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Why are the lefties printing money like mad and using things like Bit coin?

They are working to destroy the US dollar in order to force everyone to use a new global currency that will help them force you to submit to their global dictatorship. Their global currency will give them more control over everyone.

They are also working to impoverish you because it is easier to control poor people than middle or upper class people. It is all about money and control.

The Church

I saw this video about protestant churches in the US, how some are being taken over by Satan's lefty crowd, you know, lefties, causing true Christians to leave those Churches, and join other churches or create new churches that are conservative.

Mark is a preacher so I asked about his opinion concerning that video before I wrote this. He sent me the following e-mail:

"I watched the video at ?

Very interesting. Yes homosexuality and transgenderism, same sex marriage are all , major culprits in the declines. Yet that is the fault of the leaders and less conservative people in the declining denominations.

MY own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, we suffered a decrease in members when a more liberal group of churches broke off and formed a new denomination, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. That is denomination that former President Carter is a member of. They are very liberal, accepting women as pastors, they do not believe that the entire Bible is true, and they allow homosexuals to serve in leadership positions. They are non-believers. As far as I am concerned good riddance.

Additionally, the convention elected J.D. Greear as president. He is pro-homosexual. We also have some woke idiots on staff. That is also causing a decline.

All SBC churches are autonomous. Our church is very conservative. The Pastor is very conservative, the Music Minister (me) is very conservative and the Sunday School teachers are all very conservative. If our church even hints that we are accepting of homosexuality, I will be out of there in a heartbeat.

God is also separating the wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats."

These lefty churches being taken over by Satan's crowd are the lefty churches I have been warning you about. First, they are just causing conservatives to leave the churches they take over and join or form conservative churches though they do lead potential Christians astray into paganism posing as Christianity.

Second, they will be the churches who will convert to Islam when it benefits them because, not being true Christians, they will not endure persecution for Christianity. When the fecal matter hits the fan is when the poser Christians will hit the road.

Clearly, just like I have been telling you, God is purging his church of pagans now but there will soon come a major purging when the poser Christians will quickly convert to Islam to avoid that persecution.

Mark also sent me an e-mail concerning my News 535 posting and I mixed in my responses.

"Three things.

1. Won't the elites also be affected by Y. Pestis? Even a vaccine is not effective for everyone."

The lefty upper class trash do not live in the same cities and neighborhoods with you lowly peasants so they feel that, if they cause a deadly pandemic in your cities and neighborhoods, it won't affect them. They think they will be safe but are in for two big surprises. First, most of the people who will die live in the big blue cities where the pandemic will be worst so they will lose a lot of supporters.

Second, they are ignorant enough about biology that they don't realize the bug and rodent populations most of them already have in those big mansions because, just like I told you, the bigger the dwelling, the more room for bugs and rodents that carry deadly diseases without you noticing them.

Remember that I told you that even the White House has what they call a pest problem with bugs and rodents.

The upper class trash love to think they are special and different so they won't have to worry about such problems.

The upper class trash also believe that their lowly servants will take care of preventing the problem developing for them in their mansions. They are clueless and don't realize that a lot of them and their servants will die in such a pandemic, especially after their servants die and can no longer even try to protect their upper class trash masters. The lefties are an ignorant and arrogant bunch and that will get many of them killed.

"2. About PETA, you wrote: 'Either these activists are completely ignorant about biology, which is normal, or they are intentionally trying to keep the mouse population high enough to destroy the human foods to cause human population famine and die off.'

My response: both; PETA is staffed by morons and controlled by Godless elitists."

Yeah, I also figure the upper class trash are trying to do both, not realizing that, when they destroy the food for you, it will leave less food for them and cause a revolution by you to get food from them.

"3. Tim Pool who used to claim he was politically left of center has certainly become conservative."

True but Tim is still pretty naive and keeps giving the lying left the benefit of the doubt when he shouldn't because they have proved again and again that the evil lefties are lying. The lefties should never get the benefit of the doubt about anything. They are just too evil and prove it almost every day.

I am waiting for Tim to wake up and realize that he should not give the left the benefit of the doubt about anything and just take everything at face value. The left has proved that they don't care about or have good intentions for anyone except themselves. They don't even care about each other unless it benefits them.

The lefties are all selfish narcissists.


I keep seeing videos of people having wild animals as pets but what they keep forgetting to tell you and you need to know is that, within the US, every state has its requirements for having wild animals as pets and , most of the time, it means you have to have a permit and you can't just have anything as a pet.

If you take some wild animal as a pet without a permit, you can get in serious trouble.

You also need to know that different countries have different rules for what you can and cannot have for pets and the requirements. Just because you see someone in a video with a certain wild animal as a pet, does not mean you can have that pet where you live.

Before you get a wild animal as a pet, it is best to check the law for having that wild animal as a pet and what the requirements are.

Also do some research on what that animal will be like when grown because you may not want it as an adult and getting rid of it may be impossible and just dumping it is almost always illegal. They have a number of serious problems created in this country by people dumping pets and you can bet that will cause our governments to make it tougher for others to get wild pets.

For the sake of the pet, use your head and do your homework before getting any pet.


More with the UFOs. EVERYTIME they need to distract you from something they are doing, we get more crap about UFOs.

Answer me this: How many times have UFOs caused any harm to anyone anywhere at anytime?

NOT ONCE in more than 70 years has a UFO caused anyone any harm. They have not destroyed one US war ship, they have not destroyed one US aircraft, they have not destroyed one US tank or any other weapon system.

So, if UFOs are such a big threat, why didn't they conquer the US or the planet 50, 60, or 70 years ago, when we were not more technologically advanced? Why wait until now?

Forget the UFO crap and pay attention to the people who are right now destroying your nations. Each corrupt person involved in this lefty insurgency has caused more harm to more people than all of the UFOs combined. The greatest threat to your nations and this planet are the lefty upper class trash and their corrupt puppets.

Enough with the UFO bull crap!!! That is the least important thing we should be worried about right now.

Hey, go out and watch star ships like I told you years ago and you can see "UFOs" all night long, you know, Space Force UFOs.

Invading Israel

Remember that I have been telling you that there are people who hate Hebrews and will believe Obama about Israel nuking Chicago and will follow Obama without question to invade Israel?

This video talks about people who hate Hebrews beating people up who 1) are Hebrews or 2) they side with Israel in this escalating war. It seems that these people are white lefties and/or Muslims but you have to understand that the lefties hate Hebrews and will commit such crimes. These are the people who will join Obama's invasion army very quickly to help destroy Israel.

Hey, they are already burning buildings, beating people, and murdering people so being Hebrew or siding with Israel is just another excuse to commit the same crimes against people. Don't be surprised to see lefty DAs turn these people loose.

The anti-Semites are really getting mad because Israel is devastating the Muslims in Gaza.

Cost of Ownership

Here is another video that shows you both the money and time costs for ownership and keep in mind that salt water boats require much more maintenance than fresh water boats.

Note that he spent days working on just a couple of pumps and also note the decay he found in those systems.

If you are going to own it, you have to fix it.


I am losing respect for Tucker in some respects because I am now seeing him discuss things he is definitely wrong about, like UFOs and using feral cats to control rodents. He is increasingly showing that, like most people, he is believing at least some of the bull crap we have been fed concerning these things. It shows that even Tucker has been fooled about some things.

Like all of us, he is right about what he knows about but wrong about what he doesn't know about, which is why I started researching all things more than half a century ago when I found out that most of what most people believe, including then me, is wrong.

US Navy

I am seeing signs that the US Navy is increasing the size and number of its carrier fleets. It is now purchasing two new carriers at a time while rebuilding and not retiring older carriers. This looks like the US Military is quietly ramping up for war. I have seen this before in history.

Also, I am seeing conflicting information telling me that Biden is not running the military and conservatives are. The military actions are telling me that liberals are not in charge of our military's international policies. I am trying to figure out what is going on because some of what the military is doing does not match with what Biden is doing.

Keep an eye on it.


But then again, some of what Biden is doing does not match other stuff Biden is doing.

Biden approved a pipeline from Russia to Germany after shutting down the Keystone pipeline.

Hold it, what about the Green New Deal and climate change and doesn't Germany have the best setup for renewable energy? Why one policy for Germany and Russia and the opposite for the US?

We know that Biden is working to destroy the US economy to set up their global dictatorship.

Does this mean that, at the same time, he is helping build both Germany and Russia's economies?

I thought it was Hilary who sold us out to the Russians with the uranium deal but then it was supposed to be Trump who was working with Russia to keep the Commierats out of office (why, doesn't Russia want more great deals at our expense?) but now it is the Commierats who are making deals that benefit Russia AGAIN? It sounds like everything about Trump and Russia was lies, doesn't it?

It just proves you can't believe anything a commie says.


I keep seeing conservatives talking about how the polls say that we are going to crush the commies in the coming 2022 elections, completely ignoring the fact that the commies seriously and openly rigged the last election.

What, do the conservatives think the commies will be nice and not rig any more elections?

I am coming to the conclusion that it will take the 2022 elections being even more rigged to open the rest of the conservatives' eyes to the blatant fact that there will not be another valid or unrigged election until after a revolution to regain control of the government and, therefore, the Republic is dead. You can't have a republic without valid elections and we didn't have a valid election in 2020 so we don't have a republic, I don't care what you want to believe.

This is now a commie dictatorship where the commies are trying their best to consolidate power so they will never lose power again. The commies working so hard to consolidate power should tell you that this is a commie dictatorship.

People, is this a duly elected government?

NO, the government was seized control of by the commies with a rigged election. Therefore, this can no longer be a republic. They are censoring you, lying to you, bullying you, oppressing you, denying you your freedoms, trying to disarm you, and rigging elections.

WOW, that sounds like a republic to me!!! (/sarc

What is it going to take for people to realize that the commies have destroyed our Republic?

So I just have to sit and wait until the left steals the next election too while hoping that won't be too late. If that doesn't wake the people up, we are super screwed.

Lord, deliver us out of the hands of our enemies and deliver our enemies into our hands. You and only You can save our butts now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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