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Remember that I told you that the rich Nazis, who financed Hitler, faded into the background, regrouped, reorganized, and started again?

This video, which tells the truth through sarcasm, teaches you about just one such Nazi, Klaus Schwab, who was raised up by those other Nazis in Germany during and following WWII. He is a rich descendant of those rich socialist Nazis and a devout globalist. Gee, what a coincidence.

Yeah, they are still there working to conquer and rule the world with their globalism just like I told you years ago because the greedy and power mad upper class trash will never quit until they die.

I have been watching this crap for more than half a century.


I am seeing more red states fighting back against our corrupt commie federal government in trying to stop this coup, insurrection, treason, and dictatorship. I would be surprised if this works, won't put too much hope in it, and I think the best we can hope for right now is the Mexican standoff God showed me would take place.


Because this will all be settle in the courts, many of the courts have already shown they will not enforce the US Constitution in stopping this coup, and I seriously doubt those same courts will enforce the US Constitution helping the states stop this commie coup.

Think about it, our entire corrupt government, the bureaucrats, politicians, courts, DAs, law enforcement, and military were openly complicit in this insurgency and coup to stop Trump from stopping the commie coup and dictatorship.

Now, do you really think those same traitors will help the states stop this commie coup and dictatorship?

Suggestion, don't hold your breath. I will be absolutely amazed if any of this works when they all worked together to stop Trump from doing the same thing.

You think the courts did not intentionally refuse to do their jobs in enforcing the US Constitution?

This video shows very clearly that a number of judges involved in those court cases stated that those judges did not do their jobs to enforce the US Constitution, instead they played commie technicality games. If you are expecting those same traitor judges to do their jobs to help the states do the same thing that Trump was stopped from doing, you are being naive or just plain stupid. The system isn't just broken, it is run by traitors, which is much worse than broken.

I can't believe that Trump or anyone is even thinking there will be a valid election again until all of the traitors have been removed from power, prosecuted, and hung.

What? You think these evil traitors will suddenly and magically start behaving patriotically when it works against them and their goals?

"Oh, dem won'ts commit the same crimes dey just committed and rig the elections even more." You have to be stupid to believe that. Criminals do not voluntarily stop committing their crimes, especially if they get away with committing their crimes.

One thing I am going to watch is that, with them losing to Trump for the impeachment again, if the states also win and undo even just some of the left's attempts at staging their coup, and with Antifa already staging riots against the Commierat establishment, the 3 sides fighting in the Commierat civil war will turn even more against each other and be more willing to use violence to unseat the establishment Commierats and seize control to "choe dem howz to dooze it right."

The more the establishment fails, the more the other 2 groups within the Commierat Party will turn against the establishment in their civil war. Get it straight, they all want their global commie dictatorship RIGHT NOW!!!!

If one of those sides succeeds in staging a violent coup of the Commierat Party, then I definitely expect the red states and areas to set up red or safe zones to prepare for open warfare.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

This is just going to keep getting worse until the American people stand up, fight, and stop this evil crap.

UK Empire

Remember that I told you that the British Crown can declare martial law over about 100 countries and become one of the greatest military powers in the world and that Obama is a member of the British Royal Family so he could end up controlling the British Royal Crown along with being the head of the US Government to make the most powerful nation in history?

This video shows you that the Queen, not the British Prime Minister, is "negotiating" with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to form a "new empire" or actually rebuild part of the old British Empire to make up the currently third most powerful military in the world, you know, right after the upper class trash royals have resumed setting up their dictatorship in the US, openly stating it is to set up their Marxist global power. Gee, what a coincidence.

Believe me yet about the Euro-American royals? Now do you understand what the upper class trash royal globalism is really all about? Now do you believe me that China is not the greatest threat to this world?

The greatest threat to this world and the people on it is the Euro-American royal upper class trash and they are just using China to distract you from what they are doing. The royals want their planet and slaves back. China is the second greatest threat to the world with Islam being the third greatest threat.

What about evil Russia? Which countries have been doing all of the expansionism activities on this planet for the last 15 years?

The Euro-American royals with places like Ukraine, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (they quickly failed), and Syria. Second would be China with their economically and financially taking over other nations, the South China Sea, Senkaku Islands, and Bangkok while threatening Taiwan, and then with Islam constantly trying to take over other nations with their terrorist activities.

What about evil Russia?

Russia has not taken over or destroyed one nation in the last 12 to 15 years, has worked to help other nations keep from being taken over by third party nations, you know, like Christian Armenia, and the proof of the pudding is in the pie. I am keeping an eye on Russia but I really see very little threat from her. I believe that most of her military actions are defensive to protect her from the Royals and China.

The Queen is being smart in that she is "negotiating" with these other nations instead of just enforcing her control militarily to make it look more acceptable to the people of those other nations to prevent rebellions. These four nations are all members of the BRITISH COMMON WEALTH, which the British Crown has ultimate authority over.

So, with the recently proven white racist socialist establishment, A.K.A. Democrat Party establishment, not doing so well and even failing repeatedly, causing the younger white racist commie rebels to rebel against the socialist establishment and the black Muslims being at odds with both of those because the black Muslims realize both are now more openly racists against all non whites, if Obama seizes control of the US by killing off the leaders in both of those parties and he also kills off all of the royals between him and the British Crown, he would easily be the most powerful man in history and he could do it in one move.

People, every time the leftist, socialist traitors fail at an attempt to screw Trump or conservatives, it ticks off the other two parties in this civil war within the Commierat Party, making them want to take over and make their beloved dictatorship happen even more. It just makes things worse for the Commierat Party. If it were not for their obsessive, compulsive drive to set up their global commie dictatorship, you would think they would realize they would be better off doing nothing but they are too evil and stupid to see that, besides, them doing nothing would also tick off the power mad members of the other two parties in their civil war, causing them to rebel sooner.

Plus you have to keep in mind that the British Royal Family has significant control over the rest of the European Royal Family, most of which few people even know exist, and that those royals have control over Europe so the Queen or the King of Britain can easily regain control of most of Europe.

Add to all of that, as a devout Muslim, if Obama fulfills Muslim end time prophecy by invading Israel and standing on the Temple Mount to give the order for Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims, proving he is the Muslim messiah or Mahdi, requiring all of the 1.5 billion Muslims to unite under his rule, Obama will have a military might capable of conquering what is left of the world to set up his Muslim dictatorship or Caliphate. You better bet that Obama and Farrakhan are talking that one over.

Hey, according to that video, the Queen is right now pulling together the most powerful parts of the Common Wealth under her rule and, if she soon adds the US, you know, the colonies, back under her rule, all Obama will have to do is seize control of the British Crown, use his new super duper power to invade and conquer Israel, and he will be one step away from ruling the entire planet and being the richest man in history with only two moves.

Nah, he wouldn't have any motivation to do that, would he?

The royals just keep proving what God has shown me to be right and the world continues on in a fog, oblivious to what is really going on. Just remember, man plans, God laughs.

Please note that the British Royal Crown already has from 65% to more than 75% of the people in those four nations already supporting this rebuilding of the old British Empire because the Royals are using "referendums" to make the people of those nations think they are voting that reunion back together. Hey, it is the "will of the people", baby, not that the royals want it to happen.

Note how they mentioned adding in other Common Wealth nations, you know, like Singapore, but only after a "referendum", wink, wink.

In just two moves, the Queen can have the most powerful part of her empire rebuilt, you know, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the British American Colonies, A.K.A. the US. Think about that.

And you think the Royals are not doing that right now? Really?

It kind of looks like it to me. You might want to keep an eye on Obama and Chicago.

BTW, this video even sounds like a propaganda piece promoting the rebuilding of the British Royal Empire.


You think God is not punishing us for turning from Him and following Satan for our sins?

Nah, this severe winter storm that just swept through the US shutting down power in 13 states and shutting down oil refineries, which will cause the price of gas to increase couldn't possibly be a punishment for us turning from God and rejecting His love.

BTW, how do you like all of this green energy that was stopped in its tracks by the snow and cold? Wow, that worked really well, didn't it?

The lefties, trying to make it look like dey is all about science just got shown the truth about science. The ugly truth is that solar and wind energy are not that dependable for a number of reasons, the intellectually superior upper class trash elites just got humiliated by God showing that those elites don't know what they are talking about or are lying, and you can bet that more than just a few eyes got opened to the fact that the lefties really are scientifically ignorant and stupid. After this, fewer people will be willing to listen to the left about anything that has to do with science.

Have you noticed that God keeps throwing a wrench in their works?

Man plans, God laughs. Also remember, God wins.

Planet Cooling

There are over educated fools who are working and financing decreasing the effects of the sun on Earth to cool Earth off to "save the planet".

What is the real reason they want to cool the Earth?

To cause an ice age to decrease how much food this planet can produce in order to kill people off in order to depopulate their planet so the upper class trash don't have to share their planet with you. That is the real reason.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are evil, very evil?

They are the dastardly villains plotting to murder billions of people so they can increase their power and wealth. They are planning to starve 7 billion people to death. They are the most evil people in history.

BTW, these upper class trash working to cool off the planet immediately followed by this severe winter storm is not a coincidence. It is God showing the stupidity of their evil plans. I can just hear God saying, "Hey, you want an ice age, how is this for a starter?"

I just saw a weather map showing temperatures in the single digits all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico and taking up about one third of the continental US. That Arctic air dove deep and hard and is sticking around in the US for a few days.

BTW, the Commierats are right now trying to stuff Cuomo's butt under ye ole commie bus and, if they will stuff his butt under ye ole commie bus, they will stuff your butt under ye ole commie bus.

BTW, the GOP is now going after Pelosi. Now that they don't have Trump to distract everyone from their crimes or blame for their crimes, suddenly there are investigations into the lefty crimes.

I can just hear them talking, "Quick, impeach Trump again!"

BTW, arrogant and cocky Mit Romney probably thought he was promoting his career by trying to help the Commierats get rid of Trump. It is now backfiring against him and could probably destroy his political career.

Man plans, God laughs.

Question: Who do you think will go down in history as the greatest gun salesman, Obama or Biden?

BTW, I hope you realize that what the left has been doing to the US Military has been to divide and conquer that military without firing a shot and to infiltrate and seize control of our military.


I realize that this video is staged with Stossel asking pre-agreed-on questions but those are the same questions that most people honestly ask, which frustrate me immensely. He is just playing the part of the average person who doesn't get it.

I posted this comment to the above video: "The people who are not concerned about it are not knowledgeable about it. Truly, ignorance is bliss and this is a very blissful nation...well, until whoever rounds us up and takes us to 'reeducation camps' to donate our organs."

I have learned that one of the biggest reasons most stupid people don't care about the corruption in our government is because they don't pay attention and understand. They have no idea how much this corruption is already affecting them so they don't care. Because of this ignorance, their attitude is "what does it matter" and you can't teach most of them because they don't want to know. It is much easier to blindly believe the great sounding lies are true, after all, "I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true."

Concerning the encryption, it is a lie.

What, you think they can't buy and reverse engineer the encryption and listen in on everything you say? Really? Just how stupid do you think they are? You think they have not already done this?

That is one thing that Snowden got wrong. People, just as soon as a new encryption hits the market, every upper level spy agency on the planet buys a copy and starts reverse engineering it.

Because of my training and experience, I don't put anything on my puter I don't want anyone to know about, nothing. You can't hack something off of my puter that ain't there.


I was watching a sailing video where one of the crew from a sailboat volunteered to help "rescue" refugees. First, they were just patrolling the area and notifying Spain about the location of refugees, not actually rescuing people out of small boats. But, hey, it was great virtue signaling.

Second, I really, really hate how the lying lefty media and even this video focus on the few children in those boats and ignore the fact that most of the "refugees" are military age young men, who often turn out to be criminals or Muslim terrorists.

I get a very strong feeling that the "refugees" are taking just enough women and children to provide enough cover, distraction, and sympathy so that the rescuers must give aid to the young men, regardless of why they are going where they are going.

I see the same thing is true for the illegal aliens crossing the US southern border. The vast majority are young men, who often turn out to be criminals or terrorists with just enough women and children for our lying lefty media to use to distract us from those young men.

This always seems to be true making me believe it is intentional. Keep an eye on it.


I don't know if I have told you about this but most crime is committed in the poorest areas of the communities because that is where the criminals live. Get it straight, these people are not criminals because they are victims of society who turned to crime because they were poor. They are criminals because they chose to be criminals instead of working like most people who live in those neighborhoods and chose not to turn to crime, they live in those neighborhoods because their life of crime don't make them enough money to move out of those neighborhoods, and they teach their children to be criminals.

Proving that none of the lefties care about the poor, it is the lefties who feel sorry for these people who chose to be criminals because they believe the lefty lies about these criminals being victims of society, and the stupid lefties keep turning those criminals loose on the poor, not caring one bit about the hard working poor the lefties are turning the criminals loose on. The lefties only care that it fools the stupid people into believing those lefties are caring people and will vote for the lefties.

Also, it is important to understand that these lefties can ignore the crime they create in these poor neighborhoods because, hey, those criminals are not going to commit their crimes in the upper class or even middle class neighborhoods the lefties live in. It sucks to be poor.

This video shows part of that. The lefties don't care about you or the poor, they only say they care but don't show it with their actions, especially now. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

Most crime, especially violent crime, is committed in those poor neighborhoods and the upper class trash keep turning those criminals loose on the poor people.


Remember that I have been telling you for most of the last year that masks, social distancing, and lockdowns cannot work?

If masks work, why are Fauci, the other government owned x-spirts, and TeeBee telling you that double masking will protect you more? What? Masks don't work the way I have been telling you so you need to double mask?

I have been telling you that they are lying to you and now it is being made obvious by the liars themselves.

BTW, I hope you realize that this double masking thing is just them being bribed by the companies selling masks to help those companies sell twice as many masks. Hey, if one mask protects you, two masks will protect you better.

God said, "The truth will set you free."


Remember that I have been telling you about the corruption of the lefty upper class trash for years and that God is opening eyes to that corruption?

In this video Tucker says that people are "catching onto the game", meaning the corruption of the lefties and the upper class trash. God is opening their eyes just like I have been telling you.

BTW, more and more you are finding out that what I have been telling you about how corrupt the upper class trash are is true.


I have been wondering about Zuckerberg's cranial appearance, trying to place where I have seen that head shape before, you know, what family he belongs too, until today when I saw a meme portraying him as royalty then I realized that he looks very much like one of those inbred Hapsburgs with a very similar cranial structure, minus the protruding lower jaw. It was one of those, "Oh crap", moments.

Then I realized that he also has the same cranial structure as John Kerry. Gee, what a coincidence.

This tells me that it is very likely that the rest of the royals are about to go the way of the Hapsburgs, you know, inbred into extinction.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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