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In my last essay I told you that Chomsky is an ignoramus and idiot and the proof of that is that he actually believes the workers in a business could take over a business and run it.

Mark sent me the following in an e-mail:

"I had to laugh when I watched that video you linked to featuring the not so bright Norm Chomsky. I kept saying to myself this idiot is a communist. My thoughts were exactly yours-he doesn't know what he is talking about. The workers could never run the business. So much for Ex-spurts (has been drips) being intelligent.

When I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in England, Chrysler shut down the Hillman (English Chrysler in the 70s) plant in Peterborough due to a strike. The workers refused to leave and said they would run the business themselves. That failed and it did not take a year; only a few months. That was when Lee Iacocca was the CEO of Chrysler. Chrysler is back in business in the UK and Europe today."

I didn't refer to it because I forgot the name of the business but decades ago I read about a business here in the US where the employees took over a business and quickly went broke, causing them all to lose their jobs.

What does that ignoramus, Chomsky, think you spend two years doing to get an M.B.A., learn how to tie your shoes?

Chomsky's ignorance and stupidity make my brain hurt and anyone who thinks he is intelligent is just showing how ignorant and stupid they are. If you look up to someone that ignorant and stupid as being intelligent, you just might want to check yourself into an asylum.

You think I am wrong?

Let me give you one book for just one class out of about two dozen classes you have to take to get an M.B.A. Read "West's Legal Environment of Business" and do you really think that the employees for any business know even half of that? And the great academe, Chomsky is so ignorant, simple minded, and stupid he can't figure that out? What, didn't Chomsky learn anything in college and he is so stupid he thinks the average person who never went to college learned everything he learned? Maybe he didn't have to learn anything to get his degree so he thinks that no one else had to learn anything to get their degree?

It is my opinion that my farts are smarter than Chomsky is because they would never believe what he believes, meaning that no intelligence is better than his intelligence.

Chomsky can only be an intellectual god for the really stupid people and that should be a massive red flag for you stupid commies. People, to see how obviously stupid Chomsky is only requires a little common sense so commies can't have any common sense.


Remember that in the one dream about Obama nuking Chicago, when we were blown out of the Sears Tower, there was no snow on the ground, and I spent years trying to figure out exactly what that meant? Did it mean that there would be no snow on the ground because of weather or the time of the year, that the nuke was close enough it either melted or blew away all of the snow or what?

It is a sign telling us when Obama will or WILL NOT nuke Chicago.

With all of the other signs saying it must happen soon because of the lefty coup and violent insurgency increasing across the nation, especially with all of these black Muslim gang bangers being killed to cause the increasingly violent riots (hey, if Muslims get killed for the "cause of Islam" they are guaranteed paradise and 72 virgins), and Mad Max encouraging more violence by the black Muslims, you know, the Nation of Islam run by Farrakhan and Obama, God is using late snow storms in the Midwest to tell me, "Not yet, there is snow on the ground."

People, it is no coincidence that all of these blacks keep getting killed by the cops, especially in such a short time frame. They are all black Muslims who have been told to resist the cops to cause the cops to kill them, you know, just like suicide bombers, so their death can be used by the Nation of Islam, run by Farrakhan and Obama, to increase their violent insurgency to seize control of the US Government to set up a Muslim Caliphate to rule the world.

How can we know that they are black Muslims?

By connecting dots, which requires remembering important things.

1) They are all black gang bangers and the FBI stated following the 1992 LA riots that all black gangs are Muslim and belong to the Nation of Islam under Farrakhan.

2) Following the 1992 riots, the nation of Islam held a "peace talk" with all black gang leaders from across the US in St Louis, MO which really turned out to be them using information they had gathered from the riots, which were a dry run at overthrowing the US Government, to figure out what would be necessary to stage a successful violent coup of the US. I told you about this years ago.

3) This is all being done under the name of BLM, which was founded under Obama by the Black Panthers, which is a subsidiary of the Nation of Islam. Gee, what a coincidence.

4) Remember that, in Islam, if a Muslim dies for the cause of Islam, they are guaranteed salvation and 72 virgins when they get to paradise.

5) We suddenly have a string of black gang bangers who are all Muslims, have committed numerous crimes in the past and know how to behave to survive being arrested doing things that are causing them to be killed, which looks like they were recently told to do those things to get killed so BLM can justify rioting for the overthrow of the US Government, you know, just like they planned following the 92 LA riots. Gee, what a coincidence.

If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and smells like a fish, it ain't no duck.

Gee, what a coincidence that, with the increasing violence by the Nation of Islam, the insurgency, and their coup having problems in conjunction with those prophecies, we are having these late snow storms in that area WHILE it is warm here in the Southwest having temperatures ranging from highs of 70s to 90s with a nice warm spring for us. There ain't no snow here, not even in the mountains, folks.

So I am watching the weather and every week or two God sends them a snow storm telling me, "Not yet, there is snow on the ground."

It is like watching the weather. When you see the clouds gathering, you know the storm has to happen soon and God is telling me, "Not yet, there is snow on the ground." Keep an eye on it.

If I scare the hell out of you, good, that will leave room for more Heaven to be in you.


I have been seeing the Air Force releasing photos of new aircraft in development and they seem to all be delta shaped, just like those "pyramid shaped" UFOs that were actually triangle or delta shaped. Gee, what a coincidence.

What I Want

I recently exchanged e-mails with a friend and he said it was nice to see that I am getting what I need and some of what I want but I am not getting what I want.

Remember years ago when I told you that I was designing what I want when God intervened and made me design other things and then told me years later that I have to build those other things? What did I tell you I was designing that I want? If God were to permit me to have exactly what I want instead of what He wants for me, what would I choose?

First, I don't want to have to get married again because that just makes life more complex and I have learned to enjoy celibacy because life is so much simpler, freer, and fun without sex. Sex just complicates everything because it brings another person into your life who will have differences they want, which will always conflict with things you want, which will always create tension. I want to remain single for the rest of my life.

But, more than 25 years ago, God told me that I have to marry a certain younger woman, which would bring in a lot of complexity, especially with our cultural differences. More than 15 years ago God let me know that, when He brought that young woman to marry me, she would have 3 children between the ages of 3 and 8, her mother would live with us, and we would have a fourth child, which would be a massive cultural change I really didn't want but God said it so I accepted His will over my will.

Boy, is that going to be culture shock or what, going from just me to a full tribe, only one of which I even know just a little bit?

Second, I want and need my physical and financial health back so I can do the things I enjoy doing.

Third, I only want a modest home because I know the many costs of ownership I have taught you about. I don't want to become a financial or physical slave to a bunch of stuff, which decreases your freedoms because the more money and time you have to spend on something, the less money and time you have to spend on other things. That is why it is called "the cost of ownership" and also called "opportunity cost" because it costs you other opportunities.

I am an outdoors athlete who enjoys things like bicycling, running, swimming, and cross country skiing. I would also like to learn such things as sailing, scuba diving, and flying. Therefore, I need to include such things into my life style and plans.

I want to learn to sail but don't have to have an expensive yacht that will cost me a lot of time and money to maintain. A much smaller, simpler, and less expensive option would be a small two person Hobby cat for only about $5,000 to $10,000 with a trailer to carry and store it on. The cat I would want only costs about $6,000 and then I would need a trailer.

I want to learn to fly but don't have to have a 747 like certain movie stars. I can do just fine with a little Fokker DVII WWI replica kit from Airdrome Aeroplanes for only about $10,000 and I get to build it, which will be fun though flying something I built...well, you can bet I will check all of those nuts and bolts a few dozen times.

I love building things. The cost of ownership should be minimal at probably a few thousand dollars a year and I could even have my own grass runway and hanger on my own land, if I have enough land.

For my home, I designed a nice two story, solar envelope house with 4 bedrooms where one bedroom would be used for storing and working on my bikes, kayak, cross country skis, camping gear, and other sports equipment, one bedroom was designed for an office space, one bedroom was designed for me to sleep, and the last bedroom was designed for guests spending from a few days to a maximum of a few weeks before I kick their butts out. The solar envelope design was to help keep my cost of ownership down by decreasing my heating and cooling bills.

Then I wanted a modest 3 car garage for my 71 VW Bus (to store it and rebuild it), for building and keeping a 32 Ford Roadster hotrod kit car, and for a stretch van for going to bicycle races, taking Juniors or teenagers with me and to also haul my cat and kayak to the lake.

Finally, a descent size shop for wood and metal work and property maintenance, you know, for building a kayak and canoe.

That is it, that is all I wanted but God kept after me to design bigger and I resisted that for a few years before relenting. Finally, partly to have something to do and partly to try and find a business I could start, I began designing a number of things including the yacht, a velodrome for a business and to coach kids, and a castle with everything that was in it.

Years later and about a decade ago, after I had gotten really sick, started recovering, and I had forgotten about quite a bit of what I had designed and a deal I had made with God, thinking it wasn't going to happen but would be fun, God let me know that, after the first attempt to murder me, God would give me over $2 million AFTER taxes and paying off my school loans and He would heal me to give me my health back, which I am really looking forward to more than the $2 million.

My first thought was, "What can I do with that much money?" I obviously couldn't build a $4 to $6 million dollar velodrome with that so I sat down and figured out that, if I bought everything I wanted, you know, the 4 bedroom house, garage, and shop, it would cost much less than $1 million so I figured I could just invest the $1+ million in a trust fund and live off of the interest. That would make me very happy.

But, God had other plans and, after a few weeks of me thinking about it, He told me I had to build the $2 million yacht, 32 Ford Roadster, and rebuild my VW Bus with that money, which I would never have thought to do because the cost of ownership for the yacht alone would break me within one year. According to what I have learned, that $2 million yacht will cost me about $400,000 a year for cost of ownership, which would require an investment of at least $4 million with a minimum return rate of 10% to just cover that cost.

How do you get that out of $2 million?

The minimum I would need to set up just the yacht would be $6+ million and not just the $2 million for the price of the yacht.

But, with God, you believe God, you trust God, and obey God so I decided to obey God and trust in Him to provide the cost of ownership for everything. It is one of those leaps of faith thingies.

A little after that, God let me know that, after He brings down my fiancee to marry me, He is going to show me how to earn $10 million really fast.

My first thought was that I could build the velodrome to coach kids, build the nice 4 bedroom house I had designed, invest $5 million that would cover the cost of ownership for the yacht, and have some extra to cover the start up cost for the velodrome. After a few months of thinking about that, God reminded me of a deal I had inadvertently made with him.

You see, after I had finished designing the velodrome and castle, I estimated the cost at about $6 million plus an investment of about $2 million for a contingency fund for a total of $8 million and then, for safety, added another $2 million, you know, rounded it up, just in case I missed something on the pricing to bring it up to a really safe $10 million, and I really liked the work I had done so I said to myself (not to God) that, "If God gives me $10 million, I will build it." Hey, it would be fun. And then I had forgotten that I had said that.

Note that I did not say that to God but God was listening and said, "OK, that is a deal." Be careful what you say.

God reminded me of that "deal" and said I had to build the velodrome and castle and save $2 million for an investment He didn't tell me about until just a few years ago and I can't tell anyone else about until it is time to make that investment.

BTW, that velodrome and investment better turn a nice healthy and quick profit just to cover the cost of ownership for the yacht because it will take a few years for the velodrome to achieve "ROI" or return on investment.

Remember that yacht thingy?

It wasn't until last year that God told me that, with the first $2+ million, I have to also build a local restaurant I designed, which will help a little with income but only after about the first year in operation.

So, at 72+ years of age, and after more than 20 years of prolonged illness and poverty along with 35 years of being happily single and celibate, that is a massive amount of change and responsibility that is about to be dumped on this old butt. It is suddenly going to get just a wee bit busy for me.

And all I wanted was a nice 4 bedroom house, 3 car garage, a workshop, and some not too expensive toys, only a few of which I will end up getting. Talk about testing my faith because the timing is going to be really close.

Yep, this is going to be interesting.

Mob Rule

Derek Chauvin being convicted by mob rule or mob justice was one of the worst things that could happen to this nation because it opens the door for the left to use mob justice as a terrorist attack to get anyone convicted for any crime they want regardless of the evidence.

This should scare the hell out of everyone of you because, if the left decides they want you to go to prison or even be hung for any reason, all they have to do is threaten everyone, especially the jury with mob violence and you go away. You better bet the left will use that to get what they want from now on.

This virtually destroys our legal system, right to a fair trial, and the US Constitution.

I cannot over state this, you cops in blue cities better walk away before it is too late for you too.

Look, they hate you, they love the criminals, they try to destroy you for their criminals, let them have each other. If the citizens don't like the lawlessness, they need to stop voting for the left.

Save yourselves and your families, walk away.

Then I found this new video telling us that cops are already fleeing the blue cities and it will increase dramatically now that Derek Chauvin has been railroaded by mob justice and lefty terrorism.

Don't be surprised if the blue cities return to a state of pure barbarism and lawlessness like this nation has not seen for more than 100 years. The "Wild West" was never this wild and you are going to see increasing numbers of blue cities turn into archaeological sites like I have been warning you.

If you don't take care of your cops, your cops cannot be expected to take care of you.

Dead Republic

Remember that I have been telling you that our Constitutional Republic is dead?

Look at the lack of justice and the left being above the law. They can do whatever they want in violation of the Constitution because no one will enforce the constitution, not even to protect your right to a fair trial, and you think this Republic is not dead?

When a mob can get a person convicted instead of the evidence, there is no fair trail and the Constitution is mute, which means there can be no constitutional republic.

Believe me yet?

This Constitutional Republic is not only dead, it has almost finished kicking and may not be able to kick much longer.

We have turned into a nation of cowards like Gutfeld who will give the mob whatever they want to keep the mob from hurting them. "Don't hurt me, don't hurt me, I will give you whatever you want, just don't hurt me!"

What do these cowardly fools think, that, if we give the mob what they want, the mob will go away and we will have peace?

No, the mob has learned that all they have to do is threaten violence and the cowards will give into the will of the mob so the mob will always get what they want by simply threatening the cowards. This just encourages the mob to be more and more violent to force their will on everyone because of the cowards. You can thank cowards like Gutfeld for the next riots because cowards like Gutfeld make tyranny possible.

Why do you think the lefty thugs are rioting?

They know that, if they terrorize enough cowards like Gutfeld, the cowards will give the mob what they want.

And you think this is not a dictatorship where the left and their mob dictates what you must do and say?

They just did and the cowards just did.

Get the picture yet?

Every sane, rational, intelligent person should boycott Gutfeld's show and demand that he resign for betraying the people with his cowardice. I guess you could always threaten to riot in the coward's neighborhood until he resigns.


Remember that I have been telling you about the rodent problem we have in all of the cities in the US?

This video is interviewing a pest control expert and note that he pretty much tells you the rodents are everywhere, you know, near this, that, and just about everywhere.

Remember that I told you about the biological law that says that organisms reproduce based on food supply?

He tells you the same thing.

He doesn't tell you but, when the rodent population grows, so does the flea population because the primary source of food for fleas is rodent blood.

I have been telling you that the rodent pandemic in this nation has caused the US and other such countries to be prime for a Black Plague pandemic that would easily kill billions of people globally and the worst places are where the lefties live, which is in the big blue cities.

People, have you figured out yet that this nation is being punished because of our sins and turning from God? Have you figured out yet that this is just going to keep getting worse until you turn from your sins back to God?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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