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Biological Die Off

I realized, after I published my last essay, that you need to know that, in biology, we have a term for what I am warning you about. What is happening to humans right now is what we, in biology, call a "biological die off" and it is when a species goes into a biological death spiral that usually ends in the extinction of that species.

I am trying to warn you that my training, studies, and observations tell me that we humans are already into a biological die off so that we could become extinct within half a century to a century. Most but not all of this is the fault of the corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash so they can steal more money from more people faster.

We and our ancestors are responsible for the rest of it, partly for believing and submitting to the will of the upper class trash.

If we continue to deplete the human gene pool with the upper class trash and lefty insanity of depleting the human gene pool for wealth and power, we will accelerate the process and achieve extinction much sooner and this end will be much more certain.

If we humans want to continue our species for more than 100 years, the insanity of the left and upper class trash MUST stop and soon or they will wipe out all of mankind.

It may even already be too late now.

In the 1980s I became aware of the rapidly increasing rate of infertility for humans, especially in Western civilizations, you know, just like what happened to the Hapsburgs. I have been watching this for decades along with other things I have also noticed. The infertility that has been caused by our inbreeding is being accelerated by our increasing drug abuse. Add to this that some of the women who get abortions are also made infertile by the abortion process, further decreasing our ability to reproduce plus the abortions mean fewer adults to reproduce and a decrease in our gene pool, increasing our inbreeding.

For example, the babies that were murdered during the 1980s by abortion would have already reproduced by the early 2000s and those children would have reproduced by now so we have killed off at least two to three generations since we started murdering unborn babies half a century ago. We have not just murdered off 60,000,000 children in just the US, we have murdered off about 200 million citizens by now, decreasing the US population by 40% or more, further decreasing our gene pool and the number of reproducing people.

Globally, they have murdered closer to one billion people already and, if they had focused their efforts on solving such problems as continental drying instead of focusing on things like increasing their wealth and power, they could have already increased the carrying capacity of this planet by at least 20% to 30%, meaning this planet could easily support 20% to 30% more people than it can support right now. Smart move.

It makes me wonder if some of those babies the lefties murdered would have already solved more of our problems by now and come up with a way to begin colonizing other planets?

Think about that one for a while.

Just exactly, what future do we destroy every time we murder another baby to some false pagan god or goddess, like the goddess of Free Sex? Where would that child have taken us? What plans did God have for that child that you destroyed by butchering it? What future will the upper class trash destroy when they butcher more than 7 billion people so they don't have to share "their planet" with the rest of us? And you think these evil criminals are more intelligent than you because they have stolen more money than you can earn?

Just think of all of the people who have changed and improved life over just the last few hundred years, like the Wright brothers, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and many others, who, if they had been butchered off by the lefties and upper class trash, would not have made the planet a better place. When you realize that almost all of those innovators for the last few hundred years were middle and lower class with very few being upper class trash, then you realize we would actually be better off without the upper class trash than without the rest of you, you know, the people the upper class trash are right now murdering off.

You have to understand that the main reasons why the people and technology of this planet didn't improve much for thousands of years was because the upper class trash destroyed our economies with their incessant wars for wealth and power and because the upper class trash oppressed, impoverished, and denied education or knowledge for the middle and lower classes. The people were held back by the upper class trash until the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America permitted free market capitalism to allow most people to increase enough in wealth, knowledge, and freedom to be able to innovate and innovate we did in mass, which is why things suddenly got much better for all people, we, the people got out from under the oppressive heel of the upper class trash for the first time in history.

You have to understand that, what the upper class trash are doing is that they are trying to take the middle and lower classes back to the technologies, populations, educations, wealth, and freedoms of the 17th Century under their royal dictatorships called kingdoms, while maintaining their own luxury so the upper class trash can once again easily oppress, impoverish, enslave, and control the people. It is all about wealth, control, power, and them getting their slaves and planet back to where it was when the European royals ruled almost all of the world. It is like I have been telling you, the upper class trash royals want their slaves and their planet back.

It has nothing to do with them saving the planet or anything else. In doing so, they are so focused on their insane obsession with their wealth and power that they don't realize they are about to kill themselves off.

And all God has to do to punish us for our sins is to let us have our sins so our sins will devastate our nations and lives. Yeah, we are the smart ones. (/sarc

Stupid People

While we are on the subject of damaged DNA, let's talk about the stupid people. It has become blatantly obvious that the self professed and blatantly obvious liars, Fauci, the lefty media, and the lefty politicians, are so sick and sadistic they are now toying with, mocking, and maybe even having a contest to see who can insult and control the stupid people the worst with this new "double mask" bull crap.

What, doesn't the mask work? If it works, why do you now suddenly need to double mask? Were your medical gods wrong and lying to you the way I told you they were and you are dumb enough you continue to believe them?

What is next, are you stupid people going to have to start wearing your underwear backwards? Are you women going to have to wear your bras outside your blouses? Are you stupid people going to have to start wearing your underwear over your heads? Are you stupid people going to have to start cloths pinning dirty socks to each ear?

"But the great lying medical god, Fauci, said so and I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true. I is are be so supid I cain't tink for myselb so I just gots to keep beliebing whatever the lying Fauci and TeeBee keeps telling me. Why, I is are be dumber dan rocks or Carl's farts because no intelligence is better dan my intelligence."

The stupid people's stupidity is mind boggling with these lies getting more and more obvious and the stupid people just keep right on saying, "Fauci and TeeBee said it, so just do it."

With Fauci, the lefty media, and the lefty politicians so obviously toying with, mocking, and insulting the stupid people, we have reach a new level of insanity and depravity by the lefty upper class trash. They are now even sicker and more depraved than Satan's demons.

Now, we are also seeing just how stupid the white supremacists are, when they see so many really, really stupid WHITE people letting blatantly obvious liars continue to control them more and more and you still think that anyone could be superior to anyone or anything else because of the color of their skin? Really? If yuze tink yuze is superior to udders because yuze kin is white and you seeze all ub deeze super stupid WHITE people, just how supid are yuze?

If you want absolute proof that the color of your skin means absolutely nothing about your intelligence or superiority or inferiority to anyone or anything else, just watch these super duper stupid WHITE people who continue to let Fauci, the lying lefty media, and other top lefties toying with them continue to do whatever those evil, sadistic human demons tell them to do and believe. We now have blatantly obvious and absolute proof that white supremacy is a bald face lie.

You think I am wrong?

Time Magazine just came out and openly admitted that they, the left, rigged this election, committed insurrection, staged a coup, and committed treason and, because Time Magazine stated it in such a way as the left committing these crimes was for a good reason, then the left committing these crimes and stealing the election from the people just gots to be good, should convince you the left is sadistically toying with the stupid WHITE people and getting away with it because the stupid WHITE people are really that super duper stupid. The lefty upper class trash just publically confessed to committing the worst crime in the history of this nation and the super duper stupid WHITE people believe it was a good thing because the criminals said so. Think about that for a while.

You really think these stupid white people have not been inbreeding too long and doing too much dope?

Then you MUST be one of the stupid people.

Do you believe me yet that God is your only hope?

By calling these super duper stupid WHITE people "sheeple" you are insulting the intelligence of sheep because even sheep are smart enough to recognize a wolf when they see it. Now we all have to start apologizing to sheep.

Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are dumber than my farts because my farts would never do anything as stupid as the super duper stupid WHITE people? Do you believe me yet that our inbreeding has reached critical mass when the stupid people are so stupid they will believe anything else that Fauci, the lying lefty media, and lefty politicians say? Do you believe me yet that the color of your skin has NOTHING to do with anyone being superior or inferior to anyone else?

I do not believe it is scientifically possible for anything, including an amoeba, to be more stupid than the stupid WHITE people.

What are these people smoking? Do they have any functioning DNA left?

And, people, the stupid people come in all colors proving that the color of your skin means absolutely nothing about your intelligence or anything other than what color your skin is. The only thing white skin proves is that you have white skin. The only thing black skin proves is that you have black skin. The only thing you having more money than anyone else proves is that you have more money. Get a clue, you're being lied to.

You know what?

There are a lot of really stupid humans.


Remember that I have been telling you that, if you have a business, don't go public with it, keep it private, or the upper class trash will take it over, use it as a shell, and then bankrupt it?

At about 3:30 into this video, Mark Dice reads from a book that pretty much tells you the same. If you accept any venture capital for a business, especially from the rich upper class trash, the investors will take it over, use your business the way they want to use it, rape your business of every dime they can before bankrupting and abandoning it, and pretty much tell you to get screwed.

I have pointed out in the past the corruption of the stock market, nonprofit corporations, the government, and increasing numbers of major businesses.

I had a friend who ran his own nonprofit organization in LA and took me to about a two hour lunch one time to teach me about the corruption in the nonprofit corporation industry. He told me he was intentionally keeping his nonprofit corporation small so the big boys wouldn't take it over and corrupt it. He told me there are literally businesses out there that make big bucks being contracted by nonprofits and government agencies to study their organization to find ways to make it less efficient so they could justify hiring more people because the managers in those industries get paid based on the number of people they have working for them. That is why NONE of the major nonprofit corporations are getting even just 3% of their revenues to where they are supposed to go.

There is another reason why they make the nonprofit corporations and government agencies less efficient so they can hire more employees, you know, people they clearly do not need to function.

Have you ever wondered how so many protestors can spend day-after-day at protests and riots, be at protests and riots again and again and not be impoverished, you know, wearing nice clothes with nice cell phones and other nice things that cost money?

It is easy, first, they are paid to be there at the protests and riots and usually quite a bit of money, in the thousands of dollars. Second, most of them have jobs doing nothing, working for nonprofit corporations and government organizations so they can just take off, usually when told to, to be at those protests and riots. Their big salaries are paid by your donations to nonprofit corporations and your tax dollars at your government organizations. Unofficially, they are professional rioters and protestors being paid by nonprofit donations and tax dollars.

I keep telling you that you would be amazed at the corruption that is going on in this nation.

BTW, I just found out that Twitter is now having financial problems.

Go figure, you mean it comes back to haunt a business when they bully and terrorize their customers? Who would have figured? And you think Jack Dorsey is more intelligent than you because he has more money than you, when he doesn't even know how to treat his customers?

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Don't be surprised if Dorsey winds up sleeping in a cardboard box in an alley or under a bridge. I have seen it happen to other rich people before. You would be surprised at how fast you can get poor. God raises up and God brings down.

Hey, maybe Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Gates, and Bezos will put together a "cardboard condo" in an alley or under some bridge.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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