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Israel vs Obama

Netanyahu is refusing to apologize for one of Israel's government leaders telling the truth about and criticizing Obama. The tension between Obama and Israel is just continuing to escalate the way Obama wants it to. A recent poll in Israel shows that 49% of Israelis believe Obama is intentionally harming Israeli-US relations. Note that, just like I told you, Netanyahu is staying out of this as much as possible by letting other government leaders attack Obama.

Black Church

This killing of nine Christians in a black church by a white man is only part of the backlash I predicted years ago for all of this white bashing by some of the blacks. Dylann Roof confessed to the crime and said the reason he did it was because all of these "race riots", liberal activists, Obama, Holder, Al Capone Sharpton, the New Black Panthers, Luis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam actions convinced Roof that the blacks are about to conquer the world so Roof was trying to start a race war to prevent the blacks from conquering the world, in other words, to get the whites to fight back. Therefore, the criminal actions and power mad behavior of the above and others were the cause of this shooting and not guns or Fox News. This means that, to prevent such actions, we need to put the above criminals in prison or execute them instead of taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

BTW, Roof said that he almost didn't do the shooting because the blacks in the church were so nice to him but his fears caused by the bad blacks won out and he did the shooting.

Unfortunately, this comes when increasing numbers of blacks are fighting back against such black racism against whites and will only hurt their efforts.

Now there will be an even bigger black backlash against whites which will just increase the white backlash against blacks.

Is this killing the catalyst I told you would start a race war in the US or will the good blacks and whites manage to stop this from escalating out of control?

It turns out that Roof was also pretty heavily into drugs, which didn't help his clear thinking.

Maybe we need to start allowing guns in churches?

These crazed killers prefer gun-free zones so why make our churches gun free? Are our churches just asking for trouble?


It turns out that China hacking our government personnel files wasn't hacking, it was treason because China was given the password to access those files. Managing that data base was jobbed out to China by the Obama administration.

Do these liberal commie traitors really think that, if China does manage to take control of the US, she won't round up and slaughter the liberal commie traitors?

After all, if we can't trust the liberal commie traitors, then neither can China and now China has all of the information required to round them all up. All of you liberal commie traitors just got sold out by Obama...again.


A run on Greek banks has already started because of the soon expected default on Greek debt. They have already pulled more than one billion Euros out of Greek banks in just one day. They won't have an economy by the time the default takes place. This will also destroy the EU economy and it will domino around the world. Hang on, this is going to get rough.

Then, on Friday, a Russian government official said they would consider financial aid to Greece but Putin isn't stupid enough to just give that kind of money away the way the West is doing. There will be strings attached.

Then today, Saturday, June 20, 2015, Putin signed a deal with Greece which will permit Russia to run its oil pipeline through Greece with Greece getting quite a bit of money in return, which you know the Greek commies will just squander, which will make it possible for Putin to work another deal to where Russia will pay "rent" on land for Russian military bases in Greece, especially naval bases, giving the Greek commies even more money to squander.

Putin just made a really big move against the West.

Mean while, the Western experts are finally realizing that the sanctions are not really harming Russia and are just causing Russia and China along with the rest of the nations being dumped on by the West to develop their own international trade system, you know, just like I told you it would.

Why do I get the feeling that Putin, Xi, and the rest of them are more intelligent than all of the upper class trash in the West?

Man plans, God laughs.


Obama took credit for the Kurdish successes against ISIS in spite of the fact that Obama has not directly helped the Kurds in this fight. But the Kurds don't seem to think so.

"What America has given to Iraq in the past, what Iraq borrowed from Russia and U.S., ISIS has," said Peshmerga commander Kemal Kerkuki. "They are using many, many, mines, C4, TNT, snipers, mortars; they have Humvees, they have tanks, they have different kinds of weapons." "The weapons of (ISIS) are 10 times that of the Peshmerga," said Maj. Gen. Sirwan Barzani, another Kurdish commander whose forces are based southwest of Erbil.

In other words, you have helped ISIS much more than you have helped us.


Super RINO, John McCain, said that the F-35 should be the last manned fighter plane for the US and everyone should use only drones. Sounds really great....if you don't know what you are talking about or are just an idiot.

Using the electronics warfare from the early 1970s, I could easily and quickly clear the skies of UAVs and we have better such technology today. We can afford to depend on UAVs to a point, you know, when we are going up against more limited forces like terrorists and, then, only for a while. We cannot afford to depend on just UAVs for more than maybe another decade against them and definitely not against someone like Russia or China right now. The ugly truth is that, in another decade, if all you have up there are UAVs, you won't have air superiority very long but the enemy will have really great target practice. Those pushing for UAVs only probably are owned by UAV companies who want to increase their profits at the expense of our national security. McCain is just trying to get bigger military contracts for his Johns.

The Fall of Modern Civilization

Britain is dying economically and financially. Therefore, they have to cut back on their spending just to keep from becoming a third world nation within the next few years but all the spoiled little commie pigs are squealing because they don't want to have to give up their big mother government teats. Therefore, the lefties, who caused this mess, are rioting in the streets demanding that the government keep spending money it doesn't have and end up like Greece where the lefties are also rioting in the streets because they don't want to have to give up their big government teats.

You are watching the destruction of Western society from within by socialism and its fall and this socialist destruction is taking place throughout the West and even in North, Central, and South America. Believe me, by the time this is over, a lot of the upper class trash will die at the hands of the middle and lower classes because the upper class trash refused to learn from history. The EU is dying just like I told you it would years ago but so is the rest of the West because of upper class trash corruption.

Brian Williams

Brian Williams is being moved to MSNBC and there are plenty of people who are stupid enough to watch him and will believe most of what he says. The man should be turning burgers or sweeping floors somewhere. Brain said his ego caused him to exaggerate. He didn't exaggerate, he flat out lied and is a con man and fraud. They say that NBC is going to pay Williams $10 million per year.

My question is, what does Williams have on NBC?

Rachel Dolezal

BTW, Dolezal pretending to be black destroys the white privilege lie. The real reason she pretended to be black was to take advantage of the black privilege she fought against and lost to. Eyes are opening.

Rachel Dolezal doesn't have a career any more. She is trying all of the liberal tricks and deceptions normally used by liberals to save her butt, and she has them down really well, but nothing is working because she got caught making fools out of top liberals making it obvious just how stupid liberals really are. It would be best if she went into hiding, changed her appearance and name, and then got a job at McDonalds. She is going under the bus but with all of the kicking, screaming, and whining of a liberal. She is just going to drag out the very painful process.


The Vatican has said there are 6 billion too many people on the planet, meaning they feel we should murder off at least 6 billion people, you know, just like the liberal upper class trash Luciferians.

My question is, do they want to murder off all but 2 billion Christians, their power base, or all but 1.5 billion Muslims with them trying to convert to Islam?

Hint, hint, the Pope recently quoted from the Koran in one of his speeches.

Other News

It has just been made public that your driver less car could kill you to save others. The decision will be made by the programmers before you buy the car.

So, now are you going to let a bunch of nerd programmers decide whether you live or die, you know, the same turkeys who keep giving us programs that don't work?

Here is an irony. It seems that windmills and solar plants are killing hundreds time more birds than oil spills.

Oh yeah, that liberal greeny thingy is really working out well, isn't it?

Every brilliant sounding idea of the liberals has failed miserably.

More people are beginning to realize that, if you are a social liberal, you are a liberal. Yes, Liberal-tarians are liberals.

This is no longer an election, it is a freak show being used to confuse and distract people.

Ultra liberal commie, Bernie Sanders, is gaining on Hilarious Clintstone in the polls. It is like I told you, she is damaged goods and washed up. If the lefties run Bernie Sanders, even Jeb Bush could win against him.

I just saw a video of a woodpecker doing a nest kill. It is like I told you, the greatest threat to birds is...other birds, not cats. Raptors take live adults and do nest kills and almost all other birds do nest kills. People are being amazed to find out that what they are being told by PBS, Disney, and conservationists is all lies, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Used to, if some one said they saw something which disproved what the liberals were telling us, the liberals would just dismiss it with a bunch of psychobabble. Now, people are taking videos and posting them on the Internet but the liberals try to say it is just photo shopped, which is working less and less. People are finding out the truth and eyes are opening. One thing people are learning is that you can't believe ANYTHING liberals tell you.

Post Ezekiel 38 & 39

I have been wondering, what will happen globally following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

History teaches that people will persecute and slaughter each other globally, just like they have done for thousands of years. Every time an existing government situation fails, there has always been a slaughter of people based on race and religion. This time will be no different because we humans have not learned and have not changed.

For example, China will be divided into at least three and possibly more than a dozen different countries based on religion and race. China is not a country made up of just "Chinese" but has many different Asian groups and there are at least as many different religions. The major religions are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Confucianism, but there are many smaller religions and sects. It is very likely that tens of millions will be killed and hundreds of millions will flee. You can expect this to happen globally. Without God, we're screwed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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