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Stupid People

I got this from Newsmax by Jeffery Rodack:

"65% of all those polled said Joe Biden's presidential victory was legitimate, compared to 31% who said it was not"

That tells me that either 65% of the people are really stupid or don't pay attention or can be easily swayed by the media to believe bull crap or their poll is bull crap. The rigged election was just blatantly obvious and it was clearly aided by corrupt politicians and judges on both sides of the isle.

Now, we also have to understand that these lefty polls always poll at least 50% to 70% Democrats, normally about 60% to 65%, so they will always be biased left. With that in mind then the real number of people biased or stupid enough to believe this election was fair would only be about 30% to 40%, which would be most of the Commierat population. But, hey, the stupid people will believe the rigged polls.

The people who don't get it, probably most of the people, are in for a really huge surprise in 2022 when the elections will be so very and obviously rigged to get rid of ALL conservatives and many moderates out of office. I pray that God intervenes before that, which will require the American people turning from their sins before that but then that kind of blatantly obvious corruption may be what will be necessary for enough people to turn from their sins or crimes against God's Law.

I have been wondering whether God is going to permit the lefties to setup their evil globalist dictatorship to prove to the entire planet just how evil the lefties really are.

I want my own planet.


You hear two different arguments about Marxism, some say it is great and others say it is terrible and never works.


Because they are both right and are both wrong.

Does Marxism/communism/socialism/progressivism work?

Yes, 100% of the time but only for the upper class trash natural elites. If you study the history of every Marxist dictatorship, the natural elites prospered 100% of the time and lived lives of luxury on the backs of the middle and lower classes. All forms of Marxism have worked very, very well for the upper class trash.

Don't believe me?

Go checkout all of the Marxist dictatorships and you will see that 100% of the upper class trash natural elites got rich and lived lives of luxury on the backs of the middle and lower classes so, yes, Marxism does work.

Yet, they have also all failed to work for the middle and lower classes 100% of the time. 100% of the time Marxism has oppressed, impoverished, enslaved, and even murdered the middle and lower classes.

Who are these natural elites who always benefit from Marxism to live lives of luxury at everyone else's expense?

The most obvious answer is the very wealthy upper class, politicians, bureaucrats, media, law enforcement, military, and college professors, which explains why the corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash just love Marxism and try so hard to sell the middle and lower classes on Marxism.

When the middle and lower classes point out the 100% failures of Marxism, these natural elites always counter with lies like, "That isn't true Marxism/communism/socialism," and the stupid people just blindly believe it.

People, what do you think the Marxists told the people to get the people to support the upper class trash setting up Marxist dictatorships that all failed? "Hey, we're are going to oppress you, impoverish you, enslave you, and murder you?"

No, of course not, the people would not have supported those leaders in setting up their commie dictatorship, if they had known that was what their leaders were going to do to the people.

Their Marxist natural elites told them the same lies your Marxist natural elites are telling you, you know, "We are going to take from the rich and give to the poor, we are going to redistribute wealth equally and fairly, we are going to give you free healthcare, we are going to give you free educations, we are going to give you free stuff...", and all of the rest of the lies you are being told. That is the only reason those people would have supported those leaders in setting up a dictatorship, you know, to take care of the people.

What happened in those Marxist dictatorships was the same thing I see the Marxist leaders doing today. They seized power with the help of the stupid people, who believed their great sounding lies, they then consolidated power so they would never lose power again, just like your Marxist dictators are doing today, then they turned on the people, sacked the people and the nation into poverty, oppressed those people, enslaved those people, and murdered many of those people, you know, the way your lefty leaders are openly telling you that they plan to murder you to "depopulate their planet", hint, hint, so they don't have to share their planet with you...uh, well, to save the planet, you know, for the "common good". Yeah, that's the ticket, for the common good.


The B52D is a very historic airplane and most people don't know it.

The B52D was the last bomber to shoot down a fighter plane when, in December 1972, 2 B52Ds shot down 2 MIG 21s (one each) within a few weeks of each other during Operation Line Backer, the bombing of Hanoi.

Since bombers no longer carry guns, it may very well be the last bomber to ever shoot down a fighter plane.

It was the last B52 where the gunner actually sat in the tail of the plane because later models moved the gunner up front.

It was the last B52 to use quad fifties because later models converted to 20 mm canons.

It was the largest B52 with the highest vertical stabilizer, widest wing span, and could carry the largest bomb load.

It was also produced in larger numbers than any other B52 model and flew more combat missions during the Vietnam War.

It was the last B52 to have a black belly because all of the later B52 models had white bellies. When you see a picture of a B52, if it has a black belly, it is a D model.


Remember that I told you that, when the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 takes place, many Christians will be wrongly taught to believe that it will be the Battle of Armageddon?

I just saw a post by a "Christian channel" that posted the video title that the Book of Revelation begins now. This will cause many, especially poser Christians, to falsely believe we are in the Tribulation right now so that, when they start sending troops against Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel, many will believe it is the Battle of Armageddon and, when Jesus doesn't come, they will turn away from Christianity for paganism.

This is why understanding the details for the end time prophesies is very important and will help keep you from being fooled by Satan's poser Christians. Pay attention to the details on prophesy.

Keep an eye on this.


I was just watching some archaeology videos where they keep making assumptions for dating and other things and I realized that, on Judgment Day, there are going to be a lot of very surprised and disappointed archaeologists finding out their assumptions and beliefs were wrong because they will see the people they dug up and hear about their lives from the angels. It will be interesting to see just how wrong they are.

This is just one more reason why the Judgment Day is going to be very interesting. On that day, we will get the greatest history lesson in the world and all of the truth will be made known for every person in history. I think that just about everyone will be very surprised at what we learn.


With this latest event on Wall Street getting so much press, people are finally finding out a little bit about the extreme corruption I have been teaching you about for at least one or two decades. God is definitely opening eyes and increasing numbers of people are realizing they have been being lied to and manipulated by the upper class trash. Welcome to reality.

It is interesting to see increasing numbers of people learning what God taught me decades ago and now maybe you understand what I have been teaching you about the extreme corruption of our planet and just how extremely difficult it would be for any group of people to clean up the mess created and continued by our evil upper class trash. You ain't going to clean up this mess without God and almost all of the upper class trash and their puppets must die before this mess can be cleaned up because, if they don't die, they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again and again until they do die.

This video shows you a little bit more about the blatant corruption in the Stock Market and just a few more ways they cheat you out of your money. Know that there are many illegal ways the upper class trash use to cheat you out of your money but, hey, they own "the top cop" (that is what they call him and even brag to each other that they own him) and are above the law.

Do you believe me yet?

If not, just wait around and God will show you more. You will believe me by the time this mess is over.

Do you believe me yet that greed and a lust for power are forms of insanity and the upper class trash are inbred nuts?

Keep watching, the upper class trash will prove me right.


Well, do you believe me yet that all the lefty commie traitors had to do to undo everything Trump did was to sign a bunch of executive orders? How did that workout?

Do you believe me yet that only God can save our butts now and you should not put your faith in any man? Do you believe me yet that the only thing that will stop the evil lefty commie traitors is death? Do you finally get the picture?


Here is a little fun information.

Why do some people drive motorcycles or bicycles when they could take a nice comfortable car?

Because of the increased sensory input you get from riding motorcycles and bicycles. Driving a motorcycle at the same speed as a car gives you at least 5 to 10 times the sensory input and, therefore, the speed and power sensations as driving a car. With the car, you are protected from almost all sensory inputs around you, including sound, because candy butts have insisted on making the ride smoother and "more comfortable" for them but a motorcycle exposes you to most of those sensory inputs causing greater speed and power sensations.

That is why Indy car drivers, who are protected from all speed and power sensations except cornering sensations will tell you they can be doing more than 200 miles per hour on a straight part of the course and feel like they could get out of the car and walk because they are not getting enough sensory input.

The regular car has been "candy-ized" for candy butts to where you can be doing over 100 mph on a straight road and not feel the speed as much as you will feel the speed on a motorcycle at half the speed, where you can feel the road and wind and hear the sound much better and are getting much more sensory input. The candy butts just gots to hab smoother and more comfortable rides, not realizing that the smoother and more comfortable ride decreases sensory input and the speed and power sensations.

Plus you can become accustomed to a level of sensory input so it will require more input to get the same feel sensation, which is why people keep going faster and faster, when driving.

You can also become addicted to sensation, which is another reason why people want to go faster to get more sensation.

Many of today's motorcycles have been "candy-ized" with soft, fat tires, and suspensions to where you feel the speed much less because you now have less sensory input at 50 mph (which is why so many of them speed) than riding a bicycle at 15 to 20 mph.

Now, so many recreational bicycles have been "candy-ized" with softer tires, bike suspensions, and cushioned saddles so that you get more sensory input from a pro racing bicycle because the pro bike will give you more feel of the road to increase your sensory input and you get so much more sensory input from a pro racing bicycle than from even a motorcycle that you can feel like you are moving faster at 20 to 25 mph on a bicycle than at 50 mph on a motorcycle, part of which is caused by the sensory input of being the bicycle engine, which can be a really huge sensory input, especially at speeds of 35 to 45 mph or pro road racing speeds.

The "bike engine" sensory input is so big that as your fitness level increases, causing your speed to increase, you will get more sensory input so that, by the time you are racing at intermediate amateur level for road racing, you get more sensory input than from having sex. Yep, riding a bicycle that fast, about 25 to 30 mph, will feel better than having sex or even doing drugs and it is much healthier for you.

Now, when you make it up to the national to international fitness and speed level, the sensory input creates a sensation that is indescribable. You literally feel like you are on top of the world and can fly and it is not possible for a human to have sex that feels that wonderful, believe me.

When you see a bicyclist riding down the road, they are not suffering through pain the way the idiot sports media are telling you, they are having better "bike sex" than most people will ever experience in the bed room. For a national to international level racer flying down the highway, it is like having a constant orgasm.

I had one friend tell me that racing bicycles at the national to international level is very similar to flying open cockpit at more than 100 miles per hour with lots of turns because of the sensation input. I would agree somewhat with that except that you don't get the fitness "feel good" sensation you get from being the bike engine, which is huge, and, at even half the fitness level is better than sex.

Then there is running. You can have the same sensation input running sub five minute miles on flat ground as you can racing a bicycle at 35 mph but you get more impacting, which can cause injury. The sensation is that you feel like, from your hips up, you are flying and you are just reaching out with your feet to grab the Earth and quickly pull or kick it by underneath you.

Running or bicycling at those speeds or faster is kind of like being superman because you really do feel like you are flying by your own power and having fantastic sex at the same time. I don't know how many times I was riding my bike home from a really fantastic and long training ride, often more than 100 miles in the mountains, and would think, "I wish I never had to quit riding for the rest of my life" because, even when tired, it felt so fantastic.

The human body is an incredible creation by God and you can't even begin to understand or appreciate how incredible that creation is unless you get into international competitive shape. When properly conditioned, just the movement or "exercise" of getting out of bed in the morning, walking down the road, or running up a flight of stairs is like having a sex orgasm and you never have to ask the bike or your running shoes, "Was it good for you too?"

You can't sleep more than 6 hours a night and have absolutely no trouble wanting to get out of bed in the morning. When I was in good racing shape, I used to love to be on the road warming up during the summer by 6 am, when there was just enough daylight to be seen by motorists. We are talking I would be a few miles from home, enjoying the early morning light reflecting off of my spokes, when I would look at my watch and it would barely be 6 am and it was wonderful.

Life is indescribably fantastic at that fitness level and you can forget "the pain" bull crap you get from the sports media because your pain threshold is so high you won't feel any pain, even when sprinting. The worst you will feel is tired.

I have often wondered, "Is Paradise going to be like that all of the time?" You do know that our new bodies will be perfect again, right? My body has never been perfect and it has felt really fantastic so just how much better will a perfect body feel all of the time? I bet that got your attention, didn't it?

Jesus said, "It has never entered into the heart of man what I am preparing for you in Paradise." You know, like perfect bodies. We will ALL be able to run sub 4 minute miles. I can't wait to go for a bike ride with Jesus, that will be the most fantastic bike ride I will have ever had in my life. No aches or pains forever.

Think about that.

Life Is a Test

Why is there sin and wickedness in the world, if God is a perfect being?

You have to understand that God didn't create evil, He just made it possible for us to create evil.

God said that life is a test and life can't be a valid test if we are all a bunch of stupid, mindless androids programmed to obey God's Law 100% of the time. For life to be a valid test, we must have free will and be able to choose between good and evil.

What God wants is to have company to spend eternity with but He wanted that company to make the willful choice to spend eternity with God. He wanted that company to be true friends and not just programmed poser friends or mindless androids. Therefore, God made it possible for Satan to create sin by committing blasphemy against God to 1) test all of the angels, of which two thirds passed the test, and 2) to test all of us humans, of which most will fail our test.

God also wanted to prove that He is a just and righteous being so all existence will know forever that we all made a willful choice to spend eternity with God in Paradise or in eternal damnation with Satan. Life isn't just a test for us and the angels but also for God, Himself, so He can prove Himself to all of us forever. His plan from the start was that he would provide the opportunity for Satan to commit blasphemy and fall so Satan would tempt all of the angels into joining him in rebellion against God to test all of the angels and then Satan would question the righteousness of God in judging Satan and the fallen angels and God is using mankind with the good angels as His witnesses against the fallen angels or demons and mankind to 1) test mankind and 2) prove God's righteousness on Judgment Day.

On Judgment Day, those good angels will bear witness against us humans, Satan, and the demons as to our actions or crimes against God's Laws and then bear a witness as to the righteousness of God in His judgment of us all.

Judgment Day isn't just judgment and justice for the angels and mankind but also for God so God can prove He is a just and righteous being. God will be on trial that day because, if He doesn't provide justice against the fallen angels and evil humans, then God cannot be a just being, you know, like our current judges and politicians who fail to do their jobs in holding bad people accountable for their crimes against the rest of us. When God holds EVERYONE accountable for their crimes, He will prove Himself to be just and righteous plus He will prove Himself to be merciful by providing His amnesty program, where God manifest Himself as Jesus, His own son, lived a perfect life on Earth as no human can do, was not required to die because He did not sin, but still suffered and died to pay for all of our sins or crimes, giving us humans a second chance to avoid eternal damnation by choosing His amnesty program via Jesus, His manifest son, or rejecting God's amnesty program for eternal damnation, choosing to pay for our crimes ourselves.

Everyone will be judged on that day with the good angels being witnesses for and against all of us, including God.

Then God will spend eternity with the angels and humans who ALL CHOSE to spend eternity with God because of God's love for us. Basically, the saved accepted God's love for us and the damned rejected God's love for us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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