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Population Density Stress

You have heard me talk about population density stress but, scientifically, what is it?

Modern population density stress is different from primitive or normal population density stress because of our increased technology so I will address normal population density stress and then add in the analysis for modern population density stress.

Normal population density stress is a combination of survival instincts and physics.

The survival or biological part is an instinctual knowledge or understanding that having more people in a given area sharing resources, threatens your potential survival by exceeding the carrying capacity of the environment or the ability of that environment to provide for everyone, especially during a crisis such as famine. Because of this, most animals, including humans are very territorial. We tend to control our area or territory to control the resources to make sure we will have enough resources to be able to survive as a tribe or family.

Anything we see as a threat to our potential survival causes a stress that is population density stress. You also see this in almost all other animals like deer, lions, bears, elephants, cats and dogs.

Before the royals took over, this was a regular cause of conflict until we humans got to where we could produce more food via agrarian activities like farming and herding and other things concerning survival, after which, our knowledge about our ability to still provide for more people in the same area decreased quite a bit of our population density stress for survival. Other animals can't do this.

For some people, that decrease in population density stress has been replaced with the stress caused by lusts or desires for increased wealth and power because other people now pose a different threat to us for wealth and power instead of for survival. This makes a lust for wealth and power very dangerous and a threat to everyone in an area, especially if a person places wealth or power over the welfare of other people, you know, like our lefties and upper class trash do today.

Another aspect of population density stress is caused by a combination of biology, physics, and electronics.

You have to understand that, when an electron flows or moves through ANYTHING, it generates microwave radiation that can travel at the speed of light and forever. Also, when that microwave radiation crosses anything through which electrons can move or flow, it will cause electron movement or flow through that thing and this includes the nerves and brain cells in the human body.

We have known for more than half a century that, when electrons flow through nerve or brain cells, it causes those cells to give off microwave radiation and, when that radiation passes through the nerve or brain cells of another human, it will cause electron flow through those nerve or brain cells.

They have been experimenting for a very long time to learn to use that microwave radiation from the brain to control things.

This has the potential to be a form of wireless communication but, for any wireless communication device to work it has to not only have an antenna to receive the signal, which our cells are, but it also has to have a circuit that can transform that signal into a meaning full message, which our bodies don't have.

Therefore, what happens with the increased current flow in our nerve and brain cells is just seen by those cells as what we in electronics call "static" or "noise", which you see on your TV when all you get is static and no visual or audible signals from the TV except noise.

We have known for more than half a century that this noise within our nerves and brains causes stress, which can eventually cause a person to become irritated and then cause anger, which is one reason why people in very large cities develop a low tolerance for other people and what we today call "road rage".

It is kind of like a really low level "annoyance" building up in your system that eventually causes irritation and then anger, in some people more than others, especially if they are already upset about anything.

You have to keep in mind that this is a low level signal and, therefore, a very low level of irritation we can become accustomed to up to a certain level. With a small number of people, it can even be a good thing because their presence is reassuring to us, which is partly why humans like to gather in small groups.

This is partly why people in small towns or on farms tend to be more relaxed and laid back than people in big cities. This is also part of the reason why people feel a need to occasionally be alone and why being alone can be so relaxing.

We have known this for more than half a century.

The modern version of population density stress began to develop as soon as we humans began to use electricity because ABSOLUTELY everything that electrons or electricity flows through sends off microwave signals, EVERYTHING.

When we first began by using electricity for lighting we began bombarding our brains and nervous system with microwave signals because the wires and lights the electrons flow through send of microwave signals but that was at a tolerable level. As we developed more things that use electricity such as radios, stereos, telephones, and TVs, more things began to bombard our brains and nerves with microwave signals.

Over the last 50+ years, this has increased to where every electrical and electronic device you use is bombarding your brains and nerves with microwave signals, even small things like electronic watches and clocks.

If you don't believe me, open your computers and you will find a small tag that says the device meets the requirements of the FCC for THAT device. That is referring to the device not having more than a certain amount of microwave emissions because everything electrons flow through in that device is giving off microwave emissions and we use this in espionage but that is another long story.

You need to understand that this has several effects on your body with the first we will discuss being the irritation of nerve and brain cells, then we will discuss the health effects on your body.

You have to realize that, as you increase the number of electrical and electronic devices sending signals to your nerves and brains, it increases the negative effects on your nerves and brains, creating increasing amounts of static. Also, the closer the devices are to your body, especially the head, the greater the static energy effect on your nerve and brain cells.

I have been watching this increasing effect for more than half a century now as our technology has been rapidly increasing.

You have to understand that as you personally use more technology, you are bombarding your body with more microwaves but it gets better when you realize that other people around you are also bombarding your body with their microwaves from their electronic and electrical devices.

The more radio and TV stations you have in your area increases the microwave radiation bombarding you, the Internet is massively increasing the microwave radiation you are exposed to, your computers and cell phones (I don't use a cell phone), microwave cooking devices, washing machines, dryers, cars, and everything else that uses electricity is bombarding your body with microwaves. Then you have to take into account that everyone around you who is using electricity is also bombarding your body and mind with their microwave radiation so that the closer you are packed in together, the greater the microwave radiation you are exposed to and the biggest cities are the worst.

And you wonder why the people in big cities are so nuts and angry all of the time?

By the strangest of coincidences, that is where most lefties live.

Then you have to consider the health effects of all of that micro radiation on your bodies.

Remember that I told you that in physics, if you increase the heat or energy, such as from microwave radiation, to an atom, it accelerates the speed of the electrons causing those electrons to move faster, which causes the atoms to move more, which causes molecules to move more and, when they move enough, they will break away from each other changing the molecular structure within cells.

This can cause all sorts of problems including cancer and is even used in radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells. This is also why research has shown that people who use cell phones have a buildup of tumors in the brain near where the antenna for cell phones tends to be.

This in conjunction with our inbreeding and chemicals we subject our bodies to is causing all sorts of problems. We humans are so smart we are making things worse for ourselves by making other things better but, hey, it is one way to depopulate the planet of humans and decrease population density stress.


This video tells you what I have been telling you about enforcing the Constitution and that it was only about control and power. Also, he tells you that the inflation of death rates was 94% of the total (hey, my estimate of 90% was conservative, as usual. My estimates are ALWAYS conservative.)

This means that only 6% of the people they say died from COVID 19 actually died from COVID 19. This means that, with them saying that 538,000 have died in the US, it is really only about 32,000 or less than the 60,000+ who died from the pig flu years ago and that is with them intentionally spreading COVID 19.

This video proves that what I have been telling you is true.

West is very good and he knows what he is talking about because he is like me, he is trained to know. You can find his YouTube channel here.

Do you think this is not a coup setting up a dictatorship with the lefties now consolidating power?

This is another very good video that makes it very clear that the lefties are RIGHT NOW consolidating power. This is very clearly a dictatorship consolidating power to keep from ever losing power again. It is a coup by the left to set up their commie dictatorship with you as their slaves.

Noah's Flood

Here is a really good video that tells you quite a bit of what I have been teaching about the flood. There are lots of misconceptions and he points out quite a few. It is a good watch.

One of the things he talked about was whether Noah built the first ever boat and I may have told you that I doubt that to be true, especially with that petrified boat Ron Wyatt found and claimed it to be Noah's Ark, when clearly it couldn't be just based on location.

People, they lived for more than a thousand years on one continent and do you really think that, in more than 1,000 years no one thought of using boats sailing around that continent for business between coastal cities? Really?

Of course they did and I believe that Noah and his sons and anyone else who may have helped them knew quite a bit about building boats or, with all of that cargo on board, the Ark would not have lasted 3 months, much less a year.

Please note that, when God told Noah to build that really big wooden boat, Noah didn't say, "Uh, what's a boat?"

When I look how much I have learned in just a little over half a century, if I lived to be just 500 years old, I would probably know almost 10 times as much and would have done almost 10 times as much. Of course they had boats and probably big wooden ships.


Remember I have been telling you about Obama nuking Chicago to seize control of the US, blaming Israel, and then leading an army to invade Israel?

I also realized that, if he has one nuke God told me about, he could easily have one or more other nukes God didn't tell me about. I have been wondering how many nukes would he need to destroy enough of our existing government to make it easy for him to grab that control.

I had never really considered the strategic analysis for the locations for the different government buildings so I looked up this map that shows where most of them are in DC and found it would take fewer 10K nukes for Obama to seize control than I had thought.

The three most important branches of the government are the executive, legislative, and judicial or White House, Congress, and Supreme Court. If he kills the president and vice president in Chicago, Congress and the Supreme Court are so close together that it would only take one 10K nuke to take both of them out and completely destroy all three branches of the US government leaving a nice fat power vacuum just wanting to be filled by someone. Only two 10K nukes properly placed and at the right time, you know, like on a Monday that is not a holiday but is a normal working day and during normal working hours so both Congress and the Supreme Court will be in session, and we won't have a government.

At that point, his only obstacles to seizing power would be the FBI, which has shown they are corrupt and in bed with him, and the Pentagon, which also showed they are corrupt and would probably support Obama as our "emergency president" or Caliph. Obama wouldn't even have to suspend the US Constitution.

Therefore, Obama only needs two 10K nukes to seize power with very little, if any opposition.

If I were Trump, I would find a safe place for me and my family to hide at least a few days before the Chicago formal ball because you know Obama would see Trump as his biggest threat to gaining control. If I were the Secret Service protecting Trump, I would help Trump find a safe place for him and his family to hide because, if Trump fries, they fry and Obama wouldn't even need another nuke to take out Mar-a-logo. Hey, a good truck bomb would do that.

I told you that I research things.


While Trump was in office and the economy was growing, I noticed that many major corporations were laying off a lot of people in an effort to destroy the economy to make Trump look bad but, with Trump, the economy was so strong that it still grew faster than ever before.

Now I am seeing those major corporations hiring back the people they laid off to cause the economy to grow to make Biden look good and the economy is growing.

I warned you about this years ago that the upper class trash control the economy largely but not entirely by hiring and firing people. They can cause depressions and recoveries by hiring and firing people and it is very obvious right now. They are growing the economy even with the damage that Biden is doing to the economy but that can't last too much longer and then there will be an economic crash even the upper class trash can't stop.

The trouble was that, with Trump, he had the economy growing so strong that it took most of a year before the upper class trash could cause significant damage to the economy.

I Told You So

Remember that I have been telling you that lefty college professors are a big part of our problems? Remember that I have been telling you that, when the upper class trash feel you are no longer useful they will shove your butt under ye ole commie bus? Remember I have been telling you the left is trying to consolidate power so they never lose power again?

This video shows you all of that in just one short video. They just keep proving me right.

You know that Supreme Court justice thought he was one of the in-crowd and his lefty pals would never betray and abandon him. It is like she said, "he out lived his usefulness." Oops!

Remember, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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