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Muslim Terrorists

No sooner had I posted the last essay when I got this from American Military News by Ryan Morgan:

"On Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that within the last two months, it caught two Yemeni nationals, listed on the FBI's terrorism watch list, trying to cross through the same border sector."

Talk about timing with there recently having been three mass killings by Muslims in the US. Something is obviously going on here so keep an eye on this.

I also realized that a possibility for the twins murdering their family members and then committing suicide is that the twins were following a Muslim leader who was teaching them things that caused the twins to believe their family members were not true practicing Muslims, which could have caused the twins to kill their family for heresy and then commit suicide to keep from going to jail. We will see.

Then I got this from AP via CenturyLink by Matthew Barakat:

"FREDERICK, Md. (AP) - A Navy medic shot and wounded two U.S. sailors at a military facility Tuesday, then fled to a nearby Army base where security forces shot and killed him, police and Navy officials said.

Authorities said they had yet to determine what drove 38-year-old Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet to open fire at the facility, located in an office park in Frederick, Maryland.

'We're still trying to sort through stacks of paper ... to figure out exactly what the motive would be,' said Frederick Police Lt. Andrew Alcorn."

A quick search told me that Woldesenbet is a Muslim.

Gee, I wonder why Barakat, who is also a Muslim, didn't tell us that?

That is four Muslim terrorist attacks just in the US within about one week. That ain't no coincidence, people. Something is going on.

Then I realized that there is another possibility for lefties. Over the decades I have been watching and these crazed mass and serial killers are almost always people who were raised by lefties with all of their lefty crap who go nuts because they can't deal with that daily insanity and start killing people.

You rarely see conservatives going off like that and Muslims and lefties are pals in the same bed.

When children are growing up, they have to learn to deal with reality. With conservative parents, they are being taught how to deal with reality but lefty parents are teaching their children to deal with a dream world that is the opposite of reality, which messes with the kids heads really bad.

An easy prediction here is that lefty parents doing virtue signaling by teaching their kids to do things like the transgender thing, you know, with the kids at school treating those kids like the nuts their parents are, the parents are creating potential serial killers who will kill the parents who screwed up their heads. It is possible that the killing has already started by the lefty kids who couldn't handle the insanity of their parents and the lefty life. This will probably just get worse.

If you screw with kids heads, you are going to end up with screwed up kids.

Keep an eye on this.

Fighting Back

The conservatives or red states are fighting back against the left by passing new laws to prevent gun control and make it easier to defend themselves. The Mexican Standoff is increasing with the left losing ground. This Mexican standoff God told me about years ago is no longer something that is going to happen but is happening right now.

This will just cause more division within the Commierat Party and increase their propensity for staging a violent overthrow of all US governments. Keep an eye on it.

Black Plague

You need to know that God has been miraculously protecting us from the worst pandemic in global history. This planet has been ripe for the worst case of Yersinia Pestis or Black Plague in history for more than 30 years and the only possible reason why it has not yet happened is because God is protecting us.

In 1988 I became aware that we humans have created the perfect biological situation for a pandemic that is potentially our extinction moment by killing free roaming feral cats and causing the world's worst rodent pandemic in history plus our planet population and our mobility are immeasurably greater than at any time in history.

Remember that I taught you that the spread of a disease is based mostly on population density in relation to mobility. The greater the population density in relation to mobility, the faster and further a disease will spread.

With a global population density of almost 8 billion people and a mobility of being able to step on a plane anywhere in the world and be on any continent in the world in just 2 to 3 days, we could easily have a super duper pandemic that would dwarf this silly COVID 19 flu outbreak. You will think we just had a hiccup.

Add to this that we humans have created the greatest rodent and flea pandemic in history by killing free roaming feral cats plus the fact that the bacterium, Yersinia Pestis, is already in our midst, and this powder keg should have blown at least 30 years ago, killing at least half to two thirds of the people on the planet, probably more.

Today, the situation is even worse and could easily cause the extinction of mankind.

The only possible reason why this plague has not already wiped out most of mankind and returned us to the cave is because God has been miraculously protecting us from it. Biologically, Yersinia Pestis should have already wiped out our civilization on a global scale.

Biologically, it isn't if but is when is the pandemic going to happen?

Then, when I see God lifting His protecting hand to punish us for turning our backs on Him for our sins, I know it is only a matter of time and God will stop protecting us from this worst of possible punishments and billions of people will die globally. You better think about that long and hard.

You need to know that this horrific time bomb was created and is being maintained by the corrupt, greedy, power mad upper class trash and their great sounding stupid ideas and they will die just as dead as you will when God raises His hand and stops protecting us from it because of our sins.

Even with today's medicine, the mortality rate for Yersinia Pestis is from about 50% to better than 90% of the people who are infected, pending the strain of Yersinia Pestis (some strains are treatable and some are not) and available treatment because, if more doctors die, more people die. If Yersinia Pestis gets into our lungs and becomes the Pneumonic Plague, the mortality rate will be that LESS than one person in every 100,000 infected will survive, which could easily cause the extinction of mankind.

For example, just in the US, the survival rate for the Pneumonic Plague with 100% of the people being infected, would be less than 3,500 people total and, globally, it would be less than 75,000 total. Think about that.

COVID 19 is a punk disease compared to Yersinia Pestis.

With God currently punishing us by letting the evil lefties destroy our nations, you just might want to repent of your sins, turn back to God, and pray long, pray hard, pray often to keep God's protecting hand on us to save yourselves and your children.

Now, here is a little additional food for thought.

If this thing cuts loose on us, who will it hit hardest?

It will devastate Satan's big blue cities and states with most of the people who will do the dying being lefties, you know, just like we have seen with COVID 19. Remember that better than 75% of the dead from this pandemic have been lefties and liberals in those big blue cities. The same will be true for Yersinia Pestis.

You conservatives just might want to start pushing the idea of having lots of free roaming feral cats in your red zones to decrease the potential and damage for the Black Plague. You have to get those rodent populations below epidemic levels so the worst you can have is a disease outbreak that will only kill a few hundred people.

Keep in mind that it is possible that the lefty upper class trash intentionally created this deadly situation to "depopulate their planet by at least 95%."

Gee, what a coincidence that the left wants to depopulate the planet by better than 95% and this situation could easily depopulate the planet by better than 95%. THEIR labs may release Yersinia Pestis loose on you the way their labs just released COVID 19 on you because this COVID 19 pandemic may be the upper class trash staging a dry run to test their plan to depopulate the planet with Yersinia Pestis and a good size population of feral cats in the red zones to decrease the current rodent populations back down below epidemic levels would upset their plans of depopulating conservatives.

This is especially important because, when the people in those big cities begin to flee those big cities in fear, they will bring Yersinia Pestis with them with infected rodents and flees, and you don't want them even unintentionally introducing Yersinia Pestis into your pandemic rodent population to kill millions of you off too.

I cannot stress this enough, get those rodent populations down with free roaming feral cats and turn from your sins back to God.

An ounce of prevention can save your butts.

People, with what I am seeing right now, you better be concerned about this and start taking preventive measures to protect yourselves. Get right with God and get your rodent populations down below epidemic levels or even your guns won't save your butts.

It is only a matter of time until someone lights the fuse on this powder keg and blows civilization to kingdom come and then you better know how to survive living in caves and beating your food to death with sticks. Your IPhone's will make really great archaeological finds a few thousand years from now.

I can just hear those archaeologists saying, "Wow, these people really thought they were smart and then they foolishly killed themselves off."


The Commierats are failing so bad at obtaining their agenda that the news is getting comical, almost a sitcom.

They are failing at gun control, they are failing at rigging elections in red states, they...suffice it to say that it is rumored that Biden may soon be finishing the border wall to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens.

Get this, they have managed to set up a dictatorship but are failing at consolidating power to keep from losing their control and power again.

If this continues to get worse, you think Obama and Farrakhan won't nuke their butts to seize control and set up their caliphate?

You know these massive failures for their evil plans will soon come back to haunt them because the ultra lefties and black Muslims will get fed up and stage their own coup against the Commierat coup.

Man plans, God laughs.

Half Truths

I hate the half truths of the left because a half truth is just a complete lie in disguise.

They don't tell you that Hitler only got a little more than half of Czechoslovakia with Poland getting the rest and that Britain agreed to Hitler taking over Czechoslovakia.

They don't tell you that BOTH Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland at the same time with Germany only taking a little over half of Poland while the Soviet Union took the rest without Britain and France declaring war against the Soviet Union in accordance with their mutual defense treaty with Poland but they both declared war on Germany for doing the same thing the Soviet Union did.

Gee, you don't think that was a set up to trap Germany, do you?

They don't tell you that Hitler murdered 6 to 7 million non Jews in his death camps and only tell you that Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. He actually murdered a total of about 12 to 13 million people in his death camps.

There is a lot the upper class trash don't tell you that you need to know because they are liars and everything they tell you is a lie.


Remember that Biden and Fauci were dumping hundreds of infected illegal aliens in Texas to drive up the COVID 19 infection rate in Texas because Texas was stopping the mask, social distancing, and lock downs and the left wanted to make the conservatives look bad and pay for it?

This video shows that it didn't work and the number of infections is going down in spite of the left sabotaging Texas. It also shows that liar Fauci is a wee bit upset because their evil plan failed.

It is just like I have been telling you, their science is lies and my science is good science. I have been warning you about this for almost a year and Fauci is being obviously proved wrong by God.

Man plans, God laughs.

You have to remember what I have taught you. The only reason MD's and Phd's go into government work is because they are either too lazy or stupid to make half as good of a living in the real world so they get a job as an academic whore who will say whatever they are told and paid to say for the corrupt government instead of the truth. They are just lying mouth pieces with a college degree. You cannot blindly believe anything they say.

I have not seen any evidence during the last year of Fauci doing anything of an emergency organizational or managerial basis. All I have seen him do for the last year is lie and, now that his last evil plans have failed, making him look stupid, fewer people will listen to him so don't be surprised to see him soon "retire" to keep from being fired and replaced with another professional liar more people will believe.

They also showed examples that prove people have had enough and are rebelling because they no longer believe the lies with no problems being caused by the rebellions. The dictatorship is dying but that won't stop the power mad dictators, they will just regroup, reorganize, and keep trying to permanently establish their dictatorship.

It is like I have been telling you, the only thing that will stop these evil lefty human demons is death.

Blue Cities

Remember that I told you that the blue cities being run by the "tax-and-spend" Commierats are crumbling and being turned into tomorrow's archaeological sites?

This video simplistically explains some of why that happens. Like I told you, the upper class trash drive people away with their oppression and stealing, forcing the rest to pay more to stay there, then, eventually, you get rebellion, and, when the cities' populations are no longer large enough to cover its overhead, everyone leaves and the city becomes a ghost town, the buildings fall in ruin, and dirt covers the city up until archaeologists dig it up hundreds to thousands of years later.

He points out that this is already going on in New York but it is also going on in all of the blue big cities in the US. You are not only watching but are a living part of the fall of Rome II. The lefties are killing our cities and nation because of their greed and them not being able to steal enough from enough people fast enough.

This destruction of our nation and civilization will continue until someone stops the upper class trash or the upper class trash destroy our nations. History proves this to be true because the only thing that stops the greedy and power mad upper class trash is death and the upper class trash are proving this right now. All they can think about is "How much more can we steal today?" Forget them thinking about tomorrow.

Note that they keep talking about the increasing violent crimes in the US. History teaches that such increases always take place as a civilization is falling because it is the civilization that keeps crime in check. When there is no civilization left, there will be maximum crime and death, especially if the upper class trash turn criminals loose to keep making crime worse.

Note that Tim is wrong about legalizing drugs because legalizing drugs means more people will use drugs, more people will not be able to keep a job because of being stoned all of the time, and more people will have to turn to crime to pay for their drugs just like we have already been seeing in places like Colorado, which liberals and lefties are obviously ignoring because they just have to have their drugs. There will also be more problems like DUI's and driving accidents and deaths, which will drive up emergency and law enforcement costs.


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is fighting to prevent being taken over by the Western global dictatorship?

If he loses that fight, you better bet he knows the West will murder him and probably his family.

The Pentagon better know that, if Putin is backed into a corner where he feels he has nothing left to lose, Putin will use nukes, will use them fast, will use them first, and he will use them to utterly destroy his enemy. Putin will take his enemy with him.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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