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I have been trying to show you that the upper class trash are truly demented.

This video shows that the lefties are so demented that they absolutely don't care about people because of all of the money they are making from China. The message of that video is that the upper class trash absolutely do not care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

Then we have this video is also showing that the upper class trash absolutely do not care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts. They love money more than they care about other people so that other people mean nothing to them and are disposable.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

This means that all lefties who continue to support these sub human animals are also sub human animals that don't care about people who are being abused and murdered by other people.

Please, people, wake up and recognize the ugly truth about these human demons so God will do something about it. This ugly crap by the obviously evil upper class trash will just keep getting worse until God does do something about it but He is not going to do something to save our butts until we turn from our crimes against His Laws and turn back to Him to save our butts.

Listen, as long as you are supporting these human demons, you are telling God that you want what these human demons are doing and God is just going to keep letting the human demons do what you are wanting those human demons to do until you stop wanting those human demons to do that evil crap.


Remember that I have been telling you that increasing numbers of young rich people are thinking about quitting sailboat cruising because it is too hard of a life?

This video is about a couple who just put their sailboat up for sale and are buying an RV to make their living perpetually vacationing on land where the salt water and air and waves won't be causing them to be constantly making repairs. The cruising life is just too hard and demanding for them. They did not going into sailboat cruising to spend most of their time fixing their boat.

Oh, they will have to regularly work to fix stuff on land but no where nearly as much as with a salt water boat, especially a sailboat, which is regularly stressed by the sails and masts pulling hard on the boat structure, especially in "hard winds and seas".

Just like I told you, the move back to land for an easier life has started and will increase, which will really hurt the boating industry in the not too distant future.

Be careful what you wish for because it could end up owning you and you might not like what comes along with what you wanted. Be objective and really research your dreams before you run off chasing them. They may lead you some place you don't want to go.

Here are a few YouTube channels that show you how much work it is to take care of saltwater sailboats: Sailing La Vagabonde he is almost always fixing stuff and she is getting very tired of the demands of sailing, clearly wanting to go home to mommy; Sailing Magic Carpet he is also always fixing stuff and she is showing signs of wear for sailing; and RAN Sailing he is always fixing or upgrading something and seems to enjoy it but she is beginning to show the wear from sailing. Bums on a Boat is about a young couple of middle class kids who started out without a clue about sailing, have been learning everything the hard way, and regularly show the stress. It is amazing they are still doing it. Those are just a few of the channels I follow and they seem to be pretty representative of the rest.

When they start out, hey it is great, but, after a few years, the stress begins to show because they work their butts off.

A really great idea for your dreams is to ask God what He wants in your life.

Food for Thought

How long will it take for the increased resistance to airflow caused by windmills to alter our airflow across the US and change our weather? I bet no one thought about that and it will eventually affect the weather.

Don't believe me?

Study meteorology and physics and then tell me about it.

First, you have to understand that air is a fluid and to understand airflow you have to study fluid dynamics.

A really great example of airflow affecting weather is that I have spent the last 20 years studying the fluid dynamics of airflow in relation to weather here in the Tularosa Basin, which is quite complex.

First, as the air moves east across the basin, it has to push uphill which causes the air to compress. This forces water molecules in the air closer together, which causes them to form into water droplets called condensation. When those water droplets get big enough for their weight to overcome the upward movement of the updrafts within the air, they fall from the sky, called precipitation.

When that air gets about half a mile west of my house, the land goes flat, which causes the air to be under less pressure which permits the air to expand, which moves the water molecules further from each other which stops condensation which stops precipitation. When that air gets about half a mile east of me, the ground starts to climb again, which increases air pressure, which causes condensation which causes precipitation to return.

Because of airflow in relation to resistance, I have to live in one of the driest places in this high altitude desert basin.

Another aspect of this is that Tularosa has to get the largest amount of precipitation in this part of the basin because of the shape of the Sacramento Mountains to our east. Those mountains gain about 5 to 6 thousand feet within just about one mile, which presents maximum fluid resistance. This causes the airflow to seek the path of least resistance, which is through the canyon east of Tularosa so that more air will flow towards Tularosa and then through that canyon. This means that more air will condense at that area, which will cause more water condensation, which will cause more precipitation as the air is forced up through that canyon.

You can see this during the summer with much more rain taking place in the Tularosa area.

It is only common sense that the increase to airflow resistance caused by windmills will cause a change in airflow, which will cause a change in condensation, which will cause a change in precipitation.

People, that thought should be worth a Nobel Prize in meteorology but I ain't going to hold my breath.

But hey, you just got a really great education in meteorology and we will soon begin to find out how all of those windmills will affect airflow and alter our weather.

Maybe Texas was just the beginning of this phenomenon?

Now you have a heads up and can keep an eye on this one. My science is good science.

Expanded Hypothesis:

You have to understand that those windmills don't just freely spin. If you study electronics, you will find that the windmills provide a very powerful resistance to the airflow past them, which is what causes the airflow to turn those windmills, because of the resistance of the magnets and wire coils passing each other generating electricity, which will increase wind resistance all around those windmills (the air molecules will "stack up" against each other) and not just where the windmills are individually standing, which will increase the fluid resistance for the entire area.

This will cause the airflow to seek the path of least resistance to the north and south of the area containing those windmills, altering airflow for that entire area.

This should increase condensation at and around the areas of those windmills but, when the air gets past those windmills, the decrease in fluid resistance will permit the air to expand, which will move the water molecules further apart, which will decrease condensation, which will decrease precipitation downwind of the windmill farms, drying up that land.

You have to also understand that, when air is compressed causing precipitation, it decreases the water molecules in the air or dries up the air so that air will absorb more water downwind and, if that air is expanding because it is also decompressing, it will absorb even more water.

You should expect to see the land downwind be dried up quite a bit and this can destroy farm land and forests. It will dry up streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds.

This will in turn decrease vegetation in those areas, which will increase sunlight reaching the soil, which will increase the heating of the soil, which will cause the air to heat more, which will cause the hot air to rise, causing air pressure changes for increasing areas. This can easily change the weather for areas 50 to 100+ miles away, especially downwind and this is just the nutshell version.

Another wonderful benefit of windmills is that plants are the only significant source we have for recycling CO2 into oxygen. Therefore, if you decrease plant grow, you decrease the number of plants recycling CO2 into oxygen, which will cause a buildup of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Hold it, isn't the main reason the lefties want to use green energy is to prevent the buildup of CO2 in our atmosphere?

Yeah, that is going to work well.

Then, let's talk about solar energy.

Take a look at all of these big solar energy farms and what do you not see?

Plants, you don't see plants, sometimes for miles and it takes huge areas of land to generate significant amounts of energy with solar energy.

Why don't you see plants?

For 2 reasons, 1) they have to keep the plants removed so the plants don't block out the sunlight from reaching the solar collectors and 2) because the solar collectors block out the sunlight from reaching the plants, which denies the planets sunlight for photosynthesis, which means the plants can't grow.

With fewer plants to convert CO2 into oxygen, you are going to get a CO2 buildup in the atmosphere.

In other words, the solar and wind energy are going to cause what we are being told they will solve. Oops!


This video is very good about teaching the truth concerning slavery. One thing he doesn't address here is who owned all of those slaves. Almost all slaves were owned by the upper class, especially the royalty, in every nation. The royalty all became rich and powerful from using slavery, you know, your ancestors.

Note that he said that most of the people in many nations were slaves.

The very small middle class and extremely large lower class, most of whom were slaves, couldn't afford to buy a slave, much less feed, cloth, and house a slave. It was the upper class trash who owned all of those slaves, you know, the royals.

You have to understand that, when Chris Columbus sailed from Spain on his first trip west, every group of rich people in the world were practicing some form of slavery. The Europeans were practicing mostly surf, peasantry, and peonage forms of throw away slavery though some also practiced ownership slavery, including almost all of the academe, who got upset when the people revolted in the late 1700s to early 1800s and threw off their slave masters, you know, including the academe.

Gee, do you now understand why the royal commoner academe dreamed up Marxism as a new form of slavery to get their slaves back, you know, where you, the people, are supposed to "submit yourselves to the absolute rule of the government", them, "so the government can take care of you"? Get the picture yet?

All of these corrupt upper class trash, including the academe and media, pushing Marxism are just trying to get their slaves back, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. You stupid commie brats are selling yourselves into slavery and are too stupid to figure it out.

Marxism under any name is just an upper class trash trap for them to get their slaves back by convincing you to submit to their absolute rule "so they can take care of you". And it is the royals who ALWAYS benefited from slavery, who are doing this. Talk about a sucker punch.

Now do you better understand what the royal globalism is really all about?

The royals want their planet and slaves back.

BTW, the lefty upper class trash using the government owned slaves in China to increase their profits are just today's slavers and they are just as evil as all of the slavers in the past.

This video shows that the lefties are not just about using slave labor in China and other nations but they want illegals to come into this nation so they can use those illegals for slave labor. They are all slavers, people, all of the Commierats supporting slave labor in China and with illegal aliens are slavers just like their Democrat predecessors just before the US Civil War. They only pretend to care about people and only care about people to use them for slave labor and throw them away.

Did you notice that these evil sub humans are also the globalists who want to setup their global dictatorship so they can make everyone their slaves?

People, when you see it in history, you recognize it in the present.

Remember that I told you that, once the Commierats had their absolute power and didn't need their voters and activists any more, they would toss them under the bus and stop with the free stuff? Did you notice that Biden is refusing to keep his free stuff promises to the lefties like the school loans and increased minimum wage now that they have their dictatorship and can either just not run elections or rig the elections so the lefties can't lose power and control again?

Surprise, surprise. You lefties are being tossed under the bus.

Right now they are doing this bogus slave reparations thing to buy the support of greedy and selfish blacks. The intelligent blacks will see right through this.

If you want to do proper slave reparations, you have to take ALL of the wealth away from ALL OF the upper class trash royals and give it to ALL of the people, regardless of race. Therefore, what the lefties are talking about doing has nothing to do with justice and is only about buying the support of one group at the expense of the rest of the people.

Dots, dots, and more dots

It is time to connect some more dots for a clearer picture of what is really going on.

First, remember that God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Second, did the greedy, power mad lefties ever plan to forgive the student loans?

Of course not, that is more than $1.4 trillion that they can stuff in their greedy pockets.

Do you really think those greedy lefty politicians would throw away more than one trillion dollars they can stuff in their greedy pockets?

Of course not. The lefty upper class trash just used the lie of "forgiving" school loans to sucker the lefty college kids into voting for the upper class trash so the lefties could finish setting up their commie dictatorship.

A big red flag for that should have been while Obama was president and the lefties themselves proposed a number of bills that would force people who owe on school loans into servitude or a nice way of saying slavery. That is right, the lefties proposed a number of times to turn people who owe school loans into their slaves so they would have to work off those school loans while living on subsistence income, making the lefties more wealthy.

Open your eyes, people, the government school loans were designed from the start to force people into debt for college degrees that couldn't help them get jobs they could use to pay off that debt so they could use that debt as an excuse to bring back a form of slavery called servitude. They never really intended to destroy their trap to enslave you and I have been telling you for years that the upper class trash are going to do everything they can to turn everyone they can into their slaves, with the school loans just being one part of that trap. Do not ever borrow any money from the government unless you are a very wealthy royal who can quickly pay it off.

Hey, they conned you into going into debt to get worthless college degrees they knew would not get you jobs that could pay off those debts with the plans to use that as an excuse to bring back "servitude" or slavery.

An easy prediction is that the lefties will soon propose such a servitude bill again, now that the lefties have their dictatorship and are consolidating their power so they can't lose their power again. Keep an eye on that.

Third, did the lefties ever intend to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour?

Of course not and proof for that is that they and their puppet masters own the major corporations that are bringing illegal aliens into this country for slave labor and sending their businesses overseas to China for slave labor.

Do you stupid lefties really think your greedy over lords ever really intended to better than double the minimum wage they would pay you, taking money out of their pockets, when they are already using slave labor to increase their wealth?

Fourth, it is now clear that the top officers in the Pentagon who refused to stop the recent coup are making money from making war and Trump was costing them a lot of money while saving a lot of your lives by stopping wars and you better bet those generals and admirals didn't like losing millions of dollars to save your butts from an early trip to the grave.

Those corrupt, greedy officers really wanted Biden to steal the election because they knew that Biden would restart the war industry that was making them all millions of dollars under Obama and Trump was shutting down. That is why the Pentagon refused to keep their oath to enforce the US Constitution to stop the coup, selling out Trump AND YOU!

Did that open an eyeball or two?

Hey, just follow the money, baby.

People, this isn't something new, the upper class trash royals have been doing this crap for thousands of years. To them, this is how things are supposed to be done, you know, with you being their slaves and them living lives of luxury on your backs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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