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Sahara Desert

This is really terrible news for the global warming alarmists. It seems the Sahara Desert is getting greener because of the change in solar activity which has been cooling the planet off for more than 15 years now. With the planet getting cooler, there is less evaporation of water from the soil in the Sahara Desert and increased precipitation increasing vegetation growth. Oops!

But, hey, don't worry about it. The professional liars used by the lefties will spin their way out of this with enough stupid and brainwashed people who will believe the next lies. The next thing you know the lefties will be telling us we are heading into an ice age being caused by fossil fuel emissions. These corrupt monsters never stop lying and never admit they are wrong.

Remember that God told me He is going to turn the new Caliphate into a super power before the Tribulation begins? Remember that I told you that the deserts expanding around the world were caused by a combination of water evaporation and run off exceeding the amount of precipitation?

I firmly believe that God has decreased the activity of the sun to cool the earth to increase the amount of agricultural land, especially in the Muslim countries, such as the Sahara Desert, in order for the Caliphate to have a more agriculture based economy in order to more quickly grow into both an economic and military super power just like God told me would happen.

It is also to show that God is in control and not man.

Socially More Liberal

Recent research has shown that the US is becoming socially more liberal. According to a Gallup poll, things which had previously been considered bad behavior, such as infidelity, human cloning, polygamy, and suicide, are becoming more acceptable by increasing numbers of people. This is being caused by propaganda being put out by both liberals and liberal-tarians, you know, the do-as-you-will gang.

We, as a nation, have to become socially more liberal to seduce the posers out of the church. God won't just be chasing posers out of the church with persecution by liberals and Muslims but will also be drawing them out with temptation. This will both push and pull the posers out of the church much faster and more completely.

The liberals are now trying to have pedophilia classified a disorder instead of a crime, thereby making pedophilia legal. Instead of sending pedaphiles, you know, liberals, to prison, they will just have them get treatment so liberals can rape all of the children they want.

So this is what liberals call progressive?

This transgender thing with Bruce Jenner is just part of this social corruption. I just saw that Bruce, as Caitlyn is starting to feel safe enough to talk about Bruce in the third person, saying Caitlyn is better than Bruce, calling Bruce a liar (was, past tense, Bruce doesn't exist any more), and you are about to find out just how screwed up Bruce is in the head. This is going to get very interesting and open a few more eyes.

On Wednesday, Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, state on the Wall Street Journal's online edition that transgender identity is a mental illness similar to bulimia and should not be treated with surgery, which can cause more harm than good.

Of course lefty heads are exploding and they are attacking Dr. McHugh calling him names like transphobic. How dare the doctor say anything negative about the insanity of the left, especially about the lefty's boy...uh...girl...uh...thing, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

Of course you know that McHugh has to be right because the loony toons lefties are always eventually proven wrong. But why argue, just wait and see. You know that with Jenner having mentally disassociated from his former self, you know, evil Brucy Boy, and starting to bag on "Bruce" calling him a liar and talking trash about him, Ms whacko maximus Caitlyn will quickly make it very obvious it is nuts, proving the doctor right and the lefties wrong again. Time is never on the commie side.

ESPN is honoring Jenner with the Arthur Ashe Award for courage, which will completely discredit the award when everyone finds out how loony toons it is.

Courage? The coward is running away from his former self by changing sex and identity. That isn't courage. Just wait, you will see with Jenner freely talking about its former self. It won't be long and the lefties will quietly drop Jenner like a hot potato.

A new crime wave is hitting Commiecrat run cities and they are calling it the Ferguson Effect. They should be calling it the liberal effect because liberalism is what is causing the crime wave. This will open a few more eyes about liberalism.

The lefties are fleeing Commiefornia now that they have totally screwed it up and will screw up everywhere they flee to because they won't learn. But more eyes will open.

BTW, I see increasing numbers of Muslim women in the US using the liberal whining strategy to cause trouble for non Muslims, especially businesses. They are waging a cultural war against us. You know, the same way the liberals are using the same whining strategy and litigation to wage war against us. We need to stop this extremely destructive liberal whining and litigation machine as quickly as possible, which means we have to clean up our corrupt legal system.


This corruption we are now seeing in sports, especially with the international soccer governing body, FIFA, is just the tip of the ice berg. A few years ago the FBI was investigating the national and international governing bodies for bicycle racing along with certain very corrupt individuals like Lance Armstrong when I read that Armstrong arranged to go golfing with Billy Boy Clintstone and the investigation into cycling was suddenly stopped with Armstrong now trying to get back into pro racing as though his admitted cheating via doping was nothing.

After reading about the investigation being stopped, I contacted the US governing body for bicycle racing and they were suddenly singing and dancing to a different tune. It was very obvious they had all been groomed by attorneys in what they could and could not say. For example, they used to openly talk about them having a black list, which is a violation of RICO, you know, the law that FIFA is being investigated for violating.

After the Clintstones are put out of action by the FBI, expect to see the investigation into corruption in cycling to resume and you will also see more cases of corruption in other sports. The FBI is just getting started on the corruption in sports.

Another note here is that, in order to turn people against for profit corporations and capitalism, the lefties have been promoting the saintliness of nonprofit corporations and government to replace for profit corporations and capitalism. Then the lefites took over and corrupted those same entities and are using those entities to destroy the US and the west along with destroying sports, which most liberals hate. You are going to see more FBI investigations into nonprofit corporations and government agencies to clean up the mess the lefties made of everything.

Also note that it is the dope using lefties which see nothing wrong with using dope to cheat in sports. Are you getting the picture just how evil lefties are?


Patrick Goodenough stated in an article that Hindu nationalists closely aligned to the Indian government warned Christians in Punjab state late last year to prepare to convert to Hinduism "or get ready to die," according to a complaint before a U.S. federal court.

What is happening is that, since the Western liberal pagans, Muslims, and Chinese are now successfully persecuting Christians and the Hindus have gained power in India, the Hindus figure they might as well have a go at persecuting Christians with the old convert-or-die routine. Now that the Christians are no longer in control, leaving a huge power vacuum, all of the pagan religions are raising up and showing their true colors. People are about to find out the truth about why the Christians fought and oppressed these other brutal and barbaric religions, who have also been fighting each other until the Christians gained control.

These pagan religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism, and others, Christianized their cults to get the West to accept the cults. Their con was to sell themselves as being peaceful and loving religions based on wonderful sounding philosophy when, in fact, they were very warrior oriented, fighting and kill each other and other religions for power. This is just another one of these pagan cults showing their true colors and more eyes will open. You should expect to see ALL other religions turn on Christians AND each other. This crap about forming one kind, caring, peaceful, loving new wave religion where "we all worship the same god under different names" is bull crap and you are about to learn that the hard way. With this power vacuum being left by the fall of Christianity, they will all grab for all of the power they can and it won't be pretty. Eyes will definitely open.

Let me give you a hint, almost all of the Eastern martial arts were designed and taught by the kind, caring, peaceful Buddhists. They and their religion caused hundreds of years of ruthless bloody wars. All most people know about Buddhism in the West is the peaceful Christianized version fed to them. If you see what it is really lived like in the East, you realize it is a completely different animal and you will soon learn that is true. Hey, the Christians are no longer in control, it is party time.


While Christianity is declining in the West because Christianity was taken over and compromised by liberal pagans, it is growing in Africa and the East because they didn't compromise their religion and beliefs with things like secularism and tolerance. These Christians still preach the Bible, hell fire, damnation, and salvation through Jesus while the Western churches started preaching warm fuzzies, false prophesies, and blasphemy like you can force God to give you what you want, if you believe it, you get it, or any number of other non Biblical blasphemies while raking in the dough.

So God is busy purging these poser Christians out of our churches while growing the other churches the way God will soon grow our churches, AFTER God has gotten rid of the poser Christians. And you need to notice that almost all of the growth of these African and Eastern churches is being caused by conversions which are being increased by persecutions of all people in those areas by non Christians. When God has purged the posers out of our churches and is permitting the persecution of everyone in our countries, you will see huge and rapid growth in our churches for the really huge harvest Jesus prophesied almost two thousand years ago.

Basically, you better get your act right with God or God is going to kick your butt out of His church and replace you with many more better and stronger Christians. God has clearly had enough of all of these blasphemous false preachers, prophets, and healers and it is time for them to hit the road and be replaced with the real thing, which will do God's work and not Satan's work.

I keep seeing "Christian" prophets who are taking Bible prophesy out of context and matching it with current events which are not relevant. You can't just grab any current event and match it with an event during the Tribulation which is similar and say that prophesy has been fulfilled. ALL of those prophesies MUST happen in the proper order and in exactly every detail. This wrongful practice confuses people.

These false prophets use sensationalism and fear to promote their "ministries" and themselves financially. As the Bible says, they are false prophets who are prophesying for money. You must keep Bible prophesy in its proper context and pay very close attention to details because the Bible prophesies are talking about very specific events.

When the poser Christians are purged out by God, these false prophets won't be able to make enough money selling their Satanic snake oil and will be forced to follow those poser Christians to keep making money off of them. This means that it won't be long before these false prophets stop talking about Bible prophesy and start talking about Muslim or other pagan prophesies to keep making the fast easy money. The pagans can have these incredibly destructive people.


ISIS is currently threatening to attack southern Israel and working to seize control of both Gaza and the Sinai to achieve this. ISIS is trying to surround Israel so they can attack from all sides and contain the Jews so ISIS can slaughter all of them, which is why they are also making a move towards and against Jordan.

Now do you understand why Obama is holding back on destroying ISIS and is only making token efforts at fighting ISIS?

The ISIS end game is to destroy Israel, slaughter all of the Jews, and then conquer the world and slaughter all of the other non Muslims, you know, just what Obama spite of Obama's lies to the contrary.

The US State Department is now telling us that we have killed more than 10,000 ISIS Jihadis and the bombing campaign is doing significant damage while the US military keeps telling us that the campaign is not working because Obama is running interference and everyone except the Kurds keeps losing ground to ISIS.

Who are you going to believe?

Personally, I am not going to buy that bridge. Obama can keep his bridges, I'm not going to buy any of them.

I just read that the Sunni tribes in Iraq have now sworn loyalty to ISIS. That is huge and greatly increases the power of ISIS. ISIS has also started a new offensive against the Kurds, whom Obama is not properly supporting militarily. Yep, we are really kicking ISIS's butt. I'm glad I didn't buy that bridge.

Here is some food for thought. If Obama were really going after ISIS with ISIS not having an air force, the US could easily and quickly wipe out the ISIS army the way the US wiped out Saddam's army during Desert Storm.

Gee, why is ISIS still around? Just a wee bit obvious?

Obama again refers to himself as being the Jewish president to make it look like He is Israel's friend while betraying Israel. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people stupid enough to buy it. Obama is the best bridge salesman I have seen since Billy Boy Clintstone.


Obama has been putting off his political coup of the US government until he can disarm the American people and disable the US military but he is running out of time. He is going to try to disarm the American people one more time with the DOJ and then he will be forced to stage his coup without disarming the people. He can wait until up to about a year from now but that would put a real bind on his plans to invade Israel to prove he is the Muslim Mahdi.

You have to realize that staging a huge military assault on Israel requires extensive logistics, which requires at least six months for the buildup, and timing. Israel's rainy season normally starts in about November and will continue until winter sets in so that the earliest they will be able to stage an effective assault against Israel will be next March or April, 2016. It is already too late to move that many troops and position them against Israel for an invasion, even if you are planning a very rapid invasion the way the US did in Iraq, before the rainy season starts because it will take a minimum of six months, probably more, to move and position that many troops that far away.

We have to keep in mind though that Obama is so militarily ignorant and arrogant he may insist on invading Israel during their rainy season or winter and think his troops won't get bogged down in the mud or snow because he will have so many troops he may think he can still just overwhelm Israel, so he may try. To do this will give the defender, Israel, a more significant advantage and be more costly in troops but, hey, Obama doesn't care about his troops, they are just pawns on his chess board to rule the world.

At the very least, Obama has to have the top lefties purged, Israel conquered, himself established as the Mahdi with all of Islam behind him before fall of 2016 when he will get major backlash from what is left of the US military and militias in a civil war so he can have a strong enough Muslim army already committed to him to defeat the US military and militias. Time is currently not on Obama's side and is turning against him more every day.

Note too that, just like I have been telling you, other Muslim leaders like Erdogan, Rouhani, Nasrallah, and others think they are also the Mahdi and will use their armies to fight Obama to prove they are so Obama has to build and move a really huge or super massive army to north of Israel to not only fight Israel but also fight these other Muslim armies to gain and maintain control of the Temple Mount long enough to prove he is the Mahdi.

The longer Obama waits, the less likely he is to succeed.

Farrakhan is telling all black soldiers to desert the US military and fight for him. This would weaken the US military, you know, like Obama wants, and strength the black Muslims. It must be getting close.

Things are really coming together and the picture is getting clearer so we must be close.

BTW, Israeli leftist leader, Livni, says that Israel has no choice but to capitulate to and obey Obama's orders. When Obama moves his army to invade Israel, Livni and her Jewish leftist followers will join Obama's invasion with Obama using putting her in permanent control of Israel (read regime change) as part of the justification for invading Israel. God will use this to purge these liberal traitors from Israel to build a stronger Israel. These commie traitors will die in the northern hills of Israel just like the US commies and Muslims will die. God is purging both nations to build both nations better and stronger.

It is like I have told you, God does many things with just one work. With just the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, God will do different works within every nation on the planet and with each person in every nation. God's thinking is so complex it is far beyond our comprehension. God will do different works in every individual's life on this planet with just one war. God is the only being in existence who knows exactly what He is doing. The rest of us just like to think we know what we are doing but, basically, we are pretty much just guessing and usually guessing wrong.

BTW, Increasing numbers of Christians are moving to Israel from all over the world with many converting to Judaism, often not realizing that Christianity is a sect of Judaism. God is doing this because it is just like I told you and Avi Lipkin is telling everyone, that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel plans to take more land than there are Jews on the planet to manage so they will need a few Christians.

Jade Helm

Here is an important factor about rapidly approaching Jade Helm (July 15 through September 15). The exercise is only being conducted in 7 states in the US Southwest.

What about the other 43 states? Do you really think the military would show its hand in taking guns away from people and incarcerating people in FEMA camps in only 7 states tipping their hand off to the other 43 states and causing an open rebellion? Don't you think that, to keep the element of surprise in all 50 states, they wouldn't hit all 50 states at the same time and not just 7 states? To think that the military would confiscate guns and round people up in only 7 states, tipping their hand to the other 43 states, loosing the element of surprise in those 43 states, just doesn't make sense, does it? Therefore, to think the US military will be going after people just 7 states at a time destroying their most important asset, surprise, is kind of stupid, isn't it?

Did you know that, right now, the US military is playing war games in cities in other states, like Wisconsin, and no guns or people are being rounded up?

BTW, I have noticed that anyone who puts out the truth about Jade Helm is viciously attacked and called names by the sites using Jade Helm to scare and discredit the people following such events, you know, just like liberals attack and discredit anyone who tells the truth about anything to discourage people from listening to those people. Gee, what a coincidence that these sits are behaving like liberals, you know, discouraging debate and opposing ideas to better control the people.

It couldn't be that these sites are really liberal misinformation sites designed to confuse and discredit the people who follow current events closely so no one will listen to them, could it?

Hey, discredit the boy who cries wolf and no one will listen to him when the wolves come.


Amazingly, the intellectually superior upper class trash are stupid enough they are actually considering pumping more money down the already dead Greek commie rat hole. They are so brilliant they are dictating the conditions for the loans, you know, like the Greek commies are going to abide by those conditions when they have not abided by any previous conditions. Yeah, that will work really well.

The Greeks know they have the rest of the EU, especially Germany and France, over a barrel and are milking the cow for everything they can get before they default on their loans and the idiot bankers just keep pouring the milk in the Greek bucket while the Greek commies are laughing all the way to the bank.

Now do you believe me that the upper class trash has been inbreeding too long and have gone nuts?

If you did what they are doing, they would call you stupid.

BTW, I just read that an ex-IMF executive just said there is a better than 75% chance of a Greek default by this fall. All that money loaned to Greece will magically disappear and it is about that time that I am thinking Germany will start working to get its money back in real estate.

It should also be pointed out that oil rich commie land, Venezuela, is on the verge of default. Yep, that Marxism just keeps right on failing and hurting everyone it promises to help.

Other News

Rand Paul slams the establishment Republicans and declares victory Over NSA, you know, our intelligence gathering service. I have told you before that the vast majority of US citizens will never say anything worth our government listening to and the people they are most concerned about are the few who do. This will hurt us.

Whose side is he on? He is a Liberal-tarian, get it?

A Libertarian is just a different type of liberal.

All of a sudden, out of now where and after decades of very few oil and gas pipeline ruptures, we are getting rupture after rupture at a time when the lefties are trying to shut down the XL Pipeline.

Could it be the lefty activists are sabotaging these pipelines to turn people against pipelines?

Some mega rich guy just gave Harvard a record $400 million to brainwash more rich kids and my first thought was, "he must have a spoiled rich kid who is ditching all of his classes and flunking his butt out of school but will now get a degree anyway."

A CNN poll released Wednesday shows that George W. Bush is not only more popular than President Obama, a majority of Americans now view the former president in a positive light. A full 52% see Bush favorably, compared to just 43% who do not. Only 49% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Obama. The same number, 49%, do not.

This also proves there are still too many stupid people who think Obama is really great for democracy to work.

Eyes are opening, slowly, but they are opening.

We also have to stop these major corporations merging because it puts too much power and too few hands.

The House "Conservatives" are working on an alternative to Obamacare.

Hold it, why do we need an alternative to Obamacare or any government healthcare program for anyone other than the poor? That is socialism and they are calling themselves conservatives?

Hey, change the name and a few rules and the government controlling your healthcare is now alright, you know, along with controlling everything else, including you.

Do you believe me now when I tell you they are all the same criminals in the same bed but with different names?

You can call a pig anything you want but it is still a pig.

Note that it is only a matter of time until either Pamela Geller is dead or has fled to Israel to stay alive and you can bet the liberals will do everything they can to help the Muslims kill her.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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