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Remember that I told you that the media, especially Hollywood, get kickbacks or benefits from our big, corrupt government and that Trump cutting into those benefits is why the left went after Trump so hard to get rid of him?

This video shows you a little bit of this and why the media love their lefty big government and the many benefits the lefty media get.

Basically, Trump was costing them money by saving you money. It is all about the money, people.

Cost of Ownership

Remember that I have been teaching you about cost of ownership?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics or the Law of Entropy says that everything degrades and will eventually stop being intact or usable. From dust back to dust.

This video shows one of the costs of ownership because their rigging has reached a point of not being worth servicing for continued use so they will have to replace it. This is also one of the risks of buying and rebuilding old stuff like old boats or cars.

The reason why you "save money" or it costs less when you buy old stuff is because the older it is, the sooner you will have to replace stuff and it will cost you more so that you will end up paying more for it one way or the other.

All things degrade or wear out for a variety of reasons and eventually have to be replaced or put in a museum until it finishes turning back into dust.

Everything you buy will cost you more and more as long as you own it and use it. That is just life and the cost of ownership.

It is important to know that, just before Judgment Day, everything made by man on this planet will be returned to the basic materials and cease to exist as a manmade object. In Paradise, except for what God provides for us, we are all going to have to start all over again in making or building everything. Everything that you are collecting or hoarding right now will cease to exist as that thing, everything. That is when all of that stuff will cease to be important and we will have to deal with our eternal existences. You will have nothing left to take into Paradise with you but your soul.

Hey, it will be fun learning how our ancestors did things and teaching them how we do things.

Side note: He mentioned a problem with US healthcare. That problem is caused by the insurance companies limiting which doctors you can see, which should not be allowed.

That is the reason doctors wouldn't run tests on me for more than 15 years and kept telling me that I was just getting old in Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Alamogordo.

The Insurance companies have lists of doctors they will provide coverage for and, if a doctor costs them too much money by finding too much wrong with too many patients that the insurance companies will have to pay for, the doctors get cut from the insurance company's list and can't get any more patients using that insurance company, which costs the doctors business and money to the extent it can put them out of business, especially with all insurance companies doing this.

Therefore, doctors are hesitant to run tests on people and will often make excuses like they did with me until it is too late, the person dies, and the insurance company saves a lot of money on tests and treatments. The insurance companies and doctors almost killed me and I am still fighting to recover.

If a doctor is credible, has had very few legal problems from making mistakes, and is licensed, the insurance companies should be required to provide coverage for that doctor. That would return the control of medicine to the doctors and greatly improve US medical care without all of this commie universal healthcare provided by the government Marxist bull crap that is much worse healthcare than what we currently have in the US.

Government universal healthcare will just make the problem worse and not solve a thing because then doctors will be reluctant to run tests that will cost the government money and could cause the doctor to lose their license.

Return control of our medical care to the doctors and not to the government. The government never does anything well or right.

There are also other things that can be done that will make US medical care even better.

How God Works

God can see the past, present, and future all at the same time. Because of this He can prepare you and prepare things for you to help you deal with trials and hard times in your future.

I am a very good example of how God does this.

Before He created me, He knew I would be facing the medical and financial trials I have been fighting through for several decades now so He began doing things to prepare me and prepare things to help me get through this indescribably horrible time so I could continue to help you by sharing what God has taught me.

He caused me to start racing bicycles in college (I didn't even know bicycle racing was a sport) and put me in contact with people and professors who taught me to get in international marathon fitness level with a competitive resting heart rate of 37.5 bpm. That much higher fitness level also caused me to build a much stronger immune system to better fight off the numerous ailments I have almost died from and that kill hundreds to tens of thousands of people every year. In doing my pathology research to help me survive, I realized a few years ago that I had never heard of anyone who survived half the crap I have had.

A number of doctors and other medical professionals have told me that my very well developed cardiovascular system is what kept me alive when almost anyone else would have died from cardiac arrest more than 15 years ago.

God caused me to take classes to learn the science and work with doctors to gain the knowledge I have used to stabilize my health and begin recovering from something that almost killed me when some doctors just openly gave up on me.

God also caused me to manage businesses, get an M.B.A., and learn other things that have helped me survive extreme poverty, when most people could not have done so.

God knows what we will face in life and He regularly prepares us and things for us to use for hard times. We may not like how He prepares us but it saves our butts when we could not have survived or continued without those preparations. God knew that I would need all of that so God provided it for me in advance, you know, before the doctors let me down. God also taught me all of that stuff because at least some of you will need it soon too. I have learned that He provides just enough just in time to care for us. I see this every day in my life and the lives of others.


Remember that Texas stopped the COVID 19 restrictions a few months ago and Biden tried to sabotage Texas by dumping thousands of COVID 19 positive illegal immigrants into Texas?

I got this from Newsmax by Sandy Fitzgerald:

"Two months after President Joe Biden lambasted rollbacks of COVID restrictions in Texas as 'neanderthal thinking,' the state reported no deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday for the first time since tracking pandemic data."

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

Every dirty trick the left tries fails. You know this is causing desperation within the Commierat Party and will just escalate their internal civil war and struggle for power.


Prince Harry put the US First Amendment down and is drawing heat for it.

Of course Harry hates the US First Amendment, what royal wants the people to have the right to say the ugly truth about the royals?

It was the British Royal Family oppressing the truth about themselves that caused the Founding Fathers to write the First Amendment.

Why would the British Royals not hate it?

Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court is going to hear a case on abortion. If the babies lose that case, we definitely lose our nation. God is giving us a second chance to save the babies so you just might want to pray for the babies.

Keep an eye on this.

The Middle East

Remember that Obama gave more than $150 billion to terrorist sponsoring Iran and Biden has just approved $750 million in weapons SALES to Israel to fight Iran. Think about that.


Paganism, including atheism, is really nothing more than people wanting to believe that Yahweh, God, is not real so they can do as they will, not be held accountable for their crimes, and they can get away with their crimes.

"Why, if I am smarter than everyone else so they can't catch me, I will get away with my crimes because God isn't real and, therefore, can't catch me."

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

But the pagans want to deceive themselves into believing they can do as they will and get away with their crimes so they do deceive themselves into falsely believing they can get away with their crimes.

God said that He wrote His Law in our hearts so we know right from wrong. Therefore, when we choose to commit wrong, we know we are committing wrong and we are choosing to do evil and go to Hell.

Believing that God does not exist does not mean that God does not exist, it just means that you believe God does not exist. Judgment Day will change that too.

In a nutshell, that is paganism.

Rodent Pandemic

In Australia there is a very severe mouse pandemic, which is destroying farmer's crops and surrounding areas. Such pandemics are not just a threat to humans but to entire ecosystems because they can destroy the food supply for all herbivores in an ecosystem, causing famine, a biological die off, and extinction for quite a few species.

According to this video PETA, which is funded mostly by the upper class trash, is begging the farmers to not kill off the mice to prevent a biological die off "because the mice have a right to food too."

Either these activists are completely ignorant about biology, which is normal, or they are intentionally trying to keep the mouse population high enough to destroy the human foods to cause human population famine and die off, you know, to depopulate the planet or there is the possibility that they are keeping the mouse population high because the upper class trash are getting ready to turn Yersinia Pestis loose on us, which will kill off more than half the people pending the bacterium strain and other factors.

Those are the only reasons I can think of for the upper class trash funded organization to try to get the farmers to not return the mouse population back down below epidemic levels. I cannot see them spending the money for such a campaign without approval from their upper class trash overlords so it is most likely that the upper class trash is using this rodent pandemic to either destroy human food supplies or they are about to turn Yersinia Pestis loose on us to kill most of us off so they want the rodent populations as high as possible for maximum potential human mortality.

Keep an eye on this because I have shown you so many other signs that tell us the upper class trash plan on using Yersinia Pestis to depopulate or murder off billions of people on the planet.

This video shows you even more just how bad this rodent pandemic is and the lefty commie traitor members of PETA want to sustain this rodent pandemic by the farmers not killing the poor, sweet, innocent widdle mousies? Really?

Yeah, I am even more convinced that the left is about to turn Yersinia Pestis loose on us to "depopulate" their planet.

The thing is that the left has created similar rodent pandemics just about everywhere and it won't require that bad of a pandemic in your area to kill off most of you.

Gee, what a coincidence that all of this stuff is happening at the same time.

All Hell is breaking loose on this planet because Satan's lefty spawn have opened the doors of Hell and turned the hounds of Hell loose on us. It won't be much longer until all Heaven has to break loose on us to save our butts from Satan's evil spawn.

Fighting Back

This video shows that conservatives are fighting back in new and unusual ways. They are also taking the fight to the big corporations that have joined the fight on the side of the commies.

This is promising and shows that I am not alone because God has His other people out there joining battle. This will be interesting and fun.

BTW, it was a stupid idea for them to fire the officer in the US Space Force for commenting on Marxism and critical race theory because he is now free to speak publically about it exposing what the lefties in the military are doing that is destroying the US Military. Oops!!!

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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