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The British PM or Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that "America is back with Biden" and that "the gloom of the Trump era is over."

Did you know Boris Baby is a member of the British Royal Family, as are almost all members of the British Parliament?

Britain is still mostly a monarchy and is referred to as a Parliamentary Monarchy, where the ruling monarch has final say on all laws and can assume absolute power for any emergency. In Britain, Parliament is just a front and distraction for the inner core of the British Royal Family.

Fooled you, didn't they?

That is OK because the royals have fooled almost everyone with their Oz curtain called the Parliament. The Queen still moves all of the levers. The Royals have become masters at using smoke and mirrors to fool the people.

So, of course Boris Baby doesn't like Trump because, to him, Trump is a traitor destroying their chance of the British Royals regaining their global empire, including the "colonies", plus the rest of the world.

And you think the British Royals, who are working to destroy the US so they can set up their global dictatorship, are US allies? Really?

We have been played for more than a century and our stupid leaders, often members of the Royal Family too, have let and even helped the Royal Family play us.

Do you better understand why only God can save our butts now and why you must repent of your sins, turn back to God, call on God's name, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the Red Coats are here, baby, trying to take back the Colonies for ye ole Queen. They gave up on the stick and started using a carrot.


Remember that I have been telling you that I watch cruising videos for a number of reasons?

Studying the cruising life is a really great study in human nature.

I have been seeing some interesting things happening on the cruising videos and keep in mind that most, not all, of them are just spoiled rich people who thought it would be a great, easy way to make a living having a perpetual vacation with them using YouTube and other means to get others to pay for their perpetual vacation.

It is a great sounding fantasy but it ain't reality.

Things are not working out as well as most of them thought. Some of them have found out that they have to work harder and make more sacrifices to live on a boat, especially at sea and in other nations, than if they had a real job living in a house and they are making less money.

You have to understand that salt water is one of the most corrosive substances on this planet and destroys boat stuff much faster than fresh water and salt air isn't far behind salt water. That is a lesson I learned in science decades ago.

Because of this plus the destructiveness of sun light, wave actions, and wind, everything on a cruising boat, sail or motor, will eventually break down and have to be regularly repaired and eventually replaced. You fight a never ending war with the elements with a cruising life and the elements will eventually win, which is why almost all cruisers eventually give up and quit in frustration. You don't see many of the old cruisers who are still around. Most of them are younger and newer cruisers.

Add to this the problems they face in the different countries, especially with the COVID 19 crap, and life can get pretty tough on a regular basis, especially in third world nations.

What? You mean they ain't just riding charging unicorns over rainbows like they wanted to believe? You mean the yachting magazines selling you on all of the paradise crap about cruising are not telling the whole truth?

Nope, maintaining a salt water cruising boat is much, much more work than maintaining a regular home on land, the income potentials are much less, and when life gets tough on the water, it gets really tough. You can die very quickly.

I have noticed at least one couple who has sold their souls to the lefties and regularly do things to spread lefty propaganda to keep getting the money to keep sailing the "life of luxury" and even they are getting a little frayed at the edges. She keeps bringing up the idea of going home to mommy.

I am seeing more and more videos of cruisers who are frustrated and either calling it quits or thinking really hard about calling it quits. Suddenly they actually have to work for a living just to keep the boat floating.

The first and worst ones to give up on the cruising dream are almost always the women because women tend to be more romantic by nature, therefore they buy more into the romance of cruising in paradise sold by the yachting magazines, and when it turns into work, work, and more work with lots of sacrifices, like no daily showers or relaxing in a hot tub, they don't have to make on land, they tend to get really mad and it is never nice to be their boyfriend or husband. Plus, with most, not all, couples, the man does almost all of the hard work to keep the boat from sinking and to keep it moving so he tends to turn into a worker bee or slave for the queen bee, trying to keep her happy.

When they start admitting on their videos that things are not perfect in paradise, it is only a matter of time until they quit cruising to get a real job with a real home. Out of almost a dozen couples I have been following for the last few years, there might be one or two who are not regularly talking about returning to land and the city life.

Yep, that worked out well.

Plus, all of the cruisers whose blogs I used to read before YouTube, have gone. Not one of them is still cruising. Every now and then, I see an "old salt" cruiser from back then who is still hanging around the marinas, living on their boat and many of them have actually quit cruising and just live on their boats, usually a male who got left by ye ole wife a long time ago. There are some older couples out there but not many because cruising is a hard life that requires constant hard work on everything and plenty of money.

An easy prediction here is that these YouTube channels that started out being really great PR for the cruising industry are eventually going to cause it to implode by showing the realities of the cruising life the yachting magazines never show and chasing away increasing numbers of spoiled rich people, who will also stop reading the yachting magazines. You are about to watch YouTube cause an entire fantasy based industry implode by exposing the realities of that hard life.

This video is a very good example because this couple literally shows you their list of problems they are facing and it is a pretty long list, especially for living on small islands where they can't get the special parts they need. Obviously, they are getting frustrated and this video ain't good PR for the cruising industry because it shows the realities of cruising.

Remember that I told you that American cruisers are going to find it tougher with the US in a decline?

Pay attention to their problems about insurance because they tell you that Americans are having the toughest time with insurance.

Also, it is possible that their potential problems from this are worse than they realize or are telling you. Their situation could easily go south on them really fast with them not being able to get to another country where they can get parts and fix their boat to keep it floating. They could end up having to abandon that boat in a third world country, unable to sell the boat, with it sinking, with no trade skills, no land to live on, and, when their visas expire in that nation, be forced to leave or be imprisoned, or end up living in a shack in poverty, especially if things go bad enough for mommy and daddy that they can't send money to bring the kids home.

These globalist monsters trying to set up their global dictatorship could get a lot of young rich people stranded, imprisoned, enslaved, or dead really fast.

Get it straight, the only true paradise will be God's Paradise after the Judgment Day and, even there, the Bible says we will have to work and common sense should tell you that you can never have retirement in eternal Paradise because you will always have to work to feed your face one way or another. Deal with it.

It will take a little while longer for this industry to really implode because there are quite a few young couples who are just coming into the cruising life from before when the others began to complain about and quit the cruising life. They will keep it going for a while longer but, with those who are currently complaining and quitting, it is soon going to start dying down, slowly at first but then faster later.

I plan to keep an eye on this.


I have not heard anything about it but some people may think that I think Putin is a good person. The truth is I don't know but I am keeping an objective eye on him. It is just, so far, I have not seen the aggressiveness towards others outside of his own country that I see from the other tyrants like the upper class trash, China, North Korea, Iran, and others.

I believe that it is still a good idea to keep an objective eye on him.

Is he just pretending to be Christian like so many poser Christian leaders of the past or is he a true Christian?

I don't know yet but he seems to be pretty sincere about Christianity and is the primary cause of it growing in Russia.

Dopey and Kruella

I am seeing increasing numbers of lefties who are stunned and ticked off because Dopey and Kruella are openly not keeping their radical promises like forgiving all student loan debt or raising minimum wage to $15 per hour nationally. Dopey went down to forgiving up to $50,000 and then down to forgiving up to $10,000 and I am waiting for him to say, "Sorry, suckers, you have to pay it all and more."

Gee, you mean Dopey and Kruella lied to their lefty voters and now that their elections can openly be rigged by just bringing in truck loads of fake ballots so they don't even need their voters so they don't need to bribe their voters, they are not keeping their promises to bribe their voters?

We conservatives tried to warn the lefties about this but they wouldn't listen. "No, der lies gots to be true because dey sounds so good and I seen it on TeeBee."

Yeah, that worked well.

So, how is that commie dictatorship working out? Getting screwed by your lefty commie traitor dictators, are you?

Yep, we figured you would.

Maybe you lefties should have paid attention to the riots where the lefty thugs wouldn't ask if you were a lefty or conservative before they beat the crap out of you?

Hey, you lefties are screwed too but you voted for them, not us.

You just know this will intensify the Commierat civil war even more.


Remember that I have been telling you about government corruption?

I have also been watching our very corrupt labor unions and it is really bad, especially for labor unions for government employees. My dad was a labor man but even he told me how corrupt they were. All labor members know it. It isn't like their corruption is a big secret.

This video shows you how bad the government and union corruption has gotten. Please remember what I have been telling you about how stupid most politicians really are when John says that most of them can't even operate with a budget. They really are very stupid and they get to micro manage your lives. That should be scary because most of your are more intelligent than they are.

People, this rapidly growing corruption has created and is exacerbating government debt to the point to where those governments WILL go broke sooner or later and then all of those well paid government employees and unions will also go broke. These corrupt idiots have created a mess they are too stupid to fix and will only make those messes worse until they destroy everything with your governments not providing any services or jobs for anyone. This is already ugly and will only get worse.

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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