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I warned you cops that you better leave those blue cities that hate and persecute you. It seems that Minneapolis is moving to disarm you, especially for traffic stops, you know, where a lot of you get shot, showing they don't care about your lives and neither do the people who keep voting for and supporting these criminal politicians.

Why do you care about their lives?

If you cops stay in those blue cities for your retirement, you will deserve your retirement to the morgue. Quit being stupid and walk away.

Now that Chauvin has been convicted by mob, you cops in the blue cities better walk because you will be next and it should be clear that cops cannot get a fair trial in blue cities. All the commies have to do is terrorize the jury into convicting you and you go to jail.

If you cops stick around in those blue cities "just doing your job" and "obeying orders" so you can get your retirement, you deserve what they will give you and it won't be your retirement.

How long until the lefties execute one of you for "doing your job" and "following orders", while waiting for your retirement? Is that what it will take to open your eyes, one of you has to get strung up by one of their lefty kangaroo courts?

They just convicted this cop of both second and third degree murder for doing his job and, with first degree, you swing and I bet your family will love that.

Founding Fathers

Why did almost all of the founding fathers own slaves?

Because almost all of them were members of the British royal family and had been educated by the other royals called academe, who taught them the only way the academe knew how to get rich, which was by using slavery. Slavery was their form of business management the royals had developed over thousands of years and still use today.

Why did the Founding Fathers, who were all royals, not abolish slavery?

Because there were too many other royals still in the US, who depended on slavery to increase and maintain their wealth, who would have started a civil war, destroying the new Constitutional Republic of the United States of America before she would even begin to build as a nation.

Just think of the US Civil War being fought in 1790 instead of 1860. It would have ended this Republic before it could even get its feet on the ground making this nation easy pickings for Britain to regain control and the Founding Fathers knew it. Even in 1860, the US Civil War almost destroyed this nation, which would have made it possible for Britain to get back the colonies.

The Founding Fathers all stated in their personal writings that they didn't like slavery but couldn't stop it because of too many other royals who would have fought their efforts and destroyed our new nation. It was the other royals who forced them to continue with slavery.

Even today it is the descendants of those royals who are working to destroy the US so they can get their colonies and slaves back. Just like I have been telling you, the lefty royals will never quit with their evil and they just regroup, reorganize, and keep right on trying to get what they want. The only thing that will stop them is death.


Here is a little clue. Legally, a man pretending to be a woman and a woman pretending to be a man is fraud. That is a crime.

Noam Chomsky

I am going to show you just how simple minded, ignorant, and stupid Noam Chomsky is, you know, the great lefty god.

He states that he believes that, if the managers of businesses don't give in to the employees, the employees will simply take over and run the business themselves.

Having obtained an M.B.A. and having been the employee for a number of businesses, I know that those employees could not run that business for even one year. They would financially destroy that business and put themselves out of work within one year or less.

It takes specific knowledge to manage a business that none of the employees have. A really great example here was when, in the early 1980s, the brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, natural elite academe dreamed up the ignorant and arrogant idea that anyone with an M.B.A. could run any business so they created the idea of "diversification", where businesses purchased businesses in other industries to increase their profits.

This ignorance based idea failed so badly that the CEOs were forced to quickly drop the idea and replace it with the practice of "divestment" to get rid of those purchased businesses because it requires industry specific knowledge for even them to run a business.

Chomsky didn't learn this?

If you do not only have the business management knowledge but also have the industry specific knowledge required to run a business, the business will fail.

I have even learned that there is a different set of knowledge for running major corporations and running mom and pop businesses so that a manager from either will not be able to manage the other.

There are other examples of required knowledge for business management. For example, in business management, they have specialists such as new business start up managers, long term growth and develop managers, and others. You have to manage a business differently in its first few years than in its later years, which a lot of managers don't know how to do both.

Now you take a person working the assembly line, who has NONE of that knowledge and you think they will successfully manage the business?

Only an ignorant, arrogant fool would believe that, which is why Chomsky CAN'T be right and, therefore, Marxism can't be right. Karl Marx was an academic moron who knew nothing about business management and economics.

Listen, to do ANYTHING requires knowledge. The biggest and most brilliant CEOs in the world couldn't frame, plumb or wire a house because that requires knowledge they don't have. That is true for all professions, which is why we have universities and vocational schools.

Think not?

I would love to see a video of the most acclaimed academe in the world trying to clean, wax, and buff a floor without any advice or information to help them, while watching experts laugh at them. That would be at least as funny as the Three Stooges.

We are all ignorant about quite a few things. Some are ignorant about this, some are ignorant about that, and others are ignorant about other things but we are all ignorant about many things, even the best educated of us.

I.DON'T.KNOW.EVERYTHING!!!! I know a lot about a lot of things but I don't know everything.

Don't believe me?

Go try to do a job you have never known anything about and see how much you learn.

In my opinion, Noam Chomsky is an ignorant, simple minded, arrogant idiot. Only a simple minded fool would listen to him. He is a clueless academic simpleton.

And the academe think he is brilliant, showing their own ignorance.

KNOW that, if the employees stood up and took over the businesses they work for, those businesses would be bankrupt within less than one year and they would all lose their jobs.

Don't believe me?

Go get an M.B.A. or learn to manage a mom and pop business. You will quickly see that Chomsky can't be right.

People, based on what he says, Chomsky is so ignorant he couldn't manage a business. I challenge ALL commies like Chomsky to start and manage a business. Now that would be funny to watch because you would find out how ignorant most academe really are. Hey, I want video of all of those commie academe trying to frame a house, though I would not want to live in that house.

Lefty Thugs

In this video Mad Max, when asked what the rioting thugs should do, kept saying, "we", proving that the thugs are the thugs or enforcers for the traitor lefties.

It is much more obvious that the lefty upper class trash own the politicians and the rioting thugs. It has nothing to do with people's feelings being hurt but is all about power and control, you know, setting up their dictatorship and forcing it on all of you.

BTW, these lefty thugs are now attacking EMTs and ambulances. The left hates everything good and loves everything evil so no big surprise here.

Maybe the EMTs, fire fighters, and other emergency people should also walk away from the blue cities.

According to this video they already are walking away in the blue cities. This is going to be interesting.

BTW, these mobs trying to terrorize the juries into giving a guilty verdict is legally tampering with a jury and terrorism, both are federal felonies but we don't see any of the people involved in this being arrested and prosecuted. This is what I have been telling you about the left openly committing crimes and getting away with it now for at least decades. There is absolutely no question about it. Their crimes are literally and legally "common" or "public" knowledge and they get away with their crimes.

Law enforcement doesn't have to investigate their crimes. All they have to do is arrest and try these criminals and they should get life or hung.


Remember that in my last essay I warned you to stock up for what is coming and, right now, I am thanking God for causing me to do that already.

This video shows you why you should be prepared for what the lefties are in the process of doing right now. This is the war against you by the left, you know, an insurrection.

You just might want to turn from your crimes against God's Laws, turn back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load. This war just escalated with people like Mad Max telling their army of traitors to escalate it.

This video is telling everyone to leave the blue cities and let the thugs have them. You cops better listen to me and just walk away. This has been a violent insurrection for a year and it is now escalating.

It is just like Tim tells you, you cops are risking your lives for nothing because the corrupt lefty DAs just turn loose whomever you arrest.

Why keep risking your lives for nothing?

Chemical Companies

Remember how I have been warning you about the corruption of the big chemical companies?

Well, they are still at it as this video shows.

Note how the price has gone up to $20 per jab and then you have to have two jabs and now they are talking about 3 jabs and, oh yeah, you will have to have a booster every year for the rest of your life. Hey, guaranteed profits, baby. What a racket this COVID 19 is.

Let's see, $20 a jab times 7 billion people is $140 billion a year forever.

Nah, they ain't in this for the money and wouldn't have helped manufacture this crisis to make hundreds of billions of dollars would they? Then, what happens the next time the left releases another virus? Will you have to now get two shots a year, one for each virus, at $20 a shot for the rest of your life and then 3 shots for the next virus?

They can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. I have been warning you about this crap for more than 20 years now.

Do you get the picture yet?

They ain't nice people. They may say they are nice people but that is just another lie.


Well NASA got Ingenuity to climb straight up to about 10 feet, hover for a few seconds, and land straight down. That was pretty good but we will see if they can ever really use it for anything. Hey, let's see them fly Michele Moore on that thing.

BTW, their communications with the robot chopper are with their ground based robot so the flying robot can't get out of sight of the ground based robot, you know, like on the other side of some big hill or they lose the chopper.


I have been watching the different businesses involved in purchasing and shipping online orders. I have realized that personnel shortages caused by these unconstitutional and criminal lock downs are probably causing much of what I am seeing. This can easily explain the strange warehousing system I am seeing from Walmart because everything else in their system is working better than all but one other business I have seen. Their tracking is great, their customer help is great, their resolution of problems is great, and it is just that their warehousing looks weird and that could easily be caused by a shortage of goods forcing them to take things from shelves in stores to fill orders instead of taking those items from warehouses.

This is a very serious and critical problem for a business because an empty shelf means that others cannot purchase that item so the business loses out on revenues every time a shelf goes empty. For example, if I take the last item from a shelf, another person coming along later wanting that item cannot make the purchase causing that business to lose those revenues and I am seeing empty shelves everywhere costing businesses billions of dollars in lost revenues because of these stupid and illegal lock downs that can't do any good and the evidence proves they have not done any good.

These businesses should litigate Fauci and others for costing them billions of dollars in lost revenues for something that has nothing to do with science or medicine.

I am currently watching three other businesses I placed small orders with and they are all showing signs of being under staffed and they are all operating out of blue areas. Gee, what a coincidence. (Yes, I even checked their locations because I do my homework.)

One business has taken 4 week days plus a weekend just to get 6 small items into a small box and ready for shipment from their Michigan based business. That is clearly a sign of under staffing.

Another business is taking days to update the shipping information and is also very slow at getting product out of their New York based business, which is certainly more under staffing.

A third business is having trouble with updates and getting items from suppliers, which is more understaffing.

Plus you have to keep in mind that there are millions of people who have lots of money saved up from well paying jobs before COVID 19, are out of work with nothing to do but buy stuff when they get a stimulus check, and are bored to tears increasing the workload for these understaffed businesses.

Woodland Scenics did the best job but they are based in a red zone so they almost certainly are not understaffed. They had my order of about 5 or 6 items in the box and in the mail within a few hours. Keep in mind that they also make their own products so they are not dependent on other businesses in blue zones, with personnel shortages, for products.

You businesses in blue zones might want to move because those criminal politicians and Fauci are costing you a fortune and possibly your business. This means they are liable for damages.

Isn't it amazing what you can learn by just buying a few small things? Gee, I wonder why God had me buy those things?

HO Scale

Remember me telling you that I was stunned by the actual size of HO scale adult toys because I had never actually seen them before and had only seen videos of them?

This video shows HO scale trains and, believe me, those trains are much, much smaller than they look in that video. They use close up photography to make the items look much, much larger than they really are. That is called an illusion.

If you have never seen HO scale in person and only watched videos like these, you will also be stunned at how small the objects really are. They are very tiny. The end of my thumb to the first joint is larger than one of the cars I bought. I bought 3 cars and one medium size truck and I could easily hold all of them in one hand with room to spare.

After having seen HO scale, it is difficult to believe that video is of a HO scale layout.

On the up side, it is going to save me a lot of money on paint because there isn't much to put paint on.

And time?

One 4 inch paint brush with one swipe and I will have painted an entire one story wall on a building. That won't take long.

They love to talk about detail.

What are they going to be looking at my setup with, a microscope?

Listen, from 10 feet away, sheep are going to look like white spots on a green field unless you make the grass too deep and then, what sheep?

I have cockroaches that are larger than HO scale lions and bears.

Hmmm, if I put together a HO scale train set up and manage to steal a camera, maybe I could make a series of movies about "The Attack of the Giant Cockroaches!" Of course, I would have to smear food on the toys to get cockroaches to attack them.

Now that could be funny and might make me a dime or two with my own YouTube movie channel.

Yep, I should have plenty of room for everything I planned or designed into my train setup.

This will definitely be interesting, educational, and funny.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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