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I have realized one more reason why God caused me to study so many things. I have realized that every aspect of our civilization has become corrupt and not just the politicians and bureaucrats. Our educational system, law enforcement, judicial, legislative, executive, media, military, economic, business, nonprofit, scientific, medical, sports, many Christian churches, and all other systems have all become extremely corrupt. I can't think of anything the commies and Muslims have not corrupted.

A civilization cannot survive such corruption, therefore, our civilization MUST break down and implode so it can rebuild itself. Things have to become so bad the people will rise up, kill most of the corrupt people so they can rebuild their civilization, and be free enough to begin rebuilding the civilization.

That is what is happening right now and our corrupt leaders are too stupid from inbreeding, greed, and power mad to realize the system they are destroying is destroying them and will soon kill most of them so the system can be rebuilt. It is like a snake shedding its skin to get rid of the old corruption so it can build a new and better skin. A lot of people always end up dying when this happens.

When you consider that the upper class trash openly plan to murder off more than 7 billion people globally and where this is quickly going, it is a very conservative estimate that more than 1 billion people will die and probably 3 to 5 billion will die because of the greed and power madness of the upper class trash. This is easily the worst and most deadly mess the upper class trash have ever made of our planet.

This is not something that might happen or is going to happen because the upper class trash are RIGHT NOW trying to murder off more than 7 billion people to "depopulate their planet". We are right now in the beginning of the greatest genocide in history. We will be fortunate if only 3 to 5 billion people are killed off by the insanity of the upper class trash.

Interestingly, it takes about 150 to 200 years for the stupid, greedy, power mad human demons to infiltrate and destroy a civilization enough that it will destroy them so the civilization can be rebuilt and it has been over 200 years (about 240 to 250 years) since the last skin shedding and the killing of the corrupt upper class trash enough to build a new civilization. It is well past time for our civilization to be destroyed by the upper class trash so we can build a new civilization and the more of the upper class trash that get killed off by their own evil, the better the resultant civilization.

But, hey, don't worry, the upper class trash NEVER learn from history, will immediately begin infiltrating the new civilization so they can destroy it too, and their logic will be the usual, "We is are be smarter than the ones who just failed so we will make it work". Their inbreeding makes them the stupidest people on the planet and our much more advanced technology will probably cost more of them their lives.

The irony in this is that the lefties always destroy civilizations because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough but they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire without a penny or even any clothes, more impoverished than anyone in history, as part of their punishment.

Smart move, fools.

A really great example of this corruption is the mask thingy. I have shown you that the masks have nothing to do with science and that the puppets like Fauci are taking bribes from the upper class trash selling those masks to keep forcing people to buy and wear masks. They caught Newsom in a billion dollar deal with China to keep forcing his people to wear masks, then they got even more greedy and told you that you need to start wearing two masks to force you to buy twice as many masks to double the profits of the upper class trash, and when they finally said some people no longer have to wear masks to encourage people to spend money getting vaccinated, the puppets keep forcing you to wear masks so the puppet masters can keep making those billions of dollars.

Until the people stand up and take back control of their government, the mask thing will last forever because the upper class trash are not going to give up those billions of dollars per year and you know that the law enforcement and courts have been bribed to let the puppets keep forcing you to wear masks so the upper class trash can keep making those billions of dollars.

This corruption will only end when the people stand up and make it end and history proves this to be true.

Shadows Moving In the Background

I am seeing shadows moving in the background telling me that this entire COVID 19 thing is under investigation as to whether any of it is unconstitutional and illegal and I am not just talking about whether Fauci and Obama funded Wuhan Labs, which we know they did. That crime is public or common knowledge.

I am seeing hints that Fauci, the governors, mayors, law enforcement, judges, the media and everyone else complicit in these crimes against humanity is under investigation for the crimes I have been telling you they have committed. It seems that not everyone has sold their souls to Satan.

Man plans, God laughs.

You have to understand that they have to make these cases rock solid so the criminals don't get away with their crimes, regroup, reorganize, and try again, especially for things like treason and insurrection, so they will take their time and do the job right.

I am also seeing signs that the commies are running into a wall in purging the US Military of patriots. The top patriotic commanders are saying that none of their people are traitors and, if they were they would know it and deal with it, that, if someone is, they will find them and deal with it, and are acting as buffers between their patriotic troops and the commie insurrection and treason.

This video shows how bad the left is failing at almost all of what they are doing. These failures are just making everyone on the left more desperate, turning all of the factions against each other, which means they will become more violent and be willing to take greater risks to get their commie dictatorship. They will also increasingly turn on each other until one of them violently seizes control.

I see God's hand moving in this to save our stupid butts from our own stupidity.

I woke to a dream this morning with the good guys arresting the bad guys and that is an easy dream to believe with the bad guys failing at everything they are trying.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is finally opening a lot of eyes about how corrupt and evil the upper class trash are.


I am amazed at how many people buy old boats to rebuild and how surprised they are at how bad the boats are when the people finally get beneath the paint, especially with wooden boats.

What did they expect, perfectly new lumber after decades of being exposed to saltwater and worms?

One couple bought a wooden boat everyone told them should have been sunk but the noble young couple knew better, wanted to save ye ole majestic boat, they have now had to pay a professional boat repair company to replace almost all of the wood and they still are not finished rebuilding it. It would have been faster and cheaper to build a new wooden boat because they have to take the old boat apart before they can put the new boat together.

Those boats are selling that cheap for a reason, you know, it is going to cost a lot of money and time to get it sea worthy again. Their problem is that they have more money than brains and they are almost all spoiled rich kids.


What should this video tell you about China and the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

China will be on the side of the Muslim invading force for oil and could possibly have enough of its military and leaders destroyed to cause a revolution in China that will probably cause China to break up as a nation into two or more new nations, probably freeing some of its people from Communism.

Maybe the CCP should listen to the Christians about end time prophecy instead of killing them?

People and nations are choosing sides for this coming war right now.

Note that Israel was destroying Hezbollah and Iran in Syria and Lebanon so Hamas started a war with Israel from Gaza, which backfired on them, now the Muslims inside Israel are waging a rebellion with the support of the US and European lefties, and Hebrew hating people around the world are attacking Hebrews in their countries and protesting Israel existing.

For your own good, you Hebrews better get back to Israel because the Muslims and lefties are proving that they will kill you, if you don't. Most of you who wait until too late to leave will die.

Yep, things are lining up pretty much like I have been telling you they would. We don't have long now. We just need a major catalyst, you know, like Obama nuking Chicago to seize control of the US and stage the invasion of Israel with the rest of these nations going along for their share of the world pie.

Keep an eye on this.

Note that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 destroys much of most nations' armies, there are going to be revolutions around the world which will divide the nations that tried to invade Israel and those dividing factions are already in place, which is why the US will be divided into at least two nations. I expect Spain to be divided into at least three nations, France into at least three nations, Italy into at least 3 nations, Canada into at least two nations, Britain into at least four nations plus losing their control over dozens of other nations currently in their common wealth, and many more. I expect Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq to cease to exist as nations along with only God knows how many other nations that will also cease to exist.

Note that I have told you before that the Muslim nations will be so devastated that they will be forced to form another Muslim caliphate to keep Islam alive and well, which will cause those Muslim nations to merge into one nation, which will be divided into two parts with 5 leaders from the West and 5 leaders from the East just like Bible prophecy says.

Hey, geography classes will suddenly be interesting with everyone wanting to know who is who.

Remember that I also told you that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 the UN will either become a meaningless paper tiger with no teeth or cease to exist and this video shows some of the reasons why.

This is getting very interesting.


Remember that I have been telling you that China and other nations have been preparing to all wage war against the US at the same time in order to spread US forces out thin enough they can defeat those forces in battles?

By the strangest of coincidences, the US Military is currently working with other nations to stage a global military exercise with all of their forces spread out around the world, you know, just like they would have to fight a global war spread out around the world. The military is calling these operations "Multidomain operations."

Gee, I wonder why they are doing that?

No I don't, I know why and have been warning you about this for years. The US is preparing for, training for, and sending a message that we can fight that war and will win it. They know that what I told you is true. That is a pretty impressive "I Told You So", people.

I have been warning you about this for years and that is the very complex war I have been warning you we are going to have to fight right after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and we will have to fight a very important part of that war on our own soil.

I keep telling you that I am seeing signs telling me that all of these things will happen soon, this is just one of those signs, and this sign tells me that others also know at least some of those things will happen soon, and this is those people preparing for this to happen soon.

You just might want to repent of your sins, get right with God, accept Jesus as your savior, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load. Ye ole fecal matter is hitting the fan.

BTW, I am seeing Christian preachers who are still teaching that this coming war with Israel will be Armageddon and Jesus will come, when it is very clear that the Tribulation has not even begun yet.

How can Armageddon close out the Tribulation if the Tribulation has not even begun? What, do they think that the Battle of Armageddon will start the Tribulation contrary to what the Bible says?

Just like I have been telling you for years, when Jesus doesn't show up at the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, there will be a big falling away of Christians.

Too many Christians still think that Ezekiel 38 & 39 is the same battle as Armageddon and they don't even come close to having the same details. Even their battlefields are about 100 miles apart.


I really, really wish some of these journalists and attorneys would study biology (which most of them probably can't pass), see that Fauci and the left are lying their butts off, and put an end to this insanity. I have showed you that their lies are blatantly obvious.

Fauci and the rest of them belong in prison or hung.


People kill me. They think that, if they believe the great sounding stupid lefty crap about transgenders and give the transgenders what they want, you know, lie for them to make them feel good and whatever else they want, that they are helping the poor widdle darlings.

Idiots, all you are doing is reinforcing their insanity and all that will do is cause them to keep getting more nuts. They need treatment, not encouragement. By encouraging them, you are discouraging them from getting treatment to return to sanity and you become part of their problem.

Lefties are idiots and the most important thing for being a lefty is to not have a lick of common sense.

Upper Class Trash

Do you believe me yet that it is the corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash and their minions who cause almost all of our problems?

When I tell you that the upper class trash and their people easily cause better than 90% of our problems, I am, as usual, being very conservative in my estimate. On Judgment Day you will find out just how evil each and every one of them is.

Religious Leaders

Remember that I told you that the religious leaders used to all be royals because only royals could read?

This video shows a monastery for religious leaders and monks to live in from hundreds of years ago.

Gee, you don't think that is a palace built by royals for royals, do you?

I can't imagine humble peasant religious leaders designing and building that for themselves. Me thinks they would have spent most of the money used to build that palace to help their peasant families and friends.

It should be obvious that only royals living as religious leaders would have designed and built something that magnificent for themselves to live in. Please note that, when they talk about monks living in monasteries, they never make it sound like they were living in anything that magnificently designed and built. They always make it sound like they lived and worshipped in a "humble abode".

People, the ancient religious leaders were all royals. The ancient royals would have never let peasants run off and live in palaces like this because word would have gotten around and all of the peasants would have run off to live in palaces like this, leaving the royals with no slave labor to make the royals more wealthy. The upper class trash have been lying to you for thousands of years.


This is a good video providing information about a rodent pandemic.

Now, when they talk about the breeding rate, remember that is for a specific species of mouse they are dealing with and different mouse species reproduce at different rates and that also varies pending food supply. With an "abundant food supply" they reproduce at their maximum potential rate, which is why you can easily end up with a rodent pandemic, especially if you don't have adequate predation by enough house cats.

Note that one of the men says they don't have to feed their farm cats right now because there is an abundant supply of food for the cats, you know, rodents.

Let me give you two examples of rates of reproduction for two different types of mice that we have here in the US.

The field mouse produces 4 pups every 30 days with an abundant food supply and, in nice warm human houses, they will reproduce year round. In the first month, the population for just two breeding mice increases to 6 breeding mice so that by the end of the second month, their population (with zero predation) will increase to 18 breeding mice, at 3 months it will be 54 mice, at 4 months it will be 162 mice, at 5 months it will be 486 mice and at only 6 months it will be 1,458 mice.

And that is starting with 2 mice and you already have more than that in your house and probably don't know it so multiply that by at least 10 or 20 times but it gets better.

There is a mouse in the US called the "house mouse" which produces up to 12 pups every 3 weeks so that, starting with just 2 mice and an abundant food supply, in 3 weeks, you will have 14 mice, in 6 weeks you will have 98 mice, in 9 weeks you will have 686 mice, in 12 weeks or 3 months you will have 4,802 mice.

Yeah, you will know you have mice by then, won't you?

That is why you need predation with plenty of free roaming feral cats that already know how to hunt because we already have rodent pandemics in most western cities and they can explode into the mess they currently have in Australia very quickly.

Our ancestors learned this lesson 700 years ago with the Black Plague decreasing the global human population by about 40% and decreasing the European human population by about 60% and the current situation is much worse but the chemical companies caused most people to forget this lesson so most people will get rid of free roaming feral cats to cause the bug and rodent populations to go pandemic without natural predation caused by cats so you will be forced to buy lots of their chemicals that don't work very well, which is why, even with using those chemicals for the last 100+ years, the West has rodent pandemics everywhere.

Believe me that, if Yersinia Pestis gets into these rodent populations, billions of people will quickly die and Yersinia Pestis doesn't care whether you are a commie or intelligent, rich or poor, black or white, or anything else, just whether you are good food for Yersinia Pestis and Yersinia Pestis thinks humans are yummy. Keep in mind that the mortality rate for Yersinia Pestis as the Black Plague is from about 50% to 90% of those who get infected, pending the strain and, as the Pneumonic Plague (it gets in your lungs) it is considered to be at almost 100% of infected people die.

That will depopulate the planet really fast and you think this is all just a coincidence? COVID 19 was just a dry run for the left.

A very common time for such rodent pandemics is following a drought like Australia is just coming out of and one man mentioned it, because plant growth tends to go wild following droughts. Another time is when there is a sudden wet spell, which will cause an abundance of vegetation, which is food for rodents and bugs, whose populations will quickly grow, and keep in mind that rodents also eat bugs, which means the rodent population will have an even greater abundance of food.

We have just been having a very wet spell in most of the US, except here where I live, which means, it could get very interesting throughout most of the US soon, if any disease harmful to humans gets into our already pandemic rodent populations, which are bound to quickly grow much more. Keep in mind that there are at least 75 known diseases carried by rats that are harmful to humans.

This wet spell is one of many signs I have been watching that tell me things are about to get much worse soon. Keep an eye on this.

God has clearly been holding this pandemic back for a while so you just might want to turn from your sins back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load. This won't be purdy.


For years the lefty commie traitor Nazis have been calling conservatives Nazis as self projection to make people believe the lefties are the good guys and conservatives are the bad guys but now the lefties are chanting "Death to the Jews", you know, like Nazis would.

You know that will open an eyeball or two just like God told me He is doing.

There is no doubt about it now that the lefties are the true Nazis because they are increasingly showing their true colors as they gain more and more power.

Now, do you understand why God let the lefties get the power they have? Do you better understand why God is going to let Obama and the Muslims have temporary control of the US Government to show everyone the ugly truth about Obama and the Muslims, especially with so many lefties still believing Obama is good? Do you believe me yet that, when God has opened all of the eyes He wants open, this crap is going to come to a screeching halt with a lot of dead bad guys? Do you believe me yet that, by the time the war gets full blown, you will be wanting them dead to put an end to their evil?

God said, "The truth will be made known and the truth will set you free." God is permitting them to continue until the left makes all of their ugly truth about them known to everyone so that everyone can make an informed decision between God's side and Satan's side, then the Heavenly fecal matter hits the fan.

Remember that I told you about the coming war in the US? Remember about the Muslims using civilians for protection while murdering civilians with the lefties supporting the Muslims?

That is what you will see in the coming war so you just might want to turn back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. The lefties supporting the Muslims are telling you they will do the same thing the Muslims are already doing because they see nothing wrong with it and think it is a good idea, which is why the lefties have been burning your cities down.

I have been telling you for years that you better learn to fight.

Has all of this violence with the lefties and Muslims attacking people anywhere and everywhere convinced you yet that I was right? Do you think these Hebrew hating lefties and Muslims won't gladly follow Obama to invade and destroy Israel? Do you think Obama and Farrakhan don't know it?

No one will be able to truthfully say that I didn't warn you.

It is a little late to learn to fight but it is better late than not knowing how to fight getting you killed. Learn what you can while you can because it may be just enough to save your life.

It is going to keep getting worse until it is all-out war and then it will get even worse until enough of the bad guys are dead that the good guys can take back control.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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