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I used gardening here in this high altitude desert first and foremost for physical therapy to help me recover from my prolonged illness, which I am still working on.

In doing so, I learned a lot about gardening here. There are a number of extreme obstacles that make gardening here very expensive so that it would cost much, much more to grow food than to buy food.

First, we have horrendous soil with extremely hard packed clay for the first 2 to 3 feet on my property followed by about 2 to 3 feet of very hard packed caliche under it that is so hard packed that tree roots won't grow through it to reach the water table below. The clay is so thick and hard packed that, without adding more porous soil like sand or biomatter, water cannot penetrate more than about 4 to 6 inches.

If I were going to turn this soil or land into irrigable land to grow food, I would have to dig up at least 5 to 6 feet of clay and caliche and replace it with good soil, which would cost me tens of thousands of dollars, which is prohibitive.

Second, because of our altitude, low humidity, and other factors, we get more sunlight per square foot than all but three other areas in the US (all deserts), which really heats up the area. This means the top 1 to 2 feet of soil are so hot that earth worms won't live in it unless it is in the shade and even then it requires reworking the soil to get them to come that high in the soil.

Third, our air is so hot and dry that it literally sucks the water right out of the plants requiring you to dump thousands of dollars worth of water on the plants to get a hundred dollars worth of food and, during the hottest few months of the year right in the middle of the growing season, the sun and air are so hot that the plants become so shocked that they won't grow, forget about producing fruit. This prevents more than absolute minimal food production at a very high cost.

The only way I would consider growing food here on this property is with a properly designed green house that would have tinted glazings to keep the sun light down to a reasonable level and a ventilation system that cools and humidifies the air to keep it from drying out the plants and putting them into shock. Plus you would have to have beds with proper soil in them.

Now the up side would be that, with the right design, you could grow food year round in such a greenhouse but it would be expensive food.

Now, there are places within 30 miles of me where growing food is not so bad because of significant changes in things like soil, precipitation, and such but where I live is one of the worst places in the valley to grow food.

Because of this, I have decided that since I have changed to using my bicycle for physical therapy, I will only water what survives and not too much because it is a waste of time and money.


Back in January I warned you that the far lefties were organizing to wage war against the rest of the Commierats in a power struggle and that is exactly what the rioting in the streets is right now. The lefties are trying to topple the government and that government isn't being run by conservatives.

My question is, how long will it take before people like Obama realize that the one who will win this war will be the side that kills the other leaders first?

Then the rest of the Commierats have increased their war against the far lefties, arresting more of them and also prosecuting them. One young Antifa man just got 12 years in prison plus a hefty fine.

I warned you about this power struggle years ago. They have their dictatorship established and before the leaders have their power consolidated, the rest are making their moves to seize control of that dictatorship so they can be those leaders.

Hunter Biden

I keep seeing idiots saying that we should investigate, arrest, and try Hunter Biden.

Are these people so stupid they can't realize that Joe Biden would just pardon his son's crimes?

We have to wait until there is not a lefty in power before we have Hunter investigated or Hunter will just be pardoned. I can't believe some of the stupid things I am seeing even conservatives believe.

For example, everyone is ignoring this last grossly rigged election and talking like the next election will be credible.

"Oh no, the lefties won't rig ANOTHER election. They would never do that. Why, the polls say..."

They will rig this election worse than they rigged the last election because they got away with obviously rigging the last election. They have no reason to not rig future elections and every reason to rig the elections even more obviously. Everyone WAKE UP!!!! There won't be another valid election in this nation without a revolution taking back control of the nation and punishing the criminals.

You keep giving the left the benefit of the doubt that "they mean well but" and they keep beating you to death with it. Quit giving them the benefit of the doubt, they have not earned it, and they are evil. They mean no good for anyone but themselves and they will commit any crime they can get away with to get what they want.

I have been thinking about it. I don't like seeing the spawn of Satan causing harm to so many people but, because of their sins, I guess those people deserve or need that harm to straighten them out and turn them away from their crimes against God's Laws.

I just pray that God will protect His good people from these criminals because we really need as many good people as we can get right now.


Remember that I have been teaching you that one thing God is doing right now is cleaning out His church because there are so many poser Christians in our churches corrupting those churches.

This video shows the extreme diversity of this infiltration by Satan and his spawn and should give you a better idea how big of a mess God's churches really are and why He is cleaning house.

Satan has really screwed up God's church and God wants it back.

Yes, it really does matter what you believe. You can believe God or believe Satan's bull crap, those are your two choices. Choose wisely.


I am seeing more and more conservatives and moderates making comments telling me that they don't get it. They keep believing the lies of lefties that "the lefties are just concerned about us and making mistakes because dey is supid. Why, they don't mean any evil towards us, they are just stupid. They're not also evil."

The lefties are obviously working to establish a commie dictatorship to impoverish and oppress you plus they plan to "depopulate their planet" or murder off more than 7 billion people and a lot of people just don't get it. It makes my brain hurt.

I want my own planet.

If people are going to keep using their heads for suppositories, why bother trying to help them?

"I'm sorry, my head just feels too good up my butt for me to pull it out and listen to you."

The only reason I keep teaching is because I do see some who get it and realize that the left has no good intentions. I see some conservatives fighting back to try and stop this insurrection by the left and they are doing good work.

Fortunately, this war inside of the Commierat Party is accelerating as the lefties keep turning on and attacking each other more and more, saving our butts from their wickedness.

I keep waiting, praying, and hoping that all Heaven will break loose on this planet and save us from these evil human demons and spawn of Satan. God always waits until just the last minute to test and build our faith plus He is giving some people more chance to change their minds about following Satan.


The most oppressed group of people in the US is white males.

Don't think so? Did you notice that almost all of the homeless are white males? Do you know why?

Because under our communist government, in most states like Commiefornia, if you are a single white male without children, you can't get Welfare or food stamps to live on when the upper class trash destroy your jobs with their taxes or mandates or if you are seriously ill and they take away your homes with their land taxes.

Don't believe me?

Pay attention and you will see that almost all of the homeless are white males but the media won't tell you that because it ruins their lie about white male privilege.

Almost all third world poverty in the US is white males.

New Mexico is a little better than Commiefornia. I am living on $715/mo Social Security because my prolonged illness has incapacitated me so I can no longer work and pay taxes but an illegal alien who has paid no taxes gets at least $1,500/mo Social Security, which to me, would be living high on ye ole hog.

I am also permitted to get $68/mo of my taxes back in food stamps. You try to live on a food budget of $68/mo.

But I also don't get the housing allowance, my utilities for free except for $300+ a year to cover my winter heating, my phone and Internet for free, a free cell phone, and other things that only women and non white males get.

There are also dozens of government grants for people to start businesses (we are talking free government money you don't have to pay back) and I only found 4 that white males could apply for and all 4 of them stated that women and non white males will be given priority for those grants. In other words, if you are a white male, don't bother applying for that government aid because you ain't getting it.

My teeth are falling out of my mouth because I have been rationing food for almost two decades now, while enduring a prolonged illness. This just took me by surprise in the last few days when almost half a dozen of my lower back teeth fell out within just a few days.

You have to understand that prolonged illness and/or poverty will destroy your teeth. The upper class trash like to tell you that the poor have bad teeth because we don't take care of our teeth but that is wrong.

Your body replaces about 70% of your molecules every year and about 90% of your molecules every 7 years. If you are not getting enough food or your body is using too many molecules fighting a prolonged illness, you are not getting enough nutrients to replace those molecules and the calcium and minerals "leach out" of your bones and especially your teeth for more important parts of your body causing your teeth to go to hell.

See, the poor can't take care of their teeth because they are not getting enough molecules into their bodies to maintain their teeth or the right healthcare. I have spent more than 30 years in prolonged illness and about 20 years rationing food knowing this while watching my teeth go to hell.

BTW, Medicaid won't cover dental work so you can't get the dental care that middle and upper classes get to help maintain their teeth.

In my case it has gotten so bad that almost all of my lower teeth are gone, a number of them in the last 4 to 5 days, and I am saving money to get the rest of my teeth pulled and buy some cheep choppers from a small clinic so I can eat more solid food. Suddenly, I am shedding teeth.

The funny thing is that, starting just a few days ago, I can't eat some of the food I stocked up on because of the little extra food stamps they are giving me (about $138/mo extra) because of this COVID 19 crap but, hey, those cans of food will be waiting for me when I finally get my new choppers or I will just have to use a blender on them.

Watch the homeless begging for money and you will see that almost all of them are white males, you know, with ye ole white privilege thingy.

Wow, that sure is a great privilege, isn't it?


Remember that I have been telling you that knowledge is a tool you use to create, build, and succeed?

If these stupid attorneys on our side knew biology, they could crush Fauci and these other COVID 19 criminals and put their evil butts in prison very quickly.

Also remember that ignorance is a weapon others can use against you and that is what the left is doing with COVID 19, they are using other people's ignorance to control everyone.

Dear attorneys, quit being ignorant, study biology, and kick butt.


What the left is doing with this cop and military hating crap is that they are trying to get rid of the cops and military so they can just replace them with the lefty thugs like Antifa and BLM, who will enforce their commie dictatorship on everyone, you know, the way Hitler used his Brown Shirts, Gestapo, and SS to force his dictatorship on everyone, but this is failing because it is causing increasing numbers of people to buy guns, as this video shows.

The left is increasing the American people arming themselves so more Americans will be able to fight off the lefty thugs.

On the other hand, I am seeing a lot of conservatives who are wishfully thinking that the US Supreme Court is going to rule in favor of gun rights for this upcoming Second Amendment case this coming October. Take NOTHING for granted.

If you are one of those people who think this case is a given for gun rights, you really, really need to watch this video.

Do you really believe the US Supreme Court will always rule in favor of the US Constitution after they blatantly ignored the Constitution, refused to do their jobs, and keep their oaths for this last rigged election?

Wake up, America!!! Too many of you are out of touch with the extremely ugly reality of what is going on in this nation and our government. It ain't our government anymore!!! This is no longer guaranteed to be the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Most of the time it is the government of the left, for the left, by the left, mostly the upper class trash.

I have been telling you to turn from your sins back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, arm yourselves, join a militia, organize, and lock and load.

Now do you better understand why?

The lefty thugs are coming for you. It isn't if but when and you better secure your red zones to keep the lefty thugs out.


Remember that I told you that, if they keep printing money long enough, it will result in inflation?

How are you enjoying your rapidly increasing inflation? Prices getting a wee bit high, are they?

Gee, who would have figured?


Just because a person has a college degree does not mean they are good people. People with college degrees are human and there are good and bad humans so there are good and bad people with college degrees, including MDs. There have been and still are evil doctors who knowingly murder people for either money and/or political reasons.

This video gives you a glimpse into that reality.

Most people know about Dr. Mengele, who was a monster and criminal who committed horrible crimes at Auschwitz death camp. But most people don't know that there was always a staff of at least 8 doctors at Auschwitz and similar medical staffs at all of the other death camps doing the same or similar horrible things to people.

These MDs were sentenced to death and hanged for their crimes against humanity, you know, torturing and murdering people. It should be a capital crime for anyone with a college degree, especially a medical degree, to intentionally cause harm to good people, you know, the way Fauci and other government owned MDs are currently destroying people's lives and knowingly killing people. There can be NO justification for such heinous crimes by well educated people because, if anyone should know better, the well educated should know better.

That should not just be true for doctors but for everyone even aiding in the commission of such crimes such as college professors, journalists, politicians, attorneys, social workers, shrinks, and everyone else who has any college education. Keep it straight that even aiding someone in committing such a crime makes you complicity in that crime.

Don't feel sorry for these criminals because they ALL make a willful and knowledgeable choice to commit or aid in committing such crimes, unlike their victims. They ALL knowingly and willfully choose to commit these horrible crimes against innocent people.

Listen, these well educated people who have chosen evil won't even keep their oaths because they have no morals or ethics. They are very evil because they have chosen to be very evil.

They should not be above the law and should ALL be held accountable for their evil actions against other people.


I can't believe how fast many conservatives are running to support Jenner for governor in Commiefornia.

"Oh, support Jenner, he is a member of the GOP, you know, like Romney and other RINOs."

Hold it, he is lying to you about being a woman and you are going to trust anything he says? Are you really that stupid? The fools can't think beyond party to what the beliefs and behavior of the person are?

Some of you really are that stupid. Wow, we must also have a bunch of stupid conservatives, you know, suckers and fools. The upper class trash are the pied piper of our day leading fools astray.

You have not learned a thing from all of the lies and deceptions by the left, have you? Are you ever going to learn to think and use common sense?

People, let me give you all a clue. When you corrupt a system to use it against others, who disagree with you, that same corrupt system can be used against you. History teaches that, with a corrupt government, "in power today and hung tomorrow". Just ask Saddam Hussein. He was in power one day and hung the next.

Cost of Ownership

Remember that I have been teaching you about the cost of ownership?

You have to pay a cost of ownership for everything you have or own. This video shows that for even a bicycle. This guy is riding around the world on his bicycle with a cat he found alongside the road as an abandoned kitten. He briefly tells you about his cost of ownership for the cat and the bike when he tells you that he just bought a new basket for the cat and what else he has to buy for the bike before he will be ready to hit the road again.

You can't own and keep anything without paying a cost of ownership and more the you own or the more expensive it is, the more it will cost you to keep it. Always keep that in mind before you get anything.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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