet that the upper class trash will try to murder Trump to make sure they are rid of him.


This video tells us some very interesting information that the God haters are hiding, important information that disproves evolution. This information sounds almost nothing like what the God haters have been telling us and I have seen some of that with my own eyes. This is a very good video. God told us that the truth will be made known.

Note that the mutation rate will eventually cause humans to become extinct, you know, like I told you would happen and is happening now.

Gee, who would have figured?

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been teaching you about poser Christians and God is purging them from the church?

This video tells about poser Christians and specifically about a lefty woke or "touchy-feely" poser Christian who is teaching the lie that God is flexible about what is sin in each person's life.

People, God gave us all one set of Laws that apply to all of us. It would not be just for God to judge one person for having sinned but not another one who did the same thing. The Bible makes it very clear that God sees sin as sin.

"Hey, it is OK for me to lie to people but not thee or me to steal from people but not thee or me to murder people but not thee."

Then I saw another video I barely saw any of where a famous Muslim was calling himself a Christian. It is like I told you, when Obama seizes partial control of the US and imposes Sharia Law on us, it won't be cool and beneficial for lefties to pretend to be Christians so they will convert in mass to Islam. Some of the "Christian" preachers will lead the way and the rest of the poser Christian preachers will follow where the people and their money go. That will be God cleaning up his church.

These people have corrupted the church and God needs to get rid of them to bring His church back to Him.

You have to understand that true Christianity is not a religion but is a relationship with God, where we are required to abide by His Laws to have a favorable relationship with God because the Bible also teaches that God is the Law. Under true Christianity, you don't get to make up your own law and believe what you want to believe, that is satanic paganism, not Christianity. "Do as you will", is not one of God's laws.

When God does or allows something to happen, God always has more than one reason for allowing it to happen. When Obama nukes Chicago and takes his CNSF forces to invade Israel, he won't just be cleaning out our corrupt government but also cleaning out God's church.

One thing that had me concerned about Trump was the pictures I saw of the "Christian leaders" who regularly prayed with Trump and "laid their hands on him" in prayer in the Oval Office. They were the poser Christians who have made a fortune with their feel good sermons destroying true Christianity.

I am wondering if part of the reason God permitted the left to steal this election from Trump is because Trump got in with the wrong "Christian" crowd and God didn't want that crowd in control of His church and nation. God has His reasons for everything that happens.

Did you notice how much their prayers helped Trump win this election? Did you notice all of their money making prophets were wrong about Trump winning this election? (This is funny, my spell check just told me I spelled prophets wrong and it is supposed to be profits, which is why those people pretend to be prophets of God.)

You watch those poser Christian people dump Trump and go running to Obama and Islam when Obama takes control and imposes Sharia Law on us. That is an easy prediction because poser Christians will go where it benefits them the most. The only reason they pretend to be Christians is because it benefits them in some way.

Civil War

People seem to have forgotten there is a civil war or power struggle taking place within the Commierat Party like I told you would happen. These power mad, whacko traitors are fighting over who gets to have the throne in ruling over the US. They never intended to share that power.

I am watching increasing numbers of lefties "have accidental deaths" or "commit suicide" both to eliminate competition in this power struggle and because they are not needed anymore since the left has their dictatorship.

You need to keep an eye on this because it is going to quickly escalate to where many of the people who played a role in this coup will end up dead because of their continuing power struggle or they just are not needed any more, you know, just like happened in Nazi Germany. This thing is going to get really bad really fast because Satan's spawn have no qualms about murdering anyone and no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. With them, today's friend is tomorrow's corps.

With Biden as their puppet dictator, Congress is just a formality like the German Parliament was to Hitler. Don't be surprised to see them start getting rid of some of the contenders in this Commierat civil war, you know, like the "Squad" as soon as they can, especially since Her Biden can write law.

By the way, God is also either permitting or helping cause this power struggle to clean out some of the traitors, you know, the US "deep state".

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

BTW, if you want to get a better picture of what is going to happen soon, go back and study what happened in Nazi Germany right after Hitler took over. Like I told you, it is the same crowd a few generations later with many like Soros still being the same people and, guess what, the same people are going to do the same things. Hey, Hitler purged too as soon as he had control.

Deja vu, baby, deja vu. Hey, if you have seen it before in history, you recognize it when you see it today.

LA Earth Quake

Here is something to keep an eye on. Remember that God showed me in a dream that He will cause the worst Earth Quake in modern California history, destroying much of the greater LA area. I believe this will probably be caused by what they are calling and even predicting as an "Earth quake storm" in the greater LA area.

If you study geology, you should realize that an Earth quake of that magnitude will do a number of things.

First, they have "Earth quake proofed" many of their buildings in the last 30 plus years but there isn't a building in that area that will withstand that powerful of an Earth quake. In the "kill zone" I described in my dream, every tall building will fall, which means all of downtown LA. If this Earth quake storm happens on a workday and during working hours, almost everyone in those buildings will be killed including their entire city government, you know, all of those corrupt politicians.

Second, this Earth quake storm will certainly be felt all along the West Coast from Baja California to Alaska and will set off other quakes along that area that could be close to the power of the quake in LA and bring down all of their big buildings, which would also kill their governments and even possibly destroy those big, luxurious buildings and kill their occupants in Silicon Valley, you know, possibly taking out at least the upper levels of Big Tech. This is especially true because mighty Silicon Valley lies on the San Francisco fault line that caused a massive deadly Earth quake about 100 years ago.

So you see how such a quake could easily destroy the commie armies being quietly built in the greater LA area with plans to sweep east down I-40 to help our commies finish our nation.

Man plans, God laughs.

You might want to keep an eye on this because this could easily be God taking out a lot of bad guys in one move.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left's Nazi dictatorship plans to get rid of our current military and replace it with their commie CNSF just like Obama told us in 2008?

This video shows you that they are doing that right now and how they are doing it. Keep in mind this is not something they will do in the future but are doing right now.

Note that this stand down is to get rid of "white nationalist", with "nationalist" meaning any person who is patriot to this nation, its Constitution, and its people. That is exactly what nationalism means. If you love your country, you are a nationalist and, if you love your country and you are white, you are a white nationalist, which is better than 80% of the US Military.

Within the next 60 days, they plan to begin purging all members of the US Military who will keep their oath to defend and uphold the US Constitution, the US Republic, and the people of this nation so they can replace them with their lefty Antifa and BLM thugs to make sure the military is 100% loyal to their Nazi dictatorship.

Don't be surprised to see these patriot troops being rounded up and sent to the Nazi "reeducation" death camps with their families. The Nazis will kill them to get rid of them.

I told you this would happen and it is happening. I told you they are consolidating power and it is happening. I told you this is a commie dictatorship and they are proving it. By the time the lefties are through, the US Military will be their Nazi SS to spend almost all of their time and efforts enforcing the Nazi dictatorship on you.

You patriotic troops and officers better pull your heads out of your butts and wake because, if you don't, you are going to get yourselves killed, your troops killed, your families killed, and the American people killed. I pray this will be a wakeup call for all good people.

So, will this cause some of those good officers in the US Military to wake up and grow a spine to take a stand against this dictatorship? Or will these officers continue to let the lefty liars intimidate them into submission with their name calling?

You people better secure your red zones and I cannot say that enough.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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